Summer Rain: Chapter Two

Written by Celtic Warrior (Ah! What luck, I get to say it again!)

Sasuke was staying up late. This wasn't very unusual—often he would lie awake in his bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking about things. Or else he would roam the village. He liked the world better at night; it was a lot less noisy and a lot more peaceful. And quiet. The only sounds were the low droning of insects and the occasional rustle of leaves from the wind.

But this wasn't a kind of staying-up-late-because-horrible-nightmares-from-my-past-are-keeping-me-awake midnight venture. It was more like something-very-important-is-on-my-mind-and-I-can't-get-it-out-of-my-head-so-I-must-stay-up-and-think-about-it-at-the-risk-of-being-sleepy-tomorrow. Yeah, a lot like that.

The rain that had started around evening had slowly fashioned itself into a thunderstorm sometime around seven o'clock. Now, at midnight, the thunderstorm had passed over Konohagakure, leaving everything very wet and with a strong smell of rain.

Ever since Hinata had kissed him, Sasuke had been in a sort of daze. He'd walked home, ate dinner without hardly realizing what he was doing (this explains why he had been pouring milk into a bowl of instant ramen). And when night fell, he sat at his desk in his bedroom and stared out the window. Now, he was still in that daze.

Hinata…Was the solitary thing on his mind. Maybe he was even obsessing over her.

Oh, please, he thought. Me, of all people, can't obsess over anything, much less a girl. I have only one goal on my mind—to kill my brother. But before I'd decided that I needed to do this, I remember watching Hinata. I liked to watch her play ninja by herself. I never joined in; I only liked to watch her. And maybe say hello if we happened to cross paths. But all too soon I had to force my feelings away so that I can make my dream a reality…Like Hinata told me.

Sasuke sighed and rose from his desk. There was something that he needed to question, to confirm. He only hoped that Hinata Hyuuga was awake at this hour. He shut the lamp off, and for a brief moment wondered why he even had a lamp. The light it cast was flickering and whiskery. He shrugged mentally and proceeded to climb out of his window, expertly jumping to the ground.

The Hyuugas lived in a large, old house next door to the Uchihas (no, Uchiha). The front of the house had vines creeping over it, and it had a pleasant air of a family who was very rich but not snobbish in any way. Kind, caring people.

Hinata was, in fact, awake. Her eyes were closed and she was lying on her side, but she was awake. And her mind was racing.


Hinata's eyes snapped open and she thrust the thin blanket off of her. Sighing woefully, she walked over to the large window and leaned against the sill, burying her head in her arms. Gladly she let the cool rainy air play across her bare arms.

Hinata was wearing an oversized white T-shirt for sleeping in and purple shorts. Her bluish-purple hair was slightly tousled from meek attempts to actually sleep.

"Sasuke-kun," she whispered.

There were an awful lot of windows on the side of the house…Which one was Hinata's again? Sasuke didn't know. He didn't want to accidentally wake up her parents or her cousin and little sister. He scanned the three large windows and suddenly realized that there was a figure standing in one. A feminine figure that was tugging at her short hair and watching the moon.

"Hinata?" he whispered.

Hinata glanced down, and her face blushed lightly. "S-Sasuke-kun…What are you doing here? Sh-Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"Yes, but there was something I needed to ask you. Come down so I can talk to you properly."


The house was about two stories up. Hinata fearfully looked over the edge of the window—perhaps now was a bad time to mention her fear of heights? Hinata mustered her courage and swung her legs over the sill, and dropped down.

Luckily, she wasn't free falling. Smoothly she sailed down, using chakra to slow herself and cushion the impact of her feet. Once she touched the ground Hinata looked back up at her bedroom window, feeling slightly dizzy.

"You all right?" Sasuke said quickly. When she nodded he motioned for her to follow him.

Sasuke led Hinata partway into the forest, to the secret area where he trained. From the surrounding trees and ripped up grass, it was obvious that he had been doing a lot of training,

"Hinata," Sasuke said.

"Y-Yes, Sasuke-kun? Why did you ask me to come here with you?"

"Why did you kiss me?"

Hinata was shocked at the very blunt approach for this question. It took her a while to string together a response. "I, um, kissed you because…Um…I…I-I don't k-know why…" Of course, there was no way to answer that question. Hinata nervously pressed her two forefingers together and gazed at the ground.

"Hinata," Sasuke said, "sometime I would…I would like to train with you. I want to learn your moves, and maybe teach you how to become physically stronger. And maybe you could teach me how to become stronger mentally?"

Hinata knew that this was Sasuke's way of asking her out. She gave a small smile and replied, "I would be very glad, Sasuke."

"Great," the happiness was evident on Sasuke's face. Then he snaked a strong arm around Hinata's slender waist, and kissed her. It wasn't a peck on the cheek, like what Hinata had done before, but a full deep kiss, lips to lips, heart to heart, and soul to soul.

They broke apart and Hinata said, "How about we train tomorrow evening? I hear that the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny."

Author's Notes:

This story was SUPPOSED to have only one chapter and be a one-shot, but two people put it on their story alert list so I guess they were expecting a second chapter. "Summer Rain" should be described as a two-shot then, I suppose. I tried as hard as I could to keep them in character. It isn't very easy, because all of the stories I write are OC stories. With the exception of Scarred For Life, but Zuko's personality and his point of view is much easier to write about.

Also, notice how Hinata doesn't say Sasuke-kun when she said that she would be very glad. Why did I write that? I'm not really sure why. It makes more sense for it to be the other way around, because –kun is a Japanese form of affection used for boys who grew up together. Or something along those lines.

Keep in mind that this second chapter was a spur of the moment type thing. Spur of the moment…I love that phrase! I always use it and it clearly expresses me!

Anyways, kindly read and review. Or you could do it unkindly. No, kindly would work best. :)