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Seiko had long been a pupil of Pein. He had carried out various missions and tasks for his master with something very similar to what Kimimaro had felt towards Orochimaru. He never failed. Not once did he ever look back with anything but a satisfactory smirk at how he had been of use to his master. He was a tool. Well kept and sharpened so that the lightest touch could draw blood. As all tools, he acted only for the person who handled him. That person was Pein; that person was god.

He couldn't help but look back on his most recent mission however. The one that had taken so many years to complete and had involved the carving of his own tool.

His face was curiously blank as he though about the tool he had discarded and left to rust away by the dwindling stream. Hyuuga Hinata. Such a curious person. So torn and broken, and at first, so very dull. Seiko hadn't seen a dull and brittle blade when he looked at her though; despite how weak she had been he had seen more. He had seen the potential in her, and the very fragile hold on her sanity that kept her on the straight path. All she needed was a little push.

What great luck. He had found the tool he needed to complete his mission, and a tool that fit in so well with all his plans. Hyuuga Hajime, her older brother had been a victim of his long ago when they had accidentally crossed paths. He had thought that incident a hindrance at the time, but how useful it had come to be. He had taken the form of Hyuuga Hajime, and when Hinata had run from the village, crying and her soul shattered he had placed himself at the end of her dark tunnel and become her light. He had been gentle and understanding and strict and merciless. He had been her support when she was ready to collapse. He played into her fantasies and became everything she wanted him to be.

It had been simple. Gaining her trust came as soon as she started to see the results of their training, strengthening that trust was as simple as lending a listening ear as she whispered stories of the antics of the nine-tail's container at night. Her loyalty was garnered by teaching her the lessons of life, and letting her learn with her own intuition how to be a ninja. She had become such a wonderful piece of weaponry.

Still all weapons had its flaws, and Seiko knew he could not make her too perfect. A good tool she had to be, but she also had to be a tool that could be easily gotten rid of. That was when things had gotten hard. In playing Hajime, he had become what Hajime never was. He had become the older brother of Hyuuga Hinata. Protecting her from Orochimaru became a natural reaction rather than a calculated deduction. Wanting her to improve and grow into someone who could be proud of herself became a want rather than a mere need. He did not want her to die.

Still, it was good that she had.

Pein would not have accepted her. Pein would not have been pleased with him for allowing her to live. Hinata was loyal to him, but not to Pein. And even if she had been accepted. Akatsuki was no place for a mere girl.

She had died, and that was good.

Seiko could put all of this behind him now. He could wipe it from his memory banks and move on, continuing to serve his master until the time came that he would no longer be needed. He too would eventually be discarded and left to rust in the dirt.

Would he stay with his master then…? He believed he might. He believed he would. Kimimaro might try to talk him out of it, but would he follow him? Would he listen and forsake his master as he had told Kimimaro to do once before? He didn't think so.

The smirk finally found its home on his face. He had completed his mission, with little hindrance.

Pein would be proud.


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