Title: Jack: Heart
Rating: K
Pairing/Character/s: Jack (Hints of J/W)
Spoiler/s: DMC
Summary: Jack knows what he wants.
A/N: DMC was just to much fun, and so full of slashy hints, if you know where to look. -Grin-

Jack: Heart

The compass spins.

Rough, dirty fingers poke and prod at the small circle of glass and metal.

His mind is clear, his purpose is clear, he knows what he wants.

Flashing brown eyes, proud and honorable, keeping their amusement hidden but so very there for those looking.

The key, it will save him, keep him from that less than desirable fate that he promised so long ago, when he was in even deeper trouble.

When he wasn't running from the very thing he promised it to.

Long fingers attached to hands calloused from an 'honest' mans work, deftly setting to the task appointed to them.

He knows what he wants, even if his heart doesn't seem to agree.