For Always

For Always
by melodia04

Summary: Draco is a vampire who took Harry as payment for his uncle's debts. HPDM.

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Chapter 1

"Oh you can't do that!" shouted a plump-faced man in a formal attire.

"You know the rules Dursley, you know what's in exchange for your greediness to get the Malcolm Estates. And now that you have what you long desired, I shall have mine."

"You never told me it was my son. You just told me you wanted blood!"

"Your son may have a lot of blood in him, as I've never seen him before and I suppose he looks as you are. I shall take him for he is so dear to you." He said coolly.

"I will never give you my son! Take somebody else, our maids, our drivers, our employees. BUT NOT MY SON!"

"I've made up my mind. Bring him here, so that I can take him to my place. You wouldn't want to do something you'd regret afterwards, do you?" he threatened, slouching into his seat more as to irritate the fat man in front of him.

Vernon Dursley was uber furious on the way this arrogant bastard took hold of his son's rights. This shouldn't be, he thought. He pulled on his coat, which was hanging in the coat rack a while ago, made a signal that he'll return back and slammed the door behind him.

He walked through the corridors to the elevator. Yes he got the Malcolm Estates, one business that's going on some serious deficit recently. He wanted it just to prove that he's rich, to prove to Mr. Cornelius Fudge that he can turn a dying estate into a booming one. It's a matter of pride. But what he was thinking of right now is how to get his son out of this blood-damned-trouble. Apparently his son was in the lobby, making himself comfortable in the cold couches. And true enough, he looked exactly like his father.

"Uncle Vernon." Someone called. It was Harry Potter, which he supposed was dressed in his usual ragged clothes. His hair was as messy as usual, and he's carrying a little box with a note telling, "to Vernon, you forgot your lunch".

"Yesss?!" Vernon took notice and turned his head to Harry, his eye rolled furiously on the boy. Yet the boy stay calmed, almost unfrightened with the intimidating look in his uncle's face.

"Aunt Petunia told me to deliver this to you... your lunch I mean." He said as he handed the box to him.

Vernon snatched it away and proceed to walk down the long hallway. Harry followed behind, for he too is going to the elevator to go home. An idea struck Vernon that made him stop on his tracks and turn his head back to Harry who was standing behind him.

"Harry… would you mind coming with me for a while?" Vernon asked almost politely and the tone of his voice was evidence that he was up for something.

"What's the catch?" Harry asked.

"Oh, nothing really, I just think I need to introduce you to a new business partner, which you will serve in a short while. Don't you like it, you don't have to suffer the wrath of my ruthless spanks on you—"

"What does this mean? And why do I have to meet your business partner? And what does 'you will serve in a short while' means?"

"Goodness, you have a lot of questions! Just follow me, ok!"

And Harry, being left choice-less, followed his uncle to his office. He doesn't want to suffer severe beating afterwards, does he?

Young Harry took his time to think on what this stupid catch really is as they went to his uncle's private room inside the building.

There he saw for the first time the room, which has always been forbidden for anyone to enter except for his uncle's wife and son. Call it a privilege for someone to enter such a lavishly decorated room. Unfortunately, Harry thinks otherwise.

Vernon took time to rummage his closet and finally pulled out a black suit. He threw it to Harry and continued to look for another thing. Then he pulled out a shoebox; in it were black leather shoes, shined to brilliance. It looked almost unworn save for the gray socks tucked underneath them.

"What are these?" Harry asked.

"Can't you see? That's a black suit and a pair of leather shoes. They're my son's clothes but just this once, I'll allow you to wear them for the sake of making yourself look presentable in front of my... guest."

"Why do I have to wear them? And why do I have to see your guest?" Harry looked almost ready to explode. Vernon sighed and took the chance to talk to him about the situation.

"Harry, I need to tell you something. This estates business we own right now is under debt by the powerful businessman Mr. Draco Malfoy. Now, you know who he is right?"

"Mr. Malfoy? I've never heard of him."

"He's the wealthiest vam—I mean he's the wealthiest man alive! And our family owes him a great debt, which is in the form of this business. He doesn't want money as a payment, instead he wants my son." Vernon finally said, with a couple of lies that is.

"What does he want with Dudley?" asked Harry.

"Aaa..uhm… I don't know Harry! That's why I need your help!" Vernon said, voice trembling.

Harry was incessantly shocked at the flow of their conversation. Never did his uncle speak to him like that; like a pleading dog.

"Oh, I see it now uncle. You want me to pose as your son and go with that man in exchange for this business." Harry said.

"Exactly! So please Harry, I know you have long wanted to get out of my grasp, right? This is the chance Harry, I'm giving you a free escape ticket. Now go, meet him now before he suspects treachery."

"Wait uncle, I don't think this is fair on my side. What if Mr. Malfoy is more cruel than you are? Am I not going into deeper trouble than I already am in your household?" He said, quite frankly.

"So you mean you need something in exchange from me?"


"God, Harry you sure have grown witty inside my house. I don't blame you though. Here, take this." He said as he pulled a check from his pocket and began to fill out the fields.

Harry took the check that read: Pay to the order of Mr. Harry Potter, the amount of 500,000 only.

"Half a million?"

"Yes, Harry, half a million. That's the biggest I can give to a troublesome child like you. Remember you have a bank account? Put it there for safekeeping or do otherwise. I don't really care. Just don't go back to us anymore when Mr. Malfoy is finished with you."

"Who says I will? Thanks for this uncle. I'm just wondering, why are you so fearful about this Mr. Malfoy? Is he a part of a syndicate?" he curiously asked.

"Enough questions, now here's what I want you to do. For the time that you are with Mr. Malfoy, you are Mr. Harry Dursley, son and only heir of the Malcolm Estates owned by me, Vernon Dursley. Now, dress up! This conversation has taken far too long!"

"Alright, I'm Harry Dursley, your son, then."

Harry went to the bathroom to get dressed. The suit was quite loose on him since he's a great deal leaner than his cousin Dudley. Luckily the shoes fit him well, he noticed as he eyed them happily. So far, this was the best that Harry had ever looked, and he was pleased that even just for once, he looked like a real human. All except for one thing; he was wearing his cousin's already-worn socks. He cringed at the thought.