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(Author's Note: Aeriseph, Kingdom Hearts II AU version except Sephiroth doesn't have the wings sticking out from his hips because I think they don't look nice... In this Alternate Universe the Sephiroth/Nibelheim incident happened but none of the other events in the game as the Heartless invaded almost right after. This is my explanation of why only Cloud is chasing Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts, although Tifa seems to not like him either.

This is a work in progress, should be completed soon. This is almost complete, just the very ending is to be written soon as I have not decided what exactly Cloud will do. Or - what the hell I could just have them do a random orgy with Leon, Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith. Just kidding. I can't do that because I can't figure out who would be on top. Update: Completed.)

Angelic Affairs, Dangerous Desires

Chapter One: Naughty Bargain

Sephiroth, gazing silently at the horizon while meditating on his eternal rivalry with Cloud, was startled out of his reverie by a loud high-pitched scream. A little distance away he could see some Heartless attacking a little girl in pink and white. Since he had nothing better to do, he went off to investigate.

To his surprise however, the girl had finished off her enemies by the time he arrived. She was a fragile-looking thing, small and delicately pretty with huge emerald eyes and long brown hair. She was also bleeding from a small cut on her shoulder and trying to tie together the two halves of the left strap of her top that had been sliced by the Heartless. Her clothes looked too flimsy for any real protection, all pink and white ribbons and ruffles. Decorative, but highly impractical for Radiant Garden which was swarming with numerous Heartless.

"Hello," she greeted the stranger, somewhat breathless from her fight.

"Allow me," he said as she seemed to be trembling and having difficulty fixing her top. Bending down over her, he noted that she wasn't wearing a bra over her cute, perky breasts. Deliberately brushing her back with his hand as he tied her strap, he fleetingly sampled the warm smoothness of her skin. She gasped in alarm and jumped away from his hand when he touched her.

"Thanks," she said, cautiously backing away from Sephiroth. "Well um I'll be going now."

Sephiroth watched the girl run away, amused and a little annoyed. He would have liked some diversion as he was sick of standing around waiting for Cloud to get his act together. Sometimes his intimidating appearance was a real hindrance.

The next day as he roamed Radiant Garden slaying random Heartless for entertainment, he saw the girl again.

Aerith, on her way to Ansem's study to continue the committee's work on restoring Radiant Garden, was struggling to defeat five Heartless at once. Casting Thundaga again and again while dodging attacks, she absorbed some damage as usual but nothing a quick Curaga would not cure. As she dispatched the first Heartless, she was startled when her opponents were struck by a rain of meteors, slaying them instantly. Instinctively looking up, Aerith saw a black figure hurtling from the sky. He landed in front of her and flexed his single black wing, gracefully straightening up to his full six foot two height.

Clad in black and red leather, he was truly a magnificent being, with long silver hair, a splendidly muscled body and cold, aristocratic features. The glorious black wing only added to his air of otherworldly mystery and danger. Aerith gaped at the flashy entrance wordlessly. She could sense he knew how awe-inspiring he looked and enjoyed the effect on people.

Serenely looking down at her with a superior, self-satisfied smirk, Sephiroth took pleasure in her reaction. How he loved a dramatic entrance, he thought.

"Allow me," he said as he cast a healing spell on the girl who had taken only a few insignificant scratches.

"Oh!" said Aerith in surprise as a warm green glow surrounded her, restoring her to full health.

"You are one of Cloud's friends, correct?" said Sephiroth. He knew most of the inhabitants of Radiant Garden had been warned about him and he vaguely recalled once seeing from a distance a pinkish blur interacting with Cloud before he lured the spiky-haired fighter away to fight.

Today the girl was wearing even flimsier clothing than when they first met, most notably a red and white top that left her shoulders bare except for a thin red ribbon that held it up. He noted that the ribbon was wound around her neck and tied together in front in a bow. A slight tug on it would almost certainly make the whole thing fall down, an interesting idea considering she might not be wearing a bra like yesterday.

"Yes, I am Aerith," she said.

"I am Sephiroth but I suppose you already knew that."

"Your reputation precedes you," Aerith replied. In her lost home world Sephiroth had been something of a legend, a hero. However Cloud had told Aerith of the little-known tale of Sephiroth's mad slaughter of his hometown. This was the cause of their enmity. Apart from fighting Cloud whenever they met however, Sephiroth had not instigated any trouble so far.

Was he truly a creature of Darkness now? If so, why had he "saved" her twice, not that she had needed help. Aerith studied the ex-SOLDIER closely but her senses were confused as he did not seem human but neither was he a Heartless or a Nobody. Somehow, her intuition told her he was something entirely different.

"You're welcome," Sephiroth interrupted her thoughts, reminding her of her manners.

"Oh um yes thank you…but I was doing fine, really!" Aerith exclaimed, a little irritated that everyone thought she was so helpless.

"Ah well, it's natural for a man to want to take care of a young woman, especially from violence," he said, moving a little closer to the girl. He thought she looked even lovelier today with her animated countenance expressing her indignation at his interference. At least she no longer ran away from him. He harbored no ill feelings towards Cloud's associates; his hostility was towards Cloud alone for he was the one who constantly harassed Sephiroth over events in their past.

"I have to be going now, anyway. I have work to do," Aerith said, turning away. She was confused when the dark angel moved to her side and started walking with her.

"Why don't I escort you to wherever you are going?" said Sephiroth.

"There's no need," Aerith protested. "I can take care of myself."

"True. However you seemed to be taking a lot of time to get rid of the Heartless. Why not let me be your bodyguard? I can eliminate them faster for you so that you can move around Radiant Garden more efficiently today," said Sephiroth.

"I can't pay for a bodyguard," said Aerith.

"You can pay for it with a date," he said.

"What!" Aerith stopped dead in her tracks.

"A date. I am sure you are familiar with the concept," said Sephiroth, leaning forward slightly to look into the girl's brilliant emerald eyes that were opened wide in shock. Was she genuinely so oblivious of her own charms?

"But – but you must be joking," she stuttered, blushing.

"No," he said, allowing his jade eyes to roam appreciatively over her slender figure. As he had noticed previously, her breasts were medium-sized and adorably perky, just the way he preferred. Her waist was tiny, her hips pleasingly rounded, her legs long and shapely. Licking his lips unconsciously, he imagined them wrapped around his waist.

"You're just making fun of me!" The predatory look in his eyes was making her a little nervous. Aerith start walking again, this time faster as though to get away from the source of her embarrassment. There was no way he could seriously want to date an insignificant person like her, unless it was to irritate Cloud.

As she moved onward though, Sephiroth suddenly stepped in front of her and unsheathed his preposterously long sword, interposing himself between her and the Heartless that had just spawned. Faster than she could see, he swung the deadly Masamune and slew a Heartless with one swipe. Seven others were quickly dispatched by the one-winged angel.

Lost in disbelief, all Aerith could do was stare as Sephiroth turned back to her. He was completely unharmed as the eight powerful Heartless had never had a chance to land even one blow on his still-immaculate form.

"Now you owe me a date," said Sephiroth, inwardly delighted in at her reaction.

What a show off! was Aerith's amused thought as Sephiroth posed elegantly against the dark stone walls of the Great Maw, Masamune in hand, black wing spread out, body tilted slightly to the side. He undoubtedly knew what an extraordinary sight he made as he smirked at her confidently. Nonetheless, her own vanity was a little tickled that this powerful and gorgeous being wanted to show off his skills and physique to her. Her doubts were swept away by his straightforward behavior; all she could sense was a man's typical desire to impress a pretty girl.

"Very well," decided Aerith, looking up at the dark angel. "I'll date you."

"It's a bargain, then," he said. Sheathing his sword, he strode forward to capture her chin in his hand. Her lips parted in astonishment and Sephiroth took advantage of her daze to kiss her firmly on the mouth. She smelled of wildflowers and tasted wonderfully sweet. "I look forward to getting to know you better."