Sequel to Life With Derek: The Secret

Life With Derek: What Happened to Happily Ever After?


Derek knows Casey better than any other husband could know their wife. She shares everything with him and vice versa. Years ago, a total of twenty-three actually, Derek was stupid enough to lose Casey over his own screwed up thoughts. Luckily, he was able to fix the immense mistake he'd made and win her back. Their story has already been told; at least the one concerning when they were just 16 and madly in love, unable to be together because of a giant and stupid action on Derek's part. But nobody knows what their life was like afterwards. From when they finally got their act together to now, where things should be going along smoothly. Until they hit a snag; a huge and painful problem that causes Derek to spend more time in his office, deep in thought, and silently crying to himself.

This doesn't sound like the Derek Venturi from the past, does it? He wouldn't leave his family to stay at the office for long hours would he? He's not the type to cry every night, is he? After all, the only person who's managed to make him cry, besides his mother, has been Casey. More to the point, it was losing Casey that caused those tears. So what is it that is causing these long painful nights for Derek? What's changed his life so dramatically? Well, that story is still to come; for now, the story of them leading up to the present is what you'll have to read.

-Blast to the Past-

oA Family Mattero

May, 2006

Stepping off the bus, Derek stared at the house in front of him. Inside sat his dad and Nora, the two people he dreaded talking to most. While he was sure that Casey wasn't going to leave him for anything, he wasn't sure he could take the accusing looks or the overbearing yelling that could be waiting. When it came to the kids, he wondered if Ed was going to have a problem with it. He knew Marti wouldn't, she liked Casey when she met her. But Ed was something else, he thought Derek was a dude. And dude's don't have girlfriends, just playthings. He'd just have to explain it to the kid that everybody settles down eventually. He just happened to be doing it really early; sixteen years old early.

He felt Casey squeeze his hand, so he turned to her.

"We stand firm," she said nodding.

She looked beautiful, stunning really. Her hair was let loose, falling down her shoulders. He had pulled it out of its ponytail, so he could run his hands through it of course. Her eyes were no longer red, but they held the spark of excitement and happiness hidden past the worry. Casey was a momma's girl, always had been, so it was going to be hard for her to refuse whatever her mom had to say. Momma's girl or not, when she had her mind set, there was no stopping her.

Crossing the street, they made their way up the walk and stood in front of the door before taking a deep breath and stepping inside. It was fairly late as they had spent quite a few hours at the Diner, having a blast. George yelled before Derek could even close the door.


Walking into the living room, he was greeted with Nora and George on the couch. His father's body was twisted in a funny manner as he turned to shout at him. Squeezing Casey's hand, he stiffened himself for the inevitable.

"Where have you been? I called after you but you dashed out of the house before we could talk," he said angrily. "I called Sam's house but they didn't know where he was. I called a few of your hockey buddies, but they were out somewhere too!"

Nora reached out and placed a calming hand on his arm. He opened his mouth but closed it to glance back at her. She seemed to notice Derek and Casey's entwined hands first, but made no comment or offended expression, to Derek's relief.

Inhaling deeply, Casey stepped forward. "Before you say anything, we want you to know that no matter what you think, you cannot decide our relationship for us," she told them sternly.

"You're...what?" George asked, his face paling.

"Relationship," Derek told him. "Look, you guys both know that we dated before we even knew you guys were together. And yeah, we broke up, but we're back together. And we know you guys probably don't approve of this, but's our decision and we've already made up our minds."

Swallowing, George shook his head, lifting hand to his temple. "Do you realize what kind of problems you two being together will cause?" he asked, staring at them.

"You're the only two who could cause any problems," Casey said, shrugging. "All of our friends support us, and even though we've already decided to be together, we's like your support too."

"Well," Nora said, smiling briefly. "George and I have been discussing you both most of the day, and we've come to a conclusion also."

"Before you guys get into it, we'd also like to say that we won't be accepting any rules," Casey said, firmly. "We understand that we're not exactly like a normal couple. But we would appreciate it if you didn't treat us as if we needed extra supervision. While that may be rather hard given that we live in the same house, we'd prefer it if you didn't lay down rules as to what we do or how we act."

Derek liked this; it meant his dad couldn't decide he wasn't allowed to make love to Casey. Even though he'd do it anyway, he still didn't like the idea of it being said or his father trying to enforce it. Plus, there were no restrictions on when he was allowed to see Casey or what he was allowed to do around her. So he could kiss her freely or hold her hand without them getting too upset.

"I see," Nora said, slowly. "Look, we understand that we can't forcibly keep you apart because you'll just get together behind our backs. And we know that you two met far before we forced you to become a family of sorts. But, you need to realize that this is fairly unusual for us. We certainly never expected this to come of our marriage."

"But it has nothing to do with your marriage," Casey said, shaking her head. "I mean, yes, if you hadn't married I wouldn't be going to Derek's school. But I mean, we never saw each other as siblings and your marrying really didn't faze us. We had a history far before we knew you two were together and I like to think that eventually even if you hadn't gotten together, we still would have figured out our problem."

Derek wasn't sure what would have happened has his dad not married Nora. He doubted that he would've seen Casey often, but he was sure eventually their paths would've crossed. In fact, since she was still Chelsea's friend, he probably would've run into her at Sam's one day. That would've likely been far into the future though and he was glad to know that he didn't have to wait that long to have her back.

"So what happens now," George asked, sighing.

Shrugging, Casey looked over at Derek. "We go on as usual, I know it'll be kind of weird for the first while. Seeing us together, that is. But it's not like we're going to be extremely overt about being together."

"So you won't be acting lovey-dovey in front of us?" he asked, cocking his eyebrow.

"I'm not a lovey-dovey kind of guy," Derek said, frowning.

Turning to him, Casey smiled. "You can be," she said.

"I'm really more of charming," he said, smirking. Turning towards her, he leaned in and pressed a kiss beneath her ear. "And physical," he whispered for only her to hear. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders, he smiled out at them. "Anyway, the point is, we're not going to rub it in your faces at every turn."

"Then what was that?" George asked, shaking his head.

Nodding, Nora stood up. "Okay," she said, clasping her hands together. "I think it's important that you tell the other kids. That way you don't scare them," she said, chuckling.

"Dad," Derek asked. "Are you alright with this?"

While he didn't put a lot of stock into what his dad said, he kind of hoped he would understand him at this point. He always wanted a closer relationship with his father and this was his small way of reaching out. All it took was a small acknowledgment that he believed Derek could be in a real relationship and Derek would be happy.

Standing up, George looked back and forth between them, sighing deeply. "Look Derek, I'm glad that you've finally settled down enough to be with one girl. Especially since that girl is like Casey. But this, this is just a little too much for me right now." He said, holding his hands up before shaking his head and leaving the room.

"It's just going to take a little time," Nora reassured. Walking to stand in front of them, she spread her arms out. "I never noticed how great you two look together," she said, shaking her head. Moving forward, she wrapped Casey up in a hug.

Derek made to move away, giving them space, but Casey put her hand on his side, keeping him in place. Nora's arm snaked up around his shoulder and held him too. Patting her back awkwardly, Derek waited for it to end. Finally, she stepped back and nodded.

"Okay, now go tell the kids," she said, motioning to the stairs. "I'm going to talk to George," she told them before walking towards the kitchen.

Casey walked towards the stairs and started up them. Derek wrapped his arms around her from behind and kissed her back. "So," he said, running his hand under her shirt. "When do we get to make up?"

Laughing, Casey dragged his hand out and held it tightly. "Lizzie or Edwin first?" she asked.

Shrugging he walked to Lizzie's door and knocked, ignoring the smile of satisfaction from Casey. Just because he showed sign of manners, she had to laugh. Rolling his eyes, he waited for her to open the door. When it finally opened, he was in mid-yawn.

Stepping back, Lizzie sat down on her bed. "What can I help you with?" she asked, staring at Derek suspiciously.

"We came to give you news," Derek said, jutting their hands out in front of him. He felt it was better to just show it, rather than dragging it out.

Lizzie's eyes widened drastically. "Since when?" she asked.

"You remember when I was dating someone before mom married George," Casey asked, looking down at her with hopeful eyes.

It meant a lot to her for Lizzie to accept her decision, Derek knew. They were close sisters, the kind that don't hide much from each other. This was a pretty big secret, so it was understandable that she was worried Lizzie would be mad at her or disapprove. He wasn't close with Edwin in that way, but he knew what was coming. A long speech about being a dude.

Nodding slowly, Lizzie glared at Derek. "The one that cheated," she said, pointedly.

Gulping, Derek looked away ashamed.

"Yeah," Casey said, quietly. "It ended badly, I know. But we've talked it through and... I'd really like your support on this," she said, softly.

Sighing, Lizzie looked back and forth between them. "I suppose the signs were there all along," she said, nodding. "From you being exceptionally angry with Derek over nothing, and him always trying to save you from embarrassment at school. Even when he was acting like he didn't care, it was obvious that somewhere, deep down he felt bad. Then there was that whole thing a couple days ago when Derek was sick and you covered for him. And when Derek trashed his room because you were out on a date with Sam. Then when Derek had a mini fit when you went on that date with Michael. And how you cried extra hard when he insulted you, not like when others have," she rambled off the list.

Staring at her, Derek whistled. "Wow, thanks for that, really," he said, sarcastically.

Rolling her eyes, Lizzie stood up. "In the end, I'm happy if you're happy," she said, leaning up and hugging Casey.

"Thanks," she said, holding her little sister tightly.

Derek was able to jump out of the way before they could drag him into it too. Leaning against the wall, he yawned. It had been an especially long and eventful day. Three down, two to go. He really just wanted to go crash in his room. Thankfully he had no homework; now that he was trying to get his grades up, he actually worried about getting his work done.

After Lizzie and Casey said goodnight, they walked over to Edwin's attic door. Without knocking, Derek simply walked up the stairs and called out, "Ed!"

"I'll do the dishes in a minute, I'm heavily absorbed in serious homework," he called back.

Rolling his eyes, Derek climbed to the top of the stairs to see his brother on the computer, playing Babe Raider online. "Yeah, I can see that," he said, cocking an eyebrow. Crossing the room, he plopped down on the bed.

Casey wandered over and sat down on a chair, after removing the dirty clothes hanging on it.

Edwin seemed to give her a surprised and suspicious look before turning back to Derek.

"I'm clean out of funds, so I can't help you," he said, shrugging.

"I'm not here to borrow money," Derek said, looking around the room. Finding one of the posters of a half naked girl he'd ripped down the other day, he frowned. "That's mine," he said, pointing.

Looking away as if he didn't hear his brother, Edwin crossed his arm. "To what do I owe this visit?" he asked.

"Right," Derek said, sitting up. "I've got a girlfriend," he said, simply. "The same one I had before dad got married."

"What's your point?" Edwin asked. "You have a new one every day," he reminded.

"This one's different," he told him, glancing at Casey. "Long term different."

"So you're going for two weeks this time," he asked, chuckling.

Shaking his head, Derek picked something up on an end table and shook it by his ear. Finding it was broken, he tossed it back. "No, I was thinking more a long the lines of years," he replied.

"Y-years?" Edwin repeated, surprised. "Are you ill?"

"Nope," Derek said, easily.

"But that means you're no longer a dude," he told him, shaking his head. "Now, you're a boyfriend!" he said with disgust.

"It's not so bad," Derek said, smirking. "It has its benefits, believe me."

Standing up, Edwin seemed to have completely forgotten Casey. "But you were the biggest dude of them all! A legend! Guys at my school want to be you! I'm supposed to be your successor!" he cried out, annoyed. "One day, when you're no longer in high school, you're supposed to give me your little black book. And I will then become king of all women!"

Derek heard Casey snort, and shook his head at his brother. "Listen, my having a girlfriend doesn't change much. So I won't be bringing a new girl home all the time, you'll get used to it," he said, shrugging. "With me outta the game, you've got a better chance."

Sighing, Edwin shook his head. "I hear by strip you of the title 'King Dude,' and replace with 'Sap,'" he said, making a motion as if pulling something off of Derek.

"Watch it, kid," Derek said, standing up. "Sap's a strong word," he reminded.

"I don't think your girlfriend would approve of you beating up your little brother," Edwin said, stepping back.

Turning to Casey, he lifted his eyebrows. "Do you mind?"

Shaking her head, she shrugged. "Go ahead," she said, lifting her hand in a what-can-you-do motion.

"Wait!" Edwin half-shouted. "What?" Turning back and forth between Casey and Derek, his eyes bugged out.

"Ed," he said, as if ceremoniously. "Meet Casey, my ex and now current girlfriend." He said, putting an arm around his shoulder and walking him over to her.

"But- But- You hate each other," he stuttered.

"It was a cover of sorts," Derek said, shrugging.

Inhaling deeply, Edwin sighed. "Does Lizzie know?"

"Yeah, we just told her," he replied, slapping his shoulder. "She made a lot of observations, I'm sure you two can talk about it in the games closet or something." Holding out his hand, he motioned for Casey to follow him out.

"Night Edwin," she called back to him, smiling.

Walking downstairs, she wrapped her arms around Derek's shoulders from behind. "That was vaguely mean," she told him, shaking her head.

"He stole my poster," he said, as if it was a good enough excuse.

Tipping her head, she smiled at him. "I thought that was your long forgotten twin brothers," she quipped.

"Right," he said, nodding. "Well, still, I need to take care of it for him."

Cocking an eyebrow, she nodded. "Uh-huh," she drawled, walking to Marti's door.

Opening it, they heard her scramble off the floor and hop into her bed. When she started making fake snoring noises, they laughed. Smarti was one his favorite people. Yes, that includes everyone; from his family to his best friends. She was completely manipulative without even trying. She could make him wear a dress and makeup; the girl has skills. Plus, she melted his heart with all of her adoration towards him.

"Smarti," Derek called.

Sitting up, wearing her princess dress over her pajamas, Marti held her arms out. "Smerek," she cried happily.

Walking to her bed, he sat down beside her. "Hey," he said, running a hand over her hair.

Sitting on Derek's other side, Casey simply waited for him to explain it to his little sister.

"Smarti, do you remember when I explained what a girlfriend was?" he asked, lifting her on to his lap.

Nodding vigorously, she smiled at him. "You said it was a girl who liked to kiss you lots," she said.

Chuckling, he nodded. "Right, and do you remember when Casey was my girlfriend?" he asked, pointing at her.

Sitting up straighter, she grinned. "Yeah, Casey took me of the horsies," she told him excitedly.

"Yeah," he said. "Well, do you remember when I told you Casey and I broke up?"

"Mm hmm," she said, frowning. "I asked you if we could go back to the horsies, but you said that we couldn't cause you'd miss Casey."

Nodding, Derek sighed. "Yeah," he said, looking at her seriously. "How would you feel if Casey and I got back together?"

Standing up on his legs, she jumped up and down. "I'd like that," she said, happily. "Cause then we can go on the horsies again, right Smerek?" she asked, tugging on his hair. "Smasey, Smerek, and Smarti will go on the horsies!"

Laughing, Derek tickled her stomach. "Smasey, huh?"

Nodding, Marti giggled.

Picking her up and getting off the bed, Derek twirled her around before putting her down and pulling the blankets up around her. "If you go to sleep, then I promise Case and I will take you to the carnival when it comes to town," he said, kissing her forehead.

Yawning, she nodded. Her eyes fluttered closed. "Goodnight Smerek and Smasey," she mumbled, drifting away.

Smiling, Derek and Casey turned the light off and shut the door. Walking down the hall, Derek brought her to his room. Closing the door behind them, he wrapped his arms around her waist and picked her up off the floor. Walking backwards to the bed, he sat down with her in his lap.

Leaning forward, Casey placed her forehead against his. Pushing her hair back over her shoulders, Derek smiled up at her lightly. His hands ran over her face and down her neck, slipping past her shoulders and cupping her hips.

"Hi," he said, quietly.

"Hey," she replied, softly.

"So this is it, huh?" he asked, staring into her eyes. "We're finally together again."

"Yeah," she said, pulling back and nodding.

"No more mistakes," he said, leaning in and placing a kiss against her neck. "No more misunderstandings." Moving up, he kissed her chin. "No more dating other people." Tipping her head down, he moved his lips over her cheek. "And no more fighting, yelling, or crying." He placed his mouth against each of her closed eyes.

"No more," she breathed.

"On the other hand," he said, bringing his hands up to her shoulder. "Lots more kissing," he told her, pushing the strap of her shirt down and pressing his lips against her warm skin. "Lots more touching." Running his hands through her hair, he slipped the other up her shirt and ran his fingers over her stomach. "And tons more making love," he said, running his hand down her back. "We have a lot of time to make up for," he reminded, smirking as he sucked on the supple skin of her neck.

"Mmm," she murmured. "Tons more," she said, before leaning down and catching his lips in a drawn out kiss. "But you're tired," she said, running her lips down his jaw and over his neck.

"Nope, not tired," he muttered, holding back a yawn.

Sitting up, she ran her hands through his hair. "You're plenty tired," she said, nodding. "And it doesn't matter," she reminded. "Because we have lots of time to make up for everything we missed," she said, pecking his lips once more and standing up. "Get some sleep, hot shot. I need you in your best form tomorrow," she told him before winking and leaving the room.

Falling back on his bed, Derek grinned. This was how life was going to be now, and it didn't seem bad at all. His dad would get over it eventually and he'd just have to deal with until then. Because he wasn't giving up Casey any time soon, if ever. He wasn't about to make any mistakes that would cause him to lose her again. He had a feeling things were going to go smoothly for them, a happily ever after type ending, he guessed. If he hadn't already handed in his essay, he might just add a few paragraphs. Tipping his head, he wondered what he received on the paper.


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