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"I can't believe it's our final year. Can you Harry?" Ron's excited voice rang from in front of Ginny. That's right. This was going to be Ron's last year. Ron would probably move out like all of their siblings before them once he finished schooling at Hogwarts.

"You do realize how many exams we're going to have to take this year?" Harry remarked back, bursting Ron's bubble.

"You know it wouldn't be such a problem if you two actually studied." Hermione butted in, leaning in towards the two, but towards Ron especially.

"Yeah, but we'd have time for nothing else if we studied like you did."

Ginny started tuning out the conversation the three were having. What was this feeling he started having over the summer? No, it started before then, she just first noticed it over the summer. Whenever she saw Ron, she would get a sudden fluttery feeling.

But that's impossible isn't it? Surely it's not what I think it is. He's my brother. No it has to be something else. But what?

"Oy! Ginny? Where are you going?"

Ron's sudden called pulled Ginny out of her trance.

"Ye-Yes? What is it?"

"Blimey. I thought you were just going to walk straight onto the tracks. I know you're been a little airy lately, but watch where you're going."

Ginny looked down at her feet. Another two steps and she would have walked straight off the platform into pit where the tracks for the train in Kings Cross station run.

"Oh, eh, sorry about that Ron." Ginny turned towards Ron and once again felt fluttery. Ron wasn't the scrawny boy that she knew when she arrived at Hogwarts six years ago.

"There you go again. Did taking the OWL's give you brain damage or something?"

Ginny suddenly became aware of herself again. Ron was standing right in front of her. The train was at the station. No one else was there.

"Where did Harry and Hermione go?"

"They're already on the train. Jeez you have been spacing out. Come on."

Ron grabbed Ginny's hand and led her to the train.

Once again Ginny's heart fluttered.