(Warning: Lemon, M/M, M/F, anal

Author's Note: This and later chapters are for adults only as they contain sexual scenes.

In this humorous parody of "Showdown of Fate," the characters are OOC.)

Epilogue Part Three: Rousing Climax and Finale

Once more, Leon was going to explode. After years of absolute celibacy spent in mourning for his beloved lost Rinoa, in the space of less than an hour he had witnessed the most beautiful and shameless threesome imaginable engaged in various sexual acts and been given a blow job by the adorably pouty-lipped Cloud.

Now he was plunging in and out of Cloud while watching Aerith enthusiastically move up and down Sephiroth's cock. The latter, normally cool and composed, had visibly lost his composure and was frantically thrusting up into Aerith's tight passage whenever she moved, clutching at the sheets with his hands. Leon had a good view of the pair's passionate coupling and was captivated by the ex-general's reaction and Aerith's wildly jiggling tits.

The visual stimulation and delicious feel of Cloud's anal passage squeezing his cock proved too much for him at last and Leon shot his cum inside Cloud. As his now limp member slid out of his friend's body, Leon become aware that Cloud was ejaculating onto Aerith's bedroom floor. Afterwards Cloud stood up and also watched the couple on the bed.

Aerith was gripping Sephiroth's shoulder and moaning as she came, drenching her partner's cock with her juices. Sephiroth gathered her into his arms and reversed their positions so that he was now on top. Alone of the four, he had not yet come.

Bending Aerith's knees back so that they rested on her chest, Sephiroth readied her for his pleasure. Leon and Cloud were treated to the sight of her swollen, reddened outer lips that had fallen open to expose the delicate flesh within. Sephiroth was now poised to plunder that erotic treasure. Firmly pushing the head of his cock inside her soft womanly folds, Sephiroth kissed Aerith deeply before sinking his whole length into her.

Leon was a little worried when the silver-haired angel began forcefully, almost roughly pumping in and out of Aerith. Surely she was much too delicate not to be hurt by such fierce handling. The difference in their sizes made her seem almost like a child being assaulted by Sephiroth's powerfully muscled form, but Leon was reassured by the blissful expression on Aerith's face. Clearly she was enjoying this. In fact, after a few minutes of this enthusiastic treatment, she began panting and writhing underneath Sephiroth. Leon and Cloud watched disbelieving as Aerith achieved multiple orgasms.

"Grrr," said Cloud, seeing that Sephiroth was now ahead of him in the contest. "I can still win, somehow!"

They had expected Sephiroth to come when Aerith did but the ex-SOLDIER just went on and on.

"Is he some kind of machine?" asked Leon in amazement as the long minutes ticked by and Sephiroth showed no signs of stopping soon.

"He's a freak of science," said Cloud, referring to Sephiroth's origins but this was lost to Leon who had no knowledge of Hojo or Shinra's labs.

"He has to be," said Leon. "This is inhuman endurance."

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Sephiroth sank down into Aerith's welcoming body and flooded her insides with his seed.

"Mmm, you big show off," murmured Aerith into Sephiroth's ear. She was pleasantly worn out and also rather sore since Sephiroth had kept at it for so long.

"Ah well, this really settles things," said Sephiroth rolling over onto his back and smirking at no one in particular. "It's obvious who won."

"Really?" said Aerith. She felt Sephiroth was getting a little too smug and needed to be challenged to work harder. It would never do to have him win now, the already arrogant ex-SOLDIER would be unbearably full of himself for days afterwards. "Strange but I don't feel fully satisfied."

"What?" Sephiroth stood up and glared down at her then turned to Leon. "You're the judge. Who won?"

"Well Aerith says she wasn't really satisfied so no one won!" said Leon, not quite daring to laugh in Sephiroth's face.

Cloud whooped, thinking that Aerith had said that because she wanted him to win and not Sephiroth. Moving to the other side of the bed from his rival, he whispered to Aerith, "I love how you're so insatiable, baby."

Leon, Cloud and Aerith all laughed while Sephiroth protested about the unfairness of it all and "someone who fucked the judge to cheat."

"Let's all get cleaned up and eat dinner," said Aerith, moving towards the bathroom. "I made a nice beef stew, it should still be good and there's plenty for all."

"Sounds terrific, I'm starving," said Leon.

"I'm not hungry," said Sephiroth. "Aerith, get back on the bed and I'll show you satisfaction."

"I'm famished!" said Cloud. Unlike Leon and Sephiroth he hadn't had a home-cooked meal in ages.

"Yes, me too," said Aerith. She winked at Leon. "We'll try the contest again tomorrow night."

"I'll win for sure then," said Cloud.

"I'm clearly better in bed," Sephiroth scoffed.

"Aerith had to push you down and be on top because you didn't know what to do!"

"That was because I made her so hot for me she couldn't control herself!"

"I made her come with my mouth like that," said Cloud, snapping his fingers in Sephiroth's face to illustrate how easy it had been. "You, on the other hand, took ages and she still didn't orgasm. You're totally incompetent!"

Giggling, Aerith retired to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, she wondered how many nights she would be able to stretch the contest out.


(Author's Note: Who really won in the end? Your guess is as good as mine. However I tend to think it would be whoever came to his senses first and proposed to Aerith. Seeing as Sephiroth is determinedly single, that would probably be Cloud except that Tifa rather complicates matters. I hope you enjoyed the fic, please review if you liked it or if you would like to comment/criticize. Also, yes I realize there is no "Shinra Planet" in KHII, this is just my own Alternate Universe version.)