My first Kiba/Kankuro story. Have fun reading. I know I had fun writing it.

Emotions soared through the air, the smell of frustration causing a certain boy's nose to flare as he breathed in the intoxicating smell of the other human that was right next to him. A hand clutched at his throat, slightly cutting off his flow of oxygen, yet fully arousing the boy that was being strangled. Savagely and with little warning, a leg shot between the boy's thighs as a mouth was put to his, saliva from the two beings mixing as tongues wrestled. The hand that had once been wrapped around the boy's neck now moved to the front of his clothing, tugging at the black fabric.

Kiba's eyes raged with lust. After breaking the kiss, he ran his fingers over the front of the person in front of him, following the curve of his muscles by memory. Even if they always had to meet in this shed at the dead of night, the feeling of their hands on each other was more than enough of a reward for sneaking around in the cover of night. Kiba's mouth hung open, exhaling hot air almost faster than he could breathe it in. The leg that was rubbing against his crotch drove him mad, his head resting against the wall of the shed as the leg moved around. "How do I know that it's really you?" Kiba joked, his words lazy as he had to force them out, his mind too drunk with hunger to think properly. Hands grabbed Kiba's and raised them over the dog ninja's head, pressing them against the wall as the two once again kissed. The hands of the other now moving down his arms, and their mouths parting, Kiba felt his head begin tilted by the fingers of the other, exposing his neck. His eyes winced as he felt the man bite at him, not breaking the skin, but bitting hard enough to leave a mark.

"Kankuro..." Kiba hissed, his fangs dripping with saliva as he felt the pain from the bite.

"Just returning the favor." Kankuro said once returning from the bite. His voice deep with passion as he played with the younger ninja. "Is that proof enough?" Kankuro said, showing his neck with a bite mark left by Kiba from a previous encounter.

Kiba's face was burning, the leg rubbing at his crotch bringing him to all new levels of agony. Kankuro buried a hand in Kiba's hair and then pulled his head back, licking from between his collarbones all the way up to his chin and then letting go of his hair to kiss him again. Overhead, a light swung, casting moving shadows all across the inside of the shed. Kiba watched it move, mesmerized by its' dizzying rotations. Kankuro pulled his headgear off, throwing it on a shelf across the small space of the shed while he kept his leg between Kiba's thighs, not giving him any mercy. Then, reaching up, Kankuro pulled the light string, darkening the shed and making them blind. Kiba fell out of the lights' trance after it had been turned off, now left in suspense as the leg had been withdrawn from his crotch.

The sounds of fabric rustling signified Kankuro was undressing, ready to start what he had came all the way to Konoha for. Kiba smelled the air as sweat became more prevalent, Kankuro's whole sweaty body now free to air out. Kiba wasted no time, he pulled off his pants in a flash. Then, getting on his knees and searching behind a bucket, he wrapped his hand around a small tube. They had hidden a bottle of lubricant in the shed a few months ago, each of them tired of sneaking around with it in their pockets. Standing up and snapping the bottle open, Kiba squeezed a glob of the goo out and spread it around in his hand. Kankuro turned around and went to his knees, knowing the sounds could mean only that Kiba was ready. Rubbing himself down, Kiba then knelt down behind Kankuro and steadied himself before pushing forward. It had been a fight for dominance, seeing which one would be on top and the other on the bottom. Normally, Kankuro would force himself onto Kiba, but tonight Kankuro wanted Kiba to be the leader.

Tonight wasn't the night for drawing it out, for one to greedily suckle the other before committing the final act. When Kankuro decided to take it, he intended to take it, nothing else. Anything more than kissing was unnecessary. Kankuro's hands now placed on the ground to support his weight, he assumed Kiba's favorite position. Doggy Style. He looked forward in the darkness at first, and then turned his head around to blindly stare at Kiba, his ears picking up Kiba heavy breathing. The sounds Kiba made would always drive him crazy. If he wasn't horny before, one moan, one heated breath from Kiba would quickly flip his switch and send him spiraling out of control until he could drain himself inside the body of the other male.

Kiba gritted his teeth as he waited for the time to be right to attack. Not often did he get control, only when Kankuro felt his inside itch and demanded that Kiba use himself to scratch it. Kiba grabbed himself with one hand and pumped, while his other hand gripped at Kankuro's behind, his nails making marks in his flesh as he spread him apart. Kankuro ran his bare fingers into the dirt of the Shed's floor. Moving his ass to bring Kiba back to reality, he dug his fingers deeper in the dirt, now buried up to his gloves.

The movement did indeed wake him up, Kiba now tapping himself against Kankuro's opening, teasing him before going in. Kankuro bite his bottom lip for a second before opening his mouth wide as he felt the dog ninja push inside of him. His walls stretched with much pain as Kiba slowly entered. Kankuro hissed with a mixture of pleasure and hurt as he was pulled apart from inside, his legs spreading farther apart and his arms giving in and putting all his weight on his elbows. Kiba had both of his hands resting heavily on Kankuro's cheeks as he quickened his speed, fucking him faster the best way to get him over the pain. After feeling Kankuro collapse to his elbows, Kiba took his hands and used his nails to scratch Kankuro's back. Their relationship was a bit masochistic, Kiba often clawing and biting Kankuro while Kankuro would be rough when it was his turn to be on top, his choking Kiba earlier being the perfect example.

Kankuro's skin broke out in goose bumps at Kiba's scratch. Kiba felt his lovers' skin roughen, and then leaned over and ran his hands to his underside. Gently gliding his sharp nails over Kankuro's chest, Kiba licked his back as he worked Kankuro's body over like a well trained pro. Kankuro bucked his hips once Kiba found his nipples, rubbing the nubs with the tips of his fingers while he still licked his back. Kankuro turned his hands into fists and hit them against the ground as Kiba played. This is why he'd normally take the lead, Kiba was an expert at knowing how to torture him until the very end. The thick meat of the dog ninja pulled out of the puppet ninja and pushed back in gently. Kiba's hands ran down to Kankuro's stomach, his nails tracing the firm lines of his abs. Kankuro, though heavy with muscle, was also a thick person. Though not like Chouji, he was considered big-boned. He didn't have rolls, just a big frame, quite the opposite from his brother, Gaara, who's frame was slim and petite. With this body came many things that were to Kiba's liking. One being his butt. Kiba loved it, considering it one of his favorite parts on Kankuro, other than his meaty dick and a few other choice zones. Kiba would often pat it while Kankuro was still dressed, the mounds firm to the hit. Kankuro would often blush and get angry, but Kiba would do it every chance he got.

Kiba followed the treasure trail from Kankuro's belly button and dug his nails in the thick fur of the larger boy's pubic hair. Kiba pulled at it, staling from giving Kankuro what his body shivered for. Then, in an instant, Kiba had the other boy's meat in his hand and began to pump it. Slowly at first, and then quicker as every stroke caused Kankuro to buck his hips and increase Kiba's pleasure as well. Kiba licked the back of Kankuro's neck, and then once he had dropped his head, Kiba licked his way over to the old mark from his last bite. He gave it a full lick before sinking his teeth back into the older boy's flesh. Kankuro bucked heavily as Kiba's hands worked to finish the job. While one was busy pulling at him, the other had now wrapped around his torso, holding him in a close hug.

Singing obscenities as he was being ridden, Kankuro felt every muscle in his body go numb and the pain from the bite on his neck disappear as he felt his orgasm slam into him harder than a speeding car into a wall. Kiba felt the 17 year old squirm underneath him, and bit down harder as he knew that Kankuro's nerves were temporarily deadened by his climax. His hand was slick with his lover's seed as he continued to pump Kankuro, finishing the job right before worrying about his finale. Kiba loosened his hold on Kankuro's neck as he felt his muscles calm down. Blood now running down his skin, Kankuro opened his eyes and slammed himself hard into Kiba's crotch. He wasn't drunk with pleasure anymore, he controlled himself once again, and he planned on taking advantage of the moment by using his body to finish Kiba off. True to his nature, Kankuro pushed himself at Kiba roughly, pushing Kiba back every time there bodies slammed into each other.

Removing his teeth from Kankuro's neck, Kiba moved upright then leaned back, his hands wrapping around his ankles as he let Kankuro do what he wanted. With newfound strength, Kankuro put his weight back on his hands as he looked back at Kiba and continued to ram onto him. Sounds of Kiba's breathing picking up now hitting Kankuro's ears, the puppet master tightened his muscles and moved faster, demanding Kiba give up and shoot his load. Kiba gripped at his ankles hard, his nails digging into his skin as he felt his climax run through him, the numb heat it caused spreading from his crotch to every corner of his body. As his toes tingled with the bliss of the orgasm, his head, too, was filled with the pleasurable feeling. Kiba threw his head back, his teeth gritted and eyes forced shut, as wave after wave of the wonderful agony rushed throughout him. Kankuro ceased his movements so he could feel the other boy spill inside of him, the liquid coating his insides and warming him up. Once the flood that had filled him up stopped flowing, Kankuro pulled himself off the dog ninja and stood up.

His hand searched for the light string, and once finding it he pulled at it, filling the shed with light and showing an almost knocked out Kiba who still sat on the floor. Kankuro just laughed at the sight of the weak Konoha ninja that was still breathing heavily. Finding his clothes and putting them on, Kankuro then grabbed Kiba's pants and threw them at his face.

"Get up. We are done here." Kankuro said, his voice deep with the kind of darkness that only ninja for the Sand Village could vocalize.

"Yeah, yeah!" Kiba said, lazily rasing a hand to pull the article of clothing off of his head. Standing up to put his legs in the pants, Kiba watched as Kankuro put his headgear back on. "Don't you ever get tired of this?"

"This what? Sex? Yeah right." Kankuro said, making his way over to the shed door.

"Not that, I mean this!" Kiba said, rasing his arms and turning around to emphasize the small, dirty shed they had been using for the past few months as their screwing base.

"What's with you all of a sudden?" Kankuro asked, rasing a painted-over eyebrow in response to Kiba's new attitude.

"I just wish we could do something besides meet up a few times a week, after midnight, and then come in here to have hot, yet completely meaningless sex!" Kiba said, flashing his fangs at the older ninja.

"I see nothing wrong with that." Kankuro said, standing with his hands on his hips as he stared down at the slightly shorter ninja. "I thought you liked it, too..."

"I do, but... I just wish we could see each other in the daylight." Kiba turned away from Kankuro and bent down to pick up the lube and hide it behind the mess so no one would find it. "Maybe we could hang out during the day, we could spar together, or if you didn't want to do that, you could walk Akamaru with me."

"Oh, God! Kiba are you going off on this 'Cutesy Couple' crap again!" Kankuro brought a hand up to his face to rub his temples.

"It's got nothing to do with being 'cutesy,' I just want us to act like we want more out of each other than a hole to fuck! You know?" Kiba said, getting upset at Kankuro's typical remarks.

"What's so bad about that?" Kankuro yelled, but not yelling too loud as to wake someone up.

"Just... let's do something sometime." Kiba said, doing his best to calm down.

"We just did." Kankuro said back, being difficult.

"Come over tomorrow, we'll walk Akamaru." Kiba said, taking control.

"No. I don't have to take orders from a weakling Chunnin." Kankuro told Kiba, staring at him dead in is eyes.

"So, about 3? Maybe 4?" Kiba ignored Kankuro's denial.

"I'm not coming?" Kankuro laughed.

"I'll see you then." Kiba grinned at Kankuro, his fangs making his smile seem evil. Then, pushing the door open, Kiba left Kankuro alone.

"That guy..." Kankuro growled, his face twisted in an angry grin as he also left the shed. The two had found this shed a while back, it was behind a house that had been empty for years. The house was still empty, but the shed still held ordinary things such as gardening tools.

Kankuro, as well as Temari, had moved to Konoha after becoming Jonin. They would help with the Chunnin Exams, as well as continue to repay their eternal debt to Konoha for attacking them. Kiba and Kankuro getting together started soon after Kankuro and his sister settled down. He remembered the dog ninja from when he had saved his life almost three years ago. It was actually Kiba who first approached Kankuro. With his now much larger dog, Akamaru, by his side, Kiba looked stronger than before. He still reeked with weakness, but he was obviously tougher. Kankuro was walking to his home, which was actually the home of a different family, but was being rented out to him and his sister until they found a place. Tsunade, the Hokage asked them to provide them with shelter, they were not given the place to rest by choice of the owners. That's where he was returning from, Tsunade's office. He had gone there to settle some matters after moving into the village. Temari had already been the day before, and she was now out somewhere, either at the academy or shopping. She was a creature of habit, tending to do the same thing over and over again. Because of this, he would rarely be seen with her. He was a loner, cut and dry. The only company Kankuro ever requested was that of his puppets that he kept strapped on his back.

The walk back to the house was short enough, Kankuro was happy for that. The sight of the strange people of Konoha always put Kankuro in a mood. He was forced by his brother to move here. His brother, Gaara, had become the fifth Kazekage, and because of that Kankuro couldn't refuse his orders. On his way to the house, however, he heard someone call his name from behind. Hesitating, then turning around to see who had call him, Kankuro was shocked to see someone he actually knew. He even smiled, though it was hardly visible.

"Kankuro? Is that you?" The dog ninja said, riding on top of his now beastly sized dog.

"Hey. What was your name again?" Kankuro asked as Kiba came closer.

"Kiba. I didn't think you'd remember. Say, what you doing in Konoha?" Kiba told him and then asked his question, now right in front of him.

"Gaara sent me to live here. Me and Temari. To help out with that Chunnin Exam bullshit." Kankuro said, turning back around and heading back home. He wasn't excited about living with strangers, and they weren't excited about having him, but he had nowhere else to go.

"Oh yeah? I think I remember Shikamaru was in charge of that Chunnin stuff, too..." Kiba said to himself, trailing off slightly, then coming back. "Where you headed?" Kiba asked, then seeing Kankuro's look of, 'why do you care?' "Just curious." Kiba then added, scratching Akamaru's back.

"Home." Kankuro told him plainly. His eyes darted down to Akamaru, looking at how big he was. "Get a new dog?"

"Oh no, this is Akamaru. When you saw him before he was just a puppy."Kiba patted his dog's head and watched as Kankuro stepped in front of them and knelt down to be face level with the dog. "Akamaru, this is Kankuro, he's the one who saved us that one time." Kiba told his dog, scratching his head.

"He was so puny, and now he's freaking huge!" Kankuro said, though he never really acted on it before, he always liked animals, dogs in particular. "Nin-dogs were always impressive." Kankuro said, not thinking Akamaru would understand, and was caught off guard when the large, white animal let out his tongue and gave Kankuro's face a giant lick. "AHH!" Kankuro fell to his butt and looked back up at the dog, drool dripping of the tip of his nose.

"I think he likes you! He's only done that to two other people before." Kiba laughed, the two other people being Shino and Hinata.

"Arf!" Akamaru barked, his voice no longer high pitched, but now deep and slightly more menacing. His tail wagged happily.

"Lucky for him I have waterproof face paint on..." Kankuro said as he wiped his face clean. Kankuro pretended to be mad, but on the inside he was dying to cuddle the giant dog. His father would never let him get a puppy, or any animal for that matter. Temari had always wanted a cat, but he didn't want their fur all over his clothes or their shit all over the carpet. Plus, Gaara probably would have killed them, anyway.

"Hey, why go home... I could show you around." Kiba said, offering to help Kankuro adjust to the new scenery.

"Thanks, but what would people think if they saw me hanging out with a kid like you." Kankuro said coldly, not trying to be rude, but it naturally sounding like he was.

"I'm 15, how old are you?" Kiba said, angry that he had been referred to as a kid.

"17." Kankuro said. "See the difference."

"Two years, big deal!" Kiba laughed, he wouldn't be blown off that easily. He noticed Kankuro started to walk towards a house to the side of the road, most likely the place which he was staying. "You stay here?"

"Yeah, what of it?" Kankuro said, defensive in case he had to be.

"Nothing, I just know the people who live here." Kiba said, getting off Akamaru and going to the door.

"..." Kankuro followed him wordlessly as the dog ninja made his was up to the house.

Kiba knocked at the door and waited for one of the people that lived there to answer. No one came, so Kankuro pushed himself in front and found the house key, and unlocked the door. "You coming?" Kankuro asked, his voice sounding like he was forced to invite him in. Kiba agreed and motioned for Akamaru to stay and wait. Obeying, Akamaru sat down and waited beside the door. Kankuro entered the house with Kiba close behind. They two slipping off their sandals and stepping on the wood floor in their socks.

"They gave Temari and me the upper floor. Tsunade made them let us live here, of course. Not like we know them, or anything." Kankuro told Kiba, the other boy listening silently. Kankuro led the younger boy up the stairs and then to his room.

"They are in charge of giving newcomers a place to stay, the people who live here." Kiba said, understanding why Kankuro would be here of all places.

Kiba entered Kankuro's room after he opened the door and plopped his puppets in the corner. It was bare, just having a bed and a dresser, the typical room for someone who wouldn't be staying long. "I'll be right back. Bathroom." Kankuro said, leaving the room and heading towards the bathroom. Kankuro shut the door behind him after leaving his room and then lied, heading down the stairs instead of to the bathroom. He opened the door slowly and exited the house, seeing Akamaru stand up after seeing him exit. His tail wagging, he looked at Kankuro not really knowing what was going on. Kneeling down in front of the dog again, and looking around to see if anyone was around, Kankuro then began to scratch under the dog's chin. Akamaru let him, his ears falling back as he was being scratched. "Damn it, you're such a cute dog!" Kankuro said to the canine, his face blushing at his finally being able to pet a dog. Akamaru pushed his face into Kankuro's and started to lick him again, getting several more laps in now that Kankuro allowed him to. Kankuro smiled and laughed lightly, now using both of his hands to scratch the dog's head and play with his ears.

"He is cute, isn't he?" Kiba said from behind Kankuro. He had heard him walk out the door and followed him curiously, now seeing why he had left. "Who knew you liked dogs, eh?" Kiba grinned as he saw Kankuro jump, embarrassed at being discovered acting like a kid.

"Where the hell did you come from?" Kankuro yelled, moving away from the dog and standing up, putting his serious face back on after wiping off the drool that had been on his face.

"If you wanted to pet him, you could have just asked." Kiba snickered, Akamaru now moving to his side. Kiba had liked Kankuro ever since he had saved him, but now that he saw him playing with Akamaru, he liked him even more. "You're not as tough as you put on..."

"Whatever, so I like dogs, what of it?" Kankuro said, becoming defensive after being found out.

In time, the two became closer. Kiba would come over to his house, in a month Kankuro and Temari had found a place to stay, and he'd bring Akamaru so Kankuro could pet him every once and awhile. Kankuro would always be hard on Kiba, that's just the kind of person her was. If you were his friend, you'd have to be ready to be berated at anytime for doing almost nothing. Kiba didn't mind, that was his kind of attitude, too. He would always treat Naruto or Chouji like that if they were together for longer than a few minutes. Of course they were still friends, they had gotten used to his attitude, and Kiba had gotten used to Kankuro. Being a Jounin, Kankuro would have several missions. And being a Chunnin, Kiba would have even more. The two didn't get much time to hang out, but the time they did have was reserved for each other. Temari would make fun of Kankuro for befriending a 15 year old, and Kankuro would just laugh, saying he was friends with him because he had Akamaru.

The only one that got away without being put down by Kankuro was Akamaru. Kankuro never said anything bad about him, he'd always just pat his head and give him an occasional scratch behind his ear. Akamaru quickly became infatuated with the puppet ninja, racing towards him whenever Kiba and Kankuro would cross paths. Akamaru was even happier when he noticed that Kankuro and Kiba were getting closer and closer with time. He was even there to see their first kiss. Kankuro was about to leave for a mission and Kiba and Akamaru had come to the gate of the village to see him off. Kankuro was on the mission alone, being fully capable of handling himself, so no partners were around to spoil the moment.

"Oh, Akamaru, I'll miss you, buddy!" Kankuro said while scratching the dog's head.

"You are so much nicer to Akamaru." Kiba said, laughing at the heavily cloaked puppet master.

"Get lost. I have to go now." Kankuro said, his voice turning cold once again.

"Keep talking like that and I'll make Akamaru stay home whenever we do stuff!" Kiba teased, getting close to Kankuro.

"Like you could." Kankuro taunted him, bending down to be eye level with the dog ninja.

And then, Akamaru moved up behind Kiba and used his head to tap the boy forward. The next thing either of them knew, they were locked at the lips. Kiba pushed away after a second, spitting like something had gotten in his mouth.

"Akamaru!" Kiba said angrily, wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

"Hey..." Kankuro said, grabbing both Kiba's attention and the collar of his shirt. Then, he pulled him forward and kissed the younger boy again, only this time they stayed like that for longer than a second.

Kankuro left in a flash, leaving a stupefied Kiba at the open gate, the gate guards staring at the boy with open mouths. Like in a comic strip, Kiba fell forward, frozen with shock. Akamaru grabbed him and threw him onto his back, then carried him home. The guards just closed the gate and went along with their day like nothing had happened. After that, things between them seemed to mold themselves. The first kiss led to the first french kiss, via Kankuro cornering Kiba on his couch one day and kissing him, first with a normal kiss and then opening his mouth, Kiba following and opening his as well. Every step that led them closer to the ultimate intimacy was in fact made by Kankuro. Both kisses, dry and wet, sudden embraces when Kiba wasn't paying attention, and then Kankuro's hand rubbing between Kiba's legs while they were kissing.

Kiba, immediately stopping the kiss and pushing Kankuro's hand away, looked at the elder boy with shocked eyes. Kankuro just kissed Kiba again and put his hand back, rubbing gently at the dog ninja's lower region. Kiba didn't stop him the second time, but in fact helped him by opening his legs and giving Kankuro full access. Temari, however, was home and once they heard her walking down the stairs, they two moved apart and pretended nothing happened. That's when the need for a secret place came in. Kiba had known of the shed behind an abandoned house a few blocks away from his house. He didn't have to offer it twice before Kankuro decided to meet him there one night and then they started to meet there from three to as many as five times a week, provided neither of them were away on missions. Kiba snuck out, not waking Akamaru, and ran in the darkness to the shed. Kankuro has no problem leaving his place, even if Temari caught him, which she had several times, she didn't care where he went. She knew what he was doing, too. Boys around his age were like rabbits, sex was often times higher up on their lists than eating. She didn't know who it was with, or if he wasn't just going off to jerk himself, but she was just happy he had the brains to take it elsewhere. The last image she wanted was one of her brother doing something when she walked into a room.

The first night went like planned. They both managed to get to the shed without any problems. And after they finished, both got home with just as much ease. Things were just perfect, until Kiba began to notice Kankuro not spending as much time with him during the day, just wanting to meet up at night. Kiba had to admit, he loved the sex. Kankuro was like nothing Kiba could have ever dreamed. Savage, brutal, the way Kankuro made love to Kiba was so purely animalistic that Kiba would often orgasm without even touching himself. But, no matter how wonderful the sex, Kiba wanted more out of the puppet carrying ninja. Akamaru missed him, he never got to see him anymore, so that's why Kiba decided to make Kankuro come over to take Akamaru for a walk. If not coming to see him, Kankuro would at least like to see Akamaru. Sitting in his bed, Kiba could see that the sun was beginning to rise. Pulling the covers over himself, Kiba rested his head on his pillow and actually found himself wondering if Kankuro was actually going to come. He'd just have to wait and see.

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