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Chapter 15

Edward didn't panic often. The first time he panicked, was when Alphonse had been beaten up by a bunch of losers. The younger Elric was put in a hospital, because he had been beaten so hard he was in a coma and Edward panicked when he heard from his mother, who was in tears herself. Apparently, the kids who had beaten him up thought it was funny to pick on children in wheelchairs.

Well, they didn't think it was funny after Edward was done with them.

The second time was when he realised his father had left them for good, when he hadn't returned from his job for six months. He had kicked and screamed at his mother that she should bring him back and that she shouldn't take his crap anymore, until his mother had dumped him in the river nearby to cool off.

The third, and final time, was when he was twelve and babysat a young girl named Nina. She was an adorable little girl and one day, when Edward entered the house, he found her father hovering over her dead body, a maniacal glint in his eyes. Edward had been blinded with anger, fear and confusion and started to beat on the older man, who only laughed in return. After Tucker, Nina's father, had passed out, he panicked and ran out of the house, yelling to random people on the streets that they should call an ambulance.

But now, after many years, he found himself panicking again as he looked around his apartment frantically for his watch. Every room was a mess, but he couldn't stop himself from looking and continued on, all the while yelling 'Roy!'.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

Roy was supposed to stay another week.

He had seven days left with him! How could he lose the damn thing?

He stopped searching when he heard a knock on his door and looked up.

"Nii-san!" Alphonse chirped from the other side. Edward blinked slowly, getting a hold of himself. Alphonse would know what to do—he always knew. After all, his younger brother was the smarter one and the more sensible of the two. He would know. Edward ran to the door and opened it, pulling a startled Alphonse into his apartment. "What's going on? You're all sweaty! Oh my God, don't tell me I walked into something! Ew!"

"Aru!" Edward yelled, his eyes wide. He felt as if he was on the verge of crying—was he going to feel this way when Roy would have to leave for good? At least now he had a chance of finding him, but what if he would need to go forever? "Roy—the watch is gone! I can't find it anywhere! Please, you have to help me, I can't lose him yet Aru, I can't!" Alphonse was quiet for a minute, before putting his hands on his brother's shoulders and his face turning serious.

"When did you last see it? Just relax, Nii-san, it'll be alright. We just have to think calmly and it'll be okay. Now, when did you last see it?"

"A—at the party, I think," Edward muttered, scratching his head. His breath became regular again and just the sight of his little brother made him calm down. "Yeah, I looked at the time there, maybe Russell found it!" Alphonse nodded.

"Yeah, you should call him," Alphonse said, smiling a little bit as Edward got a hold of himself. The older blonde gave him a small, forced smile in return, before heading to the phone and dialling Russell's cell phone number.

"Hi, Russ? Yeah, are you still at the party? Listen, did you happen to find a silver pocket watch with Roy coming out of it naked? No?" Alphonse slapped his forehead. "What do you mean you had sex with Jean in the broomcloset of Dr. Marcoh! I don't care about that! I want to know if you've seen Roy walking around in the nude!" After another minute of yelling and cursing, Edward hung up and turned to Alphonse.


"He didn't find the watch, but he said he would look for it," Edward replied, grabbing his red coat. "I'm going back there to look for it. Are you coming with me?"

"Definitely!" Alphonse yelled, pumping a fist in the air and bouncing after Edward.



"Russ!" Edward yelled as he waved at him from the distance. Russell was on his way to the forest near Marcoh's house, along with Jean. "What's going on?" he asked as he caught up with them.

"Dunno, but there's this really creepy guy who says he wants revenge on Marcoh!" Russell said, both excitement and fear in his eyes. "I have no idea what's going on, but people are saying that there's a man with black hair with him. You think that's Roy? I don't know if he's naked, though…" the taller blonde trailed off. "But anyway, this guy has Marcoh! He kidnapped him in front of everyone—a lot of people went home in fear and some stayed back in Marcoh's mansion, but me and Jean are gonna go after him."

"Hurry up then!" Edward yelled, running after Russell and Jean who led the way. Black hair was the only lead they had, but that was enough, right? It was worth a try anyway.

They ran through the forest for about ten minutes. It was hard to find the way when it was dark out and most of the boys at least tripped once.

"There he is!" Jean yelled as they arrived at a small lake. He pointed at the man standing near the side of the lake. It was hard to tell his looks, though the moon illuminated him at least a little. The man had a big scar on his forehead and white grey hair. His red eyes shone in the darkness and Edward had to suppress a shiver—this man was very scary. Dr. Marcoh lay on the floor next to him, whimpering softly. Edward gasped as he saw the person standing next to him.

"Roy," he whispered softly. The black-haired man seemed to be bitter as he stared at the small blonde and silently wished for him to leave. This man was dangerous and he couldn't bear the thought of the blonde dying because of him… "Roy! What's going on! Why are you helping him?" Roy shook his head, before lifting a hand and pointing it at the other man's pocket. Something silver was dangling out of it and Edward recognised it as the chain that hung on the silver watch. "He's the one who found it?" Edward asked, eyes widened. Roy nodded his head, his lips forming a thin line. He really didn't want to hurt anybody, but if he was forced to… even he couldn't stop it.

"This has nothing to do with you people. Leave," the scarred man said shortly, taking out a knife and holding it above Marcoh.

"Why are you doing this? What did Marcoh ever do to you!" Edward demanded. He looked at Scar and Roy, gritting his teeth—really, they could easily take the man down, had it not been for Marcoh. If they would approach him, the man would kill him immediately.

"This man killed my brother and I will avenge him, by killing him in return," the scarred man said.

"What!" Russell exclaimed. "That can't be true! I've been his assistant for a couple of years now and I've never seen Dr. Marcoh harm anyone!"

"Then you must be blind, boy," the man replied, his red eyes narrowing. "My brother disappeared one year ago, after an encounter with Marcoh. He disappeared for a couple of days and returned half-mad, muttering on and on about a Dr. Marcoh. He killed himself three days later," he pointed a finger at the whimpering Marcoh. "This man killed my brother, don't try to tell me otherwise and don't get in my way, because I'll kill you too. Anyone who is his assistant, deserves to die as well." Russell gritted his teeth, his eyes focusing on Marcoh.

"Is it true what this man is saying!" he demanded, clenching his fists.

"It was for an experiment," Marcoh defended himself, getting up off his knees. "It was for the good of mankind!" The scarred man plunged the knife into Marcoh's thigh, the doctor instantly falling to the ground again, clutching his leg. Edward narrowed his eyes—so Marcoh really had used live humans as experiments? That was horrible…

"That's still no reason to kill another person!" Edward argued, getting the attention of the scarred man back. "The only thing you'll accomplish is getting yourself in jail and what then? You think you'll be happy there?" The man snorted lightly.

"You think I'm happy now? Knowing that this man," he spat out the words, glaring at the whimpering and pathetic scientist lying at his feet. "Is actually getting honoured? Knowing that this man is the one who killed my brother, the only family I had left?"

Edward blinked once, his eyes going to Alphonse who had his fists clenched. If Alphonse had been the one… Edward would probably do the same thing.


The man turned to Roy, who still had his eyes on Edward. "Hold them back while I kill him. Kill them if they give you any problems," he said. Roy didn't respond to his request and instead took a couple of steps forward.

Edward seethed—he couldn't just stand there and watch how someone was getting killed. Not again… not after that time with Nina. He wouldn't allow it.

He would stop him this time.

"Nii-san!" Alphonse yelled as he saw his older brother dash forward. Edward didn't respond to his brother pleas, nor to Roy's who was begging him not to stop this, and instead ran towards the scarred man, who was looking at him in mild amusement, Marcoh temporarily forgotten. He didn't get far, since Roy was fast and punched him.

"Edward, stop it!" Roy yelled, his body moving on its own this time. It was the goddamn watch's doing—he couldn't deny an order, not physically at least. He could control his own voice and mind, but not his body, not when he desperately wanted to refuse an order. Edward didn't listen and instead tried to dodge his punches.

"No! I can't just stand there and watch this happening!" Edward retorted, taking another punch from Roy.

"Please, Edo," Roy pleaded again, as his body caught the knife that had been thrown at him by the scarred man. "He'll make me kill you, please stop," he continued, walking to Edward who lay on the ground, still recovering from the last punch he had taken. Edward didn't look at him and instead looked at the scarred man, who was watching on with a small smile on his face, watching the interaction between them.

"I can't," Edward insisted, standing up. Roy's eyes widened as he felt his arm which held the knife lift. His body advanced on Edward, who seemed to have trouble even standing straight, never mind dodging a knife.

"Please, please go," the black-haired man pleaded once more, realising that he was about to kill the only person he loved. "Please go," he said again. "Just go, I don't want to kill you, I love you."

And just like that, he felt his body stop.

He blinked once, the knife dropping on the ground as his whole body relaxed again. He raised his own arm tentatively, realising that he had control.

"R—Roy?" Edward stuttered, his eyes widened—he was torn between happiness and surprise. The thoughts of Marcoh and the other man slowly seeping out of his mind as he realised that Roy really did love him back—the words had never been spoken before, so he was surprised. "Y—you love me?"

"Yes," Roy whispered. "And I think the curse is broken, I can control my own body again," he continued, looking briefly at his own hands. The scarred man scowled and got out another knife within seconds and cut the doctor's throat.

"Marcoh!" Russell yelled, rushing over to his employer. Jean followed him and Alphonse instead ran over to the man, throwing several punches at him. When he found that the scarred man dodged them easily, he thought it would be best to just throw his auto-mail in the action and kicked him in the crotch. Hard. The scarred man instantly fell to the ground and Alphonse gave him another kick in the face, knocking him out. Jean called the police, while soothing Russell at the same time who held the now dead Marcoh in his arms.

"The curse is broken?" Edward asked Roy. Both were looking at each other from a distance, Edward wiping some blood off his face from their previous fight. The black-haired man nodded.

"My body… I could control it again, suddenly. It would make sense, though, the witch told me I could never love anyone…" he trailed off. "Guess she never figured I'd fall in love with a man." Edward gave him a small grin, before tackling the taller man to the ground and kissing him. Roy smiled happily, his hands finding Edward's hair and burying themselves in it.



One week later

"Well, it's official," Edward declared happily, straddling Roy's hips as he jumped on the bed. "It's midnight and you're still here! That means the curse really is broken!" Roy smirked lightly as he pulled the smaller man into a hug. "So, what are you gonna do with your new freedom?" he continued, his voice muffled by Roy's chest. He felt the black-haired man shrug.

"Probably gonna lie on your couch. Someone needs to guard it," he replied.

"Lazy bastard!" Edward exclaimed, pulling himself out of his grasp. "Anyway, I could buy you your own apartment. If you want to at least…" the blonde trailed off. Roy quirked an eyebrow.

"Why would I want that?"

"Well, don't you want to live by yourself? I mean, you know, see the world and stuff? Enjoy your freedom?" Roy rolled his eyes.

"I can do that in your apartment too," he pointed out. "Besides, don't you want me living here?"

"I do!" the blonde said. "But… I just figured, you know, you might like to have some freedom. I don't want you gone or anything, I like having you around. A lot."

"Then I'll stay here," Roy firmly said. "I wanna live with you forever, Edo, and I can enjoy my freedom here as much as I can in any other house." Edward swallowed, blushing lightly as he kissed Roy on the lips.

"I love you," he said, grinning. Roy smirked.

"Love you too, shorty."

The moment was ruined when Edward burst out yelling.