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9 Years Later

The effects of the century-long war have almost completely faded away to mere memories. Cities have been rebuilt, lands restored, and peace finally made between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom with the help of King Bumi and Toph's father, Lao. Aang visited the Eastern Air Temple and discovered that a few of the airbenders had survived and together, they helped restore the other Air Temples to their former glory. Zuko has made the Fire Nation better than it ever was under his father's rule and the other rulers before him during the war. Much to his dismay, Iroh died in Zuko's 4th year on the throne from complications of the heart. They blamed it on Azula's lightening strike some years before in the abandoned town. Mai was killed in a cave-in in the coal mines she was sentenced to work in after five years. The guards said she tried to escape many times before that, but never got away. Sokka and Ty Lee got married and a few months later had a healthy baby girl. Katara was proud to discover that she was a waterbender. Toph and Aang finally moved into the palace to train the twins. In fact, today was Toph's lesson.

"Stand your ground and face it head on!"

The rock flew across the green lawn and hit the child, crumbling around her. Toph stood with a smile on her face as the girl straightened from her stance.

"See? I'm getting better, Master Toph!"

"You are, Echo. Now, where is your brother? He's late."

"Probably practicing what he knows with Tai."

"Tai's not an earthbender though."

"Yeah, but she is a waterbender."

Toph shook her head and smiled. "Will you go find him so you two can learn together like you're supposed to?"

Echo bowed and took off around the palace and sure enough, she found him and Tai practicing by the turtle-duck pond. "Eryx! You're late! Master Toph made me come and find you, we still have a lot of work to do."

"Aw man, it was just getting good!" he protested.

"It's okay, Eryx. I still have to go practice with Aunt Katara. We'll finish this later!" Tai called as she ran off.

Echo dragged Eryx off to their earthbending lesson, where Toph stood waiting impatiently. "Eryx, when I give you a time to be here, I expect you to be here."

"My apologies, Master Toph," he said as he bowed to her.

"Now, let's get to work."

Toph yelled at them for a couple hours until their lesson time was up. Echo seemed to be improving greatly, but Eryx was slacking, mostly due to the fact that he didn't want to do it. They went inside for lunch and sat with Tai in the dining hall.

"How is your earthbending coming?" she asked them.

"Master Toph says I've pretty much gotten the hang of it quickly. Eryx, on the other hand.."

"I just don't care. I don't want to do lessons everyday, I want to go out and be a kid."

"We don't do lessons everyday, we have a day off every week. I like my lessons, even though firebending is pretty hard. Dad says it's okay though, fire is water's natural opposite and we are natural waterbenders."

"I don't really care. I'm tired of doing them. I'm tired of being an Avatar and I'm tired of being a prince. I just want to be normal like Mom was. Just a normal waterbender."

"It's a great honor to be an Avatar," Tai said, trying to cheer him up. "Uncle Aang was an Avatar, and I bet you two are the first twin Avatars and the only ones to ever meet the previous Avatar in the flesh!"

Echo smiled at her. She was only a year older, but Tai was smart for her age and she caught on quickly. Katara was overjoyed to see that her brother's child was a waterbender as well, even though Sokka thought it was odd because neither him or Ty Lee were benders. The pale skin wouldn't give it away, but her gleaming, dark blue eyes did. Tai liked the twins' eyes better though because they were different. Both a different color, you didn't see that often.

Eryx finally stood up and started walking away. "I'm going to talk to Dad before our lesson starts."

"I know," Echo replied. She looked back at Tai, who just shrugged. "He's going to ask Dad if he can stop. He really doesn't want to be an Avatar."


"But you have to learn these things eventually and they'll stick with you better if you learn them now."

"I don't want to learn them at all. Let Echo be your Avatar because I don't want to."

Zuko sat down next to him and had him sit in his lap. "Are you maybe feeling a little jealous that she's getting it faster than you?" Eryx sighed and Zuko took that as a yes. "I had the same problem with my sister when we were growing up."

"You never told us you had a sister. Why haven't we met her?"

"Well, she was- um, she died right after you were born. Anyway, she always got everything before me. I was still learning beginner moves while she was on the advanced set. She always excelled in our schoolwork too. But the only difference between my sister and yours is that mine was heartless and yours truly wants to help. Mine taunted me all the time, calling me names and making fun of me. She even made me play stupid games with her and her friends. She mastered firebending way before me, even managed to master lightening before I was ready to try it. She tried to kill me and Uncle Iroh so many times that we'd lost count. She was pure evil."

"Why did she try to kill you?"

"Well, that's a story for another day, Eryx. Maybe one day, we can walk down to Uncle Iroh's spot and I'll tell you all about it. Right now, I have a lesson to teach. Are you coming?"

Eryx smiled up at him as they stood. "I guess."

"Good. Remember never to give up. I never gave up and look where I am today. The story I'm going to tell you will have all that in there, I promise. Can you sense where your sister is?"

"Waiting outside the door for us to be done talking."

Zuko ruffled Eryx's hair, making a couple strands fall out of his ponytail. He walked to the door and opened it and sure enough, Echo was standing there patiently waiting to come in.

"Are you ready?"

"Are we working with fire today?"

"Maybe. Come on, let's go outside for this just in case. We'll practice near your mother in case she needs to put out a fire."

They walked down into the gardens where Katara and Tai were practicing. She smiled at them. "Working with fire today?"

Zuko returned the smile. "We might." He led the twins away from the trees before stopping. He turned to them and took a stance, motioning for them to do the same. "Remember your breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Concentrate on the heat of the sun and feel it flow through your body."

Eryx was concentrating hard. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out. He took a deep breath in through his nose, but to his and everyone else's surprise, he exhaled flames. His eyes shot open in shock, but soon held back a laugh when he caught sight of his father, the great and mighty firelord, dancing around to get the flames off his pants. In an instant, he was soaked when Katara and Tai shot him with water. His attention was immediately drawn to his son.

"What was that? We aren't that far yet."

"I don't know, I'm sorry. I was just concentrating on my breathing and the heat and it just came out. I didn't mean to!"

Zuko held up a hand, quieting his son. "That's an advanced move. We aren't even all the way past the basics yet. Have you been practicing?"

"Just like you told me to. I've been meditating too."

Zuko rubbed his chin as he thought. He knew that Echo was advancing in earthbending more quickly than Eryx, but apparently they were switched when it came to firebending. He thought that if Toph could have Echo on advanced earthbending sets, he could work with Eryx on advanced firebending sets to even it out.

"Okay, I'm going to try something. Eryx, I want you to take a stance. Echo, you just step back and watch for a second." He watched as his son got into a perfect stance and faced him. "I want you to breath and focus all your energy to your feet and try to kick a flame at me."

Eryx did as he was told. Breath in, breath out. He focused all his energy to his feet, felt the heat leave his fingertips as it traveled to his lower extremeties. He kept in mind that firebending wasn't in the strength as he kicked out towards his father, shooting a trail of flames along the ground right towards his father's feet. Zuko used his firebending to stop them and smiled. Echo walked between them and used her ice breath to put out the fire.

"That's an advanced move too, isn't it?" she asked them.

Zuko nodded at her. "I wanted to see if he could do it. I know that you're advanced in your earthbending and I thought it fair that he be advanced in something as well."

Eryx smiled. He was happy that he finally got to be good at something that his sister wasn't. "So do I get to keep working on advanced moves?"

"If you want to, sure."

"What about me?" Echo jumped back in.

"You can keep up your beginner sets until you can do some of this."

Tai shot a water whip at the group, catching Zuko's arm. It jerked him forward a couple steps before he shot it off and turned it to steam. He looked to where Tai and Katara were giggling and glared.

"Oh, we're just having some fun, Zuko," Katara laughed. "Be a good sport for my student."

He turned back to his students, looking between them. He could tell that Echo was upset and decided he would talk to her after their lesson, but for now he had her practice her breathing and concentration.

"I want you to know and recognize you limitations and do not exceed them, it could be dangerous. Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. Hold your hands open, palm up, and only when you're ready, you can try to make a flame. Don't try it unless you know that you're ready in your body, not just in your mind. If you only listen to your mind, you may think you're ready for lightening. Feel the energy in your body and if it tells you that you're ready, then you're ready."

Echo nodded, got into her stance, and concentrated while Zuko and Eryx practiced the more advanced moves. She could feel the energy pulsing through her and tried to direct it all to her hands. A drop of sweat rolled down the side of her face, but she didn't move to wipe it away. She could feel her hands heating up, but no flame would come. Aggravated, she tried to force the energy out of her hands but nothing would come but more heat. She got angry and shot her hand out, hoping to shoot all the energy out with it. A giant flame shot out, but at the same time, shot her back against a wall.

Zuko stopped and ran to her. "Are you okay?"

Echo sat up and rubbed her head. "I'm just fine."

"I think you need to meditate for a little while," he sighed."Firebending is notin thestrength, but thebreath. It's hard to learn it if you're getting frustrated that it's not going your way. Go meditate and get into a peaceful state-of-mind, then you can come back out and practice."

Echo got up and stomped away. Katara looked after her and went up to Zuko. "What'd you do?"

"I told her to go meditate. She was getting angry that she couldn't get it and basically blew herself up."

"You want me to talk to her?"

"You can help me explain things to her after a little while, but let her meditate first."

Katara nodded and walked back to her student and all of them took up practicing again. Every once in a while, Katara and Tai would have to douse a flame, but other than that, Eryx was advancing quickly. Finally, the sun started setting and the lessons were over. Zuko and Katara went to the meditation room and found Echo just coming out.

"Can we talk to you?"

"I guess," she said reluctantly, knowing she didn't really have a choice.

They walked her back to her room and sat on the bed with her. Katara started, "We know you feel a little jealous of Eryx's advanced firebending-"

"I'm not jealous of him!"

"We think you are," Zuko said quietly. Echo dropped her head and let them finish. "You shouldn't be jealous because he's better with fire. He was jealous of you because you're a better earthbender and now he feels even. You shouldn't care that he's a better firebender because you know that you're a better earthbender. If you two keep practicing your weakest elements, one day you'll be equally strong with them."

"Keep a level head when you're bending and don't try too hard," Katara stepped in. "That's what meditation is for, to keep you calm. Just keep practicing and with time and patience, you'll have it down. Most Avatars take many years to master all four elements, but you two are advancing rather quickly. It just takes a little time to master them all, okay?"

Echo smiled and hugged them both. "I understand. Thanks a lot. I'm really tired now, you mind if I go ahead and go to sleep?"

"Go ahead," Zuko said, kissing her on the head as he tucked her in. "Get some rest, you'll feel better in the morning."

Echo and Eryx both went to bed that night and, being the twins they are, dreamt the same dream. They dreamt that they mastered all the elements and they kept the world in perfect harmony, traveling to tame rebel groups and rebuild hopes, even long after their parents died. They were the Avatars.


Water, Earth, Fire, Air

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished.

100 years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. We traveled with him and helped him learn the elements and brought the war to an end, making a few new friends along the way.

Now a new challenge awaits our group: training the new twin Avatars. Although some of their skills are great, they have a lot to learn before they're ready to protect anyone. But I believe, they can change the world.


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