Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean or any of the characters within. After rewatching the movie I did fix the line which is why I'm reposting this.

Author's Note: When I watched Dead Man's Chest, one of the scenes that stood out to me was when Davy Jones had a man holding a rosary killed. This is a short drabble about that man and his fate.

"I'll take my chances, sir." Those words I knew would condemn me. The choice was Davy Jones' crew or the watery coffin of the sea. As my death sentence was passed, I clutched my rosary and sent up one last prayer to God, 'Save me'. The sharp pain of the knife seared my throat and darkness overtook me.

I woke to a shining light, more pure than any sun or moon could be, more precious than any treasure. In a daze of pure delight I walked to the gate. Glowing in holy glory He stood, pierced hands spread wide in welcome. With words as gentle as a song, He spoke to me. "You held true in the very presence of evil. Well done, my good and faithful servant."

I was home.