To Reach The Unreachable Star

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Chapter 1: Enough is enough

Konoha a peaceful village in the country of fire, has had years of misfortune. First the Kuuybi attack, which resulted in the loss of a great hero the 4th hokage. Then there was the sound and sand invasion, which crippled konoha to its core a casualty being the 3rd hokage. However even after all these misfortunes konoha some how pulled through all of this bad luck with the help of their shinobi's their biggest hero being one Uzumaki Naruto. Unfortunately even after giving so much to the village there was still little recognition for the boy.

A little over 6 months ago Naruto, with a group led of top class shinobi's including team 7,8,10 and Gai's team infiltrated sound and brought back Uchiha Sasuke to the village hidden in leaves, in a huge battle luckily avoiding Kabuto and Orochimaru who were away for unknown reason (which brings a lot of suspicions about how easily they got Sasuke back). Even though Naruto had to beat the "crap" out of Sasuke to do it, he did it with the help Sakura and Kakashi. Bringing back a half dead Sasuke the village went in uproar of Sasuke returning and Naruto hurting their "hero". To avoid punishment from the village Sasuke did the only thing he could do and that was squeal like the pig he was. Konoha benefited greatly knowing Orochimaru's plan for future and spies in konoha. This had an even better effect then Sasuke expected he turned into an overnight god in the eyes of the villagers and some shinobi's populace. But what about Naruto well this is where the story starts.

In a room assembled full of high-ranking officials, shinobi's and clan heads the council is deciding the fate of Uzumaki Naruto and destiny of Uchiha Sasuke.

Looking around you can various shinobi including all of Naruto's close friends like Iruka and Konohamaru

"Well done Uchiha-sama you have served the village well" A council man spoke to the Uchiha heir

He could not believe those words that were coming out of the council members mouth. Even after giving so much he had gained nothing. Did he not deserve at least a little pat on the back or maybe a "well done"? They always give praise to that cunt of whore Sasuke. The traitor got praise and what did he get heated glares and death threats.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Naruto heard his voice being called.

The 17-year-old boy perked his head up eyes electrifying as ever and hair sunny as ever could be. There was also no mistaking of the whisker marks, which seemed to have faded over time. Naruto no longer held the baby fat, which was undesirable to the female populace of konoha despite the Kuuybi. Now there was a chiselled muscular jaw thanks to the 3 years of training Thankfully Naruto's wardrobe changed thanks to Sakura and Kakashi constant pestering. Now Naruto wore a dark red/black shinobi jean, which was fitted with many pockets and place to keep scrolls. Naruto no longer wore the sandals but had these black ninja issue shoes, which were imported from the country of wave. They were like normal shoes but with no lace and the front not being too big. Apparently they were the latest craze for being durable. Also they were made out of a special material, which moulded to your foot making sure it would not come off. Of course you have to get the right size. Naruto's top changed as well, having a tight fitting t-shirt with a thin dark red/black jacket, which could be buttoned up naruto left, opened. Of course with all these changes Naruto looked more appealing to the female population. However Naruto's luck was either very good or very bad because of the Kuuybi women would avoid him like the plague thinking he might give them some demon STD just by looking at him.

A small smile found its way across Naruto's handsome face. Maybe just maybe this is was his lucky day.

"We have come here to decide your punishment" Naruto heard the council man say in a bored tone.

Naruto could not react he just looked shocked no shouts no outburst no nothing. Even before he could react further the council had spoken

"For endangering the lives of konoha citizens by almost killing Uchiha Sasuke you will not be able to attend chuunin exams. For that matter you will not be able to reach the rank of chuunin. You will stay a genin for your whole shinobi career"

Naruto let out a meek "o…k…."

"You will be bared to all special events and meetings and receive only D rank missions"

"Ok" replied softly.

"You will also have to perform community service for your natural physical life"

This time Naruto did not say anything just bow his down even further if that was possible.

"This is absolutely outrageous how can you do this to naruto" replied a busty blonde with fire in her eyes"

"Naruto is one of the best shinobi's around," growled a scared chuunin teacher

More cries of outrage were heard from Naruto's precious people but the next one shocked him the most. Not surprisingly Uchiha Sasuke did not do anything he just smirked his arrogant smirk that he loves so much.

"How can you do this to a man who has given everything to this village" shouted a busty white eyed blue haired beauty with rage.

Hyuuga Hinata's byakugan activated hands clenching with rage several people took a step back and Naruto couldn't help but smile at Hinata. She had changed from the shy weird girl into konoha's most sexy female shinobi. No longer she wore clothes to hide her figure but wore provocative clothing to show her mouth-watering body. Naruto knew she changed ever since he came back with Jiraiya from his 3-year training trip. When he came back she was a changed girl. She was now a woman. He had heard from Kakashi-sensei she got special training from Kurenai-sensei and Anko-san.

He knew the reason she wore such revealing clothes and had a different personality one reason was Anko's influence. He knew that with out a doubt but the biggest reason was because of her role as genjustu mistress. Everyone thought Sakura was really good with genjustu's. But that was until Hinata started to learn vast amounts of them and created her own. Armed with her powerful gentle fist style and genjustu's she arguably one of the best jounins in konoha. Jiraiya also said she was the type of girl you wouldn't want to stop having sex with. With that comment naruto promptly pummelled his sensei for saying such perverted things about his friend. He heard Kiba say to a guy her hips don't lie. Whatever the fuck that meant (lol that damn song is in my head its on the radio every time lol god I hate it)

"Hinata, Tusnade-sama Iruka-sensei guys its ok really I will take the punishment for hurting a fellow leaf shinobi. Please calm down for me" Naruto spoke in a soft voice.

At those words all his friend sat down it took a while for Hinata Tusnade and Iruka to sit down eventually.

'Ok' Naruto thought 'he could deal with this entire thing'. He kept repeating that he would do all of this and show who he really was then they would recognise him and that would be a step closer to his ultimate dream of becoming hokage. But it was the next sentence, which was not directed at him, destroyed everything inside of him and killed him inside.

"Uchiha Sasuke for everything you have done and saving konoha we offer you the promise of becoming the sixth hokage, of course you have long way to go before you actually become hokage but we will groom you into becoming one by having personal sensei's to teach everything do you accept"

'No how could they' was the only thing running through Naruto's mind even after all he gave. All assembled shinobi looked shocked beyond recognition.

Naruto's world crumbled before him. His dream given away in one sentence and by a group of superficial bastards. Again Naruto thought. Again that fucker had taken what he wanted no what he yearned. It was that statement that Naruto's happy façade broke. Naruto looked up to look at Sasuke's face. To his surprise he is looking right back at him with that smirk on his face. That damn smirk again, no Sasuke please don't do it.

Uchiha Sasuke did not turn his face but stared straight at naruto and replied, "I accept"

That was when naruto broke inside his whole being destroyed his beliefs gone.

Sasuke's smirk grew and his eyes brought an accomplished look. As he saw the dobe break into millions of pieces. Brilliant all I did was tell them about Orochimaru and the spies and they gave me an easy ride I don't even need the gay snake anymore I have learnt everything I need to all I have to do is train more and then I can kill that man Sasuke schemed in his head. Plus they said they groom me into becoming hokage that would defiantly bring me more power to kill Itachi. Also I am viewed as a god to the villagers I can have any women I want Sasuke thought. Contrary to popular belief Sasuke was not gay he was just biding his time until he could fined a worthy women to have sex with. So Sasuke's eyes travelled to Hinata. He did not remember her being this delectable but it was worth the wait. I can apply the old Uchiha charm and she will bow down to him like the dirty whore she is Sasuke thought Evily

But said woman was fuming with rage. How dare they take Narutos dream from him? After all he's done the white eyed shinobi replied while wearing a dark blue kimono with white flowers decorated around it, which unfortunately to her but fortunately to men could not her large bust. Her hair flowing down to her back reaching the middle of her back that still held the dark blue colour.

Everyone felt disgusted at the council and Sasuke for the hokage position and Naruto's "punishment." A pink haired medic could be seen crying silent tears of sadness for her brother naruto. Ever since Naruto came back he told Sakura that he had given up on that childish crush and now saw her as his sister. Even though she was by no means ugly a lot of guys in konoha would actually drool over her. To this naruto would beat up anyone who so much as gave a wrong look to Sakura. Sakura replied kindly by smacking naruto and giving him a hug as his big brother. Sakura could have been any happier to see naruto so happy. All of Naruto's friends found out about Kuuybi and what naruto held. Every single one of them felt a huge guilt on them as they thought of all the bad things they had said and did to him.

So when naruto came back from his 3-year training all his friends threw him a party for all the birthdays he missed. All of the rookie nine and Gais team appeared. Every one of guys gave him a pat on the back and shacked his hand saying they were sorry for the way he was treated. The girls pretty much did the same thing except they all rushed to Naruto's side and hugged him while crying they were sorry and glad to have them back. Of course Jiraiya was there and seeing the four young 16 year old girls squeeze naruto and said another one of his perverted comments "wow naruto you have only been here a day and your already in a five way" he let a perverted giggle come out at the end.

To this the angry four females wasted no time in destroying Jiraiya. By the end of the party Naruto was crying silently profusely saying "thank you". To this Lee replied "YOSH NARUTO YOU DESERVE IT BECAUSE YOU HAVE THE FLAMES OF GLODEN YOUTH WITHIN YOU"

It was the happiest moment in his life.

Sakura's hand was shaking with rage. "How could you…?" Sakura whispered. Only Tusnade heard because she was to her left and to her right she heard Hinata whisper "unforgivable"

Tusnade grabbed her head to await Hinata and Sakura double team the council

Sakura stood so quickly her chair fell down and shouted at the council "HOW DARE YOU OLD GOATS YOU THINK YOUR GODS…."everyone stared in shock at what Sakura said even Naruto had his mouth open. But the next comment had his jaw hanging on the floor.

Hinata rose with incredible speed and roared out load, counting Sakura's speech "…WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO THROW SOMEONES LIFE YOU FUCKIN USLESS…"

Sakura continued "…WASTE OF SPACE" both smiled at one another for standing up to one precious people.

Tusnade had her head down with a small smile on her face. All the guys had visibly flinched in reaction to the screech Hinata and Sakura had produced. The councilmen and women had looks of rage upon themselves from those girls verbal abuse. Sasuke looked impassive at the two girls. But deep down he was boiling with rage at how they defended the "dobe". One particular councilman had a look of pure rage. Hyuuga Hiashi thought how dare Hinata stand up for that "demon"

But before anyone else could say anything else naruto had stood up and said in a low voice devoid of any emotion. "Sakura-Chan Hinata-Chan please enough I am ok with this" Sakura looked at naruto like he had grown three extra heads. Hinata blushed at Naruto calling her Hinata-Chan, even after all these years she still liked no loved Naruto with her entire soul and him saying that made Hinata smile even though she shouldn't be at the current situation.

"Its ok I am going" naruto finished in a low voice

"What's up dobe cant take defeat?" Sasuke asked arrogantly

Naruto who was walking out of the room and towards the door stopped turned around and said with a hollow voice "I am tired Sasuke, tired of this village, tired of these people and this council"

With that Naruto turned around and reached the door and said "Tusnade-sama I going to give my resignation first thing tomorrow I am leaving this place for good. With those words naruto left an empty room with open mouths.

Uzumaki Naruto aged 17 had finally given up and let his mask fall for everyone to see and had given up on the village the people and most of all his dream.

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