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Truth and Revelations

Eight Years Ago

In a small shop with an infamous reputation, in a street that had an even worse reputation than the shop did, a pale jar with a jackal-like design on its top stood on a shelf on the wall behind the desk. There was no price label or product description on or near the jar, but the design was unquestionably Ancient Egyptian, most likely one of the canopic jars that were once used to store the internal organs of pharaohs when they were buried.

This assessment of the jar's nature, however, would not have been accurate. For one thing, this jar had never belonged to a pharaoh that the modern world as a whole would be aware of; it had been the possession of an Egyptian- albeit one with certain 'talents', who had attempted a coup d'etat of the existing ruler of that part of Egypt. The attempt would have been successful, but the Egyptian had made the fatal mistake of going after a very particular ruler… one who had access to certain abilities that even the Egyptian had not been expecting.

As a result, the attempted coup of the area had been met with a more pyrrhic success for the man who started it, rather than anything more beneficial. The Egyptian in question had died in the coup while engaging in single combat with the ruler, but the ruler himself had been severely injured, to a point where not even his abilities would have been able to cure his body. As a result, the ruler had used his abilities to preserve what he could of himself in a trophy he had taken from his foe- the jar in question, now dwelling on a shelf in the shop in relative safety- and had subsequently given orders that the jar would be used to bring him back when the time was right.

Unfortunately for the former ruler, the right time for him to be woken up was destined never to come. Shortly after his 'defeat', there had been a mass uprising in Egypt, and the ruler's people had been forced to flee the planet just to stay alive, albeit taking several servants away from their respective kingdoms to serve them. Relics such as the jar had been left on the planet, along with other, more valuable artefacts that would go on to play an important role in Earth.

After the departure of the ruler's people, records of their activities on Earth had become few and far between, and the few people in the world who still knew about them operated under a blanket of secrecy that prevented them from telling anyone else unless absolutely necessary.

But, right here and now, in this shop, all that was about to change, and soon one more person would be well aware of a truth so shocking that it had been concealed from the general population for almost five thousand years, even after the discovery of the most valuable artefact from that time.

As the shop suddenly became significantly darker than it had been mere moments ago, the jar began to glow a sickly green, as though it was responding to the presence of something else that had come into the room in the last few moments. The light, however, did not glow at a constant rate; it varied between rapid pulses of light, almost like a warning, to a slow, gradual light, as though it were a lighthouse lamp of some sort.

It almost seemed as though something about the jar was reacting to something else in the shop, although what that something could be would have puzzled anyone who was watching these events unfold; nothing new seemed to have entered before the lights began.

Then, as the jar began to glow and flicker more rapidly, a faint 'shadow', for lack of a better means of describing it, could be observed, drifting ever closer to the jar. The 'shadow' might almost have been taken for smoke, were it not for the fact that it appeared to have glowing red eyes that stared at the jar in an almost lustful manner, as though the jar was something it had wanted for a remarkably long time.

Then the 'shadow' seemed to reel back, as though it were a serpent preparing to attack a rat, and literally dive into the jar. As it entered the jar, a brilliant flash of green light spread from the jar, filling the shop before it dissipated once more, leaving it the darkened room it had been before the jar began to glow.

For a few moments, there was nothing; the shop simply remained as it had been before th jar began to glow, with no sign of that situation changing at any point in the future.

Then the jar began to glow once more, this time emitting a deep red glow that seemed to almost be the colour of human blood. In many ways, the green glow that the jar had been emitting earlier would have been preferable. At least then the shop had appeared to possess a certain 'nature' look about it, even if the green had been a colour that prompted mental images of poison rather than nature.

As the glow continued, becoming longer and more prominent as time went by, small cracks began to appear all over the jar, as though something inside the jar was straining to get out and once again return to the world. As the glow grew stronger and stronger, the cracks grew ever more prominent, until, finally, the jar cracked into several pieces from the strain that was being put on it, and a creature leapt from the jar's remains to land on the floor of the shop, staring around at its surroundings with small, gleaming red eyes.

Physically, the creature didn't look like it could pose much of a threat to anyone. It was essentially a long, thin serpent-like beast, a dark blue in colour. Small 'fins' around the 'head' suggested that it had originally evolved to be a water-dwelling creature, and the eyes that it possessed didn't even appear to be that well-developed; if it had looked more like a land-based creature, one could have assumed that, like bats, it 'saw' using sonar.

However, several hundred miles distant, in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex of America, there existed several people who would instantly have identified this creature for what it was, and subsequently locked it away before it could do anything to hurt anyone in the surrounding area.

The creature was a Goa'uld symbiote- a creature that could merge with a human host. However, many would have called it a 'parasite' rather than a symbiote, since, in the majority of cases, only the Goa'uld itself gained any benefit from the joining, unlike a true symbiosis that would benefit both parties.

Staring around itself, the Goa'uld seemed to come to a decision. Heading for the door, it dived through a crack between the door and the ground, reared its head up in the street as though listening for something, and then headed down towards a nearby building that still had a faint light on in one window. A few moments later, a loud scream was heard resounding down the street, but nobody else responded; if nothing else, screams in this street were nothing entirely uncommon.

In this case, however, there was more to the scream than a simple mistake.

This scream signalled the start of a chain of events that would lead to a final confrontation between two men, who had been destined to be foes long before one of them was even born.

It would take years for the final battle to come between the two foes, and in that time, much would change about them and their methods, as well as the talents and resources they possessed.

But they would still be foes.

The only question was whether the changes both had gone through would change the outcome of the battle between them…