A/N: Constructive critcism requested.


A little girl's voice shrieks in pretended fear. "Help me, help me!" she cries, a joyful curve to her voice that says laughter is not far away.

"Rarr!" This is an older man, growling his best. "I'm gonna getcha! Rarr!"

Wash stops dead in the corrider, amazed. Did he just hear what he thought he just heard?

He sticks his head into the common room and confirms his first impression: Sarie Tam is indeed being chased around, giggling intermittently, by the entirety of Serenity's PR department, one Jayne Cobb. Who is not brandishing knives, guns, grenades, howitzers, or any other weapon of any size or shape. In fact, he's not even really chasing her. He's deliberately shortening his long strides and letting her win.

Sarie is displaying a charactaristic common to most of the females Wash knows; namely, she is running with the intention of being caught in her own good time. As he watches, she decides that now is the time and fakes a trip. Jayne grabs her up and proceeds to tickle her unmercifully as she squeaks out laughs and bats ineffectually at huge hands.

Like a kitten, Wash decides, a kitten playing with the biggest, meanest bulldog you ever saw. A kitten who captivates everyone who sees her, who has on several (carefully secured) occasions enchanted a buyer or a seller into significantly altering a price to Serenity's benefit. A kitten who does not yet understand that not every life is charmed.

But today is not the day for her to learn. Wash shakes his head, and continues on his way.