Title: Bouncing Back

Rating: M for:

-yaoi (yes, that's including male/male sex)




Summary: Sequel to Promise (read that story first, trust me, it'll make more sense, really!)

disclaimer: the Naruto characters are not mine! They are © to Masashi Kishimoto

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I feel a chill run over my arms, and down my spine. I feel my entire body wash from a comforting warm to a chill, and a throbbing pain wracks through my body. I'm awake once more. Shit, this hurts.

I try to move, only to hiss as another shot of pain registers from my thighs and my ass. A slight pressure against my back, just a spread hand from the feel of it, causes me to jump and without thinking I'm sitting up. Another shot of pain runs through me and I moan, doubling over.

"Sasori-danna…" I remember now, "It's alright, it's just me, un."

Deidara… how could I forget? The things he said, the things he did, the things he promised… the things I promised…

I moan again and look up at his worried face, "Sorry."

A smirk, just a perk of half his lips, graces his features, "Don't be! I understand completely, un!"

Does he? He certainly doesn't act it, but I'm not one to talk, I wouldn't be able to tell. The only people before now that I knew did things like this were first Leader and Itachi, then Leader and Kisame, and finally Leader with Orochimaru… and all that time I was stupid enough to think that it would never happen to me. I knew leader wouldn't come to me for his pleasures, he's a sadist to the end, and I don't bleed enough for him, despite the amount that I bled last night, I don't bleed enough for his extreme sadist ways.

He sits down next to me on the bed, "Need anything?"

I shrug. He probably doesn't even know his way around here. I know it took me the longest time to figure out which room was which and not get lost getting from point a to point b. The akatsuki lair is just too large to learn in a day. I wouldn't expect much from him were I to ask of it, but a writhing pain in my stomach from hunger and unrest causes me to think otherwise.

"Do you know where the cafeteria is?" my voice manages to stay even, despite the situation.

"Of course I do, un!" he instantly bounces up.

I nod, looking up at him, causing myself to lean back and put pressure on my sore ass. I hiss in pain and then look up again as I feel a fine coat of sweat form on my forehead, "I'll eat anything they have."

"Alright, un," he beams, "I'll be right back!"

I watch as he bounds from the room and I fall back onto my side. More pain races through me and I muffle a startled cry in my pillow. My fists clench as I twist and writhe, anything to try and rid myself of this pain. I finally run out of what little energy I earned when I had slept, and fall limp against my bed. I feel tears start to form in my eyes and I try desperately to hold them back. A shinobi should never show emotion, it's against the rules for a ninja to cry, and yet that's all I feel I can do. I let the tears slip silently down my face and mentally curse my weakness.

How could Deidara know what this is like? Has it happened to him? I don't see how, but I'm never really that surprised by humanities cruelty anymore. I look at the door that he left through and I know that while I hate showing emotion, and I hate caring about others, I will always be able to tell him what I feel, because he will care, and I know that I will care about him. If nothing else, it's because of the promises between us.


I quickly bound out of the room, shutting the door gently behind me. I look down the hall in both directions and stop. I don't know where the cafeteria is… I just wanted to help my Sasori-danna. Well, it has to be down one of these halls, may as well go try and find it. I start walking to my right, and though the air seems to be staler and less ventilated this way, that doesn't mean the cafeteria can't be deep in these halls.

I wander aimlessly, knowing only what I am looking for and sadly lacking the knowledge of where I am. The only thing I am sure of is the fact that my danna needs me, and I can't let him down. I make a turn where the hall ends and notice a few doors just like the doors to Sasori-danna's and my room, only these are more banged up.

I watch as one of the few non-damaged doors opens, and with the total realization of how lost I am, I dash forward at the first sign of akatsuki robes emerging.

"Hey, un, wait up," I call after the immense back of one of the fellow members, presumably, trying to catch up as he walks the other way.

As the shadowy figure turns and his face comes into view, I notice first his hair, which is blue and in an odd shape. Then there is his blue skin to match. As he lowers his cloak a little to get a better look at me, I get a better look at him, seeing markings on his skin that look like gills on a fish. Never met this guy before, I know I'd remember someone like him. When our eyes meet I see his annoyance and quickly decide to speak again.

"I-I'm sorry, un," I stammer out, "but where's the cafeteria?"

The towering shark man, because that's what he looks like: a shark, suddenly roars with laughter, "No where near here." He controls his laughter easily in a moment and then gives me a less hostile looks, almost friendly, "You're Deidara, that new guy, right?"

I nod.

"Follow me," he grins and motions for me to follow him back the way I just came from. He smirks again and turns to me when we finally find a pace where we can walk side by side, "I'm Kisame. I'm partners with Itachi, whether he likes it or not, but that's a whole 'nother story. Where's your partner?"

"Sasori-danna is hurt, I'm was trying to get us both some food," I raise my hand to scratch the back of my head in embarrassment, "though that didn't seem to go too well up to this point."

"Hmm… so you're the one that replaced Orochi," he mumbles, taking on a very thoughtful look.

"Orochi?" I glance up at him.

"Orochimaru," he comments, then a shiver seems to run through him, "Glad to know he's gone. That snake was bad news. I'm sure you've heard of Sir Leader's interesting tastes?"

I nod, having been warned briefly as a trainee by another, more experienced trainee, right before that guy was sent on a mission and killed.

"Well, he took my place sort of as a pet to Sir Leader, more like his favorite… toy, for lack of better words. It was driving the man crazy. That and the fact that he was scared of Itachi, who's like a fraction of the snake's age, that drove him MAD! No surprise the guy left, really," Kisame turns down another hall, and so do I.

"Oh…" my voice trails and I let it. Could this be the one that touched my Sasori-danna, this Orochimaru? Is he the one that hurt my danna? They describe the man as a snake… what could that mean? Was he a traitor, or literally a snake? Why would he hurt me Sasori-danna anyways?

"What's up," Kisame's voice breaks me from my thoughts.

"I think Orochimaru may have run for another reason, un," I comment.


"I… I think he raped Sasori, un," I force myself to say it fast, looking up to watch his reaction.

His face doesn't show anything. In fact, his whole body seems to now be held in a more reserved way, trying and succeeding in showing no emotions to the outside world. If I didn't know better I would say he is shocked. I think he has to be. I would be.

When we do arrive at the cafeteria, despite my getting lost in the beginning, he helps me find a variety of food with no problems, then turns to me, "You better get back to Sasori. He'll be wondering where you are, especially after your little detour."

I blush out of embarrassment, slightly, and nod, turning on my heel and hurrying back to my danna. I surprise myself when I reach the door without managing to get lost again. Knocking gently, I hear a slight rustle behind the door before a muffled 'go away' comes through to follow.

"It's me, Sasori-danna," I call, head against the door, letting my voice travel as direct a path as possible.

There's a long pause, as if he's thinking about something, before he answers, "Come in."

I do enter, too, managing to balance the food on my arms while opening the door. Once that is accomplished. I quickly grab the food once more, and push the door open the rest of the way with my shoulder. I shut the door behind me with my back, then look over to my danna. He looks shaken, and he's sitting with a very hunched over posture on the bed, blankets piled in his lap, sitting on a pillow. I've heard my Sasori-danna is an amazing fighter, and one hell of a tracker, so seeing his like this is rare and scary, knowing that he's much stronger than he looks. The fact that he didn't know automatically that it was me outside the door bothers me greatly.

"Sorry," he mumbles, as I sit on my bed after handing him his meal.

"Don't be, un," I wave it off, "it's fine! I understand completely!"

There's another long pause, like the one he took before letting me into the room, like there's something that he's debating in his head, but then he turns to me and comments, "Thank you."

I smile, "No problem, Sasori-danna."

"I'm not your danna…!" he snaps, "I'm not fit for it, I'm weak, disgustingly weak, and I know it." He lowers his head as he speaks, and when finished he takes his first bite of food, very tentatively.

I put my food to the side, slowly and gently moving so that I'm kneeling in front of him. He looks at me with distrust and confusion, like he's unsure of my intentions, and I'm sure he is, and he has every right to be. Slowly, letting him see everything I do with complete clarity, I reach up with my hand, letting it rest on his arm, and with the dawning knowledge that I'm not going to hurt him, the distrust in him ebbs away to just leave confusion. I keep my hand-mouth pressed closed and gently run my fingers over some scratches on his arms.

"I would never do this to you. I promised you that," I look up at him, "And I know you're strong, un. People here seem to be so scared of you or they simply respect your power. They do so because you ARE strong, and for me, un, it would be an honor to be able to call you my danna."

His eyes rest warily on the hand on his arm that I have continued my caress with, but I know he heard me. His eyes slowly follow my arm up to my shoulder, and then finally he looks me straight in the face.

His opposite hand finally moves, to cover mine, "Alright."

I smile, a wide grin, and he lets me go, so I retreat, eating some of my meal that is now turning cold on my bed.

"So," I start through a large bite, "since we're gonna be partners and all, I was wondering what you do, what your skills are?"

He smirks, half his mouth perking up, "I'm a puppeteer. I make puppets out of those I kill."

I look less taken aback than I am, because there's no way to express how taken aback I am, "Wow, I can't beat that, un. I make things out of clay, and I can then explode them, make them move, or make them large and fly. I really like the explosions, but my favorite thing is to fly."

A strange sound escapes his throat, and it takes me a moment to realize it was a suppressed laugh. I smile at him and I see him smile for the first time, but it looks unnatural, like he doesn't do it often, and I know he's still in shock.

A knock on the door confirms this. I watch him jump, and when he lands I can see his hands shaking as he tries to press them into his lap and stop the nervous gesture. I stand up, and answer the door by opening it just a crack, not wide enough to expose my danna. First, all I can see is Kisame, from before, but then I notice another man, further back, hidden by shadows and looking much smaller, much younger than Kisame. He has his cloak wrapped tightly around him, hiding his face and nearly all other features. His eyes, though, seem to pierce me when I meet them, like they can read my mind, and they are harsh. They glow red and black from behind the cloak, and for a moment it's like they start to move, but then they stop, and I look back to Kisame.

Kisame steps a little more towards the door and says, "Hey, Deidara, I told Itachi about running into you and…"

Itachi, apparently, cuts in, "Let us in. We want to see Sasori."

I hear my danna from behind me shifting around, and his voice responds, "Not now, Itachi."

Those deep red eyes swirl with anger and he tries to push me aside. When I don't give, he glares at me, a death threat in those eyes, and Kisame has to put a hand on his shoulder to make him turn. When he turns back to me the anger is still present, but the threat is gone.

"Let me through," he growls, low and like a predator. I don't move though. I promised my danna.

"Please Itachi, don't," a more forceful, yet still polite, demand from behind me.

Another glance from those crimson eyes, and then they close, a dark laugh emanating from behind the cloak, "So it is true!" The laugh goes cold and he continues, "I thought that Leader was just trying to brag about nonsense to someone, but for once it's not complete crap. There's no need to keep any secrets, Leader already let out the story about Orochimaru."

Kisame closes his eyes in apparent sympathy, heaving a sigh, "Sorry."

A cough like sound from behind me causes me to turn, and when I realize it was a sob, I drop to my danna's side. I rest his head against my chest and despite another sobbing sound, the other two in the doorway simply enter, and shut the door behind them. They seem to accept the sudden showing of emotion, and they also seem to understand the need for privacy as well.

Kisame pipes up again, "If it's any consolation, only Zetsu knows about it, other than us."

"Zetsu?" I ask quietly.

He nods, "A spy, he's a loner, but he's also the first Sir Leader tells anything to. He came and told us what had happened first thing he heard the story. Actually, it was just a few moments after you left the cafeteria, Deidara, that Itachi came in and then a minute more before Zetsu showed up."

I nod, understandingly, grasping my danna's back as he whimpers and moves closer. I kiss his hair, only knowing what I remember from when I was younger when it comes to comfort. I didn't get much then either, so it's difficult, but I remember some things. He moves closer again, this time more gratefully than desperately, and I can't help but smile secretly into his hair.

Itachi and Kisame stay silently at the other side of the room, though I watch as an uncertain hand moves to rest against Itachi's back. Kisame sits down, and Itachi moves to recline against the wall, allowing a hand to rest against Kisame's shoulder, which instantly causes the hand on Itachi's back to drop contentedly. Kisame eyes some of my untouched leftovers, and I nod, letting him know he can have them. He happily picks up the food and chomps down, earning him Itachi's eyes rolling.

After a few tense moments of holding me, Sasori-danna gently starts to lean back, and I loosen my arms as he sits up, suddenly stoic. I watch him check his posture, making sure he's as straight as possible as he looks across the room, making eye contact with both of our fellow akatsuki members.

Itachi speaks first, and something tells me that that isn't a rare occurrence, " So you two are partners now, eh?" He turns to me, "I know nothing of you, except that you've got some balls. Nobody stands up to me the way you did."

"I guess I'm "nobody" then, un," I answer.

"Tch," he sneers, "I'd watch it, I'm not always in a pleasant mood like right now. Besides, I know people like you, always happy, always strong, but you all run in the end."

If this is a good mood, than I'm in for a rude awakening when he's in a bad mood, "I'm not like that! un!"

He pushes off the wall, and drops the hand on Kisame's shoulder as he walks towards the door, "Prove it, then we'll talk."

I make a move to snap something back at him, but with a burst of chakara and a poof of smoke, he's gone. That's fine with me, though, he knows nothing about me. How dare he judge me like the rest of the people he has met? I'm not like everyone else, and if anything, I might be a little like him, though he seems to be more talk than action, but I'm not betting my money on anything where that guys involved.

It surprises me greatly when both Sasori-danna and Kisame burst into a fit of laughter, shaking me from my thoughts.

"Glad to see Itachi hasn't changed any," Sasori-danna grins.

"I think he's just glad that he isn't the new guy anymore," Kisame adds.

My danna nods, "Never has been the type to enjoy being looked down upon. He'll be ecstatic to be able to bully people around with power again."

"Again?" I chime in.

"Well for one," Kisame starts, "Orochimaru was terrified of him, and he always loved to toy with the snake." The moment the sentence finishes, Kisame's smile turns serious, "But also, Itachi was… the bane of his clan. He's the infamous Uchiha that wiped out his own family. It's not really my story to tell, but he did leave one of them, his brother, and after showing his brother through the sharingan, a blood trait of his clan, what he had done, he left his brother to train, so one day his little brother could kill him. Itachi became greatly feared through Konoha, where he had lived, and his little brother is the one that seems to hate him the most, though Itachi, on his regular, invisible I might add, visits to see his brother says that his brother's hate still isn't great enough. What most people don't know is that if he didn't actually gain the power over Konoha that he did when he slaughtered his clan, he would have gladly died by his brother's hands right then and there, because without that power there was no reason Itachi saw to live. He only lets on the belief that he loves being able to cause fear, and that without that life is meaningless to him, so that's what everyone has to believe, though everyone does not accept it."

"Without power, he is nothing to himself in his own eyes," my danna shortens the speech.

I glance over to the door that Itachi had disappeared in front of, and feel a little guilty, having heard his life's story behind his back. Does everyone here have secrets like him, though? Does everyone here have a broken past, like mine?

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