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Naruto and Sasuke have an endless supply of wishes. Aren't they lucky? However, when you add in a meddling older brother, nosy friends, and an extremely cute secretive genie, a wish is the last thing on their mind. Naruto x Sakura x Sasuke Who will wish for the girl?

I Wish For You

Chapter Four


"Sakura-chan?" Itachi repeated the name Naruto shouted out.

'Wait! The genie's name was Sakura, right?' The older Uchiha looked down at the cat who purred as she snuggled close against him. 'Is this the Sakura they were talking about?' A series of questions entered Itachi's mind.

The white cat loved the warmth she was receiving from Itachi's hold. His strong arms wrapped around her protectively and she loved it. Sakura could fall asleep peacefully. She didn't even notice her masters' confused stares.

There was an awkward moment of silence between the men. Naruto and Sasuke didn't know what to do or say. Itachi was still wondering about the connection between the cat and the genie. And as for Sakura well she was just enjoying herself.

Itachi looked over at Sasuke. "Where did you find her?" He decided to break the silence. He was sure that the cat had something to do with the girl in his brother's room.

"An old lady was giving her away." Sasuke answered quickly. It wasn't a complete lie.

"You know that I don't like pets. They create such a mess." The dark haired man walked over to the couch and took a seat. He made himself comfortable before petting the white cat who enjoyed the touch.

"Don't worry Itachi." Naruto had gotten over his state of shock and began making his way towards the older Uchiha. "I'll be taking Sakura-chan home with me." He reached out to grab the cat from Itachi, but the other didn't let him.

"No, maybe for Sakura-chan I can make an exception." Itachi smiled, "She looks like well trained cat. I don't think we'll have any trouble with her." His dark gaze wandered over to Sasuke who stared at the animal in his brother's arms. "Don't you think Sasuke?" He raised an eyebrow.

Sasuke knew Itachi was planning something. Itachi was never fond of animals not after what happened with Kiba's and Kakashi's dogs, Shino's pets (if you want to call those bugs pets), and Orochimaru's snakes. Itachi had scars both emotional and physically reminding him of the painful memories with animals. Sasuke had to play it safe.

"I think it's best if Sakura stays with Naruto. Both you and me are too busy to take care of her." He earned a 'yes' from Naruto. The blond grinned, he was excited to be taking Sakura-chan home.

Itachi didn't like it, however right now wasn't the time to argue. He needed more information. One way or another he was going to find out more about this called Sakura-chan. He just had to take it slow. "Very well since you two are her masters." He smirked at his words.

Naruto and Sasuke both looked at each other with alert eyes. Did Itachi know something? Or maybe they were thinking too much about it…yea that was it. They were worrying too much.

Before anyone else could say a word the door bell rang. The loud noise made Sakura jump in Itachi's arms. She had wandered into the world of sleep while the men talked. Sakura looked confused as Itachi passed her into the arms of Naruto.

"Naruto are you staying for dinner? Or just leaving?" Itachi as he walked towards the door.

The blond could feel the intense gaze he was receiving from his friend. He forced a laugh, "I'll be leaving. I got some homework to do." His words weren't that convincing. Naruto never did any homework. Plus it was summer break, no homework.

Sasuke looked over at the door and saw that Itachi was talking to the delivery boy. He rushed over to Naruto and Sakura. "What the hell are you doing here?" He whispered quickly at the cat in his friend's arms. "Didn't I tell you to stay in the room?" His voice carried out his anger.

"You didn't say I wish so it wasn't a command." Sasuke quickly covered Naruto's mouth. The blond was about to scream from either excitement or shock. After all it wasn't everyday that you heard a cat talk.

The Uchiha ignored well tried to ignore the fact that he was talking to animal. "I don't care. When I say something I expect it to be carried out." He glared down at the cat that played the innocent card.

"Why of course master." Sakura purred out with a sarcastic tone. "However, next time you say a command you should follow my rules." Even though Sasuke was her master, she wasn't going to let him step over her.

Naruto didn't hold back his laughter. Sasuke just got schooled by a talking cat. That's it tonight is officially the best night ever.

Sasuke bit down the flood of curses and threats he wanted to scream at his genie. Instead he turned his attention towards Naruto. "Get your things, you're leaving now."

"Sir yes, right away sir!" Naruto shouted out in a mocking tone with a goofy grin on his face. Sakura shared in on the fun with a laugh of her own.

Itachi watched in wonderment as Naruto left the room. "He's leaving right away. It's a shame. I wanted to talk to him more." Sasuke rolled his eyes, he started to walk away.

"Sasuke…" The said boy stopped. He didn't like his brother's tone of voice. "I know that you are growing boy. You're sixteen turning seventeen soon. And in this time in your life…"

He didn't like where this was leading too. Sasuke was actually scared. "Shut up." He interpreted Itachi. He wanted to save his ears from bleeding. "I already had this talk in school."

Itachi feigned a shock expression. "Okay, Sasuke. But know that I will be here if you need to talk. Don't hide any secrets because I will find them out one way or another." He still kept acting.


The bell only rang once, but that was enough to get Tenten angry.

"For Pete's sake it's in the middle of dinner." The angry girl walked away from the table and went towards the front door. It was suppose to be a quiet dinner with her grandmother. Her parents were out of town for some business and Tenten took the opportunity to spend some quality time with her grandma.

However, grandma had other plans. Once the older woman saw that her granddaughter was gone from sight, she grabbed the control remote and turned on the television in the living room. Thankfully from her seat she was able to catch the game.

"What?!" The old woman shouted from her seat as the referee made a call. "No! That was good! It was still in play. Are you blind?! I'm seventy and I can make a better call!"

Tenten swore she heard her grandmother scream. Just to make sure she asked. "Is everything okay?"

The brunette in the dinning room muted the television and in a sugary old grandmother like voice said, "Oh don't worry dear." Her old eyes still focused on the screen. She had to watch the game, her money was on the line. There was no way she was losing 6500Yen (around 60 dollars) to the other grandmother down the block.

Tenten reached the door and was surprised that the visitor didn't ring again. She did take a long time to get there. She faked on a smile before opening. She wasn't scare to open the door without looking. She was the martial arts champion in the city. Plus she had a knife in her shoe.

"Good Evening, how may I help you?" Great, she sounded as if she was at work.

"Sorry to interrupt your dinner. However, may I talk to Inari Tamura (Tenten's last name. The author made it up)?" Standing in front of Tenten was a pale boy. He didn't look any older than Tenten, around the same age. He had short black hair and hollow black eyes. His lips were curled up into a smile, though the smile looked faked and creepy.

The young woman was a bit scared to answer the vampire. "You-yo…" Yea, that wasn't good. She cleared her throat and tried again. "You want to speak to my grandmother?" She raised an eyebrow. "What business do you have with her?"

'What's your name, boy?' That was the question she should have asked.

As if he read her mind, he answered. "I'm Sai and your grandmother has something that belongs to me. I have been searching for it for many years." The pale young man emphasized the last two words.

"I see…" Tenten doubted the stranger. She was thinking of slamming the door in his face, but that would be rude. Might as well help him out and just get it over it. Tenten sighed before turning around. Her dinner now was cold.

"Grandma!" She called out into the house. "Someone's at the door for you." She turned back at the boy and smiled, "She'll be here in a moment."

Sai replied with a nod. Hopefully this woman had the bottle. He had been searching for over one thousands years and was getting a bit tired of doing so. His dark eyes looked inside the house. His ears picked up the footsteps of the older woman as she walked down the hallway.

"If it's that old hag from the block tell her I ain't giving her anything! The whole game was messed up. The scoreboard was off by two points!" The old woman was shouting as she approached the door.

"Grandma…" Tenten looked unease at her grandmother. She was embarrassed and just wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it. "Please we have a visitor." She pointed at Sai.

The older woman stopped her ranting and allowed a smile spread on her family. "Why good evening young man. How can I help you?"

Sai bowed in respect. "Good evening, Tamura-san. I have been searching for any old family item. I have traced it to you. I would like to know if you still have it." Sai pulled out an old sketch drawing of the item.

Tenten's brown eyes widen. "That's the bottle we sold to Naruto and Sasuke."

The old woman smiled as she looked over at the drawing. There was a twinkle in her old purple eyes. "Why don't you come back tomorrow?"



Naruto hummed to himself as he walked down the street. He was definitely in a happy mood. Not only did he have free food (thank you Itachi!), but he was taking home his genie! He was going to wish for something tonight.

"Hey, Sakura-chan." He looked down at the white cat that walked beside him. He wanted to carry her in his arms, but she insisted that she walk herself. He also wanted her to change back to her original form, but she said she was better off like a cat for the time being. Naruto didn't bother to argue against the genie. He was afraid that she might use her powers and he didn't know how to fight off magic.

"Yea, master?" Naruto couldn't help but blush when she called him that.

"You can just call me Naruto." He managed to say with the blush on his cheeks. He didn't notice how her green stared at him. Sakura found him cute in this state. He cleared his throat and continued, "How is it like being a genie? Is there a land with only genies?" He sounded a bit childish, but he was curious.

Sakura didn't know how to answer. She was trapped for almost two thousand years. Her past was a blur. She remembered things, but not as clearly. Her heart was breaking as remembered the faces of those she left behind. Naruto noticed her silence. Did he press a wrong button? Or something?


"It's very fun to be a genie." Sakura started to say. "You can do almost anything you want. You have magic so with a snap of your fingers you have what your heart desires." Memories with her friends resurfaced, good ones and bad ones. "However because of magic some bad things can happen." One girl entered her mind. Now her mind was full of hatred.

"A genie has to be careful how she uses her powers." The cat ended with that.

Naruto nodded trying to understand what she meant. He left it at that as they reached the apartment. Before he could take out his keys the door opened. A dark headed woman stepped out of the apartment.

"Good bye Jiraiya-san!" She giggled as she waved good bye. She turned around and looked at Naruto was only the borderline of surprise and anger. "Oh hello there Naruto-kun, you look so handsome." She blew a kiss and walked away.

Sakura stared in amazement. The women hasn't changed one bit since her time period. 'Still flirtatious as ever.'

"Damn it! I thought he wasn't going to be home!" Naruto cursed out. He looked at Sakura. Now he was gratefully that she wasn't in her original form. "Sakura-chan please just be quiet and ignore the scary man."

"Scary? Is that what you call the man who raised you?" As Sakura walked into the apartment which was dirty by the way, her green eyes met an older man who long white hair. He sat lazily on the couch with sheets of paper around him. "This scary old man just got his paycheck. The new volume sold twice as much as the last one." He laughed.

Naruto only rolled his eyes. He made his way towards his bedroom with Sakura trailing behind. "I got myself dinner so order take out for yourself." He yelled as he entered his room.

Jiraiya just nodded at his godson's words. He continued to look at the pretty paycheck his assistant had brought him. "By the way, you'll be taking care of that cat!" He might be old, but he wasn't blind.

In his room Naruto placed his food on his messy desk and then threw himself on his undone bed. Sakura stared in disgust at the room. How can someone live in such a mess?

"Make yourself comfortable Sakura-chan." His blue eyes searched for the white cat, but instead met the full figure of his genie.

Sakura who had transformed back to her human form stood with her hands on her hips. "Make a wish."

"Huh?" Naruto was puzzled.

"If you want me to be comfortable then make a wish to clean this room." Sakura couldn't do anything until she was commanded to. And the first thing she wanted to do was clean the room. It was disturbing her. She was afraid that something was going to crawl up from the pile of clothes.

"I wish for a clean room?"

She smiled and was more than happy to grant the wish. She snapped her finger and in an instant the pile of clothes folded themselves up, the dirty dishes disappeared, and the papers were neatly stacked up. The room was cleaning itself. Naruto stared with his mouth open. He couldn't utter a word. Sakura smiled at her work.

"Much better." She floated towards the bed and took a seat next to Naruto. "You know a fly will settle itself in your mouth if you don't shut it." She laughed at his expression. She reached out and placed her fingers under his chin to close his mouth.

Naruto froze at the physical contact. She was close to him, very close. Her scent wrapped around him. Her touch was soft, he could just melt into it.


"Hey Naruto!" The door to his bedroom opened. Jiraiya was stunned at the sight he saw. He walked in still in a daze.

"What happened to your room?"

Naruto blinked. He ignored his caretaker for the moment and turned to where Sakura was. In her place was a white cat pretending to be asleep. That was fast.

"Naruto?" The man looked questioningly at the young man.

"Oh…I…" He tried to come up with an excuse. "I cleaned my room?" He knew Jiraiya was going to have a hard time to believe that.

"Nice try and Tsunade didn't lose the bet we had on the game." He said sarcastically.

Sakura immediately looked up at this. Tsunade? Could he be talking about her teacher? There is a possibility. Genies are known to hide among humans. She made a mental note to look more into this.

"Anyways…" Jiraiya was too lazy to look into now. "Pick up the phone, Sasuke wants to talk to you."

'What does he want?' Naruto reached over for the phone. His eyes looked over at the bag of tacos. Oh he was hungry. Maybe he can asked Sakura to freeze time so he can enjoy his meal without any distractions. He looked over at the white cat who was deep in thought. Nah, he didn't want to bother her now.

"Yes, my lord how can I help you this evening?" Naruto answered the phone. By now Jiraiya already left.

"Tomorrow, we're going to the old woman's house."

Sasuke looked over his shoulder. His brother was working on some papers for the company. He went back to Naruto. "We have to solve this problem."