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Chapter one: The hidden clue

Arianna sat by the little stream letting the waters currents gently caress her feet and ankles. She was reading a little about the history of Balinor. She began to think of her family, lost, to far from her somewhere in the Forgotten Fields. The smooth grass around the smooth rock she had been sitting on danced around in one soft beat.

She heard a thud a crossed the forest floor and knew it was her little friend Sebastian. The little green furred rabbit hopped out onto the rock beside her. She smiled at the little rabbit before petting his floppy ears. The rabbit looked up at her and wiggled its nose before speaking to her.

"Hello my lady," the green rabbit said sitting on its back feet pulling his tiny paws to his stomach. He looked over to the lake, and the tiny ripples that invaded the calm water when Arianna moved her foot just a little.

"Hello Sebastian, how are you today?" she said folding her ancient book up and setting it in her lap.

"Very well princess Arianna… I was told that you are wanted back at the castle. I must go attend to my wife and children now, excuse me my lady," Sebastian said bowing his furry head. Arianna smiled at her faithful friend.

"How is your wife Gertrude? And your kids Seela, Muffit, Creela, and Feefee?" Arianna smiled before the little critter jumped off the rock followed by the princess of Balinor.

"They are well my lady, thank you for asking," he said before hopping away. Arianna smiled before walking through the thick lush green trees of the forest beside the castle. Arianna found herself in the castle where Lori and Finn. Those two got along AWFULLY well, considering Lori didn't like Finn to start with and Finn always thought she was annoying. It had been months almost six months since they had defeated the Shifter and sent his army fleeing for the lands that belonged to The Shifter.

"Ari," Finn yelled jumping up. Arianna was just about to turn around before she came to a stop and turned around to look at Finn; the red haired boy stood up and smiled.

"Hey Finn," she said a little tiredly. She hadn't slept very well for she was having dreams about a new threat, dreams of the past, all that she had been haunted her, but not more then the desire to find her family.

"Lori and I were going to go out to get a bite, would you like to go with us?" Finn asked pointing back to Lori.

"Thanks but I am tired, beside I want to go see Chase for a bit," Arianna said sighing as she looked at the red headed boy who smiled before walking back to the blond girl waiting for him. Arianna walked to Chase's stall where he sat resting, he tossed his head his bronze mane slapping his neck and withers in delight to see his bonded friend.

Hello my lady, how are you? Chase asked her with mind speak. Arianna smiled and stroked his soft muzzle before gliding her hand over the ruby at the base of his long bronze horn.

"I am well…" she said feeling a little tired.

"You do not look that way Ari," Sunchaser said nudging her cheek gently.

"It's nothing a mid afternoon ride can't fix Chase," Arianna said opening up the stables door leading him out of the stall. She didn't put a saddle or bridle on him; she just jumped up and climbed onto him. It was weird for only a year or more ago her legs had been useless, that of course was before she fell into the gap and landed back in Balinor. The bronze stallion waited a moment before turning and trotting off into the forest. The breeze felt good on her skin as her best friend trotted through the trees, his powerful muscles carrying her away from her problems. Chase was her best friend, she would die for him, do anything for him… they were one.

He stopped bouncing to a stop by a smooth creek; the light didn't shine much in this part of the forest. But where the sun did shine… it was bright and beautiful. They sat in a sunny part of the woods. They came there a lot to practice her sword fighting. Her short sword and her royal scepter were both placed at her side. The sun warmed her face as she lay against his stomach, she dozed off dreaming peacefully. She awoke abruptly to a loud sound in the bushes. Sunchaser looked up not trying to move too much, he knew what she dreamt and did not want to wake her. It was too late she was already up with her sword out. Arianna walked to the bush even though Sunchaser protested. It got colder as she followed the sound. She looked to a large tree where a letter and weird medallion hung.

Arianna picked both up and looked at them. She looked at the beautiful piece of jewelry. She thought that she saw a blonde man or woman run, but disappeared before she could figure out whether it was true or false someone had been there. She held the silver necklace with many different stones in it. She then looked to the letter that sat in her hand. She turned it over in her hand and opened it up. She looked at it carefully reading it.

Dear Princess of Balinor,

I have been warned of a terrible danger. I did not think you'd need the help of my people, but my father has sent me to help you. I find our relationship best that you do not see me, for it would be confusing. So I thought I would give to you my knowledge, the knowledge of my people. Ancient rhymes that my people have carried, rhymes that will help you figure out where the Forgotten Fields are. My y apologies that I cannot help you anymore my, but I will watch you on your journey so look to the necklace for protection. Each stone symbolizes something that will help you along your way. The amethyst, the stone of the watching pool will guard you from your dreams. Look to your ancient books for the answer of this necklace. Take this rhyme, figure out where it is the royal family has been hidden. Time is low, and without them you cannot defeat the newest evil born… evil stronger then we can possibly know yet. But look to the necklace, I trust it will help you answer… the riddle.


Deep in a lush, lush green field.

Sleeps many, there is plenty… for you and I.

The Forgotten Fields, so beautiful to the eye…

But in reality… it is old… it had been lost.

To visit is paradise; to be trapped there could be hell…

To get there, you have to remember… then it will no longer be…


Arianna read it before stuffing it into her pocket. She slowly crept towards Sunchaser who was searching for her. Chase nickered swinging his head as he trotted up to her. He did not seem pleased, but happy that she was alright. He stood in front of her.

"That was very dangerous my lady, why would you do that? You know how dangerous it still is!" he scolded her out loud as she walked to his side. He saw the gleaming pendant. "What is that?"

"Well Chase while you were fuming, I found this and a letter, come we must get back to the castle," she said gripping his hair before the great bronze beast spun around and trotted off. A blonde person peered out from the trees watching the girl trot away on the lord of the animals. When she got home she raced to her study and grabbed books on the history of Balinor. For hours Arianna searched books until she found a picture of the necklace.

"The necklace of the many lands," she breathed to herself. She slowly looked down the page to each stone inside of it.

The Opal from the Forest of Dreams:

The opal represents strength. The opal is the sign of the last of certain magical races. The strength to keep going when things get tough, strength that no mortal possesses.

The Diamond from the Imperial Lake in the Celestial Valley:

The diamond represents clear state of mind. When in darkness, or something clouds your mind look to the diamond, to see clearly.

The Amethyst from the watching pool in the Celestial Valley:

The amethyst represents vision. To block unwanted visitors from entering your mind while you sleep. In your sleep the amethyst washes over your mind, opening it to safe visions and clear guidance.

The Emerald from Lilly Pad Lake:

The emerald represents healing. The emerald will heal minor injuries. It you have faith it will guide to Lilly Pad Lake, where people go to heal because of its healing powers.

The Ruby from Sunset Lake:

The ruby represents love and hope. The ruby will help you uncover those truly loyal to you, and those whose love for you is false…

The Sapphire of Azur Shores:

The sapphire represents protection and security. The sapphire will become warmer as evil or anything that wishes you harm appears.

Also the necklace is a key to each place listed above.

The Topaz of Star Light Plains:

TheTopaz is a sign of life… and peace. It was made from a fallen star and is said in the darkest of times, it will shine bright giving you light in many different ways. It will fill you with peaceful feelings when you are lost, and when the lights go out… wish for light and it will glow.

Arianna closed the book and looked at the necklace. In a line but in a symbol they followed each other in the order placed in the book. She slowly touched over it watching the topaz shine the brightest. Each place seemed too familiar… weren't they places in… the Celestial Valley or at least a path through there? She grabbed another book and opened it quickly. She searched for the history of The Celestial Valley. She didn't see what she was looking for anywhere. She sighed when she saw a word that caught her eyes. She began to search the pages for the places.

The Celestial places hidden in Balinor:

Each place hidden behind or beside the place before it. To get to one, you must go through the other. Each one is opened by a jewel. The jewels were collected placed into one necklace kept by the people of The Forest of Dreams.

Arianna scanned through it quickly sighing before she got to "Star Light Plaines,"

Star Light Plains is a land so beautiful, a land of peace. No fighting is allowed here… for it was a place of power. Lands came to this place to meet and make alliances, to learn others ways. Full of nothing but a field of lush green grass as far as the eye could see. Stars lit the sky in a beautiful dance of twinkling bright lights. But something happened, something evil came and with it hate and anger breaking the peace and making the sky collapse. The gate had been sealed, only all jewels together could reopen it, but the necklace had been lost… and the place no longer used…

Arianna slammed the book shut and set it back in its shelf. She hurriedly ran down to the fields where the royal unicorns, as well as Chase, Tobiano, and Rednal. Arianna smiled as she placed the necklace around her neck. Arianna stood on the white fence holding the unicorns and called to her bronze friend. Chase trotted up to her followed by Tobiano and Chase's fire red brother Rednal.

"Yes my lady you called," he said bowing his head slightly standing under the burning sun.

"Yes, I have a question for you," she said patting each of them on their head as they greeted the princess with respect.

"Ask away princess," Rednal said bowing his head as he tapped at the ground with his red hoofs.

"Have you guys heard of Star Light Plains?" Arianna asked casually a little excited.

"No I haven't," Chase said shaking his bronze mane his ruby shining under the gleaming sun.

"I haven't either," Rednal said sticking his head over the railing to see Finn and Lori walking up the rocky road.

"I have kind of," Tobiano said looking at them seriously.

"You have?" Arianna said looking at him.

"Yes, it is a long flowing field of grass as sweet as fresh grown Celestial grass when it has grown back. The stars are beautiful twinkling all the time, when we were little Rednal are mothers took us there to visit with the other unicorns of the other lands. Beautiful place, but evil got to it… and destroyed it so no one could get to it…" Tobiano began before interrupted.

"Oh yes… I remember going, but after awhile no one talked of it, I had forgotten," Rednal said solemnly as he looked to the grass beneath his hooves.

"Alas I had forgotten as well, I had totally forgotten that place existed…" Chase then realized where she was going with it, "it isn't…"

"I think it is…" she said smiling at her friend, he threw his head in the air shaking it up and down.

"How could I have not known, it was called Star Light Plains, but the stars were the plains, bellow it was the fields… where the stars fell to light the ways of those bellow. So I assume you have a plan?" Chase said nudging his lady in the cheek.

"I think I do, I was reading… and all we have to do is find the Forest of Dreams, from their on I have to follow this map," she said pointing to the necklace hanging on her neck. Finn and Lori walked up behind her, they had heard a little of the conversation.

"So I assume we are going on another adventure?" Finn asked patting his red celestial unicorn on the neck.

"Yes, so pack my friends… we head for The Forest of Dreams," Arianna said happily. Finally a clue to where her parents had been sent.

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