Title: Will: Weight
Rating: K+
Pairing/Character/s: Will (very slight J/W)
Spoiler/s: DMC (Not even because it's a) something that never comes up and b) chronologically between COTBP and DMC... so would it technically be AU? Or does this fall more under the lines of could have happened, just not mentioned?)
Summary: Will receives a gift.
A/N: Excuse the choppiness of this piece; it doesn't want to personalize today. This originally started out with me playing with the idea of scent and how Will associates it to memory. (Taken, of course, from the part where Will sneaks a whiff of Elizabeth's dress on the ship) But then it really became something else and I really have no excuses. Also I went to go see DMC again last night and I thought of so many good things for drabbles and then promptly forgot most of them right after. -Sigh- I need to find the script or pray that it comes out on DVD in like... aweek -Grin-

Will: Weight

It's wrapped in a dirty piece of leather and sitting in a place he knew was empty yesterday.

Picking it up he's first struck by the size, as it is small enough to nestle into his palm, and then by the scent.

Salt and wind and something dark, almost smok-

He opens it.

A bundle of black cord and silver charms.

He brings it to better light and watches the silver gleam in the early morning sun.

They only announced their engagement last week so there is no possible way he could have heard that fast and gotten something here.

And yet, there it is, still curled in his hand.

With deft movements he ties it around his neck and it rests, heavy, against his chest

Like a weight pressing him into something he's quite not ready to admit, much less see.

Gently he folds the leather and tucks it away.

He denies he'll still keep it long after it stops smelling of him.