Disclaimer: been there done that

Disclaimer: been there done that

Okay this will be a few hours after the previous chapter

A few hours later school let out as Hotaru, Angel and Chibiusa went out towards the gate.

"So how do you like the place so far?" Angel asked Chibiusa.

"It's not that bad other than the football player that couldn't take the hint."

"He's never going to learn," Hotaru muttered as a beeping sound was heard. "Excuse me a second… Hello oh hi Leo. No I haven't seen Raph since this morning. Fine I'll keep an eye out for him but I am not a babysitter. Okay fine, bye."

"Is everything okay?" Chibiusa asked in concern as Hotaru put her phone away.

"It's fine. My brother had a fight with my other brother and he's bailed again."

"I know how that is, my sister is always driving me crazy," Chibiusa said in sympathy.

"Well I better head out I have to go run an errand and track my brother down. Chibiusa, it was nice meeting you. Tenshi do me a favor, if you see Raph tell him to call home so Leo will calm down before he drives everyone nuts."

"Sure see you later, Firefly," Angel waved as Hotaru walked off.

A few minutes later Hotaru was on her way to April's place when she felt a presence behind her.

"Okay who's there?" Hotaru asked as she pulled out the glaive she used as her weapon and pushed the button on it causing it to extend to its full length.

"Hey squirt, it's only me," Raphael said as he stepped out of the shadows.

"Geez Raph, don't do that."

"Sorry squirt. So where are you going off to?"

"April's. What about you? I heard you and Leo were at it again."

"When are we not?"

"Heh, Good point. Hey, you want to come with me? Give you a chance to cool off?"

"Sure squirt, why not?"

Suddenly what looked like a rose came flying down in front of them along with what looked like a guy in a tuxedo and top hat.

"Okay, even for New York this is weird," Hotaru grumbled to herself.

"Stop right there you monster, I will not allow you to harm this kid."

"Raph can I ask you something?"

"Sure squirt shoot."

"I know I missed some of the stuff you guys got into so who the hell is that and what did you do now?"

"I have no clue."

"Okay who the hell are you?"

"I am Tuxedo Mask," The weirdo in the tuxedo outfit declared "Fear not young lady I will save you from this monster."

"Hey watch it buddy! That's my brother you're talking about!"

"He is a monster, I will stop him!" Tuxedo Mask declared as he tried to hit Raphael with his cane which had no effect.

"What was that suppose to do again?" Raphael asked. "You said your name was Tuxedo Mask? How about Tuxedo Moron?"

"Why you?" Tuxedo Mask was about to reply when he found a glaive at his throat.

"I don't think so," Hotaru replied as she grabbed his cane, "Now be a good boy, and go away."

"I'll call my friends." Tuxedo threatened as he reached for a communicator only to find it flung out of his hands and pinned into the wall with a sai.

"Okay now I'm mad. What do you think we should do with this loon squirt?" Raph asked as he went to the wall and retrieved his sai.

"I have an idea," Hotaru said with a slightly evil smirk as she pointed towards a trashcan at the end of the alley. "Let's give him a little ride."

"I like it; I swear you've been hanging around Mikey too much at times."

"Thanks," Hotaru replied as they lifted the tuxedoed weirdo and put him in the trashcan.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked Tuxedo Mask who was talking from inside the can since he was put in upside down with his feet sticking up.

"Oh nothing much," replied Raphael in a fake nice voice, "But have a nice trip!" the turtle yelled as he kicked the trashcan down the street with Tuxedo Mask still in the trashcan yelling the whole way.

"Well that was interesting," Hotaru said. "Do you think the foot sent him?"

"Nah, even they aren't that stupid to send someone dressed in a tuxedo throwing roses and waving a cane around," Raphael replied.

A few minuets later the duo arrived at April's location.

"Hi April, hey Casey," Hotaru waved.

"Hi guys," April replied.

"Hi shrimp, hey Raph," Casey replied as him and Raphael glared at each other.

"Oh great, here they go again," Hotaru grumbled as Raphael and Casey started their usual thing. "So you said something about help with a car."

"Yeah sure, this way," April replied as Raph and Casey started shoving each other.

"So where are you applying at?" Hotaru asked as she slid under the van.

"I think the name of the place was Channel Six News," April replied after handing her the part for the van, "Although for some reason that place sounds really familiar."

"Who knows," Hotaru replied. "Hey can you hand me that wrench please."

"So how's school going for you?" April asked as she handed Hotaru the asked for tool.

"Not bad other than the football player being his usual self."

"Figures. I think it's a jock thing."

"Well, that's about it," Hotaru replied as she slid out from under the van.

"Thanks again, kid."

"You're welcome April. We better make sure Raph and Dirty Harry are in one piece."

"I'll never understand why you call Casey that."

"He reminds me of the character from that movie, I only saw it because Raph left the tape out."

"That figures."

A few minutes later Hotaru and April found Casey and Raphael talking.

"Hey Raph are you and Dirty Harry done talking yet or should we wait a little while longer?"

"Okay squirt hold your horses geez," Raphael grumbled.

"See you guys tomorrow," Casey waved.

"Same here good luck with your interview April."

"Thanks Hotaru! I'll probably see you guys tomorrow!" April waved as Hotaru and Raphael left.

"So you got April's van working now squirt?" Raphael asked.

"Yeah. Just had to switch out one part and it was good to go," Hotaru replied as the two headed towards the elevator that leads back to their home.

"So where have you two been?" Leonardo asked sternly after Hotaru and Raphael arrived back home.

"I was at April's. I ran into Raph on the way," Hotaru replied to the blue masked turtle.

"I told you before to come straight home from school Hotaru."

"Geez Leo calm down I told you this morning I was going to April's."

"Yeah, but I don't like the idea of you and Raph being together so often. He's a bad influence."

"Ah come on Leo, don't chew the squirt out over this," Raphael said.

"Stay out of this Raph," Leonardo ordered as he noticed Hotaru leaving, "Where do you think you're going?"

"To my room is that okay?"

"Hotaru stop being a smartass."

"Stop treating me like I'm still little Leo."

"Enough," Splinter ordered, "Hotaru go to your room and calm down, Leonardo go cool off."

"Yes, master Splinter!" The two replied in unison.

"Kids..." Splinter replied.

'I don't understand what that guy was talking about, but why did he seem familiar,' Hotaru thought to herself. 'I wish I could understand what is going on.'

End of chapter

sorry for the delay had a bad case of writer's block than my comp. blew out