Chapter 6: Into the wild…

The group traveled for what felt like ages until they stopped for a break. They sat around a warm fire eating food packed from the old ladies. Arianna sat by herself gazing at the stars. The elf prince walked over to her curious of her problems. She looked over to him sighing. He sat down beside her.

"You alright princess Arianna?" Nostorian asked gazing at the twinkling stars. She sighed before answering, "you know you sigh a lot…"

"Do I? I didn't noticed I am sorry," Arianna said before looking over to him, "I was wondering if I can even get into the starlight plains, what if I drag them into danger for no reason?"

"Not for no reason milady, you are the future queen of Balinor they go for you," the elven prince said seriously, "and that is reason enough…"

"Not for me it isn't, I mean what or who am I? Why should I get to call the shots? I am not cut out for such a job," Arianna said expecting a "WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!"

"Perhaps you aren't," Nostorian shrugged making her look to him giving him a look, "look you are not ever going to be a good queen, the queen your people deserve… if you don't want to or think you'll be a good queen. It is not a job, it is a passion, a love for your people… to want to protect and guide them. When you are ready you will know this."

"You seem to know a lot," Arianna said looking at him with a look of envy.

"And you don't?" he asked his blue eyes making her brown ones tingle with curiosity of this creature, this elf.

"Not as much as you…" she said in shock of this elf's words, he sounded like an adult, "you sound so… mature."

"I'm nearly a hundred and fifty I've been around for awhile. I know things you don't know and you know things I don't know, we both have our own knowledge. I have knowledge on ruling people because I've been next inline for nearly well a hundred and fifty years," he smiled, "there is more then you think that you know. Like most people think they own whatever they land on, the earth is just something to claim. But the earth has life, it breathes life, gives life, and has a life. If you look hard enough you'll learn things you've never thought were possible, that the people who look and act like you… aren't the only people. Have you tasted the sun sweet berries of the earth, some people never get to roll in the riches around them and not wonder what it is worth. Another secret is that we are all connected in a circle, a hoop that never ends. No matter what color, look, shape, or race we are… we need to all come together as one. You can own the earth and still all you'll own is earth until you can learn to take in everything around, until you can understand and love the things given to you by the earth."

"I… couldn't ever come up with something so beautiful," she said smiling at him he just shrugged.

"It will be fine, everything will come together in time. Just take care of your own heart, follow it… you'd be surprised what your own heart can teach you," he smiled before standing up and leaving Arianna alone again. She smiled to herself before leaning back. She waited for someone to come and get her, she went back and fell fast asleep. Arianna woke up in the middle of her sleep, she turned to look left and saw a large pair of orange yellow eyes emerging from some thickets. Arianna nudged Finn who woke up and saw it. He nudged Lori who woke up startling Nostorian and the old lady. They all looked at the first pair of eyes and a second pair of eyes. Arianna swallowed as she felt the sapphire pulse strongly against her chest making her look down.

The Sapphire of Azur Shores:

The sapphire represents protection and security. The sapphire will become warmer as evil or anything that wishes you harm appears.

"That thing wishes us harm," Arianna said reaching for her staff. She had been practicing her magic but still it was no use she couldn't tap into the inner most part over her magic. She grabbed her sword ready for attack, they looked around as three other creatures walked out with low growls. The old women pulled out something that looked like a curved sword making them all look at her curiously.

"Is everyone ready?" Nostorian asked as the things crept through the night low to the ground.

"As ready as ever," Finn said holding his sword up the thing leaped at them. Chase ran to the rescue head butting one away from Arianna as the other attacked her. They were going for her necklace. Nostorian jumped in the way taking the first blow Arianna sliced her sword through the other one nearly following over from the weight. The other one jumped at her but Finn tried fighting it off while Lori tried avoiding it. Arianna ducked as one leaped at her head, it turned on it's heals charging her again. There was two left and they stood together.

"Give us the necklace and you leave here in one piece and alive," one of the creatures spoke up slowly.

"You are foolish to even think we'd give it up without fighting. It is not yours to take, and not mine to give. It was a gift," Arianna said looking over to Nostorian.

"Foolish girl I shall rip your tongue out and feed it to my people when I am finished with you!" it hissed leaping into the air, Arianna stepped back in fear and a red light leaped from her necklace making the thing burst into fear. They all looked at her the other creature turned and ran in fear.

Authors note: I am sorry I know this is short… but hey what can I say! I still have a blank I forgot where I wanted to go with the story because I have so many going lmao! But like I said before more ideas the better!

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