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Chapter 12: Uzumaki Naruto's Art Of War

The Kusakage of grass was currently sitting on the roof of his tower looking at the stars. Naruto had always done this as a child. He would look at the dark filled sky, as the white jewels would sparkle in front of him. Naruto felt a rustle behind and wasn't shocked who it was. He had felt the presence at least 5 miles away.

"You have nice village here, very loyal people and…very strong" Naruto heard a high male voice tell him.

"They're good people, they have seen a lot of horrors so its made them stronger" Naruto replied back to the man as he sat down next Naruto to look at the stars as well.

"A lot of people missed you Naruto, it hasn't been the same and…I haven't really forgiven you for leaving" Naruto looked to his right to see the disappointed face of Konohamru. Naruto knew he had hurt the young shinobi a lot when he left. But Naruto knew he couldn't stay in that village.

"I know a lot of people missed me Konohamru its just that…I really couldn't take the shit the village gave me anymore. There's a limit a human being can take when he decides… " Naruto explained to Konohamru but was cut off by him.

"…Run away" Konohamru finished for Naruto in an angry tone. Naruto looked at konoha sharply when he said that. Naruto slowly got up and started to make his way off the roof.

"You may have become stronger Konohamru, but you still lack wisdom. What I did was not for myself but for Konoha. They didn't want me so I left. Everything I have ever done was for konoha " Naruto left Konohamru with those words knowing that it wouldn't change his mind.

A week had passed since the declaration of war between the nations. Grass had started to tighten its defences as well as their allies. Naruto had started to prepare attack plans for the village and knew that it was only a matter of time before one village struck them. Naruto was currently waiting for word to start the Jutsu that would take a toll on him but it was for the good of grass.

"Kusakage-sama its time" an ANBU shinobi walked in and informed Naruto of the signal. It was time for the war to begin. Naruto had to be prepared for the worst.

It had been a very long time since Shinnosuke Kibagami had walked into the country of grass. The former grass shinobi felt no remorse for what he did to his birth village. He gathered the shinobi who were loyal to him and left the pitiful village to rot in hell.

Unfortunately he didn't know that this particular village would gain a saviour. He had received word to launch the offensive against grass and he couldn't wait to destroy the village that gave him nothing.

"Shinnosuke-sama are you as excited as I am to destroy this village as I am" Zankuro Minazuki asked his superior. Zankuro was a crazed rapist whose hunger for death and women was unquenchable. Shinnosuke looked at Zankuro looked and nodded knowing full well he only wanted to rape women and didn't care about what village he was doing it for.

"I can't wait Shinnosuke-sama I heard the woman back in grass have become…delicious, I especially wouldn't mind doing that Hyuuga woman or your sister" Zankuro said with a maniacal grin. Shinnosuke really didn't care about his family at all and care less what happened to his sister or father.

The Cloud shinobi who were behind the two former grass shinobi looked disgusted that a human being would allow someone to rape his own sister. The shinobi never liked Zankuro because of his perverted methods of fighting. He was a monster that needed to be destroyed.

The attack from cloud consisted of 100 high-class shinobi and another hundred more would serve as backup, as soon as they finished the village on the outskirts of grass and wind country.

"We wait for the signal and then we attack that pathetic excuse of a village" Shinnosuke whispered to his men and waited in the grass for the attack to commence.

The village of paper (don't kill me I really cant think of a name) looked like a buzzing village with vibrant life. The cloud shinobi on the outskirts surrounded the village completely and wouldn't leave a single soul alive. It seemed that the people of the village didn't have a worry and it was big trading village with caravans from sand and grass coming quite frequently.

The cloud shinobi would attack the village lilting it alight, killing anyone who stands in the village. Once these shinobi were done with this village there next target would Cloud.

"Sir Team 5 have secured their area and that makes the perimeter sealed tight. No one is going to be able to come out alive at all". A masked shinobi told the commander in charge he who could only smile. The cloud shinobi were known to be ruthless and aggressive. These villagers didn't seem to stand a chance against their brutality.

The shinobi got word from their commander to swarm into the town. The villagers all stopped what they were doing when they heard the commotion come from around the village. Panicked villagers quickly ran out of the way of the shinobi to be only stopped. All exits were closed off and they had no way out. It seemed that this would be the day the village of paper fell.

Tsunade-hime as she was called often by the older generation of konoha was sitting in her chair sipping sake and looking over papers. Tsunade was not really looking at the papers; her thoughts were too preoccupied with Naruto. She still couldn't believe that the lover of bright orange clothes was a well-established leader. Tsunade didn't doubt Naruto's ability at all. It was the fact Naruto was able to bring a village on the brink of extinction into a great shinobi village in the space of 5 years.

Tsunade knew she had greatly underestimated the boy and konoha had paid the price. If Naruto had become Hokage, konoha would have become the greatest superpower in the shinobi world. But this village's stupidity paid the price and they are now faced with a huge war. Tsunade though had no worries about grass becoming their enemies.


Tsunade saw a mass of blonde hair at the top of the tower, it seemed that Naruto either forgot to cut his hair or was keeping it long. Tsunade had been standing near the tower for an hour. She didn't know if she could have the courage to go up there and talk to him.

"So how long are you going to just stand there?" Tsunade heard a voice shout from above her. She looked up to see Naruto looking at her or it seemed like he was looking at her. The tower was pretty tall and the only thing you could make out was Naruto's hair in the moonlight. Tsunade took a deep breath and made her way to the roof.

As Tsunade got to the roof of the tower she noticed that on the other side of Naruto there were a few plants there. A small smile graced her youthful face as she remembered that one of his hobbies was gardening. Naruto was sitting on the rail that enclosed the whole of the roof. The fifth Hokage walked up slowly and hesitantly, a complete contrasts to her usual brash confident self. But only a few people could ever make her feel this way and one of them was sitting in front of her.

Tsunade reached the railing and leaned towards it her large bust almost hanging out. Tsunade looked at the young man who was a leader, husband and…father. Tsunade just smiled at Naruto advancing so far without konoha. She saw him turn his face and look at her, Tsunade didn't know what to say but after a minute of him staring at her he gave her his patented cheesy Uzumaki grin.

It was that one gesture that broke the damn for the fifth Hokage, as she grabbed Naruto and enveloped him in a bone-crushing hug. Naruto just smiled as he felt his robe start to become wet. He knew that Tsunade would never let him or any other person see her cry so she would hide it like that.

Naruto held Tsunade until she calmed down and finally regained her composure. Tsunade straitened herself and looked at Naruto with a glare this time.

"I guess I deserve that look," Naruto said in with a small voice looking Tsunade with a teasing smile.

"Well you deserve me punching me into the sky…but you'd probably dodge it or your ANBU would 'try' and stop me" Tsunade told Naruto who continued to smile. That night Naruto and Tsunade cached up and traded stories with one and another. The night grew long and they spent hours just talking until Naruto realized how late it was.

"You should probably go back to the hotel I mean look at the time. Besides you will be leaving tomorrow so you get some rest" Naruto told Tsunade as he got up and started to walk back into the building. Naruto was however cut off by Tsunade's voice.

"Naruto wait…I have to ask you something…will you…is konoha…are you" Tsunade struggled with her words and Naruto smiled at her nervousness. A great and powerful Hokage was struggling with words to a blonde haired kid. In the old days Naruto would have let her struggle, in the old days she wouldn't struggle either.

"Don't worry Tsunade-baa-chan, konoha won't be attacked unless you attack us" Naruto told Tsunade as he slowly walked away.

Flashback end

For now she could stay in peace and worry about the other stupid countries. But the busty Hokage was interrupted but a frantic knock on the door

"Come in" Tsunade said in a tired voice. The door opened to reveal a cute pinked haired woman walk in with a worried face.

"Sorry for barging in like this Sensei but this just came in from the border patrol " Sakura said in a worried voice as she gave the piece of paper to her Hokage. Tsunade looked at the piece of paper and quickly relayed her order to Sakura

"Sakura quickly tell Shizune to get in here, we have to mobilize enough shinobi to go to the village of grass". Tsunade told Sakura in an urgent voice, if they were allies then they would defiantly need their help.

The villagers of paper looked around to see 100 shinobi surrounding their village. It seemed that none of the villager had experience fighting. As the men were visibly shaken as well praying to god that they could still be alive. The cloud shinobi looked around and started to laugh seeing how weak and pathetic they were.

"I guess it's your lucky day because you get to be destroyed by the greatest shinobi of all" The lead cloud shinobi shouted out in a mocking voice adding more fear to the area.

"Well than shall we start killing of these people" one cloud shinobi shouted out. Loud screaming erupted as the cloud shinobi drew closer to the innocent civilians. As always one brave or foolish person stood out of the crowd and charged the leader only to be pushed aside.

The man who went flying towards the ground looked up and smirked as he disappeared into smoke. All the shinobi looked as the man who used to be there turn into white smoke.

"I guess it's your lucky day because you get to be killed by the greatest shinobi ever" One civilian spoke as it too disappeared into smoke. One by one each person standing disappeared into nothingness. There was only one word to really describe the situation the cloud shinobi had gotten themselves into.

"Shit" the lead cloud shinobi whispered out loud. Because as the smoke cleared all you could see was one solitary explosive note that had many strings attached to it.

Shinnosuke looked around the area his team were staying at until they got the signal from the second team. It seemed that they were probably going to take their sweet time…

Shinnosuke's team looked towards the area where that sound came from. Not only did it create a ripping sound but the ground shock as well.

"Good signal that will distract the grass shinobi while we attack from behind them," Shinnosuke said with a maniacal smile as he ordered his men to follow him. Soon he would destroy the village that gave him nothing and took away everything he held close.

Zankuro licked his lips as he neared the village, the sadistic rapist couldn't wait to sink his teeth into something young and supple. (Sorry if I sound perverted but I have to make you guy's hate him ok).

The other cloud shinobi were happy to fight and have a chance to prove themselves. However if one looked closer there was a man in a black Chinese suit running with them. The man only know as Muchitsujo could be seen running behind the group hoping he could find a battle that would satisfy his hunger.

The group of shinobi were nearing the village when suddenly a rain of kunai came from above them. The cloud shinobi were defiantly not expecting this at all. From out of the blue there stood a formidable army.

"I am guessing you heard my signal" Naruto said with smirk on his lips. As the cloud shinobi looked at around to see that they were utterly surrounded by grass shinobi.

"Well you see gentlemen and woman that you should never underestimate the power of grass" Naruto spoke to the cloud shinobi as he proceeded to tell them that he had the whole town secretly evacuated and replaced them with shadow clones. But to make it a final and great plan he had the whole town lined up with explosive notes.

"So you must be the fool that's tried to revive this useless village" Shinnosuke spoke in an annoyed tone. The head of the Kibagami clan stepped forward with anger laced on his face.

"Shinnosuke how dare you show your face here" Genjuro spoke with complete and utter anger. There stood his disgraced leader and more his biggest failure his son. Shinnosuke didn't give a reply as all the shinobi squared off against each other.

Genjuro looked forward as he saw the biggest disappointment his life ever had. His own son had turn tail and left this village for crap. He had been elected leader of the village but his thirst for power and chaos made him a mad man. Genjuro though didn't know if he had the strength to take him on. His daughter wasn't here thankfully and she was back at the village keeping it safe if a couple of cloud shinobi slipped past.

"So old man, do you really think you can best me. I mean come on look how pathetic you have become" Shinnosuke spoke with a sneer and venom in his speech. Looking at the sight of this pathetic shinobi made Shinnosuke angrier.

"Pathetic, how dare are you say that, well look at what you have become Shinnosuke. A sick twisted man who has no ideals or moral. You disgust me", Genjuro spoke with tired disappointment and anger at his son.

"Enough of this talk, we shall end this with our blades" As soon as Shinnosuke said this he took out his sword and infused it with chakra.

Genjuro looked at his son and sighed out loud, this battle was unavoidable and he had to take care of his son once and for all. Genjuro withdrew his sword to revel a very long and think Katana of strange design. It was the oddest sword as it was a mix between a great sword and a katana (I have been playing too much FF XIII lol).

"Well then old man lets see if you can actually wield that anymore," Shinnosuke said as he ran at Genjuro with break neck speed. Genjuro placed his sword in a defensive position and blocked from the left when Shinnosuke sword came from there. Genjuro held his son's sword while he prepared a one-hand seal.

Kibagami Clan Jutsu: 1000 Palm Strikes of the Tiger

Shinnosuke smirked as he blocked every blow Genjuro attempted with his chakra infused palm. Unfortunately for Shinnosuke he wasn't paying attention to his fathers right hand, which had his sword. Genjuro prepared one of his favourite techniques to attack his son.

Kibagami Clan Jutsu: Tiger Supreme Slash

With one hand Genjuro let out a Diagonal slash with his sword. Shinnosuke only had enough time to block the attack. But the power behind it sent him flying across the field. Genjuro stood up firm and steady ready to unleash the next attack on his son. Shinnosuke looked up, he let out an evil smile as he looked at his father. Shinnosuke stood up and lifted his sword straight up to the sky. His blade started to fill with chakra and you could clearly see it surround the blade. Genjuro looked at his stance with confusion until he realized what he was going to do.

Final Judgement

Genjuro was barely able to dodge the attack as a stream of chakra left Shinnosuke's blade and travelled towards Genjuro at an alarming pace. Because of the speed at which it travelled Genjuro was only able to dodge it by mere millimetres. Genjuro looked up to see his son was standing only a few feet away from him when he kicked him across the field right in the chest. Genjuro went tumbling down the small hill that surrounded the grassy area. Shinnosuke smiled as he saw his father roll down the hill in a pathetic way.

Genjuro slowly got up to see his son give him a sneer of a smirk. Genjuro still didn't know what happened back then. All he knew was that he failed as a clan head and as a father. Because of Shinnosuke, many of the old villagers started to resent the Kibagami clan. Luckily for the clan Naruto had arrived and brought the village into an era that was never conceivable to the grass villagers. Genjuro got up and looked at his son with anger and pain. He wouldn't do this for the clan or the village. He was going to fight for Uzumaki Naruto. He was going to fight for the man that finally gave hope to this once damned village.

Genjuro picked up his blade and ran at Shinnosuke with new vigour. Each of his hits was being blocked and so were Shinnosuke's strikes on him. Genjuro feinted to the right and allowed him to strike his son in the face and kick him back. Shinnosuke brought his hand to his face and looked at his hand. There was a diagonal slash across the middle of Shinnosuke's face. Genjuro smirked as he saw the blood drip from his son's face. He knew how vain they boy was and always thought he was gods gift to earth. Genjuro was going to stop his attacks now he had finally gained momentum to be on top.

Wood Release: Grass Needle Rain

Shinnosuke looked up and brought his sword up and started to spin it. Because the blade was longer than usually it was able to stop and grass needles from attacking him. Shinnosuke however should have been looking in front of him when he saw he father come up in front of hit and attack him.

Kibagami Clan Jutsu: 1000 Palm Strikes of the Tiger

Shinnosuke's body was vulnerable and couldn't defend the attack. Genjuro looked down at his son with pity. But Shinnosuke wasn't done as he swept his dad's legs and jumped back. Genjuro got back up with speed and attacked his son again. As the battle drew on it could be clearly seen that Genjuro with all his experience and might was not winning the battle. His age was holding back the clan head. Shinnosuke was merely too quick and had more stamina. Each strike was lacking accuracy and behind each attack was lacking power.

But this didn't stop the veteran shinobi as he kept pushing on with attack after attack. But not know to Genjuro was that he was holding back. No matter how much he put into this fight he couldn't help but see the 10-year-old boy who was constantly happy and wanting to seek adventures. A strike to the right and block on the left wouldn't cut it for the clan head of the Kibagami clan. Shinnosuke and Genjuro began to do a number of intricate hand seals. Both shinobi looked at each others hand seals and knew that they were using the same Jutsu

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu, Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique

Both Shinobi shouted out the same move as pressurised water came hurdling at each other. But Genjuro couldn't keep up the Jutsu and was beaten by Shinnosuke as he was flung across the field again. The old shinobi was hoisted up by Shinnosuke and was kneed in the stomach. It could be clearly seen that this had become a one-sided battle and Genjuro no longer had a chance. He had been able to wear his son down but he no longer had the stamina to pull off any more moves.

Shinnosuke threw Genjuro across the field again. The old shinobi got on his hands and knees and started to cough up a lot of blood. He looked at his son with defeated eyes and knew that he had lost the fight.

"So do you have any last words before I kill you old man" Shinnosuke said before bringing his blade to his father's neck.

"Thank you for leaving our village" Genjuro said to his who now looked visibly shocked. Out of all the things Genjuro could have said this was last thing he thought. Genjuro smiled as he looked at his son's face. He wanted to get the last laugh and he would defiantly get it.

If you hadn't left Shinnosuke, Uzumaki Naruto might have never come. So I thank you for leaving and finally giving me a son that I always wanted, Uzumaki Naruto" Genjuro finished saying as he let out a low chuckle but was cut off by Shinnosuke stabbing him in the chest. Intense pain rushed through his body and he felt himself getting weaker and weaker. Genjuro had never suffered this kind of pain before. He coughed up more blood onto the floor and looked like he was on the brink of death.

"Like I was saying old man do you have any last words"? Shinnosuke said in a mocking voice as he twisted the blade around that was impaled in his stomach. Genjuro's face was hidden away as it was from Shinnosuke's line of sight because in hung. But Genjuro had a small smile on his face as he looked up and asked his to come closer. Shinnosuke being the arrogant and vain man he was leaned closer until. Genjuro slapped a note on Shinnosuke's face.

"Yeah just one…Boom"

The explosive note on Shinnosuke's face exploded and sent the shinobi flying away. Shinnosuke had managed to tear it away from his face but not before it exploded. Genjuro finally collapsed and fell onto the floor and was looking at his son who was gripping his face and screaming as blood poured from his face. Genjuro no longer had any regrets. He had fought to his fullest, but most of all he got to see his beloved village enter a golden era. All thanks to Uzumaki Naruto. The boy had given the village a second chance and with it he received love from the whole village. Genjuro had finally found a worthy leader and friend.

Shinnosuke looked at his father with murderous eyes as he collapsed on the floor. He quickly shouted for a retreat no longer wanting to stay here and fight and quickly ran away from the battle seen like the coward he was.

'Damn you, old man I will get my revenge on this village if it's the last thing I do' Shinnosuke thought to himself as he sped of in the direction of cloud while clutching his face and trying to stop the bleeding.

Naruto slowly removed his hat and threw his robe off in the corner revealing a shinobi suit, which was coloured, in a blackish orangey colour. Naruto knew this fight would take everything he had. Naruto though knew he wasn't at 100. Maintaining those Shadow clone over a large distance had really taken a toll on him.

Muchitsujo let out an eerie smile that made his facial features look very prominent. The straw-hat wearing fighter looked towards Naruto and couldn't help but feel fulfilled. He knew that this was a fighter that could finally satisfy his thirst for battle. Maybe he would be able to give him something no other person could.

"You know usually when two people square off they so a bunch of meaningful crap…" Naruto started to speak but was cut off by an over enthusiastic Muchitsujo who lunged at him with a long kunai. Naruto merely jumped back a safe distance and knew this guy wanted to fight not talk. That suited Naruto quite well, getting right down to the action was what Uzumaki Naruto did. Naruto however knew that he should use the Shadow clone technique sparingly. Naruto brought both his hands and proceeded to do a set of complicated seals.

Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique)

Muchitsujo looked at the Jutsu that came travelling his way and brought both his hands up let out and insane laugh.

Suiton: Suijinheki (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall)

The dragon of water simply couldn't get past the wall of water and was completely cancelled out. Naruto looked slightly puzzled, he thought that this guy was just a fighter. He couldn't believe he knew Jutsu's. Naruto though wasn't going to stop his attacks.

Metal Release: Black Steel Shuriken no Jutsu

Naruto's released his favourite metal element Jutsu at Muchitsujo who merely looked up and smiled as the shuriken hit him one by one. Naruto could count on one hand the number of times he's been scared. But this was something completely different. Naruto saw chunks of flesh flying out and blood flying. However what Muchitsujo did next scared the living shit out of Naruto. Each of the crazed man's wounds started to heal and he looked practically unharmed. Naruto saw Muchitsujo bend down and pick up his hat like nothing happened. The Kusakage's anger went ten fold as he saw the nonchalant way of his opponent.

Wind Release: Dragon Wind no Jutsu

'Maybe a wind dragon would be more effective than a water dragon', is what Naruto thought as he released his Jutsu. Muchitsujo though seemed unfazed and brought his hands out and let another one of his crazed laughs. Naruto though couldn't hold it in anymore. This guy was mocking him and every time he let out one of his laughs it sickened him.

Katon: Karyu Endan (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet)

Naruto knew that using this technique would add more power seeing as wind fans the flames of fire. It was here that crazy suit-wearing fighter jumped away to get some ground. Naruto wasn't going to let him gain any momentum and quickly lunged at him with precise kicks and punches all hitting and sending him flying. Muchitsujo tumbled across the field and slowly stood up and looked at Naruto with that same crazy grin. Naruto noticed that no matter what he did the guy just seemed to love it. Naruto had read the old journals of the grass fighters. Apparently this guy was a monster in battle and thrived of pain, whether it was his or the opponents.

Naruto didn't know if he could kill this guy, if he had lived all those years ago. Could this man actually die or was he truly immortal. Naruto though had no time to think as Muchitsujo ran at him with his own series of punches and kicks. However unlike Naruto's, Muchitsujo's attack didn't hit because Naruto dodge each and every one of his attacks. Naruto then ducked and let out one of his Taijutsu moves.

Uzumaki Clan Taijutsu: Spiral Moon Sault

Naruto let loose crescents kick that sent the crazy fighter into the air. But Naruto wasn't finished. He decided to this match once and for all and did the seal for a special element.

Wood Release: Spiral Timber Strike no Jutsu

A rumble erupted from the ground and a huge wooden spike sprouted from the ground. The spike went hurdling towards Muchitsujo who looked down as it impaled him in the stomach. Naruto sighed as he looked at impaled fighter who looked to be motionless. Naruto smirked knowing that no one could have survived being pierced by a big piece of wood.

Naruto started to dust himself off and looked towards the battlefield to see that grass was winning. Cloud was not expecting them to mobilize and they expected at least 150 plus more shinobi. But thanks to Naruto's plan the villagers were safe and those shinobi were most likely burning in hell. But Naruto's attention had to be diverted once again to his opponent whom he thought was dead. Naruto looked up to see that Muchitsujo's body started to convulse. Every bone in his body started to crack until somehow how his body managed to free itself from the spiral wood.

Naruto looked on in horror as Muchitsujo got up and the gaping hole in his body started to heal until it was completely filled. Naruto now knew that this wasn't going to be a fair fight. It finally hit Naruto; this guy purposely let the wood hit him so he could show Naruto.

"What the hell are you" Naruto asked he saw Muchitsujo give him one of his patented crazy grins. Muchitsujo brought his hands up in a seal ready to use a Jutsu.

Katon: Zukokku (Fire Release: Intense Pain)

Unfortunately for Naruto he didn't have enough time to dodge and could only block the intense fair coming his way.

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu, (Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique)

Both Jutsu's hit each and created a struggle between both users. However no one seemed to win this one confrontation. As the area exploded and both fighters were sent flying away. Naruto quickly recovered as Muchitsujo ran at him with a blade. Naruto wondered where he got that sword; they only way would be by summoning it.

"As you can see Kusakage-sama I am unstoppable" Muchitsujo said to Naruto as he swung his sword at the boy. Naruto quickly withdrew his own blades and went at the crazed mad man.

"So I guess you do talk" Naruto grunted out as ducked a swing from the suit wearing man. Naruto and Muchitsujo went head to head putting as much strength into there as they possible could. But Muchitsujo soon realized that he couldn't match Naruto's ability with the sword.

Uzumaki Clan Kenjutsu: Reverse 5 Slashes

Using both blades of destiny together Naruto was able to hit Muchitsujo across the chest and cut him. Naruto quickly jumped back as he saw Muchitsujo bring his bloody hand to his face and lick it. Naruto felt sickened to the core as he saw the man relish his own pain.

Uzumaki Clan Kenjutsu: Secret Earthquake Slash

Naruto struck the ground in successive places to create a mini earthquake that made Muchitsujo become unbalanced and fall to the ground. Naruto knew that this man was going to give everything he had. So Naruto released the final form of his blade by bringing both blades together. When the dust cleared Naruto's sword had changed dramatically. It was now crystal blue colour and had many intricate designs on the blade itself. It still looked like a katana but slight longer and fatter.

Naruto looked around to try and find the suit wearing fighter but the crater that he was suppose to be in was empty. Naruto wasn't quick enough to realize that the man was standing behind him and was preparing a Jutsu

Black Flame Of Hell

Naruto looked behind himself to see black flame sprout form Muchitsujo mouth and come at him with intense speed. Naruto brought his left hand to shield his face but the flames were too much and hit Naruto straight on.

"AHHHHHHH!!!" Naruto screamed in pain

The left side of Naruto's body felt numb to him. As the flames and Naruto's screams died down he could feel the left side of his body become numb. Naruto tried to open his left eye but didn't have the strength or will power to do it.

Naruto looked at Muchitsujo to see he was also struggling to stand straight. Naruto had been able to hit well but now Naruto could feel the fatigues of battle. His chakra was low as it was because of using that long distance shadow clones technique. Plus Naruto's wounds weren't healing. Somehow the black flames nullified Kyuubi's healing abilities. Muchitsujo ran at Naruto and started to beat him with as much power as he could. Naruto felt his body being tossed around like a rag doll. Punch after punch Naruto was being beat like hell. Naruto quickly grabbed his sword that was being on the ground and kicked Muchitsujo with his right leg.

Luckily his blade hadn't flown too much away and was still in its final form. Naruto held his blade away from his body and charged the Chinese suit wearing man. The fight now how had become sloppy and both opponents attacks were without plan.

Naruto was huffing and puffing so much that his lungs felt like they were on fire.

Uzumaki Naruto, I am invincible can't you see…invincible, INVINCIBLE…HAHAHAHAHAHA" Muchitsujo let out another crazy laughter as blood came dripping down his face and his body. Naruto had finally had enough of this insane person brought his blade in front of him and charged it with chakra.

"No Muchitsujo, you're not invincible, you're just nuts" Naruto replied back to the crazed shinobi who looked confused. Within a blink of an eye Naruto was behind Muchitsujo with his blade covered in blood.

Uzumaki Clan Hijutsu: Heavens Justice

Then like a fountain blood erupted from Muchitsujo's body ad went flying everywhere. Muchitsujo went down on his knees blood coming from his mouth and landing onto the floor. Naruto looked at Muchitsujo who turned his head and gave Naruto a genuine smile of happiness. Naruto could now see why he wanted to fight him. Muchitsujo was seeking death and no longer desired to live. Naruto gave the fighter one last smile before cutting him into four pieces. He brought his hand to form a one handed seal and burnt the body so that there was nothing left but charred remains. Naruto looked around the battlefield see cloud shinobi being overwhelmed and driven off.

"Kusakage-sama forgive us for not being here but…" Naruto looked to his left to see an ANBU squad coming to his side.

"…Its ok guys, it was cloud's plan to divide as many shinobi was possible and have the strong ones fight one on one battles" Naruto said to the shinobi who started to circle the Kusakage in order to protect him from anything possible. Naruto looked around to see that the remaining cloud shinobi that were around began to retreat. Even though there more than they expected Naruto smiled at the victory they just earned.

"Kusakage-sama they're retreating we have…."


What ever the ANBU captain was going to say was cut off by deafening sound and thundering boom. Naruto looked at the direction it came from and knew that was from the village.

"Guys round up every able body and get back to the village as soon as possible I will make sure everyone is ok and join the battle…GO" Naruto said to the ANBU squad who all nodded in unison and ran off in the direction of the village. Naruto would look around the battlefield to see if there were any survivors.

Hinata saw a shinobi from star and moon attack the shinobi of grass. This attack came completely out of nowhere. These two countries never felt any ill feelings towards them and grass always tried to please the smaller countries. Hinata saw a fat balding shinobi come up to her.

"Hey baby why are we fighting, wouldn't you like to do something more fun", A Moon shinobi said to the wife of the Kusakage.

Hinata looked at the man with disgust. These shinobi had somehow found their way past the patrols and now were on the outskirts of the village wall. Thankfully the walls were a recent design from the Morosumi Clan, which were enriched with a special metal. So it would be quite a task to get past these walls. Hinata didn't give a reply and she quickly ran towards the man struck him straight in the heart and cut off various important vital points.

Hinata never killed anyone in a gruesome way. She hated to do it; by nature she was a kind spirited woman and never wanted to hurt anyone. But this was the way of the shinobi and she couldn't hold back. As she looked around there was an influx of about 150+ shinobi from each side. It seemed that they had underestimated both villages. But it still didn't make sense, why would these two villages attack them. They had never seemed hostile to them in the past and now out of nowhere they had attack.

Hinata only hoped Naruto and the rest of the shinobi forces were dealing well with the attack from cloud. Hinata looked around and found Naruto's Genin squad dealing with some shinobi with great teamwork. She quickly went towards Mikoto to assist her by doing a heavenly spin on few star shinobi.

"Thank you Hinata-Sama, damn why did these guys attack and why now" Mikoto said as they fought of shinobis one by one. It was something Mikoto said that made Hinata worry. It was way to convenient for them to attack as well. There was no way that cloud could have done this. Nearly every shinobi country hated them and especially the smaller ones.

Someone else had to be pulling the strings, but who could have that much power to do such a thing.


Hinata looked towards the village to see that someone took a chunk of the village wall. This was now getting out of hand and people were seriously going to get injured. Hinata looked to the right and signalled for Mikoto to follow her there. Standing around and directing orders was grasses most respected sennins. He had lived for quite a while and was known for being a hard ass sensei. As it was his job to train ANBU into becoming a well formed unit. Ryo Yagami was a hardened general of the Yagami clan.

"Get reinforcements here right now, why aren't those village gates closed, what are those shinobi doing there and would someone please get Uzumaki Naruto here RIGHT NOW!!" Hinata smiled at the mention of her husband's name. Everyone knew that Ryo was a really strict person and always pushed everyone beyond his or her limits just like Naruto. That's why those two were really weird friends because they came together on their ideology. That's why there they threw the formality crap right out of the window.

"Ryo-Sama, what do you have to report" Hinata asked the eye patch wearing shinobi. Ryo was wearing a shinobi gi with a long over coat and an eye patch over his eye. You could see scars covering his face and could tell that he had been in many battles.

"Finally someone with brains" Ryo shouted out. Hinata blushed at the comment always showing her shy nature no matter how confident she became.

"Hinata I need you take the east side while I deal with the right side. It seems both villages have mixed and matched shinobi so it's a free for all" Ryo shouted as he relayed more information. Mikoto looked weirdly at the old shinobi who loved to come up with these weird quotes and catchphrase that made no sense.

"Don't worry Ryo-Sama I'll take Mikoto and Kyo as well," Hinata said to the old shinobi who gave a nod and went off to the western front. Hinata spotted Kyo fighting a couple shinobi and it seemed that he could receive some help. Hinata ran towards the flame user who was letting out a barrage of flame Jutsu's and attacks. Hinata ran towards a shinobi that sneaked up behind Kyo and struck him in the back and the neck effectively killing him off. Kyo looked behind himself to see two of his comrades and smiled at the women.

"Kyo-san I need you to come with me and defend the eastern front" Hinata spoke to Kyo in a soft voice. Kyo wondered how someone as shy and delicate could kill someone. Until he remembered Hinata's mood swings and Hyo's broken ear. The perverted shinobi said something wrong and dumb and Hinata twisted his ear until he had to go to hospital.

The flame user looked to his right to see Mikoto look at him with some worry. He didn't know why but lately he began to grow close to the blue haired vixen. Back in the day they were at each other's throats. Now days they spent as much time tighter as they possibly could. He gave the Kibagami genius a nod and looked towards the eastern front. When they reached there it seemed a lot of shinobi were being over whelmed by the moon and star shinobi.

Kazama Clan Jutsu: Dragon of Magma

Kyo called forth one of his special magma dragons to burn the moon and star shinobis. Hinata and company quickly reached the eastern front and began holding of the shinobi. Unfortunately for the grass shinobi they were still unorganised and had to fight a well-organised moon and star force. Hinata was using many of her Hyuuga and Genjutsu techniques but the eastern front just didn't have enough people to hold off the shinobi. It would take a couple of minutes until reinforcements arrived. But in a couple of minutes that might soon be all over.

Konoha Gōriki Senpū, (Leaf Strong Whirlwind)

Hinata looked to her right to see none other than Rock Lee standing there with his patented cheesy grins. Hinata looked around the battlefield to see an influx of konoha shinobi. It seemed that their allies had heard of the attack before them. She was glad though that Konoha had come to help them out. Hinata was only worried about her husband's health.

Naruto cut down another Star shinobi who came lunging at him. It seemed that the low villages suddenly got brave attacked grass. Luckily that was the last of them and there were cloud shinobi left on the battlefield either they left or died. Judging by the carnage it seemed most of them had died. This was a great victory for grass as they killed a lot of shinobi today. Naruto's arm was still hurting and knew he would have to get it checked out.

But there was something else that caught Naruto's eye. He looked down and saw the lifeless body of Genjuro Kibagami. Naruto got onto one leg and saw that Genjuro was dead and the only thing you could see was his smile that looked to be plastered on his face. Naruto pulled the blade from Genjuro's body and immediately knew that it was Shinnosuke, who had done this.

Naruto sighed as he looked at his dead friend. Genjuro had been with him since day one of him coming to grass. His advise and counsel got Naruto through some tough times. Now the man had gone up to god.

"Kusakage-Sama" Naruto heard someone shout and looked towards that direction to see his friends and comrades coming this way.

Sasuke and Kakashi made quick work of these shinobi and quickly went on to help the rest of the force. Sasuke looked around but couldn't find Naruto at all. Kakashi looked up to see that the moon and star shinobi had called for a retreat. Even though this wasn't their full army it was a sizeable force. Hinata came rushing up to them; she started to thank everyone for coming to their aid. Ryo looked around and tried to locate Naruto but couldn't fine him.

"Oi does anyone know where Naruto is" Ryo barked out to everyone. He seemed catch everyone's attention at the name of his or her friend or leader.

"Ryo-Sama, we left Naruto at the battlefield where we were fighting cloud" an ANBU shinobi said as they all looked at him. The konoha shinobi looked shocked that cloud had also attacked. They only knew that moon and star were going to attack.

"Fine then lets go get our Kusakage back," Ryo said as they went off in the direction of the cloud battlefield.

Naruto looked up and saw his friends come up to him. He smiled as he saw that they weren't hurt. He slowly walked up to them and grabbed Hinata in a half hug.

"Damn Kusakage-Sama, you look like hell" Hyo spoke out of Naruto's appearance. Yuri came running up to Naruto and started to check his arm and face for any permanent damage.

"Father" Naruto looked to his right to see Mikoto kneel down on to her father. He could see the tears begin to fall. Mikoto looked up at him with a questioning gaze and he motioned to Shinnosuke's sword. Mikoto collapsed onto her father's body and let out fresh tears. Naruto tore his gaze away, not being able to the heart-breaking scene. All other shinobis looked away but it was Sasuke who looked at Naruto and saw him collapse into Yuri's arms.


"I see moon and star have done as you asked, what did you tell them," An unknown male voice said in a darkly lit room. The only thing you could see was their distinct robe's that had red clouds on them.

"The usual things that power hungry fools want to hear" The leader spoke as looked at his 8 other comrades. He smiled knowing his plan was going very smoothly.

"Will you give them what they want" another unknown male voice spoke; this voice however was slightly deeper than the other one. The leader merely gave him a smile and looked out of his window.

The other members took it as a time to leave and cancel their Jutsu's. One member stayed in the room. It looked like this member wasn't a projection but was a real person.

"Well I should leave you to your work…" the Akatsuki member said as he started to leave the room.


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