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Epilogue of "I Will Give You Wings"

(PS: I really should thank Kurama's-Girl-Aura for helping me with the wedding vows! Thank you Aura! You've been a great help to my fan fictions!)


One year has passed…

Wow, I can't believe today is my wedding day. I am so happy and also very nervous. I guess everyone was really nervous on their wedding day. Few months ago, Kira and Athrun told me about their wedding days. They said it went well except Kira told me he was shaking like crazy when the vows were going on. Athrun told me that Cagalli was bossing him all around the place after their ceremony was over.

I put on my tuxedo. It looks really hot. Okay, I am not a narcissist. I am just saying that it looks really good on me. Kira and Athrun are now helping me get everything set up. Kira is fixing my hair while Athrun is helping me with the buttons and the bow tie.

"Don't worry Shinn," Kira smiled, "You just relax while we take care of everything."

"It's your wedding day Shinn, you should just chill and think of what you are gonna do after you get married" Asuran said with a wink.

"Haha," I blushed and gave them a chuckle, "Thank you guys."

After that day when I brought Stellar back. Everyone living in the mansion treats each other like a real family now. Kira is now working at a computer company. Athrun is a salesperson. Lacus is still a singer. Cagalli is now a manager of a big office company. Dearka…lets just say he is stuck in a men's job; Milly doesn't want him near any girls. Speaking of Milly, she is now a professional photographer. I am a professional artist and Stellar…she is slowly learning how to live with freedom and peace.

After I finish everything, I am good to go to the local church. Believe it or not, Reverend Malchio lives at the church there. I heard from Lacus that he now takes care of the orphans living in ORB.

Before I went out the door, Athrun told me the wedding plans.

"Okay Shinn, here's what we are going to do. You will go to the church first with the guests. Stellar will come later because we want to surprise you. Lacus and Cagalli are now fixing up her clothing. You won't be able to see her until the actual wedding ceremony begins. Good Luck Shinn!" Athrun gave me the thumbs up.

"Thanks Athrun, see you there!" I replied

When I walk out the door, so many people begin taking pictures of me in my tuxedo. I sweat dropped and smiled at them. In the crowd was the former crew of Minerva and the Archangel, Dearka, Milly, and guess what! Meyrin and Luna are here.

"Shinn-kun!" Luna and Meyrin shouted to the top of their lungs, "Congratulations Shinn!"

"Thank you Luna and Meyrin!" I shouted while getting pushed by people.

"We will be there at the church Shinn, See you later!" They shouted back.

"Okay!" I replied.

After 10 minutes of pushing and shoving down the stairs and out to the living room, I am finally out of the crowded mansion. The limousine is waiting for me outside. I quickly run for it because I was being chased by girls. Damn, they really like my suit don't they?

On the ride to the church, I thought about some of the good times I had with Stellar during the past year. I took her to the beach almost everyday; let her play with the water. We made sandcastles and drew pictures on the soft, wet sand. I taught her how to swim, how to draw, and how to do everyday chores such as cooking and laundry. Lacus taught her how to sing, Cagalli taught her how to dance, Athrun taught her how to build mechanical things, Kira taught her how to use the computer. Stellar really enjoys her new live, but she told me she really enjoys my company. It makes her feel safe and protected.

After 20 minutes in the car, I finally arrive at the church where my wedding will take place. The church is a small church, composed of a yard, a playground and the main building itself. It is located near the ocean. You can see the waves hitting the sandy shore in the distance.

When I got out of the car, Reverend Malchio, the blind priest, greeted me.

"Hello, Shinn Asuka," Reverend Malchio welcomed me, "How are you feeling today?"

"I feel great Reverend, and a little bit nervous." I replied.

"Don't worry about it Shinn," Reverend Malchio replied with a smile, "Marriage is a happy thing. You should be happy and not nervous. Here, come inside and take you time to calm yourself down. Don't be nervous."

"Thank you Reverend." I smiled.

I enter the church with Reverend Malchio. Everything is already prepared. The decorations in the main hall have already been set up. There are white ribbons connected to every row of seats in the church. On the walls are different colored ribbons, neatly placed.

"Who did all the beautiful decorations?" I asked

"Kira, Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, Dearka and Milly did it, along with the help from the orphans. They told me they want to make this the best wedding ever…just for you." Reverend Malchio replied with a smile.

Just for me. When I heard that the nervousness inside me disappeared. My best friends planned this wedding just for me and they said that they want it to be perfect. After all these years they did their best to make me feel happy.

"Thank you guys, thank you so much" I whispered while looking at stain glass windows on the roof of the building.

Suddenly I can hear cars outside the church. I guess the guests have come.

"Oh, I guess we should be starting soon," Reverend Malchio smiled, "Why don't you go to your waiting room. It is to the left of the entrance. You will see a door with your name on it. When all the guests have arrived, I'll send a runner down to get you to come."

"Okay," I replied.

I quickly walk to the room without being spotted by the guests.

In the room, there was only a mirror, a table and a sofa. I double check to see if my tux is okay on the mirror. Then I sit down on the sofa to kill some time. While waiting, I wonder about what Stellar is doing right now. She must be really happy or maybe she is nervous. Haha, well I bet she is happy. She might be new to weddings but I guess she is a big girl now. I wish my parents are here to see this. It makes me feel so sad that they are in another world, but I bet they are happy to see that I am getting married. They know I can take care of myself and I can visualize them up there smiling at me. I guess Stellar's parents are also happy too. We never found her real parents. Rumors told us that her parents were murdered the night she was taken in. But I can visualize them smiling at Stellar right now….

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I open it to see a little girl. She tells me that the wedding is about to begin.

(A/N: I don't have experience on weddings. I've never been to a wedding before in my life so if I make some mistakes in the procedures please let me know.)

The little girl stops at the door which leads into the main room of the church. I can hear Reverend Malchio say some things then suddenly, the little girl opens the door.

In the background I can hear the choir sing a beautiful hymn. As I enter the room, I can see all my friends sitting on the sides of where I am walking towards the front of the room. So many familiar faces; Lacus, Cagalli, Luna, Meyrin, Kira, Athrun, The Minerva and the Archangel crew members; Mwu and Murrue are here also; along with…Dan and his girlfriend (A/N: which will remain nameless until further notice), the guests totals to about 30-40 people.

In my heart I can feel the power of friendship flowing throughout my body. I can tell you it is the best feeling I've ever have. Ever since those days in the past, I was all arrogant about myself, thinking that I am the only one who suffered. But now, I can feel that I have changed a lot since then. To me now, self-centered is not important anymore, its friends that matters in my life.

When I arrive at the front, Reverend Malchio smiled at me. I gave him a smile in return even thought he can't see me. He knows that I am feeling happy.

"Now, would the bride enter and be joined with the groom?" Reverend Malchio said.

"OMG, I can finally see Stellar right now. I am so nervous" I thought and started to sweat.

The door opens again as I turn around to face it. The organ player starts to play "Here Comes the Bride". First person to come in is the flower girl. She must be another one of Reverend's orphans. She starts to throw flowers on the ground. How cute! Next is the ring bearer. It is a young boy about the same height as the girl before. He walks up to Reverend Malchio and waits for further instructions. Then finally I see…her.

I don't know what Lacus and Cagalli did to her but she looks like a goddess. My jaws dropped instantly when I laid my eyes on her. She is wearing a white wedding dress, glass slippers, white, long gloves and a beautiful gown above her face. On her hand, she is holding a beautiful bouquet consisting of 5 different types of flowers in different colors. Her hair looks just the same but her face looks more beautiful than before. I guess Lacus did some make-up on her.

When she arrives at the same spot as I am, Reverend Malchio starts the wedding. Before he did, I took a glimpse of Stellar and smiled. She noticed me and smiled in return.

"May the groom and bride please step forward and retrieve their rings?" Reverend Malchio said.

Stellar and I both step up while the ring bearer opened a small case containing 2 rings. The ring of the left must be mine because I recognize it when I proposed to Stellar a few months ago. I take my ring while Stellar takes hers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We will now join in holy matrimony with these two lovers," Reverend Malchio started, "Now more than ever, will both of your lives be entwined together as so will be your souls."

I start to smile and think back to the times where we first met.

"You will both honor and cherish each other through the best and worse of your times"

Then I switch to thinking about the time I first found out she was an Extended and when she was in Minerva suffering. I was always there for her, protecting her from harm.

"The safety and well being of each other will also be your responsibility"

I then remember the time where I brought her back to the Earth Alliance, promising to Neo that she will be out of war.

"May in sickness or in good health, your love burns bright like no force can extinguish it"

Then the Berlin incident happened, and she was gone…

"Does anyone object to this wedding? If so, please say it now." Reverend said.

I wait for a couple of seconds for anyone to speak their objection. There is nothing but silence.

"Those here stand witness to these vows bestowed upon you; you must act accordingly to them, understanding that we are nothing more but mortals on this earth, but this is our triumph"

Then after 2 years, she is now back with me, thank you Neo. I sometimes wonder…have I been forgiven?

"We here will now join these two mortals' entities and create an immortal love." Reverend Malchio begins the vows "Shinn Asuka, do you take Stellar Loussier as your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Yes, yes I do" I said with confidence

"And you Stellar Loussier, do you take Shinn Asuka as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Yes, Stellar do" She said with a smile.

"Now will you two please face each other while I begin the vows?" Reverend smiled and said.

When we both turn to look at each other, Reverend Malchio begins my vows first.

"Repeat after me Shinn Asuka," Reverend said, "I, Shinn Asuka"

"I, Shinn Asuka" I said.

"Take you, Stellar Loussier"

"Take you, Stellar Loussier"

"To be my lawfully wedded wife"

"To be my lawfully wedded wife"

"To have and to hold"

"To have and to hold"

"To love and to cherish"

"To love and to cherish" At this point, I start to let out tears.

"Through sickness and in health"

"Through sickness and in health"

"Until death do us apart"

"Until death do us apart"

While Reverend Malchio does Stellar's vows, I can feel the strength flowing into me. I can visualize the fire burning bright in my heart.

When Stellar is finish with her vows. I can see her eyes are all wet with tears. Then suddenly, she kneels on the floor and continues crying. I quickly walked to her side to ask what is going on. Everyone in the crowd stood up to see what was going on.

"Stellar, are you okay" I calmly asks

"S-Stellar is okay, Shinn," She replied in a weak voice, "Stellar just had some memories of Shinn in the past…Stellar is okay now" (A/N: After the wedding there will be another cute SxS scene for you SxS lovers out there)

"Okay…" I replied and helped her up.

"Is everything okay Shinn?" Reverend Malchio asked

"Yes, everything is fine now." I replied with a smile.

"And so, by the powers vested in me," Reverend Malchio smiled at both of us, "Shinn Asuka, Stellar Loussier, I pronounce you husband and wife! Shinn, you may kiss the bride"

Reverend Malchio just gave me the word to kiss Stellar. This is it! My heart is pumping blood everywhere so fast that my skin started to turn red. I turn around and face Stellar. I can see her face start to go red. I slowly lifted her wedding gown and look at her beautiful, attractive face. I move closer to her lips.

"I love you Stellar." I whispered and then our lips join together.

Suddenly the balloons hang around the room (A/N: Sorry forgot about the balloons LOL) explodes sending down thousands of small ribbons everywhere. Everyone sitting down suddenly stands up and starts to cheer, clap, whistle and howl (Dearka lol).

After holding the kiss for around 10 seconds, I stop and look at Stellar. I can see in her eyes that she is filled with joy and happiness. I can see why she chose me…I can see why she is destined to be my wife.

I move closer to Stellar and give her a light gentle hug. She blushes and accepts the hug. Suddenly for some unknown reason I have a feeling that Stellar is not feeling alright. I start to worry but I don't want to ask her now. Maybe I'll do that after we get home.

The organ player now plays "Wedding March". I offer Stellar her hand and she gladly accepts. We slowly walk down the red carpet and out the front door. Everyone else is behind us. The church bells starts to ring signifying a wedding has just ended. While we were at the door of our limousine, the gang suddenly pops out in front of us.

"Congratulations Shinn and Stellar!" They all shouted.

Stellar and I both blushed, "Haha thank you guys. It wouldn't be done without the help from you guys."

"Aww, don't mention it Shinn. We are just glad you and Stellar are finally together!" Lacus smiled at me

"Yea, and you know, you seem to change A LOT when Stellar is around!" Cagalli giggled.

I blushed, "Haha, Thanks Cagalli!"

"Well, was it that scary Shinn?" Kira asked

"Nah, everything is alright!" I lied. I was so nervous back there.

"That's good, how about you Stellar?" he asked again.

"Stellar was nervous, but Stellar feels fine later because Shinn was beside me." She blushed.

"Aww that's so cute!" Kira smiled.

"Well Shinn, the house is all yours until we get back. We are gonna go buy you two some presents and Lacus and Cagalli decided to make u guys a special dinner. In the meantime, don't do anything…adulty." Athrun said.

"WHAT! I HEARD THAT!" Cagalli shouted.

"Adulty?" Stellar asked

"Uh… nothing Stellar… nothing" I sweat dropped and blushed.

After a few minutes of talking, Stellar and I went into the limo. Before I went in, Dearka whispered something to my ear.

"Psst, hey Shinn, if you decide to…u know…get it on…I placed some…safety devices…under your pillow." He whispered and winked at me. I blushed red as a tomato.

Unluckily, Milly was right behind Dearka and she heard everything! She then smacks Dearka on the head and drag him away by the ear. Dearka starts screaming in pain.


When we arrive back home, Stellar quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me into my room. I wonder what the rush is.

After we both entered our room, she closes the door and locks it.

"Stellar, what was that about?" I started to blush, thinking that she was trying to make a move on me.

"Stellar likes to do that to Shinn" Stellar giggles, "Stellar likes to see Shinn blush."

"Oh… Hahaha I thought it was something else…" I joked

"What is that?"

"N-Nothing…" I blushed again.

She then sits down on my bed; I then sat down beside her. We still have our wedding outfits on.

"Stellar…" I began

"Yes Shinn?" she asked

"Why did you suddenly started to cry at our wedding today?" I asked her calmly

"…Nothing…" came the reply

"Something tells me you are not feeling well..." I looked at her with sad eyes, "Is it okay if I ask what is wrong?"

"No… Stellar doesn't want to tell Shinn… because… Stellar is afraid that Stellar will make Shinn mad…" She looked at the carpet with an empty expression on her face.

"Stellar… please tell me… I won't be mad at you, I promise." I smiled and touched her soft cheeks with my hand.

She starts to let out tears. I gently wipe them off.

"Is…Stellar…a bad girl?" Stellar asks

"Why do you say that?" I was surprised to hear her say that.

"Stellar… back in the wedding… had a bad memory." She began, "Stellar remembered many times Stellar tried to kill Shinn...Stellar remembers killing one of Shinn's friends (Heine) and many people… Stellar is a bad girl!"

She starts to cry in pain. I couldn't help it but to cry with her. Those painful memories are coming back. All the sadness and sorrow I've experienced are now back in my head.

"Stellar…" I wiped my tears and helped her wipe hers, "You are not a bad girl, Stellar."

"Shinn is wrong… Stellar is a bad girl…" She starts to cry again.

I could not help it but to hug her and let her cry it all out.

"Stellar… you are a good girl" I whispered into her ear

"Why!" she cried

"Because Stellar… you never knew what is right or wrong. You were being used by people who tell you what is the right thing but in truth, they are making you do horrible things. They tell you that killing people is the right thing to do, but it is really not the truth. Stellar…when I met you for the first time, I can tell that you are a cute, innocent girl in heart even though you couldn't tell what is right or wrong. That is why I love you Stellar because deep down inside your heart (I point to Stellar's heart) you are a good girl. If you still think you are a bad girl then…I will teach you how to become a good girl okay?" My face slowly glow red after saying each and every word.

"Shinn…" she started to cry again, gripping my tux hard.

"There, there, let it all out Stellar…"I smiled and rubbed her yellow, golden hair, "Stellar… you don't know me much… but I am a really bad boy."

Stellar suddenly stop crying. She then looks at me with confused eyes.

"What does Shinn mean? Shinn is not a bad boy…" She said.

"Stellar…you never knew what I did during the past. I killed many people…more than you. I kept thinking of vengeance and revenge that I lost control of myself. When my family was killed right in front of my eyes, I wanted to get revenge. Because of that, I suffered everyday trying to seek for revenge. You see Stellar… I am even worse than you… I'm a bad boy… in fact…I'm a monster."

"No… Shinn is not a bad boy, Stellar knows this. Shinn has always been nice to Stellar everyday. Shinn takes care of Stellar and Stellar really loves that. In Stellar's eyes, Stellar sees Shinn as the nicest person in the world. Stellar doesn't care of what Shinn did before. Stellar knows that Shinn will change; Stellar knows that Shinn is a nice boy." She smiled and gave me a gentle hug.

From what I just heard from now, I feel like I am reborn. I know from now on, Stellar will always be with me helping me change.

"Stellar…if you think you are a bad girl and if I think I'm a bad boy, shall we help each other out so we both can be a good boy and girl?"

"Okay!" Stellar giggles and started to push me down onto my bed. Then she went on top of me. That made me blush sooooooooo red!

"W-What are you doing?" I asked

Stellar giggled and smiled, "Stellar wants to see Shinn blush again"

"Oh…hahaha" I blushed red once again.

"Shinn…Stellar is sleepy," She yawned, "Stellar is tired, will Shinn sing me a song?"

Sing…a song? Damn, I'm kinda bad at singing though. Well…there is one song that I think I will sing to her. I hope she likes it… (A/N: it is not Primal Innocence)

"Okay Stellar, I will sing you a song." I replied with a smile

"Yay!" She smiled and hugged me.

"This song that I'm going to sing is for you Stellar, After the war I found this love song that I really love. (A/N: It is my favourite love song too!) It reminds me of you everyday. Whenever I am at the beach, I sing this song to you." I said

"Shinn…" Stellar whispered

I started.

"When…I saw you…for the…first time, I knew…you were the one…"

I start to play with her hair, making her comfortable.

"You…didn't say…a word…to me… but love…was in the air…"

"Then you…held my hand…and pulled me into your world."

"From that on…my life…has changed for good. Now I'll never feel lonely again…cause you are in my life…"

Stellar starts to cry. I too slowly begin to cry; remembering all the happy and sad times we had together.

"Love…how can I explain to you…The way I feel inside when I think of you… I thank you for everything that you showed me. Don't you ever forget that I love you…."

"Shinn…thank you…" she whispered. I lower my head to kiss her on her forehead. She returns the kiss back onto my cheeks.

"Love…I know that…someday…real soon, you'll be…right next to me."

"Holding…me so tight…so I will always be yours"

After hearing that, Stellar begins to tighten up the hug.

"Although we…can't be…together now…. Remember…I am here for you…when I know your there for me…"

Now Stellar's crying starts to get kind of intense. I gently place her head on my chest; comforting her.

"Whenever I want to be with you…I just close my eyes and pretend you're here. I see you…I touch you I feel you…like real. Nothing can ever change…what I feel inside."

Stellar crying stops after hearing those calm and emotional words.

"How long…must I be far away from you? I don't know dear but…I know we…are one…" (A/N: This song is called "The One". It is a theme song from my favourite online game. They have the song on their website and you can download it for free, but iono if you are allowed to give out sites though…)

Stellar suddenly cried, "Shinn…Stellar is so sorry for the bad things she done to Shinn and Shinn's friends… Stellar is sorry!"

"Stellar…please…its okay! Please don't be sorry… we all make mistakes and we all do bad things…but we all can change what we did wrong. Stellar…we are one… we will always be one. I will help you when you cry. You will comfort me when I am sad. This is love. And I will always love you forever ever after."

"Shinn…Shinn will always be Stellar's Shinn." She whispered (A/N: okay this line really sounds weird. What it means in normal English is 'You will always be my Shinn". Yes because of Stellar's 3rd person speech it kinda sounds like this. But I think its cute XD)

"And you will always be my Stellar…" I whispered back.

Then, once again, I receive a passionate kiss from the girl that I love so much.

This kiss took WAY longer than before because no one is at home soooooooooooooo you can say we kinda made out… safely… yes yes… (In my mind: Damn! I want to get things heated up… but nah… Danny (the writer) will not write a rated M fan fiction so I guess I have no choice but to keep it clean )

After the kiss, Stellar feels really tired.

"Stellar wants to sleep now… will Shinn sleep with Stellar?" she whispered.

I know that really sounds hot but I know she just wants me to be by her side.

"Okay, I feel tired too. Lets rest and wait till the others get back." I replied.

"Okay!" she finishes and we both fell into a deep, passionate, sleep…



Yay! Finished the story! I'm sorry for making another cliffhanger-like ending. But what I really want is to let you guys continue the story…in your minds Hahaha.

I hope I inspired lots of people to like Shinn x Stellar. I want to prove that these 2 people are really nice and sweet characters. I want to let u guys know that these 2 people have a good side in them. I know out there, there are a lot of Shinn haters. I want to prove that Shinn is actually a caring person as you see in Gundam Seed Destiny with Stellar and also in this fan fiction. I also want to prove that Stellar is a really innocent girl despite her killing abilities. This is the reason why I love these 2 characters, more than any other characters in the Seed series (But I do love the other characters! I just love SxS a little bit more than them!)

The reason I want to continue on with "Fairytale" and not with this fan fiction is because I want to put mostly ALL the characters from the Seed series, that means even the deceased characters will be back alive so that there will be more love scenes. I can't do that with IWGYW because it is set after GSD, so sorry guys.

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