Sailor moon belongs to what's her name and the tmnt belong to 4 kids/mirage and whoever else

this is au and people will definitely be out of character

the first chapter will be set after sailor moon s (season 3)

after chapter 1 timelines are all up in the air for both shows

I just started watching the new tmnt so bear with me I will also combine elements from the original tmnt series

chapter 1:death, rebirth, and a new life

"So it begins." Chronos muttered to himself as he froze time and came back a few seconds later holding an infant after watching the events that had just unfolded

"Father what are you doing?" asked Setsuna

"Changing something after everything this child went through she deserves a more normal life."

"What about the time lines?"

"I checked on that, Setsuna whatever you do in the future do not awaken her!"

"What about her avatar?"

"I took care of that, I'll see you shortly." With that said Chronos left towards a certain city. A few minutes later he arrived at the destination

"This should be it." with that said Chronos set the child down and waited a few minutes later a rustling was heard and Chronos hid behind the dumpster and watched as what looked like a humanoid rat came out and found the baby. "May your next life be better, child." with that said chronos disappeared meanwhile at the time gate another person was watching the events

'What have I done?' thought Setsuna with tears running down her face as she remembered the events that lead up to this 'I'm sorry'

Meanwhile back in the area another meeting was taking place

"How in the world did you get here?" asked Splinter as he picked the baby up and found a note underneath her and started to read it

To whoever finds this child please take care of her she doesn't have anyone else

signed Chronos

'I can't just leave her here' splinter thought as he took her with him "I wonder what your name is young one." "What's this, There's more to this note, according to this your name is Hotaru Tomoe?"

Hotaru just continued to giggle

"Well anyway I can't leave you here." With that said Splinter proceeded to return home with the infant in tow

end of prolouge