Chapter 17: Barcelona, España

I didn't get to spend any time with the boys after that because both, Auror and Order work occupied all of my time. It was only a week or so after we took the kids to the station that I got to see them. Dumbledore sent me a letter, asking me to meet him at Number Twelve. So, after finishing another extremely boring day in the Ministry, I headed to Sirius house. After making my loud entrance into the house I went for the library and sat down to work on a couple of papers I needed to finish for the Order. A couple of minutes later Remus came in followed by Dumbledore.

"See, here she is Remus. Very well then, I must be quick or Minerva might kill Miss Umbridge, I left them alone together." I smiled at the comment and closed the folder I was working on.

"We wouldn't want that to happen," said Remus, a wishful look on his face.

"As much pleasure as that mental image will give you; I can not risk loosing my best teacher and chest partner."

"Forgive us Professor, for indulging on that simple pleasure. Why did you ask us to come here?" I said. Dumbledore took a deep breath and sat on a chair opposite to the couch Remus and I were seated on.

"I have a mission for you two; quite frankly I think you are one of the best couples in the Order and so I want to use this to my advantage. I want you two to go to Spain, we've recently received information regarding Death Eater activity in Barcelona and I want you to work with a couple of Order Members that live there."

"Have we ever met them?" Asked Remus. That is a very good question, because I don't remember there ever being any Spanish people in any meeting.

"They have not come to any of the meetings; it was recently that they've joined. We owe that to Mr. Green." No wonder I haven't seen his little sick ass. I hope he stays away for a long time.
"What's the name of the person we are going to meet, and when?" I asked.

"I am sorry to say that I don't have a confirmation of whom exactly you'll be meeting; until now his name is Mr. Jose Perez, though that might be an alias." I copied everything down on an extra piece of parchment. "Secrecy is a high priority with them, as with us. We don't want Voldemort to know we've already moved past our island." I nodded and wrote in big letters. SI (Secrecy Important).

"Is that all Professor? Any other details?" Asked Remus.

"You'll be given a package; it is of outmost importance that you bring it safe and sound to me." After that he didn't say anything else. A little bit of more information would've been incredibly useful but, who am I to judge him? "Another thing, you must leave in a week's time. I'm sorry that won't give you enough time to recuperate Remus. Alastor, has already seen to it that you get the week off work Tonks."

After giving us a few other pointers he left the house and in his words: "Hope not to find myself a teacher short." I am sure however that if Umbridge were to disappear he would be one of the happiest persons in England, second to Remus of course. After he was gone, and I had finished my report for the Order, we sat and started making plans. First thing we decided was to travel the muggle way; actually I decided that we should travel by airplane and stay in a muggle hotel. Remus really knows very little about the muggle way of doing things, even when his Mum was a muggle. I told him that I would make the reservations and everything else that was muggle related, but that I would of course check with him before settling on anything. Sirius, who had been mysteriously absent until that time, came into the room wearing a huge grin that spoke of immeasurable mischief.

"Hey you two," he said as he kissed my cheek. "What is this? Are you taking a vacation in Spain?" He commented after looking at my papers.

"More or less. We are going to go get a package for Dumbledore."

"Oh, you have a mission together. So, what are you posing as?" He asked in an overly casual way, we looked at each other questioningly. "Haven't thought of it yet I see."

"No, we haven't," said Remus, and he gave Sirius a warning look. "But I believe brother and sister would do." I nodded. That is a good cover.

"Not good." We looked at him. It seems good to me. "Come on, you are both pro's on this matter of faking things. Tonks, do brother and sister go together on a trip and spend every single moment together?"

"No," I answered hesitantly. I get from where he's coming and I don't like his way of thinking.
"Remus, who's the only woman a man, will always stays by her side on a trip?" Remus looked at him, and with a smug smile said.

"Their Mother," I started laughing. Sirius was trying to plan this so well, he really didn't expect him to say that and his disappointed face was priceless.

"And that is the reason why you don't have a girlfriend," said Sirius shaking his head. "His woman, Remus, the answer is always his woman. If a man goes with his Mother in a trip he will probably only spend with her 1/3 of his time. And if he's with his sister even less, because it's obvious that they are going to have a hidden agenda." I hate to admit that he's slightly right. Remus must have been thinking along the same lines because he avoided my gaze.

"Ok, lets say you are right, what do you propose we do?"

"Pretend to be married of course, it's the only way you have a million lies at your disposal."

No one spoke for a while. Sirius had an incredibly smug look on his face. I imagine he's incredibly happy to know he has a very good point. Remus, refuses to look at me; instead he gave Sirius a very pointed look and grabbed a book.

The only thing I can think is: That means only one bed. In other situation I would've been thinking very naughty thoughts, but now all I can think off is that Remus- and even I - will find that very uncomfortable. Living in such close quarters will mean that at one time or another we are going to fight, I just know it. He'll probably do something that screams chivalry and no matter how much I like him that's going to get me mad, and I will say something that he won't like and then… Okay, Tonks calm down. Stop being so dramatic, you know Remus and you know what to expect, so you'll just have to try not to say anything that might hurt his trust in you. Because you know that in the end that'll hurt you more. I took a deep breath and risked a comment.

"What do you think? He does have a point."

"Of course I do." He looked up from his book, fixed Sirius with a glare and the turn a softer eye to me.

"You do know that'll mean just one bed." Okay, at least I know that means he's still very much straight...
"Yes, I do. But I trust you'll behave like the perfect gentleman I know you to be and not try anything."

"You really don't mind?" He said sounding completely incredulous. And the martyr side of Remus Lupin strikes again. I wonder what it would take to make him believe that I really don't care he's a werewolf. I looked at Sirius, who seemed to be having the same thoughts as me.

"No, I don't mind. I trust you Remus, I really, really trust you."

"If you fell comfortable then I don't see why not."

"I love being a puppeteer," said Sirius. "Now, I'll leave you to arrange the finest details of our plan. I'm hungry."

With that he stood up and walked to, I presume, the kitchen. Remus and I kept talking and making plans. First thing we worked on was our cover identities, because if we have even one detail that doesn't fit and somehow get in any kind of trouble it can be a worthless trip.

"Okay first things up, names." He said as he wrote everything down on a piece of parchment.

"John and Kalypso Hillen."

"Kalypso? I thought you hated strange names."

"No, I hate my strange name. Besides, Kalypso means "the hidden one", kind of fun if you think about it."

"What would you say if someone with not so nice intentions finds out and asks you about it?" Logical question, good to know he's not worrying to much about a 1 bed issue.
"Easy. I would say that my parents didn't find out my Mum was pregnant until the 5 month, thus the name."

"You are a very good liar, should I be worried?" You have no idea.

"No, I'm pretty sure you'll notice when I lie."

After much debating we decided that to the muggle and magic world we would be: John and Kalypso Hillen, a professor of history and chef respectively, on their honey moon. We've known each other for three years; dated for two, fiancées for one. We live in London and enjoy traveling and tasting different foods. The more boring we are, the less people will ask.
Some days after that I went back to Grimmauld to tell Remus our travel information. He was going to take care of our passports and other details, while my worries would be hotel and airfare. I also had with me a family remedy to ease pain and help fall asleep. The full moon is this week, and I want him as healthy as possible for next Saturday.

I looked and called for him, but couldn't find him anywhere, so giving up I went to the kitchen to get something to drink. While I was sitting there I heard the front door open and close, Sirius came into the kitchen a moment later. He froze when he saw me sitting there and tried to look for a quick way out.

"I know you sneak out from time to time Sirius, as long as you don't get caught I have no problems with it."

"No guilt trip?"

"No, now tell me. Where were you? And where is Remus?"

"I was with him at his place… As you know last night we had a meeting here, and he didn't think it safe to transform here." A meeting I had to miss because dear Scrimegour thinks my absence is pointless and want to wear me down before I leave.
"Can you take me to him? I need to leave a couple of papers with him."

"I'm not sure…"

"I'll be gone before moonrise, I promise," I said, raising my right hand.

"Very well. Too bad Molly is not here to make us some food." He said, looking around his empty cupboard.

"Does he have a muggle kitchen?"


"Not for me. I burn water cooking with magic, but my Gran thought me how to do it the muggle way. Really, I can probably make a soup or something." He gave me a disbelieving look but shrugged.

"If you burn something, you'll buy us food."

"Deal. But if I don't, you owe me a favor." He nodded, extremely sure that I am going to burn something.

We walked to the front steps of the house and grabbing his hand, we apparated. After the squeezing sensation was over I opened my eyes to find myself on a forest of some kind. I could hear the birds singing and a small creek running somewhere behind me. The trees where all tall, strong and beautiful and a breeze made me shiver a little. I followed Sirius trough the trees, tripping occasionally on tree roots and other things, including thin air. We came to a house that was in a clearing, looking at it's side I could see a driveway leading to a road not far away. We walked to the door, and after Sirius did a couple of counter spells we walked in.

The first room I saw was the living room; it had about four bookshelves, each one full, spread across the walls. It was all very clean and tidy, the books as I noticed where a mix of muggle with magical in alphabetical order by author and title. The furniture looked old but in good condition, it was not what I expected Remus's house to look like. I was waiting for a small flat, with not many furniture. My guess is that after his parent's death he inherited this place.
Sirius was just watching me look around; I kept moving, putting the papers on a table and walking closer to a fireplace with pictures on top of the mantle. There was one of a family, which I assume is Remus's, it showed two men with brown hair on the back, a girl with extremely blond hair on the front next to a brunette woman. The rest of the pictures were the same people on different stages of their lives, and at the end, a picture of four boys in Hogwarts uniform, smiling with in caps and gowns. The Marauders, happy and sure that their friendship would last forever.

"Well, I'll go tell him that you are here."

"No, don't tell him I'm here."

"What, you are leaving? After wasting all that time in convincing me to bring you here?"
"No, I'm going to make a soup; you can go tell him I'm here after it's done."

"Okay, I'll just go soundproof his room."

With that he went trough a corridor and up some stairs. I kept walking past them and found myself on a bathroom and a washing room before finally finding the kitchen. Only he would leave me to find my way on a house I've never been to. I got a pot and searched in the pantry and refrigerator for something to cook, it was incredibly well stocked and organized. I grabbed an apron from a nail on the wall, grew my hair and put my wand on it, and stated chopping vegetables and some pieces of meat… I had the beginnings of a soup in no time.

Sirius came down a minute later and started helping me, and by helping I mean giving his opinion and laughing every time I dropped something. He was saying that he was sure we would all be poisoned by the end of the day, and so I grabbed a spoonful of the hot soup and put it on his mouth.

"This actually tastes great. Whoa Tonks, you do know how to cook. I'm impressed."

"You owe me, just remember that."

"Hey if you feed me, I'll be your most faithful servant," he said, walking to the pot with a spoon. Just as he was getting ready to put it in, I slapped his hand away.

"Wait until lunch is ready, go set the table. I'll go get Remus up."

"No need for that Nymphadora," said a week but recognizable voice from the door.

"Remus, what are you doing up?" I said, turning around, and getting a bit of hair on my face.

"The smell of food was enough incentive to see who was in my house. I never expected to see you."

"I hope you are not complaining about it." I said teasingly. He has bags under his eyes and looks extremely pale, his hair is not combed and it's sticking up. In other words, he looks horrible.

"If you bring food with you, I'm not."

"She didn't bring food, she made the food. I'm incredibly impressed you still have a house," said Sirius.

"Amazing," said Remus as he glanced at the pot and then looked at me. He gave me a look from head to toe and I feel a blush rising on my cheeks. "You look comfortable in my kitchen. I never saw you as one to enjoy house chores." I had completely forgotten I was wearing an apron and that during the course of my stay I had removed my robe and shoes. I made to take the apron off. "Don't take it off; you'll ruin your clothes."

"Okay." I said as I checked the pot. "Sirius could you look after the soup, while Remus and I talk business," up until that moment he was just standing there looking at us with a knowing smirk on his face.

"Sure, you two go ahead. I'll call you when it's done."

I took of the apron and hanged it back on the nail, following Remus out of the door. We walked to the living room and once there discussed the plans I had made, he didn't see anything wrong with them. The hotel is located near many muggle sites and also close to a magical town. He told me that he was expecting the passports to come the next day. After the discussion was over he put his head backwards and closed his eyes, the sun light entering through the windows made the lines and scars on his face look more prominent. He moved a hand to massage his shoulder and I was behind his chair before I could think about it twice.

"Let me." I told him, putting my hand on his shoulders. Just as there was skin on skin (metaphorically of course, because he was wearing a long sleeve shirt) contact he tensed.


"Don't tell me I don't have too, I know I don't. I just want to."

It took me a while, but I got his shoulders to relax, he got so comfortable that he closed his eyes, and when I pushed him forward so I could reach his lower back easier he didn't complain. A few moments later Sirius came in and announced dinner was served, I jumped when I heard his voice- I had completely forgotten he was there- and Remus got up fast.

Dinner was quiet and fast; soon Sirius was cleaning the dishes while Remus and I watched him in complete silence. After he was done, we moved to the living room where many attempts at a conversation where soon gone down the drain. I saw a book that caught my attention and started reading it, when the light got weaker I got up and went to make some tea, the sun had already begun to set and I could see Remus look at it a couple of times nervously. After it was done I poured a cup of tea for the boys, putting a couple of drops of my potion to both cups. They took them and quietly drank them, while I kept reading my book. Only after I had seen Remus take the last sip of his tea did I get up.

"Well, not to be rude, but I have to go home. Scrimegour wants me a couple of hours extra tomorrow at the Ministry. And I have to sleep." I said standing up and stretching. I put the book on the table and went to hug Sirius goodbye.

"See you soon." I said as I made my way to Remus.

"Yeah, remember to pack light."

"I'll try." I told him smiling. "See you soon." I said and kissed his cheek. After that he gave me the book back.

"Finish reading it, and tell me what you think." I nodded and walked to the door, apparating back to my flat.

I saw them the next Saturday at Number Twelve. We had decided that we would meet on Sirius house so I could say my good-byes and then we would go to my flat and get a cab from there to the airport. I arrived at 6:00am at the house, with two cups of coffee already on my system. Remus was sitting on the library and Sirius was feeding Buckbeak. I walked into the library and threw myself on the couch next to Remus. He didn't look any better from when I saw him last, in fact he looked worst. This is the first time I've seen him so close after the week of the full moon- last night was the last one- he looks like crap. I dug into my cloak and got out a vial with a clear liquid.

"Here, drink this with a cup of hot tea." I said, as I handed it too him

"What is it?"

"Secret, drink it. It'll make you feel better. Sleepy, but once you get to the plane that'll be no problem."

"Is this the same thing you slipped into our tea when you where at my house?"

"Yes." Why deny it, it's not like I'm poisoning him.
"Any side effects?" He asked in an overly casual way.

"If it had any, I would have told you."

"What is it?"

"Either you drink it, or you don't." I said, reaching for it. He pulled away. "Drink it, feel better, and give me my passport."

He reached for a bag and gave me a passport, then went out the library. I stood up and looking in the mirror changed into what I imagine an older Ginny would look like, after that I changed the eye colour to the same grey as Sirius, banished the freckles and changed my nose to one very similar to my Mum's, I made my hair curly and the bobs bigger. After examining my features in the mirror I grabbed the passport with both hands and stood still, a few seconds later a bright flash came of it; effectively putting a picture of me on it. That done I sat back on the couch, getting the book Remus had lent me out of my traveling purse and getting comfortable. I had only read a couple of pages when he came back.

"When do we have to leave?"

"I'm waiting for Sirius to come down. After that my goodbyes are done." I had just finished saying that when he came down.

"Where you talking about me?" He said after a quick hug.

"God knows I shouldn't inflate your ego any more, but yes. I was talking about you."

"It's always nice to be in a young lady's thoughts." I rolled my eyes and put a bookmark on the page I was currently reading.

"I was actually just waiting to say goodbye."

"Ah yes, you leave today for Spain. Well then Remus, take very good care of my cousin, she's my favorite. And if I hear you where your depreciating self while away you'll be in trouble. Tonks, take care of him, and just remember he's the most stubborn person you'll ever know. And I give you permission to curse him if he gets into 'it's my entire fault' mode."

"Oh believe me, I will."

"I am right here, you know," said Remus, who now looked a little better.

Two minutes later we were walking out the door. No one else in the Order knows we are going on this mission. Not even my family knows about it, a fact to which they are more than used to by now. When I asked Moody why so few people in the Order knew he told me that the fewer people who knew the fewer chances of word about our business escaping there was. When I asked him what I should say if I found someone I knew over there and they saw me with Remus, he simply smiled at me and said that we were dating and in his own words: "Merlin knows you act like a couple." When I told him to explain he simply said that I should find out for myself.

Before we were out of the house Remus asked Sirius for rings. At my curious glance he told me that a married couple without rings was something strange. Sirius looked surprised and told him that he thought Remus had them. But that he would go and look for them. So Remus and I went back to the kitchen where I took my third cup of coffee, and ignored Remus comments on how it is unhealthy to drink so much caffeine. Sirius came back a few minutes later claiming to have not found them. And so he made his sleep deprived, looking and feeling-like-hell best mate get up and look for them. Once he was sure Remus was out of ear shot he turned to me.

"I just have two things to tell you before you leave for your week in Spain."

"Be careful and come back alive." I said, finishing my coffee.

"No, though that would certainly be pleasant. First I know that you'll be wondering about how Remus might be able to work with the full moon just passed, do not worry, he's very professional about this. He will have his head in the game at all times."

"Is it bad for me to be a little worried?" I asked him, wondering how the hell he figured me out so fast.

"No, that just means you'll be alert too." That said his eyes took on a glitter that I don't like at all. "Second, I want you to make your move on Remus."

"What do you mean? Make my move?" I said, hoping he wasn't going to start hinting at something I didn't get just like Mad Eye.

"Tonks, don't play the innocent with me. It is completely obvious that you two like each other, and we both know that he won't make the first move. So it's up to you."

"Sirius I really don't know what you are talking about. We are just friends, nothing more."

"You are not just friends and you know it. I can see it every time you look at each other, there is something just waiting to come out."

"Sirius…" Deny it, deny it. Don't let him know you know he's probably right.

"Tonks. I know you might be afraid. But if there is someone who is worth it is him. And I'm not saying that just because he's my best mate. I'm saying it as your older cousin. He won't take advantage of you."

"I know he won't. But there is nothing "there" like you say. I think it's just your overactive imagination." He gave me a long searching look, and then gave me a mischievous grin.

"If you say so. But when you come back I want you to admit that I am right." I was about to answer when I heard someone coming down the stairs.

Not a minute later Remus came in with two rings. There was a simple gold band, which I presume is his, whose counterpart was a very fine and delicate looking band with a stone between pink and violet on the middle, he told me it was an alexandrite. It was absolutely beautiful, and easily breakable. Remus must have known what I was thinking because he told me it was unbreakable. And next he walked to me, and put it on my finger.

I saw that he was holding the other one; I grabbed it and put it on his finger.
Slowly we drifted closer to each other.

Neither of us had noticed that Sirius was still in the room. A huge smile on his face, as he watched us lean into each other, and just as we were getting closer he whistled. Effectively breaking the moment, we backed away and looked anywhere but each other, throwing the same dirty look to Sirius. A few minutes later we apparated into my flat where we got everything without talking or even looking too much at the other one. A few hours later we where on the plane, waiting for take off, Remus looked paler than usual and was twisting his hands on his lap. Wordlessly I grabbed one of them and squeezed it; he kept it like that until we were 10 minutes into the flight. He fell asleep during the in flight movie.

Once the plane landed I woke him up. We made our way to the terminal and grabbed our bags. I grabbed his hand and smiled sweetly at him. It is time for some role play. He caught on and grabbed me by the waist. As we where coming out of the airport to where the taxi's were waiting we passed two men, this would have been nothing different if we hadn't heard them whisper "Stupid muggles, I can't believe they made us travel with them. Lucius…" The rest of the conversation was lost to us, but that phrase was enough to get both our attentions. We turned around and trailed them; I saw a bathroom sign and walked away from Remus and into it, after shooting him with a tracking hex. He looked about to protest but I ignored him and went in; after I was in there, I morphed into a pretty brunette with big boobs. Change ready I followed Remus trail as fast as I could. I was so focused on finding them, that for once in my life I didn't trip or bump into anyone. I caught on with them fast enough and walked past Remus, slowing my pace once I was in front of the two men. I turned around and smiled at them.

"Excuse me gentlemen, do you know which way to gate 23?" Even when the DE mantra is "dead to all muggles" that didn't stop this two from looking at the assets; however, I was pleased for that for in their lack of concentration I shot to one of them the same wand less and wordless spell I did Remus.

"We are sorry, but we are not from these parts," said the tallest of them.

"But you could stay with us and I'm sure we could help you." I smiled at them but graciously excused myself. I prayed that Remus had enough sense to hide somewhere as I walked on the direction I had just come from. I went back to the bathroom and changed into the red head I previously was. When I walked out, I saw Remus waiting for me.

I gave him an innocent smile and he grabbed my hand again, we walked like that to the taxi. He was a perfect gentleman, opening the door for me and giving me his hand to get out of it when we reached the hotel 15 minutes later. Once we where checked in the hotel we made our way to our room and I promptly threw myself on the bed, a little bit annoyed because I hadn't been able to say a single word to any of the persons that attended us. And also because it's our first day here and already we have found new friends. I felt someone next to the bed and a pair of eyes daring me to look back. I did so, and found that Remus did not look pleased.

"Don't tell me I shouldn't have done that, don't try to be my Father and give me any speeches. Thanks to that little escapade that guy has a tracking hex on him and we will able to find him wherever he goes." He looked ready to protest but seemed to change his mind in mid sentence.

"Can you copy it into my wand?" I stretched my right hand, silently asking for it. A few minutes later I gave it back to him.

"Done. Hey what are you doing?" I asked him, when I saw the wand doing circles on his hand.

"I'm going to find them." He answered simply. I rolled my eyes.

"Remus, do you know the meaning of the phrase, 'lie low'?" I asked, trying to make him see sense.

"Yes. But we might as well find out where they are staying."

"That is exactly why they have a tracing spell. Don't go right now, something might happen."

"We'll be careful. Come on let's go." I closed my eyes again and told him.

"I think we should stay here. The tracing spell will not fade. And we have a cover to keep."

"We could apparate."

"I don't think it's a good idea. Muggles are not idiots, and we can't be in two places at once. We should stay here. Besides, you need to rest." He looked at the space in the bed next to me and then to me. Some emotion passed his face, but it was to fast for me to decipher.

"I'm going." He said with new fervor.

"Fine. But before you go, put this on the door." I said handing him a "Do not disturb" sign.

He grabbed it and put it on the other side of the door. With another look at me he apparated, I'm sure he's going to get himself into trouble. Damn Sirius and his influence over him, I should really start supervising their fun time. Trying to keep my mind of any trouble a no Spanish speaker on a Spanish speaking country might get himself into, I turned on the TV. I wasted some time that way, trying to keep thoughts of Remus as far away from my mind as possible. That turned out to be useless and so I grabbed the book and started reading again. That didn't help either, the plot line talking about a woman named Jane Eyre, who falls in love with a man older, and to top it off, with more demons than her.

I stopped reading the third time a map, telling me of Remus whereabouts, appeared on my left hand. I grabbed the phone and called room service, ordering enough for two people. After that I went to change my clothes and opening my bag, pulled out one of his shirts. The same one I had mistakenly taken the day I woke up on his room. A few minutes later a knock on the door signaled that the food was already here; I met the man at the door and gave him the tip. I ate in peace for a couple of seconds with the TV on to try and distract myself. That didn't prove useful either because they just happened to be talking about mythical creatures, with a special interest in werewolves. The Fate's are against me today.

When I couldn't take it any longer I changed into jeans and a simple shirt and apparated to an alley close to the hotel. Intent on not thinking about a certain hard headed werewolf I decided to explore the area near by. That proved to be a good enough distraction; as I memorized the name of different restaurants, stores and streets all thoughts of Remus flew from my mind. The place is truly beautiful and I found myself enjoying watching the people walk past me, greeting me with a friendly "Hola." or "Buenas noches." Once I was ready to return to the room I headed for the darkest alley I could find. When I was close enough, to my surprise, I saw Remus, fighting with two other guys.

I was about to walk to him, when I saw a brunette, medium height woman cowering behind Remus. From the protective stance he had I could piece the situation. The yells were also a good clue. From what I could piece together she was trying to fend of one of the men, who wouldn't let her go home. When Remus appeared and his chivalrous side took the best of him. I watched, ready to interfere if needed be. I saw one of the men throw a punch at Remus, who side stepped him and answered with one of his own. I was so shocked that my jaw actually fell. Remus? Throwing a punch? What the hell happened here? This is completely out of character for him!

I moved closer trying to get a better look at him. They were surrounded by a big group of people, most of whom were cheering, and I had to push a couple of people out of my way. I noticed the way his eyes glowed a strange mixture of yellow and blue. I looked at the moon, the full moon had already passed a few days ago here – if I remember my astronomy correctly- but a small ray of light was falling directly on the place where he was standing. However, for him the last full moon was just yesterday night, his "wild side" must still be fighting to be heard. So, this is the wolf. I thought as I saw him duck, making it look extremely easy. I finally understood what he said when he talked about the wolf's ferociousness. This is not Remus acting alone; the wolf is also fighting to be heard.

Just then I heard the sirens of the police. I saw him turn around and start running. I was about to follow him, but thought better of it. I walked to the alley and apparated to the room, hoping to see him there. I was disappointed to see that he wasn't there, but relieved at the same time. Now I'll have time to think over what I just saw. I have no doubt that I only caught a glimpse of the wolf, a shadow. Now I finally see, a little bit, of how haunted Remus is. There was however a question hovering on my head. Does that change how I feel - I mean think about him?

A few seconds was all I needed to know that it didn't. It is not something to shrug off, but it isn't something to be obsessed over. Besides, I would be an incredible hypocrite if I judged him because he let that side of him take over. The same thing has happened to me, and I know the guilt felt afterwards. The last thing he needs right now is me doubting and distancing myself from him. With those thoughts I drifted to a dreamless sleep. I woke up at 9:00am, I thought that perhaps I was going to see him sleeping on the couch of the room, he wasn't. I went to get a bath.

Remus apparated into the room panting. I was coming out of the bathroom, rested and refreshed when I heard the distinct sound of apparition. He just plopped down into the bed and closed his eyes. I went around him and got my clothes, and went back into the bathroom to change; I had only gotten my unmentionables on when there was a knock at the door.

It doesn't take a psychic to know that means trouble. Remus, you don't disappoint. I thought as I came out of the bathroom. He was getting up and going to the door. When he saw me, he stopped dead in his tracks. Yes, you definitely don't disappoint. I thought, holding the urge to roll my eyes, instead I pushed him back into the bed.

"What are you doing?" He asked when I started unbuttoning his shirt. He grabbed my hands, and tried to push me away.

"Cleaning up after you dear. Now, don't move." I said, as I started unbuttoning again. He continued to argue, but after the third time that I had slapped his hand away, he finally gave up. By that time the knocking was forceful. "Ya vamos, un momento por favor." I said.

"You speak Spanish?" He asked, looking bewildered.

"Fluently." He looked about to argue; probably ask me why I hadn't clued him in before, but the knocking came again.

"What exactly did you say?"

"We'll be there in a minute. Now, let me look at you." I said, and held him at arms length. His shirt was opened and half tuck in. I was surprised to see he wore another underneath it but pulled it out of his pants without a second thought. I started to take off his belt, but this time he took my hands off and did it himself, nodding. The only thing that remained closed was the zipper. I pulled the belt of his pants. Now he looks like a man who spends the night with his new wife.

"Señor, Señora. Abran la puerta en este momento," called a voice from the outside.

"Ya vamos. John, darling don't forget the zipper." I said, as I ruffled Remus's long hair. After that was done I pushed him towards the door. I grabbed a sheet and covered myself and then went to the door.

"Sir, I do not understand Spanish. Can we wait until my wife comes?" I heard Remus saying to the other man, I walked to his left side.

"Cual es el problema?" I asked.

"Es cierto que este hombre no habla español?"

"Si, eso es correcto. Mi esposo," I said putting emphasis to the word husband, "no habla español."

"Very well then," started the man in a heavily accented voice. "I am inspector Montalbán. I am here because your husband was seen last night instigating a fight."

"That is not possible." I answered

"Yes it is Senora, I saw him."

"I assure you Inspector you are wrong, because my husband spend the night with me, we are in our honeymoon."

"Do you have proof that?" Just as the words left his mouth Remus stood between him and me, his chivalrous side taking over; even when we both know the question is only meant to make him feel in control. In that moment an older man appeared at the door.
"I don't believe that is a proper question to ask Inspector. I suggest you respect my wife." Said Remus, fixing the other man with such a look I thought he might die right there. For a moment the look on his eyes was that of a predator, very similar to the one I saw last night.

"What is the matter here?" Asked the older man, when neither Remus nor the inspector answered, he turned too me.

"Inspector Montalbán is making inappropriate questions. My husband is merely defending me." I said, feeling very childish at the phrase.

"Montalbán, is this true?" He asked, and the other man stopped glaring at Remus.

"No, Sir. This is the man that started the fight last night; I think we should bring him in for questioning."

"Could we at least get dressed," said Remus. "I don't want my wife to walk around Barcelona wearing a sheet."

"You have no problem with coming with us?" Said the still unidentified man.

"We don't have anything to hide," answered Remus.

"Besides, the faster we go with you. The faster this will be over and we get to enjoy our honeymoon." I said, and showed the man my ring.

"Congratulations. I am Chief Inspector Fonseca. Get ready fast. Montalbán, vamos a darle tiempo a que se vistan."

The other man walked away reluctantly, throwing another dirty look at Remus. After the door was closed I walked to the bed and threw myself in it. Remus started pacing the room and after a few minutes of this I stood up and let the sheet fall off me.

"This is the only chance you are getting of staring at me darling, so take a good look." He took one long searching look at me and then covered his eyes.

"What are you doing? Your family is going to kill me." I walked to where he was and took his hands away from his eyes.

"They think we are a married couple, a married couple who spend the night together. And so, there is no problem with you seeing me half naked."

"Except we are not really married. You could just tell me if you have a tattoo or another mark..."

"They would notice the difference. Men are optical creatures; the way you describe something when told about it, is not the same you do when you see it for yourself."

He gave me a look and I stepped away so he could get a clear view. Even though I was wearing my underclothes, and I have a toned body from Auror training I started feeling self conscious. He made a signal for me to turn around, which I did, now I felt a blush creep into my cheeks. He is so quiet, oh God. What does he think of my body? Why do I even care what he thinks of my body? Why did Dumbledore decide to put us as a couple? Wait, he never actually said couple, he just said together. We could have acted as siblings. I hate Sirius and his stupid ideas. Stupid controller of a cousin, I'm sure he would be really happy with this situation. Why do I keep getting myself on these situations?

"You are beautiful, don't worry." He said, as he wrapped his arms around me.

"How did you…?"

"You started to hum, you hum when you are nervous." I smiled and turned around.

"Very well, it's my turn, shirt of buddy." The shocked look that passed his eyes was not missed, but I ignored it. "If we are going to get this act together I have to know if you have any kind of weird tattoos or piercings."

"Tattoos and piercings? You do know who you are talking to," he said, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, you are a Marauder. I know you to be wild."

"I am not taking my shirt off." I gave him a 'Don't tempt me' look. "I don't want you to... Just learn the number 24378." Knowing that this is a subject better approached at another time, I simply nodded, got my clothes out of the bathroom and told him to go get a bath.

The ride to the police station was a short one, a fact that I am thankful for because Montalbán and Remus spend the journey glaring at each other. The other man was trying to make conversation with me. Something not long lasting because I kept my hand on Remus, giving it a squeeze every time I thought he was going to lunge at Montalbán for looking at me. Once in the station, we where separated and questioned. I was led into a room with nice windows and a view of the park, Montalbán was going to question me.

"Muy bien, Señorita."

"Señora, soy una mujer casada." I said, and he turned to me, a smile on his lips. Thank Merlin I know this routine like the palm of my hand.

"This is very simple, Señora. Just tell me what you did last night and you'll be on your way."

"Very well. We got to the hotel and registered around 7:00pm, after that we spend the night in our room. Oh yes, we ordered food."

"And what did you do on your room?" He said, obviously thinking that like a very proper English lady I wouldn't answer. Have I ever mentioned that I love proving people wrong?
"We had sex, after all we are a newly married couple, and I want to have kids soon." I said, as I flashed him a smile. Apparently he didn't expect me to answer so truthfully. I continued to look at him in a calm collected manner that I'm sure is driving him crazy. It would me.

"What color is your underwear?" He asked after a couple of other boring questions.

"Black with pink stripes." I answer without thinking it twice. A couple of other stupid routine questions later we finished.

"Very well, you are free to go." As I was making my way to the door I heard his voice again. "Before you leave, does your husband have any distinguishing mark on his body?" I turned to look at him.

"He has a number on his chest 24378 and his skin is covered with scars." After that I went out and found myself face to face with Remus, he smiled and grabbed my hand. As we were walking away Montalbán called us again.

"We just received the video from your floor. Do you want to watch it with us?"

"Will you leave us in peace after we have proven that we are just trying to enjoy our honeymoon?" I asked him.

"I promise you, Señora. That if this video shows only a newly married couple, we'll leave you alone." I looked at Remus and he nodded.

"Very well. Gentlemen, I hope this is the last we see of you. I want to be able to enjoy the rest of my week." He answered as we walked back to were they were standing.

We had to endure more than half an hour of boring video watching. They saw us make our way into the lobby, then up to our room, then they saw Remus put the "Do not disturb" sign on the door. A couple of hours later the door opened again when they brought the food I ordered. After that nothing more until the inspectors came to our room that morning. That left them speechless. Montalbán started cursing and rewinding and forwarding the video, trying to find a moment when we left our room.

"But I saw him. I saw him fighting that man."

"Montalbán, I think we should let this couple go. We have disturbed their honeymoon enough." Said Inspector Fonseca, as he opened the door.

I gave him a thankful smile and walked away. Once we were on the street we hailed a cab and went back to the hotel. Once safe in our room I jumped into the bed and hugged a pillow to my chest. Remus sat on a chair; I tried to fall asleep, but his continuing sights kept me away from a nice nap. After 10 minutes of this routine I opened my eyes.

"Hey John? Can you come here?" He looked up and walked to the bed, standing next to it.

"You want something?"

"Come, sit next to me," he gave me a long searching look and obliged. "Now, I want you to tell me what part of Barcelona you want to see."


"Well, we have a couple of days of nothing else to do but lie around, so I guess we better see a couple of things."

"But, what about our meeting with Mr. Perez? Aren't we supposed to wait for him to contact us?"

"We'll meet on Tuesday at the National Museum of Catalan Art, we received an owl letter this morning. Now, where are we going for the rest of the week?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Perhaps because we were otherwise engaged last night." I said. I don't trust those police men not to eavesdrop. Paranoia is a side effect of having Moddy as a mentor.
"Sorry about that." I grabbed his hand and pulled him down, so he was lying next to me, I used his shoulder as a pillow and he immediately tensed.

"I'm not going to do anything to you. God. What do you think I'm going to do, jump you?" I said teasing, and he laughed.

"I don't know. After the way you took off my shirt I am not going to lower my guard around you." I started lauginng. I turned, got the pamphlets that the travel agency had given me and handed them to him.

"Pick a place, and we'll go." I closed my eyes, still using him as a pillow.

When I opened my eyes again, there was no sunlight entering the room. I looked at the clock next to the bed; it now read 7:00pm. Turning around again I was surprised to see that Remus was lying in the bed next to me, sound asleep, the pamphlets on the table next to him. I sighed and layed back down; putting my head on his chest and hugging him like I would my pillow I fell asleep again. I next woke up when I felt him moving. I was awake in an instant, but he took a little more time to fully understand his surroundings. Once he noticed my head on his chest and my arms around him he tensed once again, I kept my eyes closed. After a few seconds his whole body seemed to relax and he started playing with my now long pink hair, twisting it on his fingers.

I gave a smile and opened my eyes, so I was staring right at him. He was surprised when he saw me awake and stopped playing with my hair. I hugged him closer to me and rested my head on his chest again. I waited for him to make the next move, and I was not disappointed when after a few minutes he started making circles in my back, I closed my eyes again and just laid there.

I confess it. I am ready to admit it. I am falling for Remus Lupin, and I am falling hard. Merlin, how am I going to deal with Sirius after this? He's going to bother me to no end for proving him right. Thou I admit that on this moment I do not mind one bit. We stayed like that until my stomach made its presence known.

"I think someone is hungry."

"Well, forgive me for not having breakfast or lunch. There is a restaurant on the corner, let's go there."

"How do you know that?" He said, looking down at me.

"Easy, last night; while you were fighting and making a big show. I was looking around the city for places that we might enjoy. And by the way, you have a killer right hook."

"You saw me?"

"Of course I did. I was actually not even looking for you, I just saw you throw that punch. I'm glad to know you can hold your own without magic too."

"My Mother was a muggle, and so was her brother, he wanted me to know how to defend myself."

"My family is like that too. We were all enrolled in personal defense classes; I hated them until I got into Auror training. Even Moody was surprised when I knocked down that Senior Auror without a sweat." He gave a chuckle.

"You, Nymphadora are a conundrum, I just can't seem to solve."

"What can I say? You'll never be bored around me. Now, let me go get a bath and then you'll get one, and after that we'll go eat." I got up and jumped over him, running into the bathroom. A few minutes later I came out covered with a towel; he was looking at the TV and turned to look at me. "You've already seen me in my underwear, so this is nothing new."

"I didn't say anything."

"You were thinking it, now go get a bath."

We made our way out of the hotel hand in hand. We spent the night eating, talking and laughing. The best part of the night however was when Remus food came in, he had ordered pâté – duck liver- and even when the presentation was pretty good, after one bite I knew he wasn't going to eat anything more. He surprised me by taking a couple of more bites until I took pity on him and decided to share my paella. At first he didn't seem so sure.

"Remus, I know you didn't like the pâté; and they gave me too much food, so just come closer and get some of my food."

"You are one persuasive woman." He said smiling and we finished the meal in perfect happiness.



I hope you like what I got them into this time, and that I didn't write them to OC. Originaly this chapter was 20 pages long, however you've only read half of them here; which means the next update will be sooner. (hopefully)

The translations to the Spanish part are right down so you'll understand what being said:

Ya vamos, un momento por favor.: We're coming.
Señor, Señora. Abran la puerta en este momento" : Open the door this instant.
Cual es el problema? : Is there a problem?
Es cierto que este hombre no habla español? : Does this man speak Spanish?
Si, eso es correcto. Mi esposo no habla español." : That's correct, my husband doesn't speak Spanish.
Montalbán, vamos a darle tiempo a que se vistan." : Montalban, give them time to get dressesd.
Muy bien, Señorita." : Very well Miss.
Señora, soy una mujer casada: Mrs., I am a married woman.

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