I don't own Naruto and never will…Or I Dream of Jeannie or Bewitched

Random idea that came to me after watching a marathon of I Dream of Jeannie. (I like Bewitched better and I'm not talking about the movie (It sucked in my opinion) but the TV show) The story is AU…Reviews are welcomed and I have a bucket of water to wash away flames…Of course some OOC…

What would you do if you had three wishes? Wish for your cooler and hotter brother dead? Wish for an endless supply of ramen? Maybe an answer for your teacher's lateness? Or just wish for five minutes alone with your pink haired genie? Sasuke x Sakura x Naruto

I Wish for You

Chapter One


Three wishes…

You can wish for anything your heart desires. You can wish for world peace! Or to end world hunger! Or maybe just wish for the perfect world where everyone is treated equally!

Of course wishes like that don't come around too often for a genie to grant. But in the world we live in now there's only one motto people follow…

Me, myself and I

People now a day only wish for themselves.

One might wish for their older, cooler, and hotter brother dead.
Or wish for an answer to their younger brother's strange behavior.
Or wish for an endless supply of ramen and a real excuse for his teacher's lateness.
Some might wish for a simple life with a simple job and only to stare at the clouds in the sky.
Others might wish for an endless supply of BBQ ribs and streaks.
Or wish to be the best dog trainer in the world.
Some might wish for people to stop stepping on their bugs and to understand that bugs also have feelings.
One might wish to know what fate has in store for him and to show the main house that he too is strong and worthy.
Someone might wish for people to stop making fun of his fuzzy eyebrows and accept the fact that his teacher is the greatest of them all.
Others might wish for people to stop comparing him to a panda, squirrel or raccoon.

These are just a few wishes some people might have and that could be granted by a certain genie…

Thus our story begins in the hot and windy deserts of the Middle East only a few hundred or I think it was thousand years ago…


"What? You can't do this to me!" The pink haired girl screamed at her superior. Her hands were curled up into fists. Her knuckles turned white and her palms were marked as her nails kept digging through her skin.

"I'm sorry but you have to learn your lesson." The blond woman said as she looked down at the girl with sorrow in her brown eyes.

"I'm telling you I didn't do it!" The girl said as she slowly broke down into tears. "Please you have to-" She was cut off.

"Enough!" The voice of the woman echoed through out the cave. "You destroyed a whole village and had many witnesses to your actions. You will have to-" The woman was interrupted by the screams of the pink haired girl.

"Tsunade I told you I didn't do it! That wasn't me!" She stared up at the blond woman, tears ran down her face. "You have to believe me! You raised me for the pass one hundred years; you know that I wouldn't harm anyone!"

The woman only looked away from the pleading girl, "I can't believe your words. You will have to face the punishment…" She took in a deep breath as she looked at her apprentice.

"Sakura since you are still young, only one and fifty hundred years old. Your punishment will be small; you will be banished from this land."

"What!" Her green eyes widen in horror. She couldn't leave; she had her family and friends here! "No! I won't!"

"You have no say in this, Sakura." Tsunade said and she continued with the punishment, "You will also be trapped in a bottle for two thousand years."

"What?" The girl's sad expression was replaced with a confuse one. "Trapped in a bottle? Who thought of that idea?"

Tsunade shrugged, "No idea, I heard of it from the villagers. They were talking about genies coming from lamps and nicely decorated bottles."

"Oh I see…" Sakura said nodding her head, she also heard about some people talking about lamps and bottles.

"I think you will like living here." Tsunade said thoughtfully as she held a pink glass bottle. It was beautifully painted in different shades of red and pink, there were gems on it giving it a glow. Tsunade admired the object but quickly realizing the matter at hand.

"As I said you will trap in here for two thousand years. If you are set free before your time, the one who awaken you will be your new master until your time is up or until he or she sets you free by a wish." Tsunade finished saying as she pulled off the cork of the bottle.

"Good bye Sakura, I hope we met again."

"Wait! I can't say good bye to my friends or family?" Her question was not answer as rainbow colored smoke filled the cave. The pink haired girl felt dizzy and rest was only utter darkness.


Present Time

"Summer break is here!" The blond sixteen year old only smiled. He placed his hands on the back of his head and walked backwards in front of his dark haired friend. "No school! No Iruka-sensei screaming at me! We don't have to wait for Kakashi or listen to his excuses. No homework, no work!"

The boy went on with his rant. The dark haired boy only ignoring the blonde's talking. He walked in silence, his hands buried deep in his pockets and he only looked ahead at the sidewalk.

"Yo bastard, what are you planning for the break?" He got no answer from the other one. "Sasuke-teme, are you listening to me?" Naruto stopped but the other boy kept on walking pass him. "Don't ignore me!"

Sasuke only did that; he didn't care about the other. His mind was only deep in thought about the upcoming summer. What was he going to do? He didn't have anything in mind or anything planned. However he definitely wasn't going to spend it 'bonding' with his older brother.

Naruto watched Sasuke's retreating back. 'Why the hell am I friends with this guy?'

They both have known each other since elementary school. It started with a small fight about crayons. Naruto smiled as he remembered that day, he gave Sasuke a bloody nose but the dark haired boy got him back with a black eye. From that fight they only continued to keep on fighting and somehow through that rivalry they become somewhat friends. The key word is somewhat. Their friendship consists of many insults, fights, and much glaring from each other. However don't worry you'll know more about their relationship as the story goes on. (Well if the author updates…)

Naruto ran to the other teenager, "Man, Sasuke you're such a-" However Naruto stopped himself as he smiled, "Cool a yard sale!"

Sasuke only rolled his black eyes at Naruto's childish behavior. He walked away in the direction of his home leaving the blond behind. However when he was about to turn the corner Naruto quickly grabbed him.

"Naruto, what the hell are you doing!" He finally spoke breaking his silence. He was dragged by the blond who looked with wide eyes at the items for sale. "Let go of me idiot!"

"Come let's see what they have. Maybe there will be something cool." Naruto said as he let go of the boy, he leaned over at the table and examined the items. Sasuke didn't bother to look at anything as he was about to walk away when someone grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Where are you going, young man?" It was an old voice, Sasuke turned around to glare at the owner. It was an old woman; she had brown hair already turning white. There was a pair of small glasses on the bridge of her nose; her light purple eyes looked at Sasuke with much happiness. She was of course the old and somewhat creepy character that is always placed in stories. By now you know her purpose.

"Aren't you going to look at least?" She asked.

Sasuke brushed her off, "I don't have time old woman." He said coldly at her.

"Boy, I can help you." She said as she walked closer to Sasuke. "I can give you something that can change everything in your life." She didn't catch the boy's attention but she did get Naruto's.

"What are you talking about old woman?" The blond walked toward them. "What can change his life?"

The woman only laughed to herself, she looked up at Naruto with a glint in her eyes. "It can change your life too."

Before Naruto had a chance to speak, another voice called out to them.

"Grandma! Stop telling lies to the people!" A young woman with brown hair walked towards them.

"Tenten?" Naruto looked surprised at the high school senior...well she just graduated..so college freshman?

"Oh hey, Naruto." She smiled at the younger boy but looked down at her grandmother. "What are you doing?" She asked.

"Nothing at all. Just having a friendly chat with these gentlemen…" The old woman said to her granddaughter. "I was going to sell them something."

The brown haired girl only narrowed her chocolate eyes, "What were you going to sell?"

The woman walked away towards the table and grabbed a pink colored bottle. "This…" She held the object up, the sun shined on it making it glow in its beauty.

"Grandmother, I don't think these boys would be interested in that!" Tenten answered as she placed her hand at her hips. She shook her head and looked at the two boys, "Sorry about this, I think there might be something else you guys might want."

"I want nothing." Sasuke answered

"Are you sure?" The old woman brought the bottle closer to him and waved it in his face. Sasuke couldn't help but looked at it. Suddenly something flashed within the bottle; he blinked not believing what he saw.

"It's pretty, how much?" Naruto asked, as he looked mesmerized at the object.

The old woman only smirked at this. "How much do you have?"

"Grandma!" Tenten shouted at her grandmother's behavior. "Naruto are you really going to buy it?" She asked in wonderment at the boy.

"It's pink." Sasuke said also surprised at Naruto's interest in the bottle. But he too was also interested but he was too deep in his pride to admit it.

"I don't care, it's cool. I bet it would look great in my room." The blond answered as he searched in his pockets for anything. "Lets see, I got a bus pass and three coupons for ramen at the supermarket." He said in defeat, he looked at his dark haired friend.

"What about you Sasuke?"

The one in question glared and looked back at the bottle, "I'm not buying that thing."


"I can't believe I bought this!"

Sasuke glared at the bottle that stood on his desk. If only looks can kill or destroy…

"Come on Sasuke, it was only 2360 Yen (20 dollars)." Naruto said as he sat on the chair, he spun around like a little child. He ignored the heated glared he received from the other.

It turned out that they did buy the old bottle from Tenten and her grandmother. It only was 2360 Yen. As they walked away with the bottle in hand, Sasuke swore he heard the old woman say, "Suckers."

"I'm going to throw it out." Sasuke said as he walked over to the desk and grabbed the bottle.

"No don't!" Naruto took a hold of the other end of the bottle. "I will keep it them." He pulled on it.

Sasuke pulled back, "I bought it with my money. I wasted money on this crap!"

"I will pay you back then." Naruto said as he pulled.

The tug a war on the bottle began. Both teenagers pulled on the bottle, one wanting to keep while the other wanted to get rid of it. Finally one had let go of the bottle pushing the other back. The bottle flew in the air and instantly dropped on the wooden floor of Sasuke's room. Naruto watched in horror and Sasuke too only thinking about the mess he had to clean up.

The glass shattered onto the floor and rainbow colored smoke filled the air. Naruto and Sasuke couldn't help but cough as the smoke filled their lungs. As the smoke cleared away, they both looked up to see girl. She looked no older than them. She had short rosy pink hair and sea green eyes. She had on red halter-top that only covered the top region of her body, leaving her flat belly out for all to see. She had on red pantaloons. She wore a golden headband and wore golden bracelets that jingled as she moved her hands.

"Hello masters…" She bowed down at them, "Your wish is my command…"