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The Watch


Edward Elric was a handsome, wealthy and successful man, though he was perhaps a bit on the short side. His blonde hair which resembled the sunlight, making any woman jealous, and his golden eyes that seemed to pierce through anything. He had everything a man could ever want—money, a big house and a very nice car. It was weird how, even though any man would kill to be in his shoes, he wasn't happy.

It felt as though something was missing in his life. Somewhere in that brilliant mind of his, he knew what it was and was daily reminded by this by his best friend and brother Alphonse Elric. Apparently, Alphonse thought that Edward was simply missing a love in his life—someone to settle down with. He refused to acknowledge this of course; he had never had a real relationship before and wasn't very social. Sure, he had dated a guy name Russell for a while, but Russell had been a bastard to him and dumped him ruthlessly.

After that, Edward hadn't dated at all, simply because he didn't want to get hurt anymore. He had never been too fond of relationships—he thought they were just useless. They wouldn't work anyway and people would only get hurt.

That was what one part was telling him, the part of his mind that was in denial.

Whenever he saw his brother and Winry together, he felt a surge of jealousy running through him. Not because he had a crush on Winry or anything—he loved her like a sister, thank you very much—but simply because they were able to kiss, cuddle, comfort each other.

Sometimes he wished he could have that too, but he doubted the fact that he could ever truly fall in love.

Shrugging the thought off, Edward focused on the road. It was Alphonse's birthday tomorrow, so he had to go and get a present for his brother. He knew how Alphonse had always like things from China—he found their culture and country interesting, so Alphonse had decided to go and buy him something from a store in a town nearby. The ride wasn't too long, but it was just boring.

Finally arriving, Edward got out of the car and locked it, before entering the small and dark shop. It was filled with all sorts of Chinese artefacts—Buddha status, yin-yang items and other things Edward couldn't identify. If Alphonse had gone with him, he would've pointed out everything and would've chatted about it animatedly, telling him what it was and what it was for. Edward never had been interested in China that much and, to be honest, he found himself shivering. The smell of the store was nice though, he couldn't quite place it, but he liked it.

Edward groaned inwardly—he had known that the store wasn't too big, but they barely had anything Alphonse didn't already have!

"Good afternoon, sir," the man behind the counter said, nodding his head. He had a heavy accent, Edward noted. "Can I help you with anything?"

"Well," the blonde man started, tapping his index-finger against his chin. "My brother collects things from China, but I'm looking for something very special," he continued, glancing to one dark cabinets. The man nodded, smiling slightly.

"I'm guessing your brother already has many things?" he asked him. Edward nodded gruffly. "Well, I do have some… expensive artefacts," the man said and motioned Edward to follow him. The Chinese man led him to one of the rooms in the back of the store, apparently only meant for personnel, and switched on the light, revealing many boxes. In the middle stood a small table, which held several small objects, as well as some small chests. Edward raised an eyebrow sceptically, but followed the man to the middle of the room anyway.

As the man opened one of the chests, Edward glanced around and finally let his gaze drop on one of the glass showcases. Ignoring the other man completely, he walked over to that particular showcase, not really knowing why. It was like something was pulling him towards it, but he had no idea why.

"Sir?" the Chinese man questioned him. Edward ignored him again and glanced inside the showcase, surprised to see that there was only one item lying inside—a silver pocket watch. There was a picture engraved on it, though Edward couldn't make it out just yet, because of the dimmed lights. "Ah, that's not for sale, sir," the man said. The man had sneaked behind him and glanced over Edward's shoulder, eyeing the pocket watch himself. "The previous owner of this shop told me to never sell this to anyone—apparently, there's some sort of curse on it." Edward snorted.

"I need a new watch," the blonde stated, eyeing the item longingly. He had no idea why this particular watch attracted him so, but the thing was just screaming 'buy me! Buy me!'. Yeah, it's kind of scary, but Edward couldn't take his eyes off of it.

"It's not for sale," the man told him once more.

"Everything has a price, old man," Edward then said, tearing his eyes off the watch and looking at the Chinese man intently. "Name it and I'll pay you, money really isn't an issue," he added. And it was true—he hadn't been born wealthy, but he had made himself rich with his research for artificial limbs, which would move just like a normal leg or a normal arm. Edward hadn't really become famous with it, but it had made him enough money to last him the rest of his life.

The man eyed the younger one wearily—to be truthful, he had always wanted to get rid of the godforsaken watch, it gave him the creeps. And who was he to deny this young boy something he really wanted? It might have been unethical, but he honestly didn't care so much. He got rid of the watch, got paid and that was that.

"Seven hundred and it's yours," the man said. Edward blinked. It was an awful lot for a pocket watch, but then again… he could spare the money and something was just calling him. It was strange.

Edward gave the man his creditcard, picked out a gift for his little brother and was on his merry way with a brand new pocket watch.

It wasn't until he was back at his small apartment that he took a very good look at the watch. On the end, there hung a long, silver chain—the watch itself was surprisingly light in weight and the engravings were simply beautiful. Edward had never seen such detail, though he had to blush when he saw exactly what was engraved on the watch.

It was a man lying on a sofa, a smirk playing on his lips and his eyes… they seemed to be staring directly at Edward. The man was completely naked and even though it was engraved, Edward could clearly see the man had an incredible toned chest and was very well-endowed. He couldn't believe the one who had made this would sell this piece of art!

Edward became aroused quite quickly at the sight of the man lying very invitingly on the sofa and cursed himself for actually getting a hard-on from a pocket watch! Alphonse had been right—he really did need to get laid. Very quickly.

He sighed and sprawled himself on the bed, opening the watch. It had something carved in it as well, though not nearly with as much profession as the front—it said 'Don't forget' followed by a date. Edward frowned, and closed it again, eyeing the man on the front and subconsciously letting his finger run over the picture.

His fingers froze as he saw something an engraving shouldn't be able to do—the man had winked at him. At least, it seemed like that. Edward blinked and rubbed his eyes. That couldn't have been!

He flopped on his back and held the watch in front of him, eyeing it carefully. He had instantly remembered what the man had said—a curse. Edward hadn't questioned it any further, because he didn't believe in curses. After all, he was a man of science, he didn't bother with mystic stuff no one could prove.

It was just his mind playing tricks on him.

He let his eyes wander over the bottom side of the mystery man and quickly found himself getting aroused at the mere sight of him. Not really knowing he was actually doing it, he let his free hand wander down, grabbing the arousal and slowly pumping it, imagining the man lying next to him. His steady pace grew quicker very soon as he imagined the man pushing in and out of him, imagined the man's lips on his.

It didn't take long for him to cum over his hand and he fell back on the bed, panting slightly. He had masturbated before, but it had never been like this… never so real.

"Damn, I need a cold shower," Edward muttered to himself as he stood up and put the pocket watch down on the nightstand.

He slept very peacefully that night.