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Truth and Revelations

The sight of Langara in such a state as he walked out of the Stargate facility and into the outside world made Daniel shudder. Realistically, he knew that it wasn't as bad as it could have been- if that naquadria bomb he'd sacrificed himself to stop had gone off, that would have caused devastation on a scale he hated to imagine-, but seeing all these shattered windows and damaged buildings just made him remember the kind of damage that the Death Eaters had inflicted the last time they'd been active.

"How long have those assholes been here?" Mitchell said, looking grimly around the street of damaged buildings, clearly wondering how much time it would take to cause this kind of damage.

"Probably not that long," Tonks said grimly. "They didn't attack the muggles much during the war- a few raids, but they didn't want to cause too much damage in case it drew too much attention to our world before they were ready-, but they weren't exactly afraid to cause damage when it came to attacking wizarding locations to make a point…"

"Best of both worlds for these bastards, really," George said, his tone uncharacteristically grim. "Maximum opportunity to inflict damage and nobody around with a real chance of stopping them."

Mitchell might have thought about objecting to that particular statement, but with everything he'd seen SG-M and Jackson accomplish since he'd learned the truth about his teammate's past, he had to admit that he got their point; if they'd gone into action against the Death Eaters without any knowledge of magic, they'd have been in trouble.

"OK," he said, trying to bring the situation under some form of control, "we've got to assume that Voldemort's here because he tapped into Jackson's knowledge of this planet, which means he'll be going somewhere Jackson will think would be helpful to him; where should we start?"

"Jonas Quinn's lab," Daniel said firmly.

"His lab?" Lupin repeated, looking at Daniel curiously. "I thought you told me he was a delegate for his planet's government these days?"

"He's officially the Kelownan delegate to the Joint Ruling Council they established to avert future war after Anubis invaded, but he's continued his research into naquadria at the same time," Daniel explained. "If anyone on the planet still has access to a sample of naquadria, it's Jonas."

"You really think he'd continue studying it?" Sam asked in surprise. "He knows how dangerous it is more than anyone-"

"I don't think he'd keep looking over it, but Voldemort wouldn't be able to conceive of the idea that he'd abandon that kind of research," Daniel clarified. "His entire philosophy is based on the power of blood purity and holding on to that power once you've got it; I don't think he could ever even imagine that someone with access to a power source like naquadria would totally abandon his research into it, even if it was dangerous."

"You have a… unique insight into his thought process, Daniel Jackson," Teal'c said, looking curiously at the archaeologist.

"I had him trying to access my mind for a fair portion of my life; add in Dumbledore's lessons about his background, and I think it's safe to say I know him as well as anyone who doesn't serve him could," Daniel said, his tone increasingly grim as he reflected on that past experience.

"Well… it's not like you ever went as far as he did," Sam said, looking reassuringly at Daniel. "With direct access to what he was thinking, nobody could have blamed you for going along with his rhetoric; the fact is that you're still you."

"Yeah, Dumbledore always said that my ability to love was what gave me that strength; I could see everything he'd done and knew how he thought, maybe even understood how he felt, but I'd never be able to go along with it," Daniel said, looking around at the battered streets for a moment before he sighed in resignation. "When it came to fighting Voldemort, I just focused on the fact that he had to be stopped rather than think too much about why it had to be me; Dumbledore helped me accept that I'd want to stop him without the prophecy, but Voldemort's fixation with it just made it certain that I'd have to be the one to stop him."

"You recognised the evil that had to be fought and resolved to fight it, Daniel Jackson; that is to be commended regardless of your motives," Teal'c said, nodding in acknowledgement at his friend.

"It would have been more commendable if I'd stopped him…" Daniel said, shaking his head grimly.

"We've got a chance to do that now," Sam said, looking over to give Daniel's shoulder a reassuring squeeze. "You couldn't have known that he'd created another… horcrux… to keep himself alive, Daniel; you used what you knew, and nobody's at fault because that wasn't everything."

As he looked at her, Daniel gave her a brief, grateful smile, before his eyes narrowed as he turned his attention back to the more immediate matter.

"Come on," he said, looking around himself for a moment before his eyes fell on a street name. "If I remember correctly, Jonas's lab should be this way…"

Jonas had encountered some twisted things during his year of service with the SGC, ranging from Nirrti's hok'taur experiments to Anubis himself, but somehow the being standing in his lab right now went far beyond any of that, even with his associates alternating between asking for a shot and encouraging him to continue. It wasn't that he was particularly physically repulsive- the snake-like nose and pale skin aside, he was actually relatively human in appearance-, but the being was demonstrating a sadistic nature that at least matched some of the Goa'uld he'd encountered, if it didn't surpass them completely; Nirrti and Anubis had used him for their own ends, but they'd never seemed to delight in causing pain like this guy was.

The worst part was that the bastard didn't even seem to believe his protests that he had no idea what he was talking about; every time Jonas tried to say that he hadn't kept any naquadria in his lab since his last meeting with SG-1, he'd just been informed that he shouldn't lie and been subjected to another intense burst of pain.

"Where is it?" the snake-thing said, glaring angrily at Jonas.

"I don't have any-" Jonas began again, only for something to strike him in the side with a painful stinging sensation.

"Do not lie to Lord Voldemort, muggle!" the attacker said, glaring at Jonas. "You spent years studying a power source greater than any he has heard of; you would not-"

"It's too dangerous; if you know anything about naquadria, you have to know that!" Jonas protested. "We nearly destroyed this planet trying to use it as a weapon; I wouldn't-"

"You would not abandon such power!" the thing with the strange nose said, glaring arrogantly at Jonas. "Tell me where-!"

The sound of the door breaking down distracted his attackers from what they were doing, prompting everyone to turn in the direction of the door as SG-1 entered the lab, along with five other people that Jonas didn't recognise from the occasional updates sent to Langara by the SGC, the new arrivals and Daniel Jackson wielding strange sticks similar to that used by his torturers while the other three held their more familiar weapons.

"Hello, Tom," Daniel said, glaring at the snake-faced man.

"Tom?" Jonas said, looking at his former torturer in confusion; the idea of someone called Tom looking like that just felt strange to him, even considering his experience with Earth had been enough to inform him that quite a few people had that name, given how bizarre the being looked.

"He renamed himself; it's a whole complicated thing," Daniel said, his gaze fixed on the other man as Jonas's former torturers spread out to face the new arrivals. "Look, Tom, you can do this as often as you like, but the fact is that Jonas isn't going to give you anything because he doesn't have anything to give you, so you might as well just give up now and let us get on with this."

"You still wish to fight me?" the man that was apparently called Tom said, looking scathingly at Daniel. "You were barely my match when I was but a skilled wizard-"

"And now you're a snake that's hi-jacked someone else's body because you lost your own for a second time," Daniel interjected. "You're not a god, Tom Riddle; you're a fool who can't accept failure."

"I have survived and evolved beyond death itself, Potter-" 'Tom' began again, his voice changing into the dual-toned voice that Jonas had heard from various Goa'uld in his year on SG-1.

"You lucked out and hitched a lift in a Goa'uld when your body died, Voldy; that's not surviving death, that's just a fluke," the man that Jonas assumed was Colonel Cameron Mitchell said, aiming his gun at his adversary. "Now then, are you going to be a good psycho and stand down, or does this get ugly?"

"My lord!" another man in a black robe yelled as he hurried into the room, holding up a piece of paper in one hand that Jonas recognised as one of his old maps of naquadria deposits. "This map reveals the location of a deposit of a significant amount of the mineral!"

SG-1 didn't even have time to react to the other man's arrival before the snake-thing called Tom seemed to pull the map towards him- it flew through the air when he pointed his stick at it; there was definitely some connection there- and vanished, the other figures in black quickly following after their master.

"Damn it!" Daniel yelled, closing his eyes for a moment before he… vanished just like the figures in black had, followed by two of the unfamiliar figures, leaving Colonel Mitchell, Sam, Teal'c, a woman with thick brown hair, and two men who looked virtually identical to each other.

"What…" Jonas began, as the unfamiliar woman crouched down beside him and briefly pointed her stick at him before raising it without any of the pain he'd experienced after similar experiences earlier.

"You'll be fine," the woman said, smiling reassuringly at him. "You've taken a few unpleasant curses, but there's nothing there that you won't recover from with a bit of time and rest; things could have been worse."

"Curses?" Jonas repeated, looking at the new arrivals in confusion. "What are you… talking about?"

"It's… complicated," Sam said, smiling apologetically at Jonas. "The essential details are that an old enemy of Daniel's from his past has come back and managed to gain access to the Stargate, and is using it to try and gain access to a new source of power; they think that they can use naquadria to enhance their pre-existing abilities."

"Enhance?" Jonas repeated, his mind going back over what he'd just experienced. "You mean… they could do that… and they want to become better at it?"

"Unfortunately, torturing people like that is one of the more basic things they can do; it's just that it's one of their favourite strategies in a fight," the unfamiliar woman said grimly, before she smiled politely at him. "By the way, sorry I didn't do this earlier; I'm Hermione Granger, and this is Fred and George Weasley; we… went to school with… Daniel."

The way she'd phrased that statement suggested to Jonas that there was more to the story than the idea that they were old schoolfriends of Daniel, but this wasn't time to think about that; if these people were after naquadria-

"He's gone," Daniel said, looking grimly at the rest of the team as he reappeared in the room, looking around himself as the other two strangers appeared on either side of him; it didn't resemble any form of teleportation Jonas had seen during his year in the SGC, but there were other matters to be concerned about right now than what new resources they'd picked up since he worked with them. "I tried to catch up, but he was moving too fast; wherever he is now, he's out of range."

"Damnit…" one of the twins said, looking up at the ceiling in frustration.

"Look…" Jonas asked, sitting up from the floor and looking at his old teammates in confusion. "I know that I've been away from SG-1 for a while, but… what happened?"

"Long story short, some old enemies of mine found out about the Stargate and are trying to use it to increase their own power," Daniel explained, before looking more pointedly at Jonas; under other circumstances, Jonas might have asked why Daniel was moving on from something that significant so quickly, but this wasn't time to think about that. "So… what were you doing with a map showing the location of a naquadria deposit?"

"We're still working out the best solution for dealing with the remaining naquadria available from the surface," Jonas explained. "We've cordoned the old mining facilities off and restricted access, but we still need to ensure that nobody's going to get lucky while on an archaeological dig or something like that; someone has to keep track of where everything is so that it isn't discovered by accident."

"Makes sense," the short woman with hair in a bizarre shade of pink said. "From what they've told us, we're talking about something that nearly blew up your planet; you don't leave that kind of thing lying around without anyone keeping an eye on it."

"Where is the naquadria?" Teal'c asked.

"The primary deposit is still located around where we undertook our drilling operation the last time I asked you for help," Jonas replied.

"Right," Daniel said, nodding at Jonas before he looked over at Sam. "From what we've seen of naquadah's interaction with magic, could the Death Eaters mine naquadria with their magic without triggering some kind of chain reaction?"

"If they're careful… it could work," Sam said after a moment's thought, looking contemplatively at the sticks Daniel and the new arrivals were holding. "Naquadah enhances magic in the right circumstances, but it only absorbs the effects of certain spells; if they only channel a certain amount of energy into each spell, assuming the mutation didn't have too significant an effect on that aspect of the naquadria, they could cut off chunks of it without risking any side-effects…"

"And with all of them working on it at once, if all goes well, it won't take long for them to have a decent portion of naquadria for them to work with," Daniel said, his expression becoming increasingly grim at the thought.

"Uh… I thought you said exposure to naquadria was… dangerous?" Fred asked, looking over at the others. "Couldn't we just-?"

"Firstly, naquadria in its natural state only generates a small amount of radiation; the Death Eaters would need to be exposed to it for some time before they'd start showing any side-effects, and I think we can all agree that we don't want to give them that long in case they learn how to harness it safely," Sam pointed out. "Secondly, based on past study of naquadria, I think that it might actually be better equipped to absorb magic than naquadah; if we have to go in, it should be safe to use magic to try and subdue them, and the sooner we can catch them off-guard the better."

"In other words, we can fight them without worrying about getting blown up by accident?" George said, grinning in satisfaction. "Good to know."

"Probably," Sam said, looking pointedly at Mitchell. "I'd still encourage caution, considering the risks of our current situation; I may be making an educated guess, but it's still a guess."

"Let's move before they go anywhere else," Daniel said, looking grimly at his friends as he took Sam's hand, followed by the scruffy-looking over man placing a hand on Teal'c's shoulder while the twins took hold of Mitchell and Jonas's arms. For a moment, Jonas wondered what was about to happen, but then he had the sudden sensation of being forced down a small straw really quickly before he found himself standing in the middle of a field that he recognised as being a short distance away from the naquadria deposit, the mining building they'd established over the vein a short walk away.

"What-?" he began, looking over at Daniel in confusion, before a sudden explosion from near the building sent a burst of rubble and earth up from the ground, forcing the group to either dive to the ground or grab the person nearest to them to drag them to safety. As Daniel and the others got back to their feet, he looked up just in time to see a large ha'tak flying down towards the building, taking up position above it and sending down a ring platform, the return signal being sent back up almost a few seconds later as the ha'tak began to depart.

"NO!" Daniel yelled, staring up at the ship as it vanished into the air, leaving the expanded SG-1 staring after it in shock out of a lack of anything else to do; apparition after a moving target would have been dangerous even if the upward motion of the ship wasn't a factor to take into account.

"Do you think-?" Sam began.

"He got enough of what he was after," Daniel said firmly. "Voldemort would only run if he was certain he had what he wanted or there was no way for him to get it; with the numbers he had here, he could have held us off if he wanted to, so he's only leaving because he doesn't see the point in staying."

"He found it that easily?" Jonas said, looking at Daniel in confusion. "If it was that easy for that… that guy to find the naquadria, why did he spend so much time just… torturing me? I mean, the safe was locked, but it doesn't look like that was much of a problem for them…"

"He thought you might tell him more than if he just did his research, and he's a lazy bastard who thinks everyone's out for power; he just finds it easier to resort to torture as the first option to get answers rather than take the time to see what people actually know," Daniel explained, shrugging slightly at Jonas's stare. "He's twisted, but he's not that complicated when he's attacking you directly."

"So, with that in mind, where do you think he's going now?" Mitchell asked, looking curiously at his team's archaeologist.

"Where else?" Daniel said, looking grimly at the sky. "Now that he's got the additional power, he's going to go back to reclaim the one place that he ever thought of as a home."

"Hogwarts?" Hermione said, looking apprehensively at Daniel.

"Hogwarts," Daniel confirmed with a grim nod.

Despite everything that had happened to lead him to this point, Daniel had to allow himself a slight smile at the thought of what he'd just said.

To find Voldemort, they were going to go back to Hogwarts…