By the gods I live! Mwahahahaha!

Ok seriously, for everyone that has waited patiently and impatiently I am very sorry in the delay of the next chapter of "The Hyuuga Way". I have currently killed two computers in the process of writing this chapter, having lost my work both times. Then, when I had thought it all solved I lost most of my inspiration for writing. Usually I turn to other stories to gain more inspiration, but this was not so this time. I was mostly left with a sense of…ZOMG WTF DQ BBQ!?!

With luck, the next chapter will be complete by the end of the week. For this you can thank one person and one object. My wife has been more than understanding about my writing and in fact continually bugs me about my updates. When she found out that I was having trouble writing she INSISTED that we get one of the Naruto games, of which I settled upon Uzumaki Chronicles. I must say that this game has been very good for my creative process. Still, I am left with one thing that I typically create after writing my story….my beginning of story rant. Or end of story one. Sometimes I get my rants confused.

In any case the main reason I lost much of my inspiration to write is due to a rash of possibly the most ill thought out subject out there…a person having two bloodlines. In most cases, the Byakugan and the Sharingan. While it sounds cool, I'm pretty sure it was thought of before us, so why haven't we seen it? Well, one it would create someone far too powerful, but I'm going to settle on something realistic as well. Genetics. Confused? That's fine, I'll explain.

As we all know, the Bloodline traits are a set of inherited traits gained from the parents. This leads me to suspect that the bloodline limit is encoded into the genetic material of the child. As with any change to the norm, this would make the bloodline limit a genetic mutation. A favorable mutation, but a mutation none the less. Generally mutations tend to die off, but under certain circumstances the mutation can actually be encouraged. Many breeds of dog have come about specifically due to humans breeding dogs for a certain mutation. After a while the original dies off and the mutation is considered the norm. Thus we have the Byakugan.

Now, under certain circumstances a mutation can actually change. Due to the needs and requirements of nature. However it is hinted that there can be something more sinister in the process as well in this case…thus we have the Sharingan.

So now we have two occular enhancement bloodlines. Now in nature it is only possible to have one mutation of any given area. Thus it comes to reason that since the Byakugan and the Sharingan are different mutations there can only be one in any person. This would give a person normal vision and the enhanced vision. Let us say, for the sake of argument that we truly had someone with both bloodlines. The Byakugan and the Sharingan would each need their own chakra system and in addition normal eyesight would need a chakra system. This would be three chakra systems going to the same area. That's a lot of chakra! This would result in not just large eyes, but frikkin HUGE ones.

Then we'd have the training that would be involved with using the two different limits. Then they'd have to figure out which chakra pathways to use what. Of course one could never actually use both at the same time without running the risk of totally overloading their eyes and burning them out forever.

However, we can sacrifice something in exchange…let us sacrifice the normal eyesight. So now to decide which to have as the new 'normal' eyesight. The Byakugan seems to be a older of the two bloodline limits so that will be the new normal sight. Thus it would take more chakra to activate the Sharingan. Still, the amount of chakra involved would be quite insane to utilize both bloodlines.

More realistic would be someone with two separate effects. Let us do something such as…Byakugan and the Mokuton. These are two totally separate powers that would not conflict with each other…or would they? The human, or perhaps we should say ninja in this case, body can only hold so much power. In an effort to keep itself stable I would suspect one would become dominate and one would become regressive. The dominate one would be the more powerful more than likely, but there is a possibility for either to take effect in any given person.

If this is the case, there is a possibility that anyone that is remotely related to the Uchiha family would have a slim chance of giving birth to a Sharingan user. Nessessity is the mother of invention. or in this case, bloodline limit activation.

So now we have how multiple bloodlines can be done, but the simple question remains SHOULD it be done? Quite simply, no I don't think any given character should have two active and usable bloodline limits. It's quite simply too much power to make for an interesting story in my opinion. However, the latent bloodline does give good reasons for Sharingan users in stories that happen in the future.

In the words of Uncle from Jackie Chan's Adventures…One more thing!

Please, please, please look things up before you claim to have made a new weapon. Ever since upteen hundred/thousand/???? B.C people have been using finding new and interesting ways of killing things. Odds are that somebody has made it before you. Just do a little looking around, is that too much to ask? Also, check a couple videogames too. If they made it up (or took an old weapon and did their best to 'improve' on an old weapon) then give credit where credit is due.

Remember, there's only one weapon ever created with the sole purpose of killing other humans, the sword. Every other weapon has another use. Don't believe me? Look 'em up. If you have trouble finding it, ask me. I've got a few weapon books around here and I have the internet and I know how to use it! Weaponry, they're fun for the whole family.

Which reminds me, I'm hoping to finish this chapter by the end of the weekend. Otherwise I might just get a taste of whatever weaponry I have laying about the house because of an unhappy wife.

Have fun and see you later!

Edric Loto