Hello there, this is my second fan fiction. It is gonna be around 4-5 chapters. It is a SxS story so be happy SxS fans out there. There might be some KxL, AxC and DxM. I will see if I can add it in

It has been 2 years after the war. I am now living with my friends Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli, Dearka and Milly at ORB. We live in a mansion near the edge of a cliff towards the ocean. I love the breeze of the morning ocean wind. Whenever the wind blows on my face, it reminds me of the happy times I had with my friends… family… and of course, Stellar.

Hello, my name is Shinn Asuka, pilot of the Destiny Gundam. I have black raven hair, vampiric red eyes and a mean face. Lots of my friends say that I have a very evil physical appearance and a grumpy attitude. But deep inside, I am a very caring and kind person. I have shown that to only one person in my life, Stellar.

All of my friends are now engaged or married. Kira and Lacus are married; Athrun proposed to Cagalli a few days ago; Dearka did the same to Milly a week ago and Mwu and Murre are married and now living in Europe. Everyone is married except… for me. Many of you know that in the end of the war, I had a love interest with Lunamaria Hawke. That soon ended because I told her that I rather stay single because the girl that I want to marry is now gone. She understands because she knew what happened during the war between Stellar and I. Now I heard she is engaged with this boy in PLANT. Meyrin is also showing some love interest with another guy. Everyone is actually started on something except for me! Damn it!

My only hope is that I can be with Stellar. I did everything to try to achieve that. I tried to commit suicide by ramming my car against a wall… it left me with a broken arm but miraculously, I didn't die. After my arm was healed, I tried to kill myself with a knife… but Athrun came and stop me from doing so. He decided to initiate house arrest on me, looking after me so that I won't try to do anything crazy. During the 'house arrest' I thought about if killing myself is the right way to go. After some deep thinking, I realized it is not the right path because I know Stellar will not like to see me die like this. Somewhere in the stars, she wants me to live and be happy. After the 'house arrest' I started to calm down and tried to rethink what I'm doing. I really wanted to see Stellar and this thought is slowly killing me ever since she died on my hands.

Today is a really lousy day. I went shopping, watched a movie and played some games at the local arcade with Kira and Lacus. Kira seems to be pretty good with the shooting games while Lacus is really pro at DDR. Throughout the whole day, I put on a sad expression wherever I went. Some people looked at me and started walking away from me. Kira and Lacus saw my sad expression and started to worry.

"Hey Shinn, are you alright?" Kira asked

"Is something the matter?" Lacus started to worry

"…No…well…I don't feel quite well today…can I go home?" I said

"Sure Shinn," Kira replied, handing out his car keys to Shinn, "Will you be ok driving home?"

"Yea I'll be fine, what about you guys?" I asked

"Don't worry about us, we will take the bus home, and besides I have Kira here to protect me" Lacus smiles

"Ok…I'll see you guys soon" I responded

It's a 20 min drive from the shopping district back to the mansion. It's a boring drive but the ocean wind blowing on my face kept me happy throughout the drive. The gentle ocean wind feels like Stellar embracing me and giving me a light kiss on the cheeks. At a red light, I turn around and look at the ocean. The ocean… Stellar loves to watch the ocean… It is so open, so free and so calm. I guess the reason why Stellar loves to watch the ocean is because she wants to be free. In her heart, I guess she doesn't want to die, she doesn't want to suffer. In the end, she is free, living a new, happy life… in another world.

I start to cry… thinking about all the time we spent together at PLANT where I accidentally bump into her and caught her on her…you know what's…; at the beach where I saved her…at Minerva when we took her in as captive…; and on her death. A loud honk came from behind me. The light turned green 10 seconds ago. I quickly came back into focus and continue driving towards my home.

I enter from the front door, took my shoes off and walk into the living room. There sat Athrun, Cagalli, Dearka and Milly watching TV. They were surprised that I came back so early.

"Hey Shinn, it's only 4:30, how come your back here so quick?" Cagalli asked

"Hey… well I don't feel quite well…" I replied

"Hey Shinn… is it because you did it with some girl?" Dearka snickered

"Dearka, that is so mean!" Milly smacked Dearka with a newspaper

"Ow ow! I'm just joking… sheesh!" Dearka confessed

I did not laugh, "I really don't feel well… I guess I should go sleep now…"

"Do you have a fever Shinn? Let me check", Athrun placed his hand on my forehead. "OH MY GAWD! It's burning hot! Cagalli, can you go get some medicine for Shinn? I'll take him to his room."

"Alright Athrun sweetie, I'll be up there when I find the medicine" Cagalli nodded and dashed into the storage room.

Athrun and I slowly walked to my bedroom, which is upstairs. At few occasions, Athrun helped me keep my balance as I weakly climbed the stairway to my room. When we arrived, Athrun told me to lie down in bed and rest. Soon after, Cagalli came in with the medicine and glass of water. I quickly downed the awful tasting substance with the water. After Cagalli and Athrun told me to spend the rest of the day in bed, I looked at the ceiling for a few minutes until my eyelids grew heavy.


After a few hours, Kira and Lacus arrived back home. After they took off their shoes, Athrun and Cagalli came out of nowhere and drag them into the living room. In the living room Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli, Dearka and Milly began to discuss some of the issues regarding Shinn

"Ok guys, Shinn have been acting very weird for the past few years… I'm kinda worried that something is killing his mind." Athrun started

"I agree, today outside, he had this very sad expression on his face... Something is really wrong" Kira said

"Heh… I bet he just needs a girlfriend, besides he is the only one in the gang who had not made a move on a girl yet." Dearka implied

"I have an idea, why don't we all ask him tomorrow… and he will tell us or else I will have to use force!" Cagalli suggested evilly

"I agree with Cagalli… but only the asking part, not the violence part" Lacus responded

"Well then, it is settled. Tomorrow when Shinn is having his spare time out at the beach, we will all go up to him and ask him!" Milly replied.


"Wh..wh……where am I?" I asked

No response. For some reason, I'm floating in space… white shining dots all over the place... I turned my head to the left and there lies Earth. I'm still wearing my street clothes… good thing I'm not naked.

"I…I…I…I'm in space?" I asked again, "Wait a second… if I am in space… there's no oxygen… Holy Crap I'm gonna die!" I freaked out.

After a few minutes of freaking out, I started to calm myself down… taking deep breaths.

"Wait a second… if I am in space… why is it that I can still breathe?" I wondered

Then I realized something.

"Is this a dream?" I asked

It must be a dream! It must be or else I would be dead by now! Stupid Shinn! My arms and legs are spread out. I tried to move them but I couldn't. It feels like I'm locked into this position. I looked around in this 'dream world' There are stars, planets, the Earth, the Moon, comets, some asteroids and this weird bright light flying towards me. Wait a second… a white light coming towards me? What the heck!

The white light is coming in faster and faster. I closed my eyes to be prepared for impact. After a few seconds… nothing happened. At first I thought it was already over but once I opened my eyes, I received the shock of my life.

The white light was right in front of me. To my surprise, my hand and arms are now able to move freely. I used my hands to touch this strange light. Suddenly, out of the blue, I hear someone calling my name

"Shinn…" the voice said

"Who is it? Who are you? Where are you?" I asked

"Shinn… has Shinn forgotten me?" it replied

I froze… jaws dropped. That voice, it is so familiar. I swear I heard that voice before many times but I just don't know who it is. Wait… did that voice just talked in third person? I knew only one person in my life who talked in third person… and that is… that is…

"Stellar? Is that you?" I asked shockingly. I look around to see if she is there. There is no sign of her… Wait……could she be in that white light?

"Stellar… is that you in front of me?" I asked

The white light suddenly started to take shape of a body. The light is now shining really bright. I covered my eyes in order to protect the blinding white light. After a while it stopped. I opened my eyes and saw… her. I was shaking like crazy.

"Hello Shinn, Stellar is here!" she smiled. She grabbed both of my hands and pulled herself towards me. I caught her and we were in a warm embrace. I started to cry. It's been almost 2 years since I last saw her… I looked at her and smiled. She smiled in return. I started to talk to her, and explain all the details after her death; How I avenged her, how the war got so messed up that we didn't even know what to do, I told her about my relationship with Luna. She gave me a sad face but when I told her about the break up and the reason, her face lit up with a smile.

"Shinn still cared about Stellar even though Stellar is far away from Shinn… Stellar … is really happy." She smiled

I gave her a smile. I told her I always think about her everyday. I told her I always sit on the beach every noon waiting for her. She blushed and smiled.

"Shinn… does Shinn remember what Stellar said on that day we met again?" She asked

I try to think back on that day… where I was shot down by Athrun and fell unconscious. I saw Stellar in front of me. She told me she's been given a 'tomorrow' in life and she said she will see me 'tomorrow'.

"Yes Stellar, you told me you will see me 'tomorrow'. But… I still don't understand what you mean." I responded

Stellar smiled at me.

"Shinn… Stellar has to go now… but don't worry about Stellar, Shinn… because Stellar will see Shinn really soon…" she said

"Stellar… wait! Why are you going right now?" I shouted

She slowly moved away from me… faster each second. I ran after her but she was just moving too fast… Suddenly there was this white flash that blinded me… I screamed as loud as I can…

I woke up, sweating, breathing heavily… It was just a dream… or was it…


"Are you sure this is the right place Mwu?" Murrue asked

"Yep, this is it… the lake where that kiddo buried Stellar" Mwu responded

Mwu and Murrue were on a boat in the middle of the lake where Stellar was buried. It is a really cold day. Snow is piled everywhere, the tress is all leafless. Mwu prepared his diving equipment while Murrue double checked if they are at the correct location.

"By analyzing the description from Shinn's diary, Stellar must be right under us." Mwu put his oxygen tube on.

"What! You read Shinn's diary?" Murrue exclaimed

"Well, I had to in order to find out where Stellar is" Mwu responded

"But Mwu, why are you doing this" Murrue asked

"Because darling, I owe that kid an apology…" After Mwu said that, he jumped into the cold, lonely water.

End of Chapter 1

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