Thinking of you

story by: The ever cool Imamused

Pairing: Squilliam/Squidward

Plot: Squilliam reflexes his feelings for Squidward, While Squidward is thinking about these feelings that are forming.

Author's Notes: I've been writing quite a lot of Lino/Luca things for awhile and decided to write a S/S story. Also, this story is a little different from all the others, because, well, here's the key to follow when reading:

Squilliam's thoughts are in bold

While Squidward's thoughts are in Italics

Ok, so now that you know...

Let's get this story started!

I can easily date back to the day I first saw him... in band class in High school. My eyes locked onto him at first sight, and I knew instantly that I am in love.

I remember, the day we first met. It was in Band class in High School. I didn't take a fancy to him, but stared at him in awe, I knew he was rich. The clothes were one thing, and his attitude was another. He didn't gloat or boast neither did he brag, that is, until he was alone with me.

I hated to act like a pompous snob around him, but it was just to disguise my feelings for him. And two, every one clinged to me, and it was all because I was wealthy. But I knew he never thought of me like that.

I didn't care that he had money, money doesn't matter. I just wondered as to why he would keep looking at me during our lessons. To me it was either that he thought I was the lowest life form on the whole sea bottom, or if, I have realised not too long ago, that I was his secret crush.

Yes, I admit, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, for without a doubt he was the most beautiful creature that I have ever glazed my eyes upon. His beautiful slender body carrassed my vision and his grace took every beating moment from my heart. He moved with perfect fashion without a care in the world. He truly is an exquisite creature.

I now am aware of his feelings for me, ever since he pulled off that stunt in the Krusty Krab. He grabbed me in a embrace and kissed me passionately, not even caring that we were being watched by the customers of the restaraunt.

Aww, yes, the feat I pulled off in the Krusty Krab.I still remember feeling the warmth of his body when it was pressed against mine and the taste that I got from his mouth was pure bliss. How I wish that I can do that again, without him struggling or being shocked at my actions.

Now, I think about this. I have these feelings... that are directed straight to him. And that kiss, I now realize, was not as bad as I thought it was.

God, I want him. I want him as my own. I want to love him, and to hold him in my arms, never daring to let go. I want to spend every second of my life with him.

These feelings are becoming too much to bear at this point. Why is it that now every time I think about him that these emotions keep popping up. Is it from that incident in the Krusty Krab?

I don't think I can last any longer on this. It's been five months since I have last seen him, and my heart is aching. It's not a pretty feeling.

I can feel the color flushing my cheeks as I think of him. Why is my heart accelerating?

Why is it that I feel so... giddy right now?

Oh god, now I know what is going on with these emotions...

My emotions must be torturing me right now. Oh, god I want him...

I realize what's going on here. I see the answer...

I want him so badly...



My life has changed...

My life has changed...

And it was because I fell in love with with you.

And it was because I fell in love with you.

And I would never change that.

And I would never changed that.