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Chapter 1: Introduction

The repairs were beginning.

The damage done to the city in the Second Battle of Tortuga was incredible, but they were recovering. The city defenders were instrumental in the reconstruction efforts. They raided ships bound for other places for the raw materials, and brought them to Tortuga, including the driving force behind the reconstruction efforts—rum, and lots of it. They also helped rebuild several buildings, the most important of them first; the pub.

Needless to say, these defenders are those who serve Admiral Jack Sparrow.

And it was in this pub that Jack Sparrow was now, enjoying a large quantity of rum.

As usual.

A man approached Sparrow. Jack turned to look at the stranger. Don't ask how he knew that a newcomer was in the house. Call it pirate's intuition if you will. But, reason or no, he turned, and took in the man.

The man wore a blue coat, one very much like the Royal Navy. But he was not a man who served the King; that much was obvious. He wore the coat, but no wig or tricorn cap. His coat was not in the best of shape, but not ragged or out of use like deserters wore their coats. Then there was his voice when he said, "Admiral Sparrow." The second thing Jack noticed was his accent—American.

The first thing he noticed was that it was not a question.

"Aye. And you?" He held up a hand. "I'm going to make a few base assumptions here, savvy? You're an American. You're not a friend of King George—I am not either, so you're safe here; this town basically belongs to me. And you are from the American militia—not a militia, the militia; the Continental Army, if I'm not mistaken. And, judging by yer coat, yer something of a bigwig, aren't ye?" Sparrow extended a hand. "Am I wrong?"

"General Nathanael Greene at your service," as he took Sparrow's hand, "and right on all counts; particularly that you control this city."

"So, what can the Admiralty do for you, General Greene?" Rene Olstead.

"Well, we have an offer for you, Admiral."

"We, the Continental Army?"

"We, the Continental Army."

"I am now listening attentively, General." Jack Sparrow leaned back in the chair he sat in. General Greene also relaxed; it was difficult not to around Jack Sparrow. "What can I do for my American brethren?"