A/N: Danny and Kaylee are now 18, Jack is 19, Becca is 21, Bobby is 19, Drake is 18, Jesse is 24, and Melody is turning 3. Everyone's out of school (well accept for Melody because she's not in school yet).

Hi, You're my Daughter

Danny paced her room. She was totally freaking out. Her daughter was going to be here any min and she had no idea what to say or have ready.

In about one hour there was a knock on the door. She flew to it and when she opened it she saw her 2 year old daughter standing there, looking like she wanted to cry.

"Melody!" she cried, scooping up the little girl.

"Melanie." She said, in a cute little girl voice.



"No honey, your name is Melody."

She had a confused look on her face.

"Melody, I'm your mother. My name is Danny, but to you I'm mom. Do you remember me at all?" she asked, feeling tears spring up in her eyes.

The small girl searched her memories but when she though of a woman, she thought of a young happy healthy girl. This woman was sad, weary and gray. This couldn't be her mom. She pulled out a picture from her little jumper pocket. It was a picture of Danny and Jack holding hands. This was the picture from the day after Jack found out he was going to be a dad.

"Honey, that's me…" she whispered.

"No. Mommy happy. You sad." She stated. She was certain she was right.

"Melody, please try to remember me…" she pleaded, as she tucked some stray hairs behind her ears. She took the picture and tried to smile like she did that day. The little child seemed to make a connection though this must have been one of the crappiest smiles she's ever had. Melody looked up at her mom and smiled. That was Jacks smile and Danny knew that with all of her heart that this had to be his daughter. The test was wrong. Melody was jacks daughter, all the way. Melody grabbed Danny's hand and took her to the living room. She showed her mom a picture she had made. It was a little kids drawing, obviously, but it was the most amazing one she had ever seen. It was a picture of Danny with emerald green eyes and a silly outfit. It was the eyes that got to her. Somewhere deep inside her, a door opened. All of her sadness was gone. She scooped up her little girl and ran upstairs to where she knew Jack was.

I'll Wait Forever

Jack was inside the house, making sure Danny stays safe. No matter how depressed and lifeless she seemed, he stayed with her throughout it all. There was the occasional time where she was herself, even for a moment, and those are what kept him with her. Her friends didn't give up either. Kaylee was over every day and Becca came back from college to try and help. He heard a pounding sound coming from the stairs and was immediately worried. Then he heard giggling and he was curious. He walked over to the door and saw Danny and a little girl racing up the stairs.

"Danny? Melody?" he whispered, feeling a tear run down his cheek.

Danny ran over to him and pulled into a huge hug. He was crying, thinking it was only a dream. She was kissing him and wiping away his tears.


He realized it had to be real and bent down to look at the little girl.

"Hey honey, my name is-"

"Jack!" she giggled in her all to cute voice.

"yah, that's my name… Do you remember me?" he asked as a couple tears ran down his cheek.

"Jack is daddy. Mommy love daddy lots. Daddy go LALALALALALALA!" she said and pretended to sing.

"Well daddy wants you to know that he loves you very much. He missed you and he will never let you go. Never." He was sobbing now and he hugged her close. Danny knelt next to him and stroked his head.

"Ok daddy!" she laughed.

They all stayed there for a while until they heard a door slam. It was the front door and they knew only to well who it was.

"Melanie! Where are you angel? Mommy needs to stop playing games and give me my daughter!" he called, after not finding the two in the room.

"Bad man here. He scare me." She whispered, her body beginning to shake.

"Don't worry honey, he won't touch you ever again." Jack whispered as Danny pulled her into a hug. "Take her to my room. NOW!"

They hurried down the hall and left the door open a bit for Jack to run in. He came to the door and shut it, telling them he wouldn't be coming in. Danny's eyes got wide and she was afraid. What is he going to do? He should be in here with us I cant loose him! Not now after I have back Melody and everything's better! Danny thought.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs. No its Jesse!

"JACK!" she called out, while Melody started to cry.

"DADDY!" Melody cried.

Jack was heading down the stairs, though it sounded like someone was coming up. Stupid old stairs.

He ran outside and tripped in the snow. He heard Jesse come outside as well.

"Where's my daughter Punk?" he asked, mocking Jack.

"Somewhere you will never find her!" he said as he spit near Jesse's feet.

Jesse pulled out a gun. He shot Jack in the shoulder just as Danny dashed out of the house.

"JACK!" she screamed and she covered her mouth so she wouldn't throw up.

Melody was behind her and she started to wail.

"Well hello Danielle." Jesse said as he turned away from Jack.

Jack was on the ground arching his back, the blood pumping from his open wound, the snow around him turning red.

"YOU BASTARD!" Danny screamed. Melody clung to her leg and screamed louder.

"Now now, there's no need to scream. All I want is the kid." Jesse said.

"I WILL SCREAM! YOU SHOT MY FIANCE!" She screamed and ran to Jack. Melody followed, leaving no room for the crazy bastard to steal her.

Jack had stopped making noise and he lay still. The snow around him was red from his blood. Danny picked p his head and hugged it, pleading him to breath.

"Jack, I love you so much. Please don't leave me! I can't live without you! Please, Jack please." She sobbed.

He choked and blood landed on her face. She didn't even notice because she was hysterical.

Melody grabbed his hand with both of hers. She put it on her heart, and said "Daddy, make your heart go bump bump. Feel? My heart go bump bump."

His eyes fluttered open and he looked at Melody. "Melody, Danny, I love you both so much… -gasps- please, stay safe…..-gasp- Melody, my heart is always with yours….dont ever forget that kiddo. -gasp- Danny, I love you with all of my heart, and every ounce of love left in me -gasp-….." then he died. Or so they thought. Melody pulled out Danny's cell and Danny hugged Jack and kissed him a bunch. Melody was crying really hard as was Danny but she managed to call 911. She put it to Danny's head when the woman asked for an address and Danny managed to blurt it out.

Without you: Jesse McCartney

I like when you whisper softly
Things only I should hear
That lead me on

I like the way you smile at me
And make me feel like nothig'
Can go wrong (nothing can go wrong)

Tell me this will last forever,
Don't you ever leave...

I don't wanna be without u,
dream without u-
walk without u,
talk without u baby...

I'll never take a chance without u,
Dance without u,
Nothing is the same without U, baby...

I could never be without u,
Heal without u -
Begin without u,
End without u...

Baby I'm in need,
I can't breathe,
No I don't wanna be...
Without U

I love when your eyes wash over me
With a look only I can tell
What's on your mind...(no no no)

I love the way that you find me
Whenever I've lost my way,
Your just in time...(yeah)

Baby we've got something started
Say we'll never stop


I'll lock up my heart
and throw away the key
if that's what it takes
To keep you lovin' me...
You open the door,
To all that's good in me,
I cant deny the truth,
That I could never be without u...