Siriusly Misunderstood

Summery: In which, Remus has harboured feelings for Sirius for years, but Sirius is oblivious. Unfortunately, Remus is, as per usual, Siriusly misunderstood.

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Chapter 1: Girl Troubles

"SIRIUS!" Screeched a high-pitched female voice.

"OH, MERLIN, NO!" Yelled Sirius as he ran, seemingly for his life, from the persistent girl.

Remus sighed, 'Not again.', as he put his book down on his bedside table, took off his reading glasses, and sat on his bed, waiting for Sirius's expected arrival.

Sirius ran to the Gryffindor Common Room, quickly muttering the password to the Fat Lady, who huffed until Sirius would speak more clearly.

"I SAID BAGEL! YOU- YOU FAT LADY!" Sirius yelled at her.

Just as the screeching girl came running up the stairs of the Gryffindor Tower, the Fat Lady granted Sirius entry (and none too pleasantly, either) and Sirius quickly climbed through the portrait hole.

"SIRIUS, MY DEAR!" The girl quickly climbed in after him, as she too was of Gryffindor House, and continued to chase the handsome boy, arms stretched wide as if to catch him.

"GO AWAY!" Sirius yelled over his shoulder as he ran faster still, making for the stairs to the Boys Dormitories.

Just as Sirius ascended the stairs, the girl took a dive at him, and caught one of his legs in her right hand.

She curled her arm around his leg firmly, a deathly grip enclosed around Sirius' left ankle, "Now I have you!" She said with a (slightly more evil than necessary) grin.

"AH!" Sirius cried, flinging his leg about desperately.

After a few good shakes of his leg, she finally released his arm, landing roughly at the bottom of the stairs with an; "Oof!"

Sirius took his chance and finally scrambled up the rest of the stairs, and grabbed the knob of the Dormitory door.

Remus sat silently on his bed with an expectant expression already planted on his face, as he turned towards the door, and Sirius burst through, flushed and alarmed.

Sirius quickly turned and locked the door behind himself, before leaning against it and huffing to regain his breath.

He took this opportunity to noticed Remus, sitting only a few meters from away him.

"Hey Remmie!" Sirius greeted as nonchalantly as he could.

"Sirius." Remus greeted him back, with a good-natured smile that suggested he had caught Sirius doing something wrong.

Sirius walked over and sat in front of Remus, at the end of the smaller boys bed.

"How did you know I was coming?" Sirius asked, although he already knew the answer, he just didn't want Remus to ask about the girl.

"Sirius, I could hear you from the Great Hall with all the screaming you were doing." Remus told him calmly.

"That super-hearing of yours can be creepy sometimes." Sirius told him playfully, then sobered considerably, "And I was not screaming! I was merely trying to get rid of what's-her-face!"

"Yes, I heard that," Remus said, and Sirius immediatly cursed himself for bringing that back into the conversation. "So whose heart did you break this time?"

Sirius just gave him an innocent smile, as if that were to convince Remus he had done nothing wrong.

It didn't surprise Remus, that Sirius was being chased by some girl, it seemed he always had a clan of girls after him. He is, after all, Hogwarts most eligible bachelor, not to mention the most handsome, charming, and overall attractive guy at Hogwarts. Any girl (or guy for that matter) would jump at a chance to be with Sirius, he just had too many wonderful features not to be an attractable personality, he's smart (though he never studies, much to Remus's dismay), he's good-looking (the kind of guy you dream about, that rides up on his stead in the suit of armor and tells you he'll save you), and he's fun (always the life of the party).

In fact, Remus himself had been harbouring feelings for the dark-headed boy for little over four years now. Indeed, since only their second year, Remus Lupin had discovered his (more that platonic) feelings for his male friend, Sirius Black. But really, how could he not? When he's always around him, and Sirius is always so kind to Remus, always the one to look after him. Sirius was the one who suggested they become Animagi for Remus' benefit, Sirius is the one who sits with Remus every transformation and calms the wolf before thier other friends join them, Sirius is aways the one who looks after Remus when he suffers from PMS (Post/Pre Moon Sickness). Sirius makes Remus feel safe. And that's something he'd never felt with anyone else.

"Would you believe 'It wasn't my fault'?" Sirius asked with a hopeful grin.

Remus had to chuckle a bit at that, although it tore him up inside to see Sirius with so many girls, it did, in a cold kind of way, make Remus feel better that Sirius never really felt anything for them.

"Not a chance. Who was she?" Remus asked, his calm facade never wavering.

"Just some bird I met a few nights ago." Sirius said with a wave of his hand, as if to dismiss it. "She spotted me in the Great Hall, chased me all the way here." He then looked about the dorm as if to check it was safe, "I might just hang here a while, until she leaves or goes to wallow in self-pity."

Remus smiled at Sirius, he really did appreciate his company, as he had not been seeing as much of him lately. He seemed to be going through more and more girls as of late, even delving into the other houses such as Ravenclaw, and even a few Slytherins.

"I'm going to have a shower." Sirius said as he stood, and went to kneel next to his own bed, gathered his towel and wash cloth, and made towards the bathroom.

"Have to admit, I feel a bit sorry for her though." Remus said absentmindedly, as he picked his book and glasses up again.

Sirius turned around at the doorway, grinning his charming smile that momentarily put Remus into a swoon.

"Can you blame her?" Sirius asked silkily and winked at Remus, his eyes twinkling mischievously, before he disappeared into the bathroom.

Remus sighed.

"No, Padfoot, I can't." He whispered softly to himself. "I truly can't."

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