Achilles Heel
Part 4: Secrets, Lies, and Misdirection

Sheriff Adams turned out to be the most difficult to deal with: even Snow was unable to talk her into brushing everything under the carpet. She hadn't been in Smallville long enough to learn the unspoken rule when it came to dealing with all the strange events happening around town.

In many ways, it reminded Chloe of the TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer; no mater what happened, the inhabitants of the small southern California town it was set in refused to believe that it was vampires and demons. Instead it was always 'gang members on PCP'.

But the sheriff's complaints ended with the arival of Jackson King, a tall, distinquiesh Afrian-American with enough clout to have the state Govoner himself call Adams and tell her to back off. Chloe was surprised at just how quickly the sheriff had back down, but she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. King was accompanied by his wife and chief assistant, Christine Trelane.

Jakita Wagner had pulled Chloe aside and explained that the two of them were powerful meta-humans in their own right, and despite their government connections, could be trusted. The three of them sat in the back office at the Talon while the work crew repaired all the damage inflicted by Team Achilles, all at the expense of Planetary.

"Ok, this is a formal interview, but I want to assure you it is just a formality." King did his best to sound reassuring, "Elijah and his people have already vouched for both yourself and Mr Kent, who we will be interview on his return from China. I also want to assure you that the actions of Colonel Benito Santini and Team Achilles are in no way sanctioned by the United Nations or the government of the United States of America." King sat back, "Now I've got the formalities out of the way, we can get down to business. So, you're Jenny Sparks' kid?"

"Yes." Chloe nodded nervously.

"Relax before you strain something." King laughed, "I'm just a little surprised that Jenny had any children: I conducted her official interview when she joined StormWatch, and she never even mentioned being married, let alone having a daughter."

"She didn't want anyone to know about me. She was worried what Hennery Bendix might do if he ever found out about me..."

"You don't have to explain to me; I know all too well how just what that bastard was like. And you don't have to excuse your mother's actions to me: I owed her a hell of a lot more than I'd like to admit, and I never had a chance to pay her back before she died. Anything I can ever do to help you, you just ask."

"I may call you in on that before the end of the day."

"Feel free, but first I want you to tell me just what happened here tonight."

King and Trelane sat and listened as Chloe told them a highly edited account of what had happened: noticing something was wrong as she left the office, the attack by Team Achilles, Jon's intervention. She was careful to leave out everything after Jon was shot, including just who he was, and the real reason he was in town.

"And this young man, this Jon Clarkson, did he say anything else?" Trelane asked, speaking for the first time since they'd been introduced.

"He seemed to know who Colonel Santini was." Chloe nodded, "He also said to show this to anyone who asked about him." She slowly pulled the Kheran knife from her pocket and placed it on the table, "He said that would explain everything."

"Shit!" King hissed, "How many of them are there on this planet, anyway?"

"I'll place a call to Lord Majestros." Trelane nodded, jotting down a quick note, "See if he can send someone to have a talk with this Jon and see what he's up to."

"Ok then, that's that part dealt with." King smiled at Chloe, "All we need is basic rundown of what post-human powers you have, and we'll be done."


It was almost dawn by the time Chloe had finished talking to King and Trelane, and the adrenalin rush was finally starts to wear off. But, strangely, she didn't feel tired: the revelation that she would one day have a son by Clarke was running through her mind at a million miles an hour. It had been hard to keep her mind focused on anything else.

Snow and his main field team had already left by the time a trio of Humvee's made thrir way down the street, powerful flashlights casting long shadows outside of the area iluminated by the work lamps. Chloe felt another lump grow in her throat when they pulled up; Special Forces solders spilling out of the lead and rear vehicles. They spread out; taking up protective positions, before one of them finally opened the read door of the middle car.

General Samuel Lane stepped out onto the sidewalk, his head rotating slowly to take everything in. His eyes narrowed when he saw the Planetary logo on the side of the trucks belonging to the cleanup crew, but he didn't react. Chloe was surprised when Lois stepped out after him, her own surprise at what had happened easier to read.

"CHLOE!" Lois ran over to her younger cousin and hugged her as tight as she could, "I was at dinner in Metropolis with the General when we hared. Are you ok?"

"Can't...breath..." Chloe gasped as she was released, "I'm fine; a little shaken, but fine."

"What happened?"

"Some people thought I was someone else. Don't worry, they got scared off."

"Is this anything to do with your job?"

"Maybe: they probably keep an eye on who Planetary hires..." Chloe blinked, "Oh my god; Clarke!"

"Taken care off." General Lane walked over, "He's on his way back from an Air Force base in Taiwan right now, along with Miss Lang, Mr Luther and Mr Teague." He waved around to take in all the damage, "I see you had a run in with a former college of mine."

"A little." Chloe nodded, "Jackson King and Christine Trelane are still around, if you want to talk to them."

"That might be an idea." The General nodded, "Lo, if you could make sure Chloe gets home."

"Sure." Lois nodded, waiting for her father to get out of earshot before turning back to her cousin, "What the hell happened?"

"Long story, Lois; long story." Chloe put her arm round the older woman's shoulder, "Remember what I told you about my mother and an organisation called StormWatch?"


Jon stood in the doorway to his motel room, patiently waiting. He knew that it would be only a matter of time before someone would come to talk to him about his part in the previous nights activities. He was still slightly surprised when he saw just who stepped out of the pre-dawn gloom.

She was almost his height, and her slender body made her look even taller. Her bone-white hair was cut short, and the red business suit she wore only accented her well proportioned body. Jon didn't need x-ray vision to know that she was almost certainly carrying a considerable amount of concealed weaponry, and wouldn't be alone.

"Well I am honoured: Lady Zannah of Khera." Jon smiled, knowing that surprise and his knowledge of his visitor might be the only thing that stood between a painful death and the non-interference his plan needed, "I was expecting, someone else. Certainly not someone so, prestigious."

"You are no Kheran." The woman known publicly as Halo Corporation security chief Lucy Blaze, but to a select few as Zealot, looked him over, "Nor are you a Kheran/human hybrid."

"Indeed I am not: I am Jon-El, of the House of El, and I have a favour to ask of my people ancient allies..."

The End

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