Summary: Veronica Mars is not dating Logan Echolls. And it's not her fault that everyone seems to think she is, either.

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WARNING: Spoilers up to and including the season two finale, and yes, there is a hell of a lot of sex in this fic. The rating is thanks to that and language. If any of that makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to close the window and return to your normal life.


Someone switched the jets on and there was a squeal of appreciation from the girl sitting in the hot tub. Veronica stood on the edge of the patio, rolling her eyes as she watched the couple continue to make out in the steam that was edging up from the overheated water. She shook her head in amusement and pulled her camera out of her bag, surreptitiously slipping behind a group of people as she snapped a few shots of the lip-lock.

As the shutter clicked their embrace intensified and she smiled smugly as she took one last picture and slid the device back into her bag. Her father had warned her against the dangers of doing surveillance in a place so public as a frat party, but luckily for her the student body was used to seeing her with her camera out, randomly snapping shots of anything and everything.

It was a perk of being a photo-journalism major, and one she was willing to take full advantage of to make some money outside of her job at the Hut. Pouring coffee and mixing smoothies was mediocre and rarely held her attention for long, but if she wanted luxuries outside of studying – like going to the movies and eating actual food – she had to grin and bear it.

Veronica sighed as she exited the party, breathing in the fresh air greedily. The overbearing smell of pot, alcohol, and cologne was enough to make her gag. Idly she wondered why she even bothered showing up at these things anymore. Someone bumped into her as she walked down the sidewalk in the direction of her dorm room and she scoffed appropriately, acting every bit the rich-bitch white girl should at a party like that.

The guy slurred out an apology and then burst into uncontrollable laughter, tripping over himself as he found someone else to occupy his attention. She sighed and continued on her way, crossing her arms over her chest warningly.

No one else talked to her for the rest of her walk.


He was leaning against the doorway when she reached her floor. She dug out her key without even glancing at him, and when the door was open he wrapped his fingers lazily around her wrist to stop her from leaving. Suddenly she realized why she kept attending parties where she barely knew anyone, and the object of her avoidance was saying her name like she was his salvation.

Which she wasn't.

She couldn't be.

"Logan, it's late," she sighed and turned to face him, keeping her hand locked around the doorknob as he traced designs into her other wrist. Logan looked down at her shyly and she cocked her head to the side, arching an eyebrow in question.

"Come on, Veronica," he coaxed. "Ten minutes. I haven't seen you in days," he said quietly, dragging out the syllables of each word so that the vowels stretched dramatically. Veronica stared at him seriously, taking in his exaggerated pout and his sad eyes – those eyes that were probably illegal in fifteen states – and sighed resignedly as she pushed the door open and let him follow her into her room.

He looked around the tiny space interestedly, taking in the colorful shades of paper that were hanging from her bulletin board, scanning the laptop that was lying on her bed, forgotten. Textbooks and clothes scattered the floor and she noticed his expression as he discovered the photos adorning the wall above her bed.

Of course the first thing he noticed was his own.

She sighed and took off her jacket, draping it over the back of a chair as she sat down on her bed. Pulling her camera out of her bag, she scooted her laptop closer to her and flipped the screen open, pulling a memory card out of one device to slip it into the other.

"Veronica, why is there a naked picture of me on your wall?"

Her eyes rolled before she could stop them and she slipped her fingers over the touchpad, expertly manipulating her computer so that her latest photos were displayed on the screen. "There isn't," she returned. "Though I'm sure there are plenty on the internet if I ever feel the need to print one out."

"You know, it's considered stalking in all fifty states to have photos of people you never speak to on your wall."

"And here I thought we were speaking right now. Clearly the ritual changed its rules without telling me," she briefly arched her eyebrows and selected a few photos that were clear enough to print, clicking the mouse a few times until the printer on her dresser kicked into gear and started coloring blank pages of paper with their images.

Logan sighed dramatically and flopped back onto her bed as she stood and walked the few feet to her dresser, waiting impatiently for her evidence to finish printing. She wanted to deliver it and get her payment, move on with her life so that she could focus her attention back on classes for a little while.

Watching couples break up every week was not high on her list of favorite extracurricular activities, but it paid well and gave her a sense of realism that she cherished. When the printer spit out the last piece of incrimination that she needed, she returned to her bed and pulled an envelope out of her bag, slipping the papers into it gently and sealing the flap neatly shut.

"So who's going to be breaking up this week?" he wondered, turning his head toward her as he folded his hands across his stomach. She shrugged coyly and dropped the envelope into her bag, sliding it onto the floor before shutting her laptop and setting it on the floor as well.

"A girl on the newspaper staff who deserves better than a guy who hooks up with random sluts at parties," she sighed wistfully. "Isn't love grand?"

He snorted indelicately and she grinned playfully, crawling over a small expanse of the bed and settling next to him, resting her head on his chest. His hand slid through her hair comfortably and she closed her eyes.

"So cynical," he scolded lightly. "You'd think someone as lucky as you would be a little more optimistic."

"Optimism is dead."

"That's chivalry."

"A theory which you love to disprove oh so often," she laughed and looked up at him, opening her eyes lazily. Logan grinned sardonically and shrugged his shoulders, settling his arm around her waist.

"My mother always taught me not to play with my food and to hold the door open for beautiful women."

"Only for the beautiful ones?"

"Maybe she said all women. Or possibly everyone. I don't recall."

"Nice," she snorted and sat up slightly, propping herself on her elbow as she looked down at him. He smiled innocently at her and she shook her head, laughing against his mouth as she kissed him.

Logan slid his arms more firmly around her waist, pulling her closer to him as she opened her mouth. Their tongues met, slowly at first, and she fought him for control of the kiss as she slipped a leg over his hips to straddle him. His tongue sped up its movements and she matched his actions eagerly, grinding down against him.

Veronica placed her hands on either side of his head, tangling her fingers in the comforter while he placed his hands on her hips, controlling her movements as he began to thrust against her in kind. She broke the kiss and trailed her mouth along his jaw, stopping only when she reached his ear.

"Did your mother teach you how to do that, too?" she wondered teasingly, nipping at his earlobe gently. Her tongue smoothed over the nonexistent pain and Logan gasped quietly against her neck, working his fingers across her waistline until he reached her fly.

"No," he denied, "That was someone else," he chuckled against her ear and took it into his mouth, using the opportunity of her gasp to slip his fingers into her waistband and unbutton her jeans. Veronica squirmed as he pulled down her zipper, and she latched her mouth onto his again when his hand slipped between her thighs.

The door burst open and she all but flew off of him, frantically zipping up her jeans and smoothing out her hair as her roommate turned away from the person she'd been speaking to, walking into the room. With a raised eyebrow she appraised Veronica and Logan's proximity, the latter looking like he was about to kill someone, and she smiled slowly.

"Veronica," she greeted, laughing slightly. "Hey, Logan," she shook her head and wandered over to her side of the room, dropping her purse on her bed and sitting down a second later to take her shoes off.

Closing her eyes tightly, Veronica fought to contain an embarrassed blush while Logan sat up, scratching the back of his head idly. "What's up, Jen?"

"Oh, not much," she shrugged her shoulders and smiled again. "You?"

He opened his mouth to respond and Veronica shot off the bed, gripping his hand in hers and tugging her with him toward the door. "Logan was just leaving," she smiled. "Psychology exam tomorrow, he needs his rest," she continued, blatantly shoving Logan toward the door. He looked at her in confusion and she rolled her eyes, opening the door and pushing him out into the hallway. "Good luck!"

The door shut just as he opened his mouth to respond and Veronica sighed, leaning back against the wall while her heart rate slowed. Jen smirked in amusement and bit back a snicker as she pulled her hair out of the bun it was in.

"You didn't tell me you two were dating."

Veronica's eyes snapped open, her eyebrows simultaneously shooting up in surprise. "What?"

"You and Logan, when did you two get back together?" Jen wondered, tossing her shoes aside as she got up and walked over to her dresser, tugging pajamas out of it so she could change and go to bed. She was well aware of the "tawdry affair" between Veronica and Logan that the tabloids had portrayed last summer, much to Veronica's chagrin.

Having a roommate was bad enough. The experience was made worse by the assumptions that Jen had when they'd first met two months ago. The kind, fun-loving brunette had been unabashed in asking Veronica questions about her life, wondering what it was like to work as a PI. A large portion of her questions revolved around Logan, however, and it drove Veronica up the wall.

She didn't want people to know her entire life story. She was just lucky that Jen was unaware of her brief romance with Logan this summer. Veronica had a feeling it would only increase the questions (and the accusations) if Jen knew. She suffered enough as it was without adding fuel to the fire.

"We're not dating," Veronica shook her head and pushed herself off the wall. Her roommate laughed and shook her head.

"Sure, Veronica. Seriously, though, when?"

"We're not dating," she repeated, irritation coloring her tone. "He's a thorn in my side and he wanted to talk – he was waiting for me when I got back from Dylan's party."

"Ah, yes, Dylan," Jen sighed, slipping out of her glittery black dress and into a worn-out nightgown. "How is he?"

"He'd be better if you would stop leading him on," Veronica rolled her eyes. Jen was more interested in her love life than she was in her own, and it was really rather annoying. Her attitude reminded Veronica so much of her dead best friend's that it almost hurt to share a room with her sometimes, but the reminder was often more welcome than anything else.

Jen sighed reverently and crawled into bed, pulling her sky-blue comforter over her shoulders with a smile. "I'll take that under advisement," she rolled her eyes playfully and reached over to turn out her lamp before snuggling further into her bed.

Veronica worked her jaw for a few minutes as she changed for bed. This was what she hated about college life – having to share her personal space with someone who so clearly got enjoyment out of seeing others suffer. With a sigh that severely contrasted that of her roommate's, she tugged her covers back and flipped out her light before crawling into bed and attempting to fall asleep.

Unfortunately all of her thoughts were of Logan, whom she was definitely not dating.

No matter what everyone else seemed to think.


"Lena!" Veronica called, jogging a little to catch up with the girl. "Hey, Lena, wait up!"

The girl in question turned around, briefly halting her walk in order to allow the blonde to catch up with her. She smiled brilliantly when Veronica came to a stop in front of her, and her brown eyes shone with a mixture of hope and fear as Veronica pulled an envelope out of her bag.

"These are for you," she handed them over with a small shrug. "I didn't want to find anything, but …"

"No," Lena shook her head and smiled sadly. "It's okay," she promised. "I'm just glad I have the proof now. Speculation isn't very fun," she chuckled lightly. Veronica frowned.

Lena slipped the enveloped into one of the books she was carrying, and then pulled a smaller slip of paper out of her purse. "Here," she handed the cheque to Veronica with a smile. "Thank you for helping."

"It was no problem," Veronica said quietly. She accepted the cheque and nodded a little, giving the other girl a smile as she started backing up down the hall. "I'll see you later," she smiled again and turned, weaving her way through the crowd in pursuit of her photography class.

She turned a corner and glanced at the clock on the wall above the library doors, sighing in relief when she realized she had twenty minutes before her class started. Her path changed as she abruptly took another left and entered the library, inhaling the scent of books and stressed-out students.

Her eyes scanned the room for a familiar face and she let out another relieved sigh when she didn't immediately recognize anyone. She wasn't in the mood to socialize after being rudely awoken that morning by a frantic, teary-eyed Jen, desperate to find her hair straightener and failing miserably in her mission.

That was at six this morning, and it was now eleven-thirty. Veronica Mars was not a morning person, and she had never claimed to be. Her roommate had yet to learn this, though, and continued to wake Veronica up every morning before she had to leave, convincing her that an early start was the key to a great day.

So far each of her early starts led to more annoyances during the day than there should've been, and Veronica was confused as to where Jen had learned her saying.

She shook her head and wandered further into the massive room, slipping into the fiction section easily as she began to browse the shelves. It wasn't long before she was lost in the pages of an Austen novel, re-reading her favorite passages as she idly walked up and down the aisles.

A hand grabbed her wrist when she reached the end of one and she gasped, surprised, before snapping the book shut and raising it to beat her attacker senseless. Her movements stilled when she recognized Logan's eyes and she glared at him as she smacked him in the shoulder with the thick novel. He cried out in pain and various people shushed him from the chairs that were arranged a few feet away.

He rolled his eyes and looked at Veronica again, taking the book from her before attaching his mouth to hers. She gripped the collar of his shirt firmly, pulling herself closer as he pulled them further down the aisle until they were no longer visible to those outside the shelves.

"Why the hell did you kick me out last night?" he asked her when they parted. Veronica shook her head to clear it as he trailed his mouth down her neck, and her fingers tangled more intricately in the material of his shirt from the sensation.

"Jen thinks we're dating," she returned idly, closing her eyes. She ran a hand through his hair as he sucked on her pulse point, and she groaned indignantly when he pulled away from her with a start.


"So we're not," she blinked at him. Then her eyes trailed around their location and she widened her eyes, backing out of his arms as she began to retreat from the shelves. "And it's bad enough that she thinks so," she shook her head and turned, rushing out of the library.

Just as she managed to insert herself back into the flow of traffic in the hallway, Logan grabbed her arm and pulled her off to the side again, pressing her against the wall and looking seriously into her eyes. She huffed and squirmed a little, gasping when he pressed his entire body against hers and stilling when she felt his hardness pressed into her stomach.

"Logan, I have to get to class," she hissed, pushing at his chest. He locked his arms around her waist and dipped his head down, nipping at her earlobe lightly.

"You've got ten minutes before you're late, relax," he laughed and then pulled back, dropping his smile for a more serious expression. "Why is it so bad that people think we're dating?"

"We've been over this," she rolled her eyes. "We're not dating, so people thinking that we are is something I don't want to deal with," she shoved at him again and he pulled back, looking momentarily hurt by her words.


"Look, we'll talk about this later," she promised, nodding at him as she began backing down the hall. "Right now I've got to get to class." With that, she turned around and walked away, leaving him standing in the hallway looking torn between being pissed off and utterly depressed. She didn't see the expression in her haste, but if she had she would've missed yet another lecture in favor of being with him for the rest of the afternoon.

And despite her talent with a camera, failing a class was not an option, even if it meant doing assignments that undermined her aptitude for taking photos.