Authors note:

This is such a baby fic its hardly worth posting…but its funny.

"This is maddening! I hate this! Have I told you how much I hate this!... Its not FAIR…its just not fair its not supposed to be this way...I am not even supposed to be here. I want it to stop. Just to stop! GAAAAA!"

"Kuzco...calm down everything is going to be alright, its just a simple visit to the dentist you will be fine."

Kuzco held his knees to his chest and started rocking back and forth, shoulders quivering.

"No, no, nooooo…I don't want to!" Pacha looked at the young man Pacha was patient but he was quickly wearing down.

"Kuzco why are you being this way? haven't you ever been to the dentist before back at the palace?"

"NO," Kuzco whined, "Emperors don't have too. There's this little rule I have… No touchy my mouthy...I bit the last person that touched this royal mouth!"

"Kuzco you have nothing to fear, I'll be here waiting for you, the dentist is just gonna check those royal pearls for you and then it will be over ok? now will you PLEASE come down from the bookshelf?"

Kuzco still teetering on the high Peruvian bookshelf, legs still drawn tight shook his head no.

"Kuzco, don't make me come up there! Pacha said becoming gruff. "I told you everything will be fine! now come down the dentist is waiting."

Kuzco shook his head and stuck his thumb in his mouth. Pacha sighed and carefully put his weight on the bottom of the gold bookshelf and hefted himself up the side and reached a hand up and grabbed Kuzcos ankle.

"NO, NO! Let go of me!" Kuzco shrieked and started trying to kick is leg trying to make Pacha let go of him. there was a brief struggle then with out warning the bookshelf teetered spilling all its contents and toppled on top of the two with a loud crash.

"Owwww! did that on purpose!" Kuzco whined

"OHhhh KUZCO!" Pacha said angrily grabbing his jaw. "I think I broke a tooth" it was at that moment the dentist came through the door with a very toothy grin.

"Alrighty, who's next here!"