When Good Girls Go Bad

Summary: This will be my shortest summary ever! Take a timid Hinata, make her brave, and turn her evil. What do you get?

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Chapter 1: Rejection I

Hinata slowly sat up in her bed, shielding her eyes from the blinding sunlight that was making its way past the lightly coloured lavender curtains which were supposed to keep the blinding rays away. After a few moments her eyes adjusted to the light and she put her hand down leaning against the headboard of her queen-sized bed for support as she put her hands in her lap and entwined them. Normally she would have been out of bed already and downstairs but something about today seemed different. It felt like something bad was going to happen that couldn't be reversed. Pushing the feeling aside, Hinata shifted her legs over the side of the bed and stayed like that for a few seconds before getting off and going to take a bath. Hinata opened her room door and walked out, locking the door behind her.

Neji also got out of his room. It was a little further down the corridor from Hinata's room and it was closer to the bathroom. Hinata continued to walk down the corridor, shrinking away from Neji as he sent a look of hated at her as they passed each other. Neji quickly went down the staircase, leaving Hinata staring at him unsure of what she ever did to make him hate her so much. Turning back around Hinata finished her walk to the bathroom. She did not bother to knock since she and her little sister were the only persons to use this bathroom and her sister never woke up early on Saturday mornings. Neji had his own bathroom in his room and Hiashi's room along with his bathroom was on the storey above this one. Hinata locked the bathroom door and undressed herself, taking a quick bath. She put on an oversized T-shirt and walked back to her room where she put on her normal clothes and combed her hair. The feeling that something was out of place still lingered but she continued to ignore it and went downstairs.

Hiashi was in the living room reading a novel and Neji was at the table twirling chopsticks in whatever was in his bowl. Hinata stopped and gave a small bow to Hiashi while saying, "Good morning father." Hiashi gave a small smile and answered with a nod and quick "Good morning." Hinata walked passed the table and softly said, "G-good morning Neji." Neji only glared at her before returning to whatever it was he was doing. In all truth, Neji had no reason to hate Hinata, and he didn't. All that he hated was that he was forced to protect her and he did try not to glare at her, but old habits die hard.

Hinata entered the kitchen and made some coffee. (A/N: Ha! I made a 13 year old drink coffee. Hehehe…) When it was ready she poured some in a cup and drank it. Washing the things she had added to the sink before leaving.

The streets were mostly empty, due to the fact that it was minutes to seven on a Saturday morning. The only people Hinata saw were opening their shops and preparing for the onslaught of customers later on in the day. She was going to the training grounds to meet Kiba. He had wanted to tell her something important and it seemed really urgent when he had asked her. She was early to the 10 o' clock meeting but she always came to the training grounds in the early morning. It gave her a chance to train by herself without having to try and impress anyone. She could make mistakes without anyone seeing and correct them without someone telling her what to do and making her feel worthless. She looked at the sky, taking in the way the dark blue melted into light blue, with mixtures of orange and yellow reflecting on clouds as the sun began to make its appearance.

Three and a half hours later Kiba arrived with Akamaru barking happily on his head and few villagers yelling at him from their windows tell him to keep his dog quiet because they were trying to sleep. Nothing different from any other morning apart from the bouquet of flowers he was running with.


Soon after Hinata left Neji stood up from the table and put his bowl in the sink. Actually the whole time it seemed as if he was twirling something in it, the bowl was empty. He washed up the bowl and left leaving Hiashi alone in the living room still reading his novel.


That was a weird sight- Kiba with flowers. Fine, maybe it wasn't weird. It was actually kind of cute, but Kiba always claimed that he could date any girl in the village that he wanted so what did he need flowers for. Maybe that's what he wanted to talk to her about. Maybe Kiba liked some girl and asking her out made him really nervous so he wanted to ask her for some advice. But why would he ask her? She never got asked out before. She can't even confess to the person she liked that she liked him. Maybe the flowers weren't for a girl… Maybe one of his relatives was dead and he was going to visit their grave after he told her what was so important. Maybe she was just jumping to conclusions. It wasn't really her business to know why Kiba had flowers with him. Was it?

Kiba stopped running and walked the rest of the way towards Hinata. Akamaru barked and Kiba looked up at him telling him something in return. "Ummm… Kiba-kun?" Kiba stopped talking to Akamaru and looked at Hinata. "Oh, sorry. Good morning Hinata." Kiba scratched the back of his head, but Hinata couldn't tell if it was apologetic or out of nervousness. "I-It's okay Kiba-kun. What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

Kiba seemed to turn pale. That must have been some real nerve-wrecking news. So Hinata tried another angle. "Who are the f-flowers for?"

His appearance didn't change but he started to talk at least. "Umm… well you see…" the paleness was replaced by a blush. "They- They're for…I mean…there's something… no…" He let out a groan.

Hinata stared at him weirdly. The only time she had seen Kiba act like this was when Shino and herself had caught him coming out an R- rated movie. That was when they had found out how much of a hentai Kiba really was. She suppressed the laughter that threatened to escape on remembering how Kiba had acted when they had caught him. "You know Kiba-kun, y-you don't have to tell me, if you don't want to."

"No! I mean… what I'm trying to say is that, well… Hinata…umm… I think I… no wait, I really… well…"

Hinata stared at him waiting which only seemed to make him even more nervous. "I… well I…" he let out another groan. "Dammit!"

"K-Kiba-kun are you sure you…" She was cut off by Kiba shouting, "Yes!"

"You see Hinata… I… well I… Hell with it!" He held out the flowers to her, swallowed his gut, closed his eyes and quickly said, "Hinata I think I love you!" Hinata just stared. This was awkward, more than awkward.

Unknown to the two ninjas, Neji was in the tree watching and hearing everything. His chakra was masked so he didn't have to worry about them finding him. Shino soon appeared beside him, his chakra also was also masked. They spoke in whispers. Neji looked at Shino for a brief moment before looking back at the scene taking place in front of him. "We should have brought popcorn." Shino glanced at Neji. "Why?"

"I never thought my cousin's affairs were so interesting to watch. Remind me to kill that dog boy after this though."

Hinata still stood there. She was shocked to say the least. This was Kiba. He was like a brother to her, not a person she wanted to be in a relationship with. Just a brother.

Kiba stood there, dreading what her answer could be but wanting to hear it all the same. At least if she said no he would know that he had enough courage to ask right? "Well?"

"K-Kiba-kun I… don't know what to say…"

"I am kind of hoping that you will say, 'I've been waiting forever to here you say that 'cause I love you too'."

Hinata looked at the ground. She didn't want to see his reaction to what she was about to say. "Kiba-kun, I…"


Neji and Shino leaned over a little more to hear better, and out of anticipation.


"Kiba-kun, I-I'm sorry… but I don't l-like you like that."

Kiba's arm lowered to his side. She said no, and it hurt. He could feel his heart shatter and fall into some kind of empty void in which only sorrow, pain and darkness could be found. Maybe he was being a little too overdramatic because all this soon changed to anger. "B-But WHY!"

Hinata felt even worse now. Guilt rising. "B-because I… I l-like someone else." Her voice came out really soft as if she was afraid to say anything at all, which she was.

"Who? I'm way better than him. I'll fight for you and protect you! I would jump off a cliff if you asked me to! Hell, if you like cats I'd by you a cat! Who could be better for you than me!"


Shino was secretly crying behind his glasses. It was like some romance movie that just made you feel like you were the one being rejected by the one you love. Neji almost fell off the branch. This was just like volume 47 of Icha Icha Paradise, only they weren't doing 'stuff'. It's not like he was pervert right? He just happened to have gotten volumes 1 to 10 from his pervert uncle and it was actually interesting to read. It's not his fault if he "accidentally" asked his uncle to send him the rest of the volumes as they came out. He was the victim. Exactly, now back to Hinata.


Hinata lowered her head and started using her fingers to poke each other. Still feeling Kiba's intense gaze on her, demanding her to answer his question she gave in unknowingly. Saying it over and over in her sub-conscience until it accidentally came out of her mouth. "I-I love Naruto-kun." It was so soft but they were all ninjas so everyone heard it clearly enough.

As a result Neji fell out of the tree laughing. Landing on his back with a thud and rolling around, trying to keep his hysterics under control. Hinata saw him and blushed really hard. Kiba ignored him, his anger getting the better of him. "NARUTO! That damn retard! How could you choose him over me?"

"Don't call Naruto-kun a retard KIBA!"

All eyes were on Hinata in shock. Neji even manage dot stop laughing as he looked at his usually quiet cousin. Hinata realizing what she just did blushed. "…Gomen."

"Hinata I…" Kiba dropped the flowers and walked away. There was no use in fighting it out. He had lost.

There was long pause as he walked away everyone looking at him with sad eyes filled with pity.

Someone could be heard crying and the two Hyuugas looked up the tree to Shino who was wiping his eyes with his sleeve. Neji looked at him in disbelief. Was he actually crying? As if reading his mind Shino said, "Gomen nasai, ignore me. I'm a little too over emotional far my own good."

The two Hyuugas looked at him questioningly. 'Emotional? You can keep a straight face if you lost your arm in battle."


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