The three of them sat in the resteraunt in Diagon Alley eating in silence. The waiter waved his wand and their meals appeared before them.

" Thanks " mumbled Gavin and he wolfed down his meal. He glanced at Eileen and gave a weak smile. But she remained placid and picked at her dinner. Not eating nor playing.

" Well this is pleasant " said Felimina as she looked around her.

" I cant say I agree " added Gavin and he sipped his drink.

" I was being sarcastic " muttered Felimina.

" Soooooory " said Gavin and he folded his napkin. " Didn't mean to annoy you."

Eileen sighed and stood up. " Look I'll just leave you two to get aquainted. I've already ruined the day. There's still five hours of daylight left. Use it."

" No dont go Eileen " said Felimina. " Please sit down."

" Filli I'm tired. I havent been a great guest today and you both know it. I dont know...maybe I'm coming down with something. But I really have to get home. Enjoy the rest of the day and I'll see you soon. Bye Gavin."

Gavin nodded and waved as she ran out the door.

" What's wrong with Eileen?" said Felimina.

" I dont know " he replied. " I've never seen her like this before."

" You dont think it has something to do with that Riddle boy do you? I saw him looking at her Gavin I'm sure of it."

" Nah... Tom Riddle and Eileen. Eileen has far to much sense to pursue a person like him and anyways he doesnt take much interest in girls. He's too cold to love them and too mean spirited to care for anyone than himself."

" I hope you are right Gavin. Eileen is my best friend and I am worried about her."

" So am I " said Gavin. " But take it easy. She's smart. If anything is bothering her. She'll tell us."

" No I dont think so. Eileen always bottles thing up until they get too far. Then she does something stupid and gets hurt."

Felimina. Eileen would tell me if something was wrong. She's never been afraid to confide in me. So if something is wrong... I will tell you."

Felimina nodded. " I'm so sorry Gavin. It's been a lousy day."

" Not really " he said smiling.

" Really?" said Felimina.

" No the day has been lousy. But you look as good as ever. Come on lets go for a walk and I'll tell you how great you are. That should cheer you up."