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Here are a few things that might help through my story:

Italic means thinking in their own head.

.: Words means Flash Back

A Changing Life

Tifa's POV

"Cloud, please, don't go. I didn't mean it!" I pleaded as Cloud started to open the door.

I was still rubbing the bright red mark on my face, he yelled,

"No! I told you not to try and break Aeris and me up, but you still tried anyway!" Cloud said as he shut the door, leaving me in a puddle of tears.

Why? Why did I always have to think of myself? I asked while I tried wiping away my tears that were falling.

"Tifa? What are you crying about?" I hear a voice coming from the stairs.

Great. Just when I'm about to cry my heart out after being yelled by the man I love, Marlene shows up asking me WHY I'm crying.

"Marlene, just get Denzel and tell him to get ready. We're going eat outside and when you guys come down, we'll choose where to eat." I tell her tying to clear up my voice.

"Ok Tifa! We'll be down in a few minutes!" Said the happy little girl, as I hear her rushing up into the room closing the door.

I just hope that I will be able to get over this soon.

Ten minutes later…

"Tifa, we're ready!" I hear Marlene and Denzel at the same time. Coming down the steps slowly.

"Ok you guys, which Pizza place do you want to eat?" I ask.

"Umm. Tifa, can we eat at that restaurant called Italian Plaza? Asked Denzel.

Oh My Gosh! I just remembered that's where Cloud and Aeris are going to have dinner tonight.

"Sure Denzel! Do you guys want to walk there? It's only a few blocks away." I said at them, trying not to show the scared part in my voice.

Tifa, but do remember, you haven't told them about the fight you just had with Cloud.

"I guess we can walk a few blocks right Marlene?" Denzel asked as he looked to the tired looking girl next to him.

"Yea, sure. A few blocks won't be that long." She said while rubbing her eyes to try and wake them up.

What will I do if I see Cloud and Aeris together? What'll the kids ask? Hopefully we get a table far from both of them.

"Tifa? Why aren't you talking?" Asked Marline while pulling on my arm, and getting me out of my trance.

"Oh, Sorry Marlene. Did you want to talk to me about something?" I asked.

"Yea, you still haven't answered my question Tifa. Why were you crying?" Asked Marlene with a sad tone in her voice?

Marlene's POV

Why am I still asking Tifa why she was crying? I know already why. She had a fight with Cloud and he left. But I can't believe that Tifa would do such a thing just for Cloud.

.: Flash Back :.

.: "Hi Cloud! What'ya doing?" Asked Tifa, in a kind of filrt-ish way.

.: "Don't bug me Tifa, I'm in a bad mood." Cloud said as he started to leave the room.

.: "What's wrong Cloud? You can tell me anything. I'll listen." Tifa said.

.: Tifa then got Clouds' arm and turned him around so he could look in her beautiful wine colored eyes.

.: "Well, I guess since you've been with me most of the time. I'll tell you." Cloud said.

.: Cloud sat down on the couch with Tifa still attached to his arm.

.: "Well, I got a letter from Aeris. We broke up. We were perfect for each other I'm telling you. But she was the one who wrote the letter." Cloud said, as I tear dropped.

.: "Cloud, It's ok, I'm here. I'll never leave your side." Tifa said, in such a nice smoothing way.

.: Cloud now looking in her Red colored eyes, his face getting closer to hers' , right when he was about to kiss her, the phone rings.

.: "Hold up Tifa. I'll get it." Cloud said, as he went to get the phone.

.: "No!" Cloud turns around looks at her. "Look Tifa you can tell me later after I'm done using the phone." Cloud said.

.: "Don't answer the phone!" But she was too late, he picked up the phone.

.: "Hello, Cloud's Delivery Service! Who is.." Cloud never finished as I hear a loud yell.

.: "Cloud Strife! How could you! We were about to go on our annual date when we got together!" Yelled an angry voice.

.: "What do you mean Aeris? I got a letter saying that you broke up with me." Cloud said in a confused voice looking for the letter as well.

.: "And here's the letter I got that I though you had given me. Here's what it said:

Dear Cloud Strife,

I'm sorry that I haven't told you about something. I'm very mad at my self for not telling you this. I

Have been with someone else since April. His name was Zack Mafio.

I'm sorry again that I haven't told you this before. I just think that it's wrong for us to be together so, I'm going to have to say, we have to break up.


.: "And that was all. I was still confused on who this guy was, but I really though you meant it." Cloud now scratching the back of his head.

.: " I got something like that to, but it has a different name on it. It has her name was Tifa Lockheart. For some reason I think I know that name, does it remind you of someone Cloud?" She asked.

.: Tifa's had a bad feeling that her secret would be found so she went off to her room.

.: "TIFA! What did you do?" Yelled Cloud.

.: " Yes… Cl.. Cloud?" Tifa said as she came down the stairs.

.: "Tifa, did you write fake letters to me and Aeris to try and break us up?" Cloud semi-yelled.

.: "No… Why would I every do that?" Tifa said, as she started to think that Cloud was about to slap her.

.: Then Cloud slapped her, (like she thought he would) leaving a bright red mark on her check.

.: (Then it goes back to the beginning.)

.: End of Flash Back :.

"Marlene, are you thinking in outer space again?" Denzel asked.

"Oh, sorry Denzel. I was just thinking about what happened to Tifa and Cloud." I said.

"Oh that, I think they'll get back together soon." Said Denzel.

Then we entered the Italian Plaza restaurant.

Tifa's POV

"Hi! I would like to have a table fo.. for three pe.. people please."

" Umm, okay ma'am. Follow me please."

"Tifa, why did you stutter? Is there something wrong?"

"Oh, it's nothing Denzel; I was just thinking somewhere else again."

"Wow, just like Marline." Denzel said putting his hand under his chin, thinking I suppose.

Just then when we were walking to our table, I saw two people, at the table next to us.

Oh no! Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.

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