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Okay this is a one shot story , that I just came up with one day while I was bored. It's based on a theory that I have about the Harry Potter series. So if I get a good responce I'll continue.

Title "No one to turn to."

Chapter 1 No Choice at all.

Eileen Prince glanced in the mirror and sighed. She hated the way she looked. That jet black hair , pale skin , slightly long nose. Nothing a quick spell couldn't fix. But no her parents refused to allow her to use magic to alter her appearence.

" You were blessed with the Prince family looks. Are you saying you dont like the way your ansestors looked?"

" No Mother " Eilleen had replied angrilly and she stormed back up to her room.

" No boy is going to even look at me " she cried at the mirror. " It's not fair."

Eileen slammed her hand against the table and threw herself on her bed. She picked up her wand and looked at it.

" It would take five seconds " she mumbled. " Five seconds and I could look like a movie star. Even prettier than that Amelia Bones and Felimina Williams

Felimina Williams was the sister of Georgia Williams. Felimina was a witch but Georgia wasn't. Amelia was pretty with her long blonde hair and blue eyes and a dimple on her cheek. One smile and all the wizards would get weak in the knees. Eileen sighed again. She wasn't horrid looking. But she was so normal looking , there was nothing to enhance her beauty or add originality.

" Why do people have to be so shallow anyways " she said. " Why cant they accept me for me?"

" Maybe it is you who is shallow."

Eileen looked up and smiled as the door opened and a girl walked in.

" Felimina " said Eileen.

" Hi " said the girl.

Eileen sat down and pointed to the bed.

" Still moping about the mirror I see."

" I'm not."

" Yes you are. Honestly Eileen. If you dont gather some self esteem you are going to make some big mistakes in your life."

" Mistakes " laughed Eileen. " Thats a joke. I've already done that. I can see my life ahead of me. I'll be working in some grotty store serving you when you arrive in with your fancy boyfriend , fancy clothes and pockets full of cash."

" Hows the Gobstones going?"

" Fine. Why?"

" How did your results go for the summer?"

" They were good. Why?"

" And tell me. Did any of our other friends visit this week?"

" Yeah ... a while ago. Why?"

" Dont you see Eileen. You are smart , good at Gobstones and have good friends. How you look will not change any of that. Look Eileen I know you are ashamed also that your sister Margo in is Slytherin. But you are not."

" I suppose. But if I have children. What if they..."

" Hopefully they will be in Gryfindor like you."

" Yes. I hope so too."

" I'm going into Diagon Alley tomorrow. Do you want to come?"

" Yeah... I'd love to."

Felimina smiled. " You are way to uptight Eileen. You have to let go."

Eileen nodded and pushed the mirror away. " I know you are right."


The next day Eileen walked into Diagon Alley with Felimina and Lucinda Lupin. They decided to get a drink in the Leaky Cauldron

A group of young wizards sat down at a table beside them. Gavin Potter and Conor Weasley were among them.

" Hey look Felimina " whispered Lucinda. " Gavin Potter is looking at you."

Felimina blushed. " Do you think so? Stop Lucinda. He'll see you staring at him. He'll know we're talking about him."

" Thats the idea isn't it?" muttered Lucinda.

" No " cried Felimina giggling. " You're making me look stupid."

Lucinda laughed. " Hey look at Conor. Nice red hair dont you think?"

" I dont know " replied Felimina dreamilly. " It's Potter's black hair and glasses that does it for me."

" What about you Eileen. Killian Kinglsley looks nice. Very nice actually. He seems to suit you."

" No thank you " snapped Eileen.

" Oh Eileen you should give him a chance if you happen to attract him."

" Girls unlike you. I dont go looking for guys. I wait till one finds me and I do it without making a show of myself."

Eileen gulped down her drink in fustration. She had broken up with her boyfriend. Oliver Black a few months ago and she was still reeling in from it. Her Mother was friends with Mrs Black a complete dark Witch. But sadly Eileens Mother was a slytherin but her Father was a Ravenclaw.

" Are you still pining for Oliver?" asked Lucinda.

" No way " cried Eileen. " Yeah I miss not having a boyfriend. But Oliver was a bad person. I'm glad we are through. I just feel alone sometimes okay?"

" Aw Poor Eileen " said Lucinda. " Now that you have gotten that of your chest. Dont you feel better?"

" No."

" Well maybe a nice new guy will cheer you up and would you look here. There happens to be seven of them sitting at that very table. What a coincidence."


" Potter... Felimina is looking at you " said Conor.

" Is she?" said Gavin. " Lads someday I'm going to marry that girl."

They all laughed. " Yeah well Potter. Thats if she'll have you."

" Have me " cried Gavin. " Come on why wouldn't she? Yeah...and we'll have a son just like me. I like the name Alex or...James...yes I really like that name. My son ...James Potter."

" Ah come on Gavin. We're trying to eat and your making us sick."

" It's love guys. Thats what love does to you."

" At seventeen talking about kids. You must be out of your mind."

" Not now you idiot " laughed Gavin. " Later when I'm older."

" Isn't her red hair gorgeous " said Gavin. " And those green eyes. I could stare at them all day and not think about another thing."

" Thats it " said Conor. " I'm feeling nausous. Here Potter take some of this." He poured a bottle of butter beer down Gavins throat. Gavin coughed and spluttered until a white foam seeped out of his mouth and down his chin.

" Thanks for that " he gagged at Conor. " I've always wanted someone to attempt to choke me."

" No problem " said Conor. " I'll do it again if you mention one more word."


Lucinda stood up and smiled back at the two girls.

" Where are you going?" asked Felimina.

" To get another drink " she said.

" But your glass is full " said Eileen.

Lucinda rolled her eyes and kept on walking as she passed the lads table.

" Oh " said Eileen. " I see."