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"How long will you be again?" Kiba asked for the third time that day. Currently, he and Kankuro were just exiting Konoha, the giant gate doors opening slowly to let them exit, and then closing once they were outside.

"Are you deaf? I've said it enough, you should remember it by now." Kankuro remarked, a weak chuckle hidden underneath his voice. "A few days, maybe... It's nothing special, that's why I'm going alone. This place is just far off, so it'll take at least three days to get there if I go nonstop."

"...Ttehh..." Kiba uttered, looking at the ground as he imagined himself being alone for probably a week. Now several feet away from the entrance, Kankuro grabbed Kiba's arm and pulled him off to the side of the dirt road, quickly hiding themselves behind some trees.

"I've waited for you, you can just as easily wait for me..." Kankuro said, his hand still clutching at Kiba's arm.

"Yeah, well..." Kiba started, pulling his arm loose and moving his eyes away from Kankuro. "I normally have missions while you're away."

"Brat... I hate brats." Kankuro said coldly, causing Kiba to look up at him with a hint of worry in his eyes.

Kankuro saw the innocent fear in Kiba's eyes, and quickly brought his lips down to kiss the fear away. Kankuro knew he himself was rough, but Kiba must have liked it rough since he put up with it. Kankuro didn't really know what to think about Kiba. Temari would always get on Kankuro's case about him being an ass to people, that he'd never find someone that would stay with him for more than a week since he was so distant. And, he had always believed her, but now with Kiba, Kankuro wasn't sure anymore. However, he didn't really want to think about it either, he was sure Kiba didn't think about it too much, so why should he? He was just happy that whenever he came back to the still foreign village, something he knew every inch of was there waiting for him.

They pulled away when Kankuro began to feel an itch well up in his pants. There was no time for that now, he had a mission to complete. As tender as he could be, Kankuro brought a thumb up to rub against Kiba's lower lip before turning around and vanishing in a flash of wind. Kiba licked his lips and moved back onto the dirt road, walking towards the village. The doors creaked open again as Kiba got closer, and on the inside to greet him was none other than Akamaru, who was rather upset that he had been left alone, even if it had been for a minute. Kiba watched him come closer and heard him talk with a couple of barks. "Well, I hope we get a mission soon, boy... things can get so damn dull around here." Just then, like an annoying itch on the side of his head, Kiba felt like he was being watched, but as far as he could see, no one was looking at him.

Out of the corner of his eye, Kiba could see a fly buzzing around his head. He batted it away quickly, the sounds of it's wings buzzing irritating the young ninja. Perhaps it had been this fly that had drawn attention to Kiba's senses. The fly left, flying off in the air somewhere that Kiba didn't care. He deeply thought to himself about anything he could do. Only five minutes away from Kankuro and he was already bored to tears. Meanwhile, the fly that had been around Kiba's head was currently landing on a certain boy's shoulder. With a few twitches of his wings, the information for which he had been set out to find was told to his master, and then once all had been said, it flew off again, having done his job. The boy, who had been sitting when the fly landed on his shoulder, got up to his feet and walked off, bringing a hand up so his fingers could reposition his sunglasses on his nose.

The sun rested high in the sky over Konoha, and in the village's park, Kiba and Akamaru rested underneath the tree that they had the picnic at those days ago. It had been a few hours since Kiba and Akamaru made their way to the park. It wasn't just Kiba who had nothing to do, several of his peers also had nothing to do since there were no mission for them. Ino and Chouji were hanging around each other just outside the park. Kiba didn't say anything to them, but he did nod his head at Chouji as they passed each other. Now, Kiba was laying on the grass, the shadow of the tree hanging just over the top half of his body. There was nothing else to do but relax. He and Akamaru had run around for a bit before crashing in boredom, so now all Kiba wanted to do was rest, and maybe take a nap.

The sounds of the wind blowing through the trees and of Akamaru scratching his ear began to lull Kiba to sleep. He closed his eyes which grew too heavy to hold open. After what seemed like only a minute, Kiba felt a presence standing next to him. he didn't open his eyes too quickly, the energy felt familiar, so he took his time slowly pealing his eyelids back to look up at the tall figure that stood overhead.

"Shino?" Kiba questioned, not understanding why he'd be around.

"..." Shino stood motionless, dead silent as he looked down at Kiba through his sunglasses.

"What's... up?" Kiba didn't know what else to say. He could tell something was different... but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Where's Kankuro?" Shino asked, his monotone voice rumbling through the air.

"He went out for a mission earlier today, lucky fucker, wish I could have done the same." Kiba talked, he was never the kind of person to just answer with one or two words. "What about him?" Kiba sat up and leaned against the tree as he looked away from Shino for a minute and over to Akamaru, who had moved next to Shino to acknowledge his presence.

"This might seem kind of sudden, but... I don't think you should be seeing him any longer." Shino said, cut and dry.

"Say what? Why?" Kiba now looked back up at Shino, wondering what his teammate could possibly be getting at.

"I know what you two do." Shino said, he was no fool. He knew from the time they had the picnic something was going on between his friend and the Sand ninja.

"What the hell do you know, again? I'm not catching you!" Kiba was becoming defensive, the way Shino spoke, he couldn't help it.

"I know what he does for you, and..." Shino breathed in slightly before continuing, bringing a hand up to push up his sunglasses. "...what you do for him."

"..." Kiba thought of what to say, his face blushing as he gritted his teeth in an angry grin. "Shino, why does what me and Kankuro do matter? And why, especially, do you feel like you need to tell me what to do?" Kiba had to put his hands on his hips to keep himself from grabbing Shino's collar in his palms and shaking him around. "Can't I just take a nap in the park? Damn!"

"Look Kiba..." Shino said, trying to calm the younger boy down as best as he could. "I know you... and this isn't like you."

"You know me? What isn't like me! Fucking with Kankuro isn't like me?" Kiba shouted, looking around the park for anyone that might have heard him, luckily he wasn't as loud as he thought. "You're making no sense, Shino. Why come here and try to start something, eh?" Kiba kept his voice down, but still spoke with the same level of anger in his voice, his fangs showing more since his lips were curled back.

"I just don't think you should be fooling around like this." Shino said, his hands in his pockets as he looked straight at Kiba.

"I can do what I want, you're not my mother..." Kiba said, getting closer to Shino, ready to throw a fist. "...and how is it fooling around when we know what we are doing?"

"You're messing with someone who you shouldn't be. He isn't someone who you should expect to stand next to for very long." Shino talked slowly, making sure Kiba heard every word he had to say.

"I'd love to know where the hell this is all coming from so suddenly!" Kiba shouted again, not caring anymore since with every word he heard Shino utter, he became less capable of holding back his fury.

"Kiba, what do you need help understanding? The fact that he is too old for you, or the fact that he is someone who tried to destroy our village?" Shino said, still with no emotion, but it was obvious he, too, was becoming flustered.

"He was under orders to attack us, you know it's true!" Kiba said, his voice causing Akamaru to shy away as the two boys fought.

"Yes, but who's to say he won't get another order saying to do it again? For all you know, he could be preparing for it as we speak, and he could be using you to get what he wants." Shino told Kiba, knowing that continuing would only cause Kiba to grow more emotional, but he couldn't stop yet.

"Kankuro isn't here to start shit, alright! Unlike you, who is trying to trash someone behind their back!" Kiba yelled, his hands clenched into fists and shook with the need to slamm into the nearest wall of flesh.

"I'm just trying to look out for you Kiba, no need to act so hostile." Shino spoke, deciding it was time to leave the subject of Kankuro for the moment.

"Me acting hostile? I didn't do anything! Tell me, why are you so worried about Kankuro? Do you have proof that he might be starting something?" Kiba asked, going back to Kankuro despite Shino's attempts to move away.

"I don't want you to get hurt, Kiba, that's the only thing I'm thinking about right now." Shino said, something that was rather unexpected, coming from his mouth, anyway.

"..." Kiba was speechless for a second, the way Shino had spoke, he was almost sure he could feel some actual feeling behind his words. "Kankuro isn't your problem, dude, he's mine, and if he does try and betray us again, I'll deal with him." Kiba calmed down, knowing he had nothing to worry about Kankuro, but just saying what he did so that Shino would drop his apprehensions about the puppet master.

"I need to see you later, I'm not done yet." Shino said, hearing what Kiba had said, but not really listening. "..." Shino turned around and started to walk away.

"What? Why?" Kiba asked, not really wanting to get into another discussion with Shino, but not exactly having a choice, either.

"Meet me back here at nightfall, I trust you'll be able to make it." Shino said, not stopping as he continued to walk away. "Oh, and don't bring Akamaru, he might draw attention."

"Attention?" Kiba was confused, he almost wanted to bring Akamaru in spite, and as he looked down at his pet, he knew he probably should.

Time passed, and already the day had turned into night. Reluctantly, Kiba told Akamaru to stay put as he left his house and began to make his way to the park. Akamaru stayed where he was in the front yard, wanting to follow Kiba, but knowing he shouldn't.

Kiba still saw a few people walking around, just like him, though sparse. He was only going to the park again because he was curious to see what Shino wanted. Maybe he wanted to fight? Kiba would enjoy a nighttime rumble in the park anytime, and he would like even more to teach Shino to not talk down to him like he were still 12. What make Shino think he knew what he was talking about? No way would Kankuro backstab him after everything they've been through. Although Kiba wanted to believe that one hundred percent, he still couldn't help but think about the slim chance that maybe Kankuro was behind something. If Shino was worried, there must be something wrong, right?

Kiba was so lost in thought that he almost didn't notice that he had made it to the park. He had been walking out of pure habit, not needing to think as his legs took him to where he needed to go. With the sound of grass crushing under his steps, Kiba came back to reality as he began to walk towards the same tree he had been at earlier. Not seeing Shino, Kiba propped up against the wood and closed his eyes as he listened for sounds of his teammate walking across the grass. Instead of hearing the footsteps, all he heard was the sound of someone clearing his throat on the other side of the tree. Jumping slightly, having not noticed Shino at all, Kiba walked around the tree to see Shino, still in his normal getup, the oversized, hooded jacket, and his high-collared shirt underneath. Kiba still didn't know why he was feeling that Shino was somehow different, but he knew what he was feeling, and he didn't really like it.

"Damn, man... you scared me..." Kiba didn't lie, it was always unsettling when someone could sneak up on him. He never liked being surprised.

"You're late." Shino simply said, even though Kiba had been on time, Shino was the kind of person who counted by seconds, not just minutes.

"Hey, I'm here, aren't I?" Kiba stated, putting his hands in his pockets as he felt his skin get cold. Every time he looked at Shino, he could feel a chill run over his body. Kiba didn't like the way things felt. "So, what did you want? Better not start going off on anything, or I'm gone."

"..." Shino didn't say anything, and though it was normal for him to not say anything after someone had spoken to him, now, it was just a bit eerie.

"..." Kiba didn't say anything for a minute, instead, he just looked at Shino's eyes. He could feel Shino looking at him through his sunglasses, and the feeling was making him uneasy.

"Why do you like, Kankuro?" Shino asked, Kiba's eyes looking at him for a minute before sliding off to one side. "What does he do for you?"

"What?" Kiba asked shyly, not wanting to answer when it was really none of Shino's business. "Why would you want to know that?"

"Just answer my question, Kiba." Shino stood still as he waited for Kiba to answer him.

"No. Just because we are on the same team doesn't mean I have to tell you anything. Why are you so weird, Shino?" Kiba said, his voice a bit angry as he asked Shino a question instead.

"Tell me, does Kankuro know what you like? Or... does he only care about himself?" Shino ignored Kiba, not really asking the questions so that they could be answered, as much as he wanted to try and get in Kiba's skin.

"What are you saying?" Kiba backed up two feet as Shino inched closer. The feeling he had felt before began to grow, Shino was scaring him more than he could have thought possible.

"You aren't right for Kankuro, more importantly, he isn't right for you, Kiba." Shino said darkly, his voice seeming deadly as he spoke, like he was closing in on a kill. "I've known you longer than him, I know better than he what is best for you." Shino added as he reached a hand out towards Kiba's face.

"..." Kiba was frozen in fear as Shino raised a hand up to his cheek, the bug user's fingers rubbing at his tattooed skin. If Kiba wasn't mistaken, he would say Shino was tying to hit on him. Obviously Shino had never tried it before, since he was making Kiba want to piss his pants more than drop them.

"..." Shino didn't say anything as he mistook Kiba's frozen state as a sign that Kiba might be enjoying it.

"Shino, stop!" Kiba said loudly as Shino began to get closer. Kiba didn't know why he couldn't punch Shino away, in this kind of situation, Kiba would normally fight, but not now. Perhaps it was because it was Shino, and not someone else. He was friends with Shino, after all. "Don't make me!" Kiba threatened as Shino didn't stop his advances.

It really bothered Kiba that he couldn't just leave. In this sort of situation, one would think he could just turn around and run, but it wasn't so simple. It was Shino, this wasn't like him. It was almost like he was put under a spell. Kiba wanted to see what would happen next, if Shino was testing him or just trying to scare him. Although Shino had never ever played around like this before, there was always a first time. Kiba lied to himself, trying to hide the truth, that the reason he didn't leave was because he was truly curious. He wanted to see what Shino could do, and though he knew he loved Kankuro, he also knew that Shino would probably never act up like this again.

Shino saw in Kiba's eyes that he wasn't going to attack him. All bark and no bite, he had learned this over the years, that a puppy spoke big words to the things that controlled him. With unrushed steps, Shino made his way over to the shaking boy. His calm demeanor hid the years of wonder that had been building up inside of him. Now was the time to let it out. Kiba, though still afraid, was ready, and so was he. Shino took his hands out of his pockets and brought them up to pull back his hood, revealing the dark hair underneath.

Kiba bit his lips, he wanted to watch without feeling guilty. Right now, he could feel Kankuro busting his ass to try and get back as fast as he could, just so he could be with him. Kiba felt like a slut already, and he hadn't done anything. Maybe he shouldn't. Maybe he should just leave right now before Shino got anymore undressed. Shino shifted his shoulders so that his jacket fell down his arms, the sounds of the fabric rustling was the only thing that could be heard in Kiba's mind. Kiba yelled at himself to move, to pick up his feet and walk away, but he was stuck. He couldn't move no matter how hard he tried. The only things Kiba could move were his eyes. He looked around the park, and no one was around. Kiba noticed, that at night, the park was a very scary place. Shadows moved as trees were blown by the wind. The village was pitch black, the houses looking like they had been abandoned long ago, only a few buildings had their lights on still. And, what was even stranger, was that it wasn't that late. There should still be some lights on, even some people walking around outside. It was like the whole village was working with Shino, so that everything would be perfect for him as he tried to seduce his friend.

After the jacket, Shino moved to his shirt, unbuttoning it neither slowly nor fast. Kiba's mind was spinning, time was speeding by so quickly he felt like he was about to faint. Now was the time to decide what he was going to do. Run or stay? His eyes met the skin of Shino's chest. It was something he thought he'd never see, since Shino had always been so finicky about having every inch of his skin covered. He was pale, obviously since he had no sun touch him, but he was also muscular, though not like Kankuro. Shino was muscular in the skinny sense, kind of like Kiba was. You could see his muscles, but they didn't bulge, which was something Kiba had grown to love thanks to Kankuro. However, like Kankuro, Shino was tall. Kiba liked being shorter, liked being able to control something bigger than him.

While Kiba was battling with himself, he felt hands rest at the end of his shirt. Then, like he wasn't in control of his body, he lifted his arms while Shino pulled it over his head. Once the clothing was off of his body, Shino dropped the shirt to the ground and ran a hand through Kiba's hair. Grabbing a handful and pulling his head back, Shino exposed Kiba's throat. Kiba closed his eyes as he felt Shino lick at his neck, reminding him of Kankuro. Shino's other hand moved around to Kiba's back, pulling him closer. Kiba tried to push Shino off, but his muscles wouldn't work. He felt like his arms were soggy noodles, not able to do anything but bend under Shino's will.

Kiba could feel Shino's length as it was pressed into his crotch. Shino ground himself on Kiba, the feel of the other boy driving him wild. Kiba whimpered Shino's name, pleading him to stop though he knew he wouldn't. In fact, the sound of his name being said like that only drove Shino further. Kiba felt himself slipping as Shino moved his hand down to Kiba's rump, clutching at him with a savage need that no one could ever see Shino having. Never before had Kiba felt so helpless, it was frightening the way Shino cause him to go so weak. Kiba opened his eyes as Shino's hand made its' way down the younger boy's pants. Kiba tried to stop his hand from going further, but all he did was rest it over Shino's as he wrapped his hand around Kiba's swelling prick. His pants were dropped to his ankles as Shino pumped him, somehow pushing Kiba down so that he was on his back on the grass.

Kiba laid bare on the ground while Shino pumped him to full arousal. Then, something new happened. Kiba felt Shino move away from his dick, and then wrap his hands around Kiba's ankles, lifting his legs up and pushing them down so that his legs were spread. Shino eyed Kiba's entrance, his mouth watering for it. Kiba was confused at first as he saw his legs being moved to either side of him, but then he understood what was happening as Shino opened his mouth and licked at his lower entrance. Shino's skin went cold at the new feeling. Never had Kankuro done this to him, or did he do to Kankuro. It seemed like it would be gross, eating out a guy, but Kiba was amazed by how good it felt. Shino stuck his tongue inside of Kiba, tasting the inside of the boy as he held his thighs apart. Kiba squirmed as he felt Shino tickle his insides, his entire body breaking out in goose bumps at Shino's intrusion. Shino buried his face as he ate his fill. He'd been hungry for his partner for a while, wanting to taste him. Kiba watched the head between his legs, and brought a hand up to gab at Shino's hair, encouraging him to stay there as long as he liked. Shino took his hands away from Kiba's legs and brought his fingers to the place he was licking. He used one hand to spread Kiba, allowing easier access for his other hand. Sticking out his first two fingers, Shino dug himself deep into Kiba, feeling the warmth of the other boy on his digits.

Kiba threw his head back and watched the sky as he felt Shino slide his fingers in and out of his body. It was the guiltiest of pleasures. Kiba wished he could do something, but every second he fell deeper into the lust of the moment. Shino licked at Kiba's entrance as he continued to use his fingers. By this time, Kiba had let go of Shino's head, and moved on of his hands to his chest, his nails scratching at his skin as he felt his pleasure increase. With his other hand, Kiba used his sharp nails to dig into the ground. Pulling up grass and dirt alike, Kiba vented out his delight on the earth. Kiba imagined Kankuro being there. Kiba wanted Kankuro to be the one licking at him, in fact, Kiba actually visualized Shino being Kankuro. Because of this, Kiba allowed himself to continue.

Shino listened to Kiba as he moaned, his body writhing under his touch. He felt himself call through his pants. It was time to move on. Shino removed his fingers and sat up, unzipping his pants and pulling out his erection. Kiba looked at him, seeing the pale meat jetting out from Shino's lap. Shino pumped himself as he looked at Kiba, he was laying so vulnerable on the ground in front of him. He looked at every corner of him. Kiba's head had rested back on the ground for the time being, his eyes closed as his chest heaved with heavy breaths. His nipples were erect, and next to them, Shino could see a couple of scratches from where Kiba had just scratched himself. They were bleeding, Kiba didn't know how hard he pressed his nails down. Shino moved past the blood for a second and scanned down the rest of the boy's body. Kiba's stomach sported a just visible six-pack. His sweaty skin made his muscles that much more desirable. Shino then looked at the dog ninja's legs as they were spread, revealing the package between them. Kiba's erection stood in the air, waiting for Shino to return. After Shino looked at it for a second, he moved back between Kiba's legs and lifted the boy up by his waist.

He didn't know how big Kankuro was, but Shino was sure if he just pushed in, Kiba wouldn't hurt too much since he had most certainly practiced before. Kiba wrapped his legs around Shino's waist as Shino pulled him deeper into his lap, and then shoved himself inside Kiba. Forcing fleshy walls apart, Shino closed his eyes as he felt Kiba's body tighten around him. Shino basked in the feeling for a few moments before pulling out and slowly going back in. Unlike Kankuro, Shino went slower. He didn't bang in over and over again, he pushed in slowly so that he could feel everything he could inside of Kiba.

Kiba didn't mind Shino's speed, with it, he could feel every curve of Shino's dick as it ran against his insides. He could tell where the head was, and every time it was pushed back in, Kiba would shiver with pleasure. Remembering himself, Kiba wrapped a hand around his gorged member, bringing even more waves of pleasure down on him. Whenever he had something inside of himself, and then began to pull on his prick, every nerve in his body buzzed. Shino thrust in deeper every time, not afraid to hurt Kiba if it meant his whole cock could be enveloped in the sweet warmth and tightness.

In the middle of the sinful heat, Kiba began to feel guilt slam into him once again. Trying to hurry through, he pumped himself faster, wanting to come as fast as he could so that it might make him look bad. Little had he known, since he was no longer paying attention to what was going on inside of himself, Shino had already climaxed twice. He never would have known since Shino made no sound or gave any clues that he was coming. Kiba pulled quickly, moving faster and faster as each second passed.

Soon, Kiba could feel his seed rising to the edge. Grunting as he felt the liquid gush out, Kiba's muscles went into spasms, causing himself to grow tighter around Shino, thus ending him for the third time that night. Kiba stayed still for a while after finishing, trying to understand what had just happened. Had he really just done what he thought he did? There was no way he could turn back time, and from that very second, Kiba could feel his heart sink into a deep self-loathing.

Not once did Kiba look at Shino as he got his clothes and dresses. He left the park quickly, the moon lighting his path as Kiba walked home. He didn't say a word for the rest of the night, even Akamaru couldn't get him to talk. Akamaru knew something had happened with him and Shino, since Kiba had come back acting so strange. Akamaru didn't pretend to know what happened, all he could do was just sit beside Kiba in his time of numbness.

Time had passed fast over the next few days, five days running away before Kiba's eyes. Along the way, he had a few mission to take care of, but nothing that required more than a day to complete. One or two solo missions, having to deliver some packages across the village, and then one with just him and Hinata. She had noticed Kiba's change. Though he finished everything with no problem, he hardly said anything, something that was unheard of from Kiba. He didn't even talk to Akamaru. Hinata and Akamaru often found themselves looking at each other when Kiba would let out a sigh.

The day had come for Kankuro to return. He had actually finished it quicker than he had planned, arriving to his destination in two days instead of three, which was what he had first thought. Taking two days to get to the village, one day to complete his mission, and then two days to get back to Konoha, it only amounted to five days. He had a feeling Kiba was waiting for him at his house, so Kankuro was going to hurry to his place so he could leave his puppets and maybe grab a snack once he got inside the village.

Kankuro nodded his head to the ninja at the gate, the two nodding their heads as well and welcoming Kankuro back as they opened the gate. Kankuro waited for the doors to open up enough before stepping through and heading home. Honestly, he was tired from the mission, all he wanted to do was get on his bed and take a nap, but he knew Kiba would be sore at him if he didn't say hi the second he arrived. So, once getting to his house, putting his puppets in his room, and grabbing a sandwich from the fridge, which Temari had probably made for herself, Kankuro headed towards Kiba's house.

Swallowing the last bite of Temari's sandwich, Kankuro just walked the whole way, never really noticing the distance between his house and Kiba's before. On the way, he noticed one of Kiba's friends walking the other way down the road. It was Shino, in his heavy green jacket and high collared shirt that covered most of his body. Kankuro looked at him for a second, and when Shino noticed Kankuro, he brought his fingers up to push his sunglasses farther up onto his nose. Kankuro didn't pay any more attention to the boy as he continued walking the rest of the way to Kiba.

Kankuro made it to Kiba's house a few minutes later, casually walking up to his door and knocking instead of ringing. Kiba could probably hear the knock just as easily as the ring, so why not experiment with his abilities? Kankuro could feel something on the other side of the door coming closer, so he just waited for the door to open. He then heard a bark from the other side, a deep bark that could only come from Akamaru. "Akamaru?" Kankuro asked, knowing it was the dog, but wondering why Kiba hadn't come instead. He then heard the sound of the doorknob being toyed with. Most likely, it was Akamaru fumbling with it, trying to get it open.

Once it was opened, Akamaru greeted Kankuro, but this time his tail wasn't wagging as fast as it normally would upon seeing Kankuro. Kankuro came inside and closed the door behind him, kneeling down to pet Akamaru and letting the dog lick him a few times as he would tend to do.

"I missed you, boy." Kankuro talked to Akamaru like Kiba would. Kankuro didn't know why, but he felt something flutter in the pit of his stomach. "Akamaru... where's Kiba?" Kankuro finally asked the dog.

"..." Akamaru said nothing as he turned around and began to lead Kankuro down the hall.

Kankuro followed, Akamaru's silence bringing him to new levels of worry. Kiba's house seemed dark though light was indeed coming in through all the windows. Kankuro felt like he was in some kind of movie, where the person would come in and find their lover in a pile of their own blood upon their bedroom floor. Kankuro shook the images of Kiba's lifeless body from his mind as he neared the boy's room. He could tell the door was slightly ajar, as light from the inside spilled through the opened crack. Akamaru stopped outside the door, allowing Kankuro to enter first.

Kankuro stood in front of the door and looked down at the giant white dog. Akamaru just stared forward at the door, knowing what was to come. Kankuro pushed the door open and looked inside. At first all he could really see was light, some mess on the floor near the bed, and a couple of articles of clothing scattered around. Nothing unusual. And then, he could see Kiba's back as he was on his knees next to the dresser. Kankuro walked in a few steps and saw that Kiba had his hands in his hair, his fingers pulling at the strands of brunette as his body lightly shook as if he was freezing.

"K...Kiba!" Kankuro said, still staying where he was. Horrified by Kiba's position.

"No!" Kiba shot around, throwing something at Kankuro. The object hit the wall next to Kankuro's head, sticking out as Kiba had thrown it hard enough to pierce the hardness. Kankuro looked at the item, seeing it to be a metal nailfile. "Kankuro?" Kiba said as he stood up, revealing to Kankuro his naked upper torso.

"Kiba, what the...?" Kankuro said, ignoring the sudden attack as he saw Kiba's chest and stomach. "..." Kankuro rushed over to Kiba as he noticed four bloody scratches on Kiba's stomach, and then four older scratches on Kiba's chest. They looked like claw marks. "What's happened?" Kankuro was almost panicking. He caught Kiba as he was slumping back down to his knees, and found a shirt on the floor so that he could clean off the blood.

"Kankuro." Kiba said, sounding relived to see the older male. "Kankuro." Kiba said again, as if trying to convince himself that it was really him.

"Kiba, what the fuck happened?" Kankuro asked, his blood boiling at the sight of Kiba. He wiped the blood from the wounds on his stomach and looked at them before more blood could pour out. The new ones were deep, but not deep enough that he had to go to the hospital, and the older ones were already scabbed and healing nicely. If Kankuro wasn't mistake, he thought that the marks were made by Kiba himself.

"Akamaru stopped it, good boy." Kiba said as he began to doze off, his head resting on Kankuro's chest.

"Akamaru?" Kankuro turned around to look at the dog as he entered the room. "Kiba... what happened?" Kankuro asked again, but not getting a response since Kiba had fallen asleep instantly. "What did Akamaru stop, Kiba?" Kankuro asked softly, hugging the other boy closer as he felt his heart cry.

Kankuro stood up and carried Kiba to his bed, laying him down and then covering him with his blanket. "Akamaru, watch him. I don't know what happened here, and since I can't understand you, I guess I'll have to find things out on my own." Akamaru nodded his head as he moved next to the bed and stayed next to Kiba. Kankuro looked at Kiba for a second before Leaving the room and shutting the door. Kiba clenched his hands into fists as he left the house, quickly making his way to his home so he could retrieve his puppets, just incase.

Kankuro didn't know where to begin after he left his house. He remembered seeing Shino before getting to Kiba's house, and that gave him the idea to ask his friends if maybe they knew anything. He didn't know where he could find Shino, the kid was a mystery to him, but he did know where to find the girl, Hinata. Being that she was a member of one of the most influential families in the village, you'd have to be an idiot to now know where her house was. It was practically a tourist hotspot for people from outside villages. Kankuro hurried to the girl's home, and once he reached the door, he rang the bell. Quickly, the person inside answered the door as if they had been waiting for someone. Hinata happened to be the one nearest the door at the time, and when she opened, she blushed upon seeing Kankuro.

"Hinata..." Kankuro said immediately.

"Hello... Kankuro..." Hinata said softly, her mind riddled with questions as to why he was at her front door.

"I need to ask you some questions... about Kiba." Kankuro said, sounding like a true Jonin.

"Kiba?" Hinata perked up once she heard her friend's name. "W...what?"

"I just came back from a mission, I had been gone for five days..." Kankuro began, Hinata listening intently to each of his words. "When I came back. I went to see Kiba, and..." Hinata grew uneasy as Kankuro continued, she was just waiting for him to say Kiba was dead. "I found him in his room, scratched up and shaking, shaking like he was scared shitless."

"What?" Hinata said, her voice sounding shocked and worried at the same time.

"Have you seen anything strange in the past few days?" Kankuro asked.

"We had a mission together, maybe three days ago..." Hinata began. "He seemed strange. He was quite and didn't even talk to Akamaru. I thought...I thought, maybe he didn't want to be working with me... or that maybe he was having a rough, I..." Hinata said, feeling guilty for missing something that could have helped Kiba. "Didn't think anything of it..."

"He had said something about Akamaru having stopped something right before I had gotten there..." Kankuro said, telling Hinata all he could in hopes something would come to her mind.

"But, I don't have any idea of what had happened... though I do have a feeling it involved someone. By any chance, can you understand Akamaru?"

"Um... a little." Hinata said, it was true, she could understand Akamaru to a certain extent. Kiba had given her lessons ever since they had become a team. He had taught her to understand Akamaru when he said his name, her name, and even Shino's name. Plus, a few other phrases like, 'I'm hungry,' 'You are pretty,' and Kiba's favorite, 'I gotta piss.'

"Great! Would you mind coming with me to his house? Maybe you can understand Akamaru." Kankuro was getting excited, he had a lead, he just hoped Hinata would be able to understand something.

"Of course..." Hinata said as she closed the door and then returned a second later wearing her jacket. Kankuro hadn't noticed what she had been wearing under it before, but didn't really care. Hinata put her hands under her hair so she could pull it out from under her jacket, and then followed Kankuro to Kiba's house. The two jumped over roof tops until they made it to Kiba's.

Kankuro had left the door unlocked so he could come back in easier. Once inside, he lead Hinata to Kiba's room, opening his door and glad to see Akamaru still next to the bed, and Kiba still under the covers. Hinata shyly entered his room, not ever have being inside it before, but was almost moved to tears at seeing Kiba. Kankuro brought her to the bed and lifted back the covers and showed her the scratches on his body. Hinata covered her mouth with her hand at the sight.

"It looks like he scratched himself." Kankuro said as he placed the covers back over Kiba.

"Well... I know Kiba usually hurts himself when he wants to calm down... but" Hinata said, Kankuro listening to what she had to say. "I didn't know he'd scratch himself, normally he just bites himself."

"Alright, well see if you can understand Akamaru." Kankuro said, knowing Hinata probably knew Kiba's personal habits better than he did, so he didn't deny the possibility.

"Right... Akamaru?" Hinata said as she knelt down in front of the giant dog.

"Rooof... roouf... rarf..." Hinata didn't understand most of what he said, but somewhere in what he said she picked up two words that she knew.

"I'm not sure what he's saying... but," Hinata said, her last word causing Kankuro to tense up as he waited for her to speak again. "I did understand two words... Kiba... and Shino..."


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