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Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn II

The New Leader

The unusual chilly night of the summer season was filled with the thick smell of freshly cut grass and various aromas of flowers that blew into the valley that nestled within its terra hold a small town within a certain location in the United States. Within a certain home in this town, the sounds of a tea kettle whistled with boiling water brewing within while the harmonious classical music of Beethoven filled the home with a soft serenity. From the living room of the home stepped out a woman in her early twenties with light blue hair that was long in length and had beautiful amethyst eyes that gleamed like gemstones. She wore a red tank top with a pair of blue jeans and red flip-flops that consisted of her wear for the summer season. She toward her way toward to the stove and clicked off the burner that held the silver tea kettle upon a coiled plate. She then pulled down two mugs, each being white in color, from the cupboard and set them on a counter nearby. The woman then reached into another overhead cabinet and pulled out a tin box with the design of a green forest on it. She then opened the tin, pulled out two packets that contained tea powder inside, placed the top back on the tin, and returned the tin box back on the shelf. She then closed the cabinet door and proceeded to tear open the packets of tea. She poured in the packets of tea into the mugs and then poured in the hot water from the kettle carefully so that the steam or water wouldn't burn her hands. Once the two accepts had entered into the mugs, the powder and liquid danced and blended together as they rose to the top of the mugs and the woman, having two spoons, stirred the hot mixture. She then raised her head up and called out:

"Zoey! Come and fix your tea before it gets cold!"

"Yeah, I hear you Samantha!" came the reply of another female's voice from the living room which wasn't far from the kitchen.

Entering the kitchen was another female, about the same age and height as Samantha, with long hair as well that was colored in a silky black and dazzling amethyst eyes and wore an attire that consisted of a pink tank top, blue jeans, and pink flip-flops. This dark haired female, who was Zoey, pulled out a chair from the table as well as taking the held out mug of tea from her sister and said:

"Thanks Sam."

"Sure, no problem," said Samantha, as she took her own mug, placed it on the table, and then proceeded toward the refrigerator to get out a carton of milk.

Zoey, who had the sugar dish before her, began spooning in large masses of the sweet substance into her tea as Samantha poured in milk into her tea and watched her sister take in the large spoonful of sugar into her tea.

"Hey now Zoey," joked Samantha, "if you consume too much sugar, your girly figure won't last…"

"Ha-ha…very funny Sam," sarcassed Zoey, who now began to sip from her tea.

"Well, I'm just looking out for my twin sister, that's all," Samantha said, taking a sip of her tea and holding a soft smirk as she drank.

Zoey took a few more sips of her piping hot tea and adverted her gaze across the table to see a small silver colored device that looked like a tiny handheld laptop. Zoey reached out and picked up the device and looked it over.

"A Nintendo DS?" questioned Zoey.

"Yeah," said Samantha, "I decided to buy one after I returned back home."

"I see," Zoey said softly, and then looked down toward the GBA slot of the DS; seeing a green see-through game cartilage rested within the port.

With a delicate pull forward on the game cartilage, Zoey released the small plastic device into her fingers and rested upon her palm to take a good look at the game Samantha had been playing with.

"Pokemon Emerald?" questioned Zoey, "You mean you've been playing Pokemon Sam?"

"Yes," said Samantha, "I find the RPG very interesting…"

"Oh pu-leez…" sarcassed Zoey, "…this is just a corny game! The only people who play these types of games are little kids and teenagers who haven't grown up!"

"I won't say that if I were you Zoey…" said Samantha in a low, serious tone and who had glared her now hardened amethyst eyes into her sister's very own violet eyes.

"Oh come now," said Zoey, waving the DS softly in her hand, "you really find this game interesting? I bet you ten bucks that I stop playing this game the minute I start it!"

"How about we make it fifty dollars that you play for five minutes?" said Samantha with a cunning smirk on her face, finding her sister's bet most interesting.

"HA! You're on!" exclaimed Zoey, "I'll take that bet!"

With the bet official, Zoey took one final sip of her tea and walked into the living room to play the game; leaving Samantha alone in the kitchen with her thoughts. Taking another sip of her tea, Samantha thought:

'If only you knew…' thought Samantha softly, '…the reason why I state I have amnesia about my whereabouts for ten years, just so no one would know the true place I've been to. I wonder…how is she doing?'


"Okay," said Zoey to herself, slumping in the big cushioned coach in the living room, "let's see what's so interesting about this: Pokemon Emerald…"

With a push of the DS' POWER button and after choosing her desired game, Zoey watched as the titling intro to Emerald unfolded before her.

'Okay,' Zoey's thoughts floated through her mind with a boring voice tone, 'this is pretty boring…nothing much really to see except some lush green valley, a dorky-looking white haired kid on a bike with numerous, weird creatures following along him…oh, now it goes to something else…hmm…a shadowed dinosaur in a magma pool…and now a bubbling ocean with a shadow whale…and now here comes something else…'

Clouds within the sky began to cover the bright sun in an eerie purpose. Golden lighting flashed around the darkened sky, illuminating the figure of a shadowed creature within the clouds. Two orbs of golden light suddenly blazed from the darkness of the sky, staring at the player. Then, its mouth began to glow in a golden hue and caused the circular, ancient patterns along its body to glow in a bright hue as well. Suddenly, the golden hue in the creature's mouth grew out into a giant sphere, illuminating the screen into white lights…

'Okay…' thought Zoey, '…what was the point of that?'

Suddenly, something that was never seen before in the Emerald's intro animation suddenly came to life. The white screen faded away to blackness. Then, green lighting flashed around the black background, showing the shadows of the creature; only this time, it wasn't the same mysterious creature as before. A pale green aura surrounded its draconic form, only to melt into a purplish-black hue. Two orbs of red light blazed from the creature's head, staring deep into Zoey's sight. Suddenly, Zoey heard a deep, dark voice in the farthest reaches of her mind speak out:

Your time has come…Come, to the land of Hoenn and take your role; leader of Team Sky…

Suddenly, a purplish-black hue grew from within the creature's mouth, incasing the screen and everything within the room…


Suddenly, Samantha felt a dark shiver flow down her spine; causing her to drop from her chair and onto her knees on the kitchen floor as her violet eyes plastered open in shock. She then heard the ancient voice of the Legendary of the Sky fill her mind's deepest reaches and spoke:

Ally of Emerald, your own blood has now entered into Hoenn and thus the legend of the dark dragon will commence…

The voice then disappeared into the nothing, like a dying wind. Samantha looked up and saw that a flash of purple light that expelled from the living room and then vanished. Samantha, knowing something had happened, immediately climbed to her feet and yelled out:


No reply came, which caused Samantha to clammier into the living room and in horror; saw that Zoey was gone. The dark aura, which was still continuing to fade away toward its source, showed that the only thing that was left was the DS that Zoey had been playing with upon the couch. Samantha's violet eyes grew small as she saw that her twin sister was no longer here in this reality; but in the world where she had been ten years earlier. Soft tears flowed from her deep amethyst eyes and she cried out again into the emptiness of her and her sister's home:



The full moon of the crisp summer sky spread out its pale white beams over the island region of Hoenn. Within an isolated region of the island territory, surrounded by mountains, laid a valley filled with a luscious forest of pine and elm trees; covering the valley in a carpet of deep green. It is here, deep within the forest that the purplish-black aura gleamed in a giant burst of light and then faded away into the night…

"Sir," came the voice of a man holding a pair of binoculars up to enhance his vision upon the land beyond him and wore a strange attire of a green aviator hat with goggles, a long sleeve green shirt and green pant combo that had golden rings around the wrist and bottoms of the shirt and pants, a pair of green gloves, and a black S symbol on the center of the shirt, "something was just spotted in the heart of the forest."

"Yes, I saw," said another man, who had jet black hair protruding from a green aviator hat with goggles and deep green eyes and wore an attire consisting of a green blazer jacket that had a black S symbol on the right side on the chest in the form of an Eastern dragon with a black shirt underneath, black gloves, green pants that had a distinct golden ring pattern down along the sides of it, and green mock shoes; standing on the edge of the cliff that overlooked the forest below.

"Should we send a band down to investigate sir?" asked the man, who was clearly a Grunt agent to his organization.

"No," said the black-haired man, "I'll go."

With that, the black-haired man leapt from the edge of the cliff, arms spread out and free falling toward the forest. With a click from pressing his black gloved fingers against a strap on his arm, a pair of black glider wings bursted forth from the small backpack on the man's back. He then glided on the dark wings of the night wind and made his way toward the spot where the light had been admitted.


Zoey sat up, a bit groggy from her dark light phenomenon and from her passed out moment, and rubbed her purple eyes which stung a bit; wondering what just happened to her. She then slowly got up upon her feet and suddenly felt like something different on her had changed. Zoey looked to see her raven colored, waist length hair had now become shinier and more luminous in the moon's light and that her clothing was completely replaced with new attire. The new clothing she now wore was a long sleeved black shirt, a skirt that was long and colored green with two splits that cut up to reach her lower calves and that a circular design of yellow reached up along each side of the skirt, and a pair of brown high heeled boots that reached just below her kneecaps. Zoey stood there in shock and confusion, asking to herself in a shaky voice:

"Wha-What happened to me?"

I simply made a change to your look… the dark crackling, harsh, and snake-like voice that spoke to Zoey before she came to the Pokemon World once again burned in the deepest reaches of her mind, ...now, here comes Libra; he'll tell you more about your future here…new leader of Team Sky…

The voice then disappeared into the night wind and as soon as it did, a shadow appeared from above. Zoey lifted her head up and saw a large figure blocking out the moon's glow with its dark wings. She gasped as she saw that the shadowed figure showed glimpses of a dark-haired man on a hang glider and saw him versed the glider down toward the clearing in the forest as he let down his feet. He then landed with a light thud, with bits of dust and dirt being kicked up by his mocked feet entering against the earth. He then pressed his fingers against the same strap on his chest and caused the glider wings to fold back into his backpack.

'Amazing,' thought Zoey.

The man then turned toward Zoey and his green eyes flashed into Zoey's, which caused Zoey to softly blush at his beautiful face and to turn her gaze away from him.

"Where do you come from?" the man's voice spoke to Zoey.

Zoey, hearing that she was asked a question by the stranger, turned to him and said:

"From the United States," said Zoey, with a bit of anger in her voice, "my question is…who are you and where am I at?"

"Hmm…" said the man, "…so you don't know where you are at…"

"Of course I don't know!" Zoey shouted at him, "Don't you think I'm stupid or something?"

The man softly chuckled under his breath at Zoey's anger.

"What's so funny?" asked Zoey.

"Well," said the man, with a deep smirk on his face, "then you must be our new leader…"

"Leader?" asked Zoey, "What are you talking about?"

The man didn't say anything, but just then politely bowed his head before Zoey and spoke:

"My name is Libra; the current and temporary leader of Team Sky."

"Team Sky?" asked Zoey, "What's that?"

"Team Sky," explained Libra; and of course as we know, lying right through his teeth; "is an organization formed to save mankind through the process of expanding the atmosphere of Earth."

"Interesting," said Zoey softly.

"Yes," said Libra, "we of Team Sky had almost seen this dream of ours come true, until the Emerald came…"

"Emerald?" asked Zoey.

"Yes," said Libra, his green eyes filling with a dark revenge against the Emerald of Hoenn, but then continued on with: "but anyway, we had been broken up because of Emerald and our forces were scattered across the region of Hoenn. Our new mission now is to find and unlock the Dark Legendary of the Sky."

"Dark Legendary of the Sky?" asked Zoey, with her tone filling with the numerous confusions of her questions.

"Yes," said Libra, "the Dark Legendary of the Sky is said to be the alter-ego to the Legendary Rayquaza…"

'Rayquaza?' asked Zoey in her thoughts, 'isn't that dragon Samantha was always talking about when she was playing that Pokemon Emerald game? Wait…does that mean that I…I am in the Pokemon World! For real!'

"…and thus being just as powerful as Rayquaza and by having the Legendary in our own hands, our dreams to expand atmospheric proportions will be a reality!" ended Libra.

'Is…' Zoey's thoughts continued to roll on in her mind, '…is this really for REAL!'

"Are you okay?" asked Libra.

Zoey, with her thoughts being stopped by the question, looked up to Libra, seeing he was now close to her.

"Oh," said a surprised Zoey, "yes…I'm okay."

"I don't mean to be rude," asked Libra, "but may I ask for you name?"

"Oh, my name is Zoey," she said, introducing herself to Libra.

"Zoey," said Libra softly with a smile, "that's a lovely name."

"Oh, thank you," said Zoey, softly blushing at the complement but then a question popped into her mind out of curiosity and asked: "I don't mean to pry into others affairs, but who use to be your former leader before me?"

"Our former leader," began Libra, "was a passionate, wonderful, and beautiful leader. She was the founder of Team Sky and she could tame the strongest of Flying and Dragon Elements; of course, we thought she could tame all…"

"And what happened to her?" asked Zoey.

"She was defeated by Emerald on Sky Pillar and she was then again defeated by both Emerald and Rayquaza at Sootopolis City," explained Libra and with some parts her lied about, "After both defeats, she collapsed and the Emerald ordered Raquaza to send her back to her own world and thus caused us to go back underground; with that and the betrayal of one of our top agents."

"That's awful," said Zoey, "how could the Emerald do such a thing?"

"Because," said Libra, "the Emerald did what she felt like was right for Hoenn…" Libra sighed and continued, "…poor Samantha, I wonder how she is…"

"What?" asked Zoey, her eyes opening a bit wider when she heard the leader's name, "Did you just say 'Samantha'?"

"Yes," said Libra, a little surprised at Zoey's sudden break in.

"With…long blue hair and violet eyes?" asked Zoey again.

"Yes!" said Libra, "That's her!"

"Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Zoey, "I'm her twin sister! She disappeared for ten years and just unexplainably was found in a hospital near where she lived!"

"Yes," said Libra, "Samantha founded Team Sky almost over five years ago, but said she came to Hoenn five years earlier before our team was formed!"

The two then began to solve and piece together jumbles of memories from each other under the moonlight for minutes. Then, after they believed everything was solved, Zoey looked to Libra and said:

"So you said that I am the new leader of Team Sky?"

"Yes," said Libra, "since you are a relative of our former leader and also a girl from the Real World."

"Then," said Zoey, "I accept the role as Team Sky Leader!"

"Very well Miss. Zoey," said Libra, "I will tell the others and let Team Sky prepare you for leadership role of our team!"

Libra then reached down and unclipped a red and white Pokeball from his belt and threw it out. The Pokeball opened and in a flash of white light materialized a Pidgeot, a Normal/Flying Element with light tan feathers and white feathers along its underbelly, peach-toned claws ending in sharp white talons and a peach-toned beak curved to an eagle-like status, black markings over its sharp black eyes, and long head feathers, whose red and yellow hues curved and followed down to its back.

"Pid-ge-to!" cried out Pidgeot in a sharp cry.

Libra jumped onto Pidgeot's back and then held out his hand to Zoey; hoping she would come along as well. Zoey took his hand and jumped onto Pidgeot's back, being in front of Libra. Libra wrapped one arm around Zoey's waist to hold her onto Pidgeot's back and the other hand to rest along Pidgeot's side so Libra could hang onto his bird Pokemon.

"Ready?" asked Libra.

"I am," Zoey said.

"Okay Pidgeot," said Libra, "let's use Fly!"

Pidgeot spread out its tan and cream colored wings to the night sky. With a few huge flaps of its massive wings toward the ground, Pidgeot and its passengers took to the sky; leaving the forest below their gaze.

"So Miss. Zoey," said Libra, "before we prepare you as our leader, what have you decided to do as our first order?"

"Well," said Zoey, "I have two. First, find the Dark Legendary of the Sky. Second, seek out and destroy the Emerald; so we won't have anyone to get in our way."

"As you wish Miss. Zoey," said Libra, closing his green eyes and bowing his head in a deep nod.

The two, upon Libra's Pidgeot, made their way back toward the cliff where Libra first began. A group of about fifteen Team Sky Grunts, eight being male and the rest being female, wearing green attires consisting of long-sleeved shirts and pants, having golden rings of designs along the sleeves' rims and pant's sides, green aviation hats with goggles to match, green gloves, and brown slip-on shoes; stood along the cliff, watching the two land on the rocky surface. Pidgeot rested its wings on its feathery sides for rest as Libra and Zoey slided off the Normal/Flying Element's back.

"Is this a prisoner sir?" asked one of the female Grunts, pointing to Zoey.

"No," said Libra, "this is our new leader…Miss. Zoey."

"My apologies Miss. Zoey," the Grunt bowed in forgiveness.

"Madam," said the Grunts, bowing to Zoey as well, "we will humbly serve you."

"Oh," said Zoey, bowing in politeness, "thank you."

"Come Miss. Zoey," said Libra, extending his arm toward a Team Sky jet, "your ceremony awaits…"

Zoey nodded and proceeded toward the jet. She then stepped inside, followed by Libra, and then the door to the jet closed. The engines then came alive in the aircraft and caused the jet to lift up from the ground. Zoey looked out the window of the jet, seeing the valley below her becoming small before her sight.

"So Libra," asked Zoey, "where are we going? To this ceremony as you call it?"

"You'll see Miss. Zoey," said Libra.

The jet, fully ignited with power, began to make its travel to its destination; with other Team Sky aircraft following behind.


A fire crackled and popped in the cold breeze of the night, sending a slight chill down one of the women's spine. A group consisting of three Team Sky members, one being male with indigo-blue hair and had a thick muscular built under his highly ranking Team Sky uniform, and two others being female with one having curly amber hair and the other short, spiky red hair, waited in front of their campsite when they heard the orders of Libra over their communication devices in their aviation hats in which Libra's voice told them that he had found the next leader of Team Sky and they were making their way toward their next site. Their campsite rested next to a large mound where a cave-like opening led to the inside of it.

"Brr…" said one of the women; the one who was over come with the chill and housed the amber-hued hair, "…it's getting cold out here…very odd for summer…"

"It won't be much longer Wilma," said the male of the group as he gently picked at the fire with a stick.

"Yes Lee," said Wilma nodding softly as she addressed to the guy.

"Speaking of which," began Lee, turning to the other female, "Emily, has every last detail of the ceremony in check?"

"Yes Lee," said Emily, "it has…"

Suddenly, the noise of a jet passing by made the Team Sky Elites advert their gazes toward the starry sky and saw a green Team Sky jet pass by and made a circling decent to land.

"That's Libra's jet," said Emily in a cool manner.

Other aircrafts bearing the black S of Team Sky flew over and landed as well with Libra's jet. The location of this region was still in Hoenn in an isolated field surrounded by mountains and if one were to look overhead from above, the field seemed to be carved from a meteorite impact. From the resting crafts came out Libra, Zoey, and the other Sky Grunts and they quietly proceeded toward the campsite. Lee stood, followed by Emily and Wilma, as Libra and Zoey walked up to them and he asked, pointing his black gloved index finger toward Zoey:

"Is this her?"

"Yes," said Libra, "she is and please, call her Miss. Zoey."

"Forgive me, Miss. Zoey, for my rudeness," said Lee, bowing to Zoey in forgiveness.

"Oh," said Zoey, "it's all right."

"Very well," said Lee, "come this way Miss. Zoey please."

Lee took the lead toward the inside of the mound, followed by Zoey going in next, then Libra, Emily, and Wilma; while the rest of the Sky members waited outside. As she stepped inside, Zoey's violet eyes adjusted to the dim light of the mound's interior and saw before her a stone tablet; holding upon its granite surface was a green, World War II fashioned aviator jacket with the golden S emblem on the chest, along with it was an aviator hat, and a green belt that housed six Pokeballs upon it. These were Samantha's possessions before she left back to the Real World months earlier when she was leader of Team Sky and now they belonged to Zoey.

"Please," said Lee, "take your possessions for this world Miss. Zoey."

Zoey walked up to the slab and first took the Pokebelt and wrapped it and buckled it to her waist. She then slipped on the aviator jacket and adjusted it to her liking and then placed her aviation hat went on last, over her silky black hair.

"Here is one more item…" said Libra, reaching into his pocket with his right hand.

Libra pulled out a black box and opened it; revealing a gold chained, emerald stone choker that gleamed a soft hue in the dim light of the mound. This as well belonged to Samantha and Libra handed the box out to Zoey, for her to take the choker. Zoey delicately picked up the choker in her delicate fingers and then slipped on the choker over her neck, letting it rest high above her collarbone near her neck.

"Now that you have accepted the objects of our previous leader…" said Libra, sending out the words of honorary acceptance, "…you are now the new leader of Team Sky!"

Zoey nodded softly, filling with a new confidence that now, she had a role to perform in this world…


Now that the ally of Emerald's blood has accepted the role as the new leader of Team Sky, came the Legendary of the Sky's thoughts into a blank background, a new legend, hidden away within the deepest reaches of Hoenn, will commence; and the Emerald of Hoenn will once again face a new destiny in order to save our world…


Coming up, a beginning of re-introducing our heroes as well as a new adventure destination…