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Warning: While this tale is case/action oriented, it also deals with the idea of a loving relationship between two women. Specifically, Sara Sidle and Sofia Curtis...though I am not limiting this disclaimer to those two ladies. Nothing is graphic, nor over-done. This isn't pure smut or PWP, their relationship is only one facet in this very complex tale. Still, if this idea does not sit well with you, I suggest you stop reading this story before you're infected by the femeslash.

There are some other pairings or issues that shall be addressed in this tale...but I think I'll keep some secrets.

Spoiler Warning: The following fic includes spoilers for all CSI episodes up to the season 6 finale, Way to Go. If, for whatever reason, you've yet to see this episode, and don't want to have it ruined for you, stop reading and wait until later. Trust me, I'll still be here...waiting by the computer wondering when you're going to come back...You know you will.

Author's Note: Part II of III. Demons of Vegas. (Previously titled Monsters of Vegas) Very dark plot that, while keeping with the ensemble feeling, centers around Catherine, Lindsey, Sara, and Sofia. Angst, guilt and a twisted killer... With a title like 'Demons of Vegas'... what you were expecting fluff?

While this story can stand alone, it is only one part of a three part series. I recommend reading Part I: Angels of Vegas, and the upcoming Part III: Gods of Vegas to get the full impact of character-use and continuality...and all that good stuff.

I've been told that my Author's Notes are quite extensive...almost to the point of homicide-inducingly so...ah, well...it's worth it, I promise.

This story has been allot of fun to write...a little edgier then I usually do...so I'm anxious to see how it's going to turn out. Bringing back some old faces, introducing some new ones...lots of fun to be had. So, here we go...Enjoy.

Character owchies ahead...

Italics represent, along with chapter number and title, flashback or dream sequences.

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Demons of Vegas

Part II of III

A CSI Tale

By RebelByrdie

Previously on CSI: (Selected Scenes from Angels of Vegas)

Catherine caught up with Warrick. "Hey, you mind giving me a ride back to the labs?" He shook his head, "Nah, come on, let's get you to your car so you can get home to Lindsey, how is she, by the way?" He always asked after Lindsey, the teen was a big part of Catherine's life. Catherine sighed, "She's getting better, but she still thinks the world revolves around her, but she's fourteen so that's to be expected." He shrugged, "It's a tough age." Catherine sighed and attempted to rub the fatigue from her blue eyes. "I love her though."

"Catherine, you think what you want about Sara, but she's my friend and I'm going to defend her. You ride her too much as it is, but don't you say she doesn't care about Jim. This is killing her on the inside. Take a look at her the next time you see her. Bags under the eyes, fake smiles, she's been picking at her food. Before you jump to conclusions you should really look at her." He pulled to a stop in the lab's parking lot, two spaces over from Catherine's car. "Lighten up on Sara, she's not as bad as you make her out to be...and she could really use some good friends."

They balanced out the food between them and when they got to a table, Sara grinned when Sofia pulled a chair out for her. "My, my, Sofia, you're acting like this is our first date." The blonde snagged her cup of coffee and grinned, "If this is a date, why did I pay for my own coffee?" Sara sat down across from her and grabbed at her own coffee, "Hey, I got you the danish, didn't I!" Sofia's blue eyes twinkled, "So you did."

Catherine didn't know how Sara knew when Lindsey was due at school, and wouldn't wonder about it until later. "Did I ask for your input, Sidle?" Sara blinked, "I'm just trying to help, Catherine." Catherine's blue eyes narrowed. "You are the last person I would ask for help with my daughter."

Tina sighed and moved closer. She reached out and took his hand, her own hands were trembling. "I got that call and I couldn't breathe, Warrick...maybe...maybe I was wrong...I still love you, Warrick Brown...maybe we can try again..."

Grissom blinked. "You never told me you wanted to be a doctor." Sara shrugged again and stared off past Grissom, back into her own past. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me...I really don't want to talk about it."

Catherine couldn't argue with the evidence though and it was screaming that Tina was still in his heart...she was still Warrick's wife...and that was something she could not...would not interfere with. A lump came to her throat and a pang sang through her heart. She'd missed her chance...again.

"Walking me to the door, you act like this is a first..." Sofia cut her off, "Third date, Sidle, it's our third date...of sorts...so I have no problem doing this." She moved her hand up to Sara's, holding it in place against her face. Her other hand moved around Sara's waist, pulling her closer. Their lips met in a chaste, sweet kiss. It was short and utterly breathe taking.

Gilbert Grissom was in his office, opposite of him sat the Sheriff himself. "Gil...it's a damn shame what happened to Warrick...But two CSIs and a detective taking off like bats outta hell is not the answer." The political beast, the Sheriff of Clark County, tugged at his tie. "Christ, they went in there, busting down gates and doors like Charlie's Frickin' Angels." Grissom sighed, "The uniform was supposed to be there. I think you're missing the point where they saved Warrick's life." The Sheriff shook his head, "And you're missing the big picture, Gil. I can't have my people running around like vigilantes. The McQueen's lawyer is already raising seven kinds of hell because he had his face busted up." Grissom arched a brow, "I have no control over Detective Curtis." The Sheriff shook his head, "That's bullshit and you know it, Grissom. With Brass down...everyone is looking to you...I'm going to overlook this...behavior this time, but Sidle and Willows are walking fine lines...I don't want to lose them either, Grissom, they're damn good investigators...but CSIs don't bust down doors, threaten uniformed officers or fly down highways like stunt- drivers." He stood. "Get your people under control, Grissom...before they hurt someone...or get the lab in deeper shit then it's already in."

Tina looked at her gold wedding band, sitting there in the palm of her hand. "Goodbye Warrick."


She was back in the stifling metal shack again. The smell of death hung in the air and she pumped her hands on Warrick's chest, trying to force air into his lungs. Her rhythmic counting and occasional plea for Warrick to breathe fell uselessly from her lips. Behind her, Catherine was screaming at her. "Why can't you save him!"

From somewhere far away the shrill scream of a flat line sounded.

Then in the blink of an eye, it wasn't Warrick before her...It was a little girl with raven curls and big hazel eyes. Sara was drenched in her blood. Everything from her elbow down was slick and red. Catherine's screams began to over-lap with a voice from the past. "SAVE WARRICK...SAVE ANNA...SAVE LINDSEY!"

The monotone sound of the never ending flat line ate away at Sara's sanity.

The faces changed...flashing before her...patients she'd lost...victims she couldn't save...Murder victims whose voice were never heard; families that never saw justice. Everything spun around here like a sickening carnival ride - faces, bodies, blood. The failures of Sara Sidle.

When everything came back in to focus, she was still bloody but the body under her was different. Vacant blue eyes stared up at her, glassy and cold, like a forgotten doll's. Sara's hands were inside a wide open chest cavity, trying to shock life back into Sofia Curtis's still heart.

The grisly scene faded gray and Sara heard a zipping sound. Only when the darkness closed in did she realize that the zipping sound was David closing a body bag...with her inside. She tried to scream at him to let her out. The darkness swallowed Sara's screams.

Sara bolted up in bed. The sounds of her very real screams fading into the early evening. She rested her head against her knees and tried to regulate her breathing...it was just another nightmare...it was only a dream. That was her mantra. It was only a dream. Another dream in a line of never ending fright-fests that had been chipping away at her psyche for most of her life.