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Departures and Awakenings to Begin

The night was filled with soft calls of a few migratory Hoothoots and Noctowls that have become active during the darkness that plagued within the woods of the Frontier, resting in the trees and scanning their minor territories for any signs of dangers or prey. A few of them soon began to cock their heads a bit at a strange noise that was beginning to fill the air at the ground. With their wide eyes gazing out onto the forest floor that glowed under the moonlight, they watched as a Houndoom, in a surprisingly full gallop with someone being dragged along side of him. Beka, being this very person, clung onto one of his horns and the collar as she tried to stay on him, but lost her grip and let go; dropping to the ground as the Houndoom, Helios, continued running. Helios, feeling the extra weight gone, skidded to a stop and turned around to see what happened to Beka. He saw the weakened trainer slowly get onto her knees and then gradually standing back up, shaking as did so in her weakened state. Helios began to thread himself between her legs and then lifted her onto his back again. After making sure she had a good grip on his leather collar, Helios dashed off once again into the woods and taking much more proper care into letting her not fall of him again. Beka kept clinging onto Helios, seeming half awake as she held on, and spoke in a soft, tired voice: "S-Sorry Helios…I didn't mean to drop off like that…"


Standing on the same spot he and Beka had been days ago, Edgar held a depressing look as he stood on the same hillside where he and Beka had been to forget about the climax that took place earlier that day between them and Larz and where they spent the time looking at photos and him giving her the orange flowers to keep. They were happier times in his life, a void that now plagued his very heart now that she was gone. He seemed to have lost a part of him as he saw her leave him at the Center earlier that day, he knew it was his fault. He had lost her, possibly forever from how he had treated her during certain periods at being at the Frontier. Forcing her to make decisions, coming onto her without her consent, and other issues that had threatened to end their friendship, but at last, it had seem to have occurred and there was no going back. To Edgar, Beka was gone forever.

Edgar slowly fingered onto his belt to pull out his Crystal Ball into his hands and expand it. He was about to call forth Aurora, but was stopped when he heard two familiar voices call out from behind him: "Edgar! There you are!"

Edgar slowly turned to see it was Garrett and Katie approaching him with worried looks on their faces.

"There you are!" exclaimed Garrett, "We've been looking all over for you man!"

"Hey guys," spoke Edgar quietly as he held the Crystal Ball in his hands. Katie saw this and asked:

"Edgar, are you leaving now?"

"Not yet," spoke Edgar as he glanced down at the Crystal Ball in his hand, "there is one thing I need to do."

Katie and Garrett watched as Edgar threw out the Pokeball, but to their surprise, the expelling of the light seemed different as it was now a pulsing blue and white core surge of light instead of its usual aurora beam colored surge. Katie slowly realized what was going on as Aurora appeared before them.

"You're releasing Aurora, aren't you?" asked Katie.

Edgar lowered his head and nodded slowly as tears streamed down his eyes. "I don't deserve to be Aurora's trainer. It needs to be free, to be who it truly is: a Legendary of the North Winds."

Katie and Garrett looked up to see Aurora seeming to have a softened look in its ruby eyes, but nodded in understanding to Edgar's words. The two trainers turned to each other for a moment and then nodded together at what they needed to do. Garrett and Katie pulled out their Topaz and Amber Balls to release out Thunder and Entei alongside Aurora: now all of them free Legendaries.

"It's for the best, I know it," smiled Katie, "they should be free as the Legendaries they are."

Garrett nodded. "I agree." He then winked at Thunder, "It was great having ya on the team buddy, but ya gotta be free now."

The other two Legendaries nodded to their former trainer's words and then looked to Aurora. Aurora approached Edgar and gently rubbed its head against Edgar's cheek in good-bye. Edgar gently patted Aurora's side of its head and whispered: "Good bye, my friend."

Aurora then slowly backed away from Edgar and nodded to its other companions that they must be going. With that, the Legendary trio let out their signature cries before they leapt off of the cliff and into the air: with Raikou, formally known as Thunder, to materialize into a bolt of lightning and shoot up into the night air, Entei to transform into a mass of fiery clouds and shoot up into the night air as well, and for Suicune, formally known as Aurora, to leap out and dash across the ocean as if running on solid land itself. Katie and Garrett watched as the Legendaries vanished into the night while Edgar kept his head lowered in despair.

"You think they'll be okay out there Garrett?" asked Katie concerned, "They haven't been out in the world in years without us."

"Oh I'm sure they will Kates," smiled Garrett, "After all, they are the divine servants of Ho-oh, I'm sure it'll be glad to meet its messengers again after all this time." Katie nodded with a smile, but seemed concerned when she looked over at Edgar.

"Hey Edgar," spoke Katie, "are you-?"

She was cut short when she noticed that their Pokeballs containing the Legendaries glowed and then morphed into three bells, one made of crystal, one of topaz, and the other of amber. The group was surprised at this as they looked the bells over. "Hey, they went back into their original forms-huh?!" spoke Garrett when he suddenly saw the bells glow more in a blinding light. The trio shielded their eyes for a moment as the light brightened and then slowly dimmed away. They looked back down to see, in their shock, that the bells were gone. "Hey!" exclaimed Garrett as he frantically looked around him, "Where did they go?!"

"They must have gone back to the Brass Tower to be kept in their final resting place," spoke Katie, a bit sad that her Amber Bell was gone, "but it is sad we couldn't keep them with us."

"Yeah," sighed Garrett, but then turned when he saw Edgar shaking in grief, "Ed?"

"First my parents were taken away, then Beka, and now Aurora…" muttered Edgar as tears became clear on his face, "…why does fate hate me so much?"

"Edgar, it's okay," said Katie as she approached to put her hand on his shoulder, "it's just-"

Edgar shrugged her hand off of his shoulder and pulled out another Pokeball, releasing Inferno to come to his side. "Ed?" asked Garrett as he saw Edgar get on the dragon's back, "What are you doing? Aren't you going back with us?"

"You guys can go back," spoke Edgar in a cold tone, "I'm leaving this island and Hoenn forever."

"Ed, quit talking like that!" scolded Katie.

"Yeah man," said Garrett, "and where are you going to go? Back to Cerulean to cry in your bedroom like a baby?!"

"Just shut up and stay out of my affairs if you know what's good for you Garrett," growled Edgar as Garrett raised an eyebrow.

"Am I suppose to take that as a threat?" asked Garrett in a growling tone that matched Edgar's.

Edgar ignored him and gently tapped Inferno's sides. "Inferno, Fly us out of here now!"

Inferno looked at Edgar a bit confused but, seeing his serious gaze in his eyes, he reliantly complied and spread out his large wings to take to the sky. As he got up and became airborne, both Inferno and his passenger flew off into the night sky as the two remaining trainers watched him leave. Garrett let out a yell of anger and kicked the ground. "Dang it Knight! Why must you be so ignorant?!"

"Garrett…" spoke Katie softly as Garrett stormed off back toward town in anger. With a soft sigh escaping from her lips and taking one more glance to the night sky to see Edgar gone from view, Katie followed Garrett back to town.


The three bells jingled softly in the hands of a figure with long white and black hair that flowed down his back as well as a golden strand of hair that fell gently above his forehead, glistening ruby eyes, and clad in a knight-like attire that looked more of a traveling nomad than a warrior of battles. The figure smiled at the sight of the bells in his hand and spoke in an ancient voice. "Well now, the Legendary Beasts are free and are reuniting with Ho-oh itself." The stranger, who was within the crystal hallways of the Hall of Origin, gently made a small cut motion in the air with his hand; causing a small dimensional pocket to open up before him like a secret hideaway. He gently placed the bells in the tiny pocket of space and time and closed it back up with his powers, smiling as he did so. "Now that the Bells of Johto are secure in my hold, I can rest assure they will be released when needed to my three Chosens of Thunder, Volcano, and the North Wind are fully awakened."

He then made another motion with his hand, this time in a swirling mode, and caused a mirror to levitate before him. Looking into the glass, he could see a vision of Helios carrying Beka on his back into the depths of the woods and smiled softly. "My dearest Beka," he spoke, "you will now meet the Guardian of the Chosens and you will begin to go on your own journey to awaken the other slumbering Chosen Ones. I will watch over you and protect you with the others my child. May we meet again as promised." As he said this, the figure glowed and slowly morphed back into his original form as Arceus.


After several minutes of running, Helios eventually came to a halt; panting heavily and unable to carry on with carry Beka on his back. Seeing him needing a rest, Beka got off of her hero's back and looked around. She could hear something off in the distances and looked up to see flares of colored light exploding in the air a few miles away, seeing it was the firework show to show that the festivities of the closing ceremonies were underway. She would have loved to have been at the stadium to cheer Edgar on and see the many participants who still stayed at the Frontier receive their rewards, but after all that happened earlier, it wasn't meant to be. Her biggest concern now was beginning to find a way to leave the Battle Frontier island and head on out. The question was: where would she go? Suddenly, something cut her thoughts as she saw a flash of dull red light from the concern of her eye. She quickly turned to where she saw it and had just missed it, as well as seeing that Helios was now gone from sight, making her panic. "Helios?!" asked Beka as she grew afraid of being alone in the dark woods.

"It would be cruel to not allow him to rest after such as noble feat," came an unfamiliar voice that made Beka shake a bit.

"Who…Who's out there?!" asked Beka as she frantically looked around in fear.

Beka then gasped when she saw, under the pale moonlight within the shadows of a tree, was a young man leaning against the trunk. She could make out he had long dark hair that was pulled back in a very long ponytail, piercing blood red eyes that held a deep glow to them, a large black scarf that wrapped around the lower half of his face, entire neck, and upper part of his chest, and worn out clothes that showed that it belonged to those of a high ranking member of Team Sky. Seeing his attire caused Beka to begin backing and reach for a Pokeball at her belt. Her slow movements were easily detected now by her weakened state, but even so, she was not going to give into the clutches of Team Sky as easily as before. Before she could draw a Pokeball, she found the blunt head of a very long and sharpened scythe blade pressed gently against her chest; causing her to gasp at the massive weapon and its jeweled crow-like designed head.

"Come now," the voice of the man spoke, which was holding the scythe to her chest, "I have no intention of harming you, nor planning to turn you over to Team Sky."

Beka looked up at the man, seeing his blood red eyes holding a deep truth to him; a trusting feeling sweeping over her. "Then…you own Helios?" she asked as her hand slowly relaxed against her side.

The man drew back his scythe away and let it vanish into a puff of ink-black smoke, surprising Beka. "Yes," he spoke, "Helios is my friend."

"But then," asked Beka, "How come you are dressed in the uniform of Team Sky?"

"Because I have assumed the identity of a SkyGOD administrator," spoke the man, "To them, I am the infamous Daniel Dour, but to you, my dear Emerald, I am Kiozi Miaxu: Guardian of the Chosen Ones and a servant of Arceus." Kiozi then gave Beka a very deep and polite bow to her, showing his loyalty to her.

"Arceus…" spoke Beka as she looked up to the starry sky with her dreary eyes, "So that is what it meant…"

"As I had mentioned," spoke Kiozi as he stood back up, "I am the Guardian of the Chosen Ones and I am charged with the protection and education of the fledgling Chosens that will soon awaken from their slumbers."

Beka nodded softly to Kiozi's words, but then staggered for a moment forward, but caught herself before she tripped onto the ground. As she finished regaining herself, she felt a hand being placed on her shoulder; seeing that it belonged to Kiozi. "My lady," he spoke, "you shouldn't stress yourself. Allow me to help you."

"With what Kiozi?" asked Beka, "What should I do? I can't stay here much longer."

Kiozi said nothing, but Beka grew surprised when she saw a familiar looking Murkrow land on his now extended free hand. As the Minerva did so, a massive shadow engulfed them both for a few seconds and as the haze cleared, Beka saw that Kiozi had transformed into a bird-like human with feather, talons, and massive black wings that looked one with the night sky. Beka looked on a bit in horror at seeing the harpy-like form of Kiozi, but her fear was put to ease as Kiozi gently lifted her up in his arms and cradled her gently to her in his grip. Seeing to give her a reassuring smile under his scarf, Kiozi unfolded his and his Pokemon's wings and leapt off of the ground, ascending high and silently into the air in mere seconds. Beka clung onto Kiozi as the world below her shrank to tiny dots in a dark blue ocean below, but then she felt them floating down back to the island toward the harbor at the Frontier. Landing gently at a far away dock, Kiozi gently placed Beka to her feet on the wooden planks and unbind himself from Minerva in the same black haze as before; only showing his true form and his Murkrow's form now separate. Beka turned a bit to hear massive cheering coming from a stadium, a glowing in the night by spotlights, as the ceremonies of the Battle Frontier were drawing to a close. A softened look filled her eyes, knowing that the fun and excitement she should be having tonight would not be. She had to leave the Frontier and as she turned to see the ocean beckoning her to travel over its glisten blue surface, she spoke to Kiozi. "I guess we must part ways now, right?" she asked.

"Yes," spoke Kiozi, "and no."

"What do you mean?" asked Beka as she turned to the mysterious man.

"Yes, you must flee elsewhere," responded Kiozi, "but no. Look to your shadow in times of need and I will be there."

Beka made an understanding nod and bowed to Kiozi. "Thank you Kiozi," she spoke.

Kiozi returned the bow and then whispered something to Minerva. After doing so, Minerva took off into the sky as Kiozi seemed to fade away into a dark mist; vanishing from his spot on the dock. Seeing him gone, Beka turned to make one last look at the Frontier and pulled out a Pokeball from her belt. As she was about to call out Flygon, however, two voices broke the night air; causing Beka to turn and see Brendan and May running to her with relieved looks on their faces.

"Hey!" yelled out Brendan, "We've been looking all over for you!"

"Guys," spoke Beka in a surprised manner, "shouldn't you all be back with Edgar?"

"Yeah, well," said May, "we haven't found him yet and I heard he forfeit his battle with Ash, but, you should come back and find him too Beka. You are his friend too after all."

Beka looked down at the ground. "Would a friend force himself into wanting me to be his girlfriend, now that Steven and I are no more?" Hearing Beka say that, May tried to keep on a straight face while Brendan looked like he was feeling a bit awkward; they realized Beka had brought up a very uneasy point. They saw Beka turning back to stare out at the ocean again, speaking as she gazed out toward the horizon. "It's also best that I leave the Frontier tonight. It's not safe for me now and I have much I need to work on."

"Well, um…" spoke Brendan, feeling a bit lost at words, but Beka cut him off.

"You guys can stay here and be with the others…as for me, I'm moving on," she spoke.

"But where would you go?" asked May, "The Hoenn mainland isn't safe either and it's a long way to Kanto or Johto."

"I'll find a place where no one would look," reassured Beka.

"Even though Team Sky will be searching under every stone and leaf for you?" countered Brendan.

"Then that is why I need much to work on," said Beka, "to get stronger and be able to fight off as much as the team as I can."

"Beka…I hope you know what you're doing," spoke May, "for your sake."

"May," said Beka as she turned to the two trainers, tears wielding down her face, "I love you and Brendan both as my dearest friends…I want nothing to happen to you or to this world. I'll find what I seek and hopefully I can find a way that I can rid Team Sky and still be able to get around unnoticed."

"Well," said Brendan as he and May looked at each other in worry, "just remember that we are your friends, and that if you're ever in trouble, we will be there to help."

Beka gave then a soft nod as a smile began to perk under trembling lips. "Thank you both," she spoke, holding back more tears, "for everything."

After turning around and wiping away the oncoming tears from her eyes, Beka summoned forth Flygon and the two lifted off into the night. May and Brendan both watched as Beka and Flygon grew into tiny speaks in the moonlight and sighed. "I really hope she'll be alright out there on her own," said May, "After all, she is the kind who will take anything to heart at times…"

Brendan gently wrapped an arm around May's shoulders and leaned his head against hers. "I know just what you mean," spoke Brendan.

May suddenly felt a pain of guilt punch her in the pit of her gut. "And…I didn't mean to force her into liking Ed like I had been doing to her," she spoke, "I didn't realize what she had been through…" Brendan merely stroked her hair in comfort.

"It'll be fine," Brendan spoke, "I just think she needs some time to herself to think things over."

May nodded softly, but suddenly, Brendan noticed a thin blue aura beginning to shimmer around May's form as her calm blue eyes seemed to harden into a darker blue tone. Brendan looked on in concern as May's voice changed into something ancient and spoke: "May you find what you seek Emerald…Ruby and I, Sapphire, will be there for you whenever you need it…"

"May?" asked Brendan softly, growing a bit concerned at May's sudden change of tone and attitude.

May suddenly seemed to snap back to reality and trip backwards, only to be caught in Brendan's arms as she gasped. "Brendan?! What happened?!"

"I think we need to talk about something," said Brendan as he lifted her back up and took her hands, "involving The Legend of Hoenn…"


On the other side of the island began another awakening as, within a sleeping quarter in the Battle Pyramid, Vanessa's roommates became increasingly concerned for the Poison Element trainer's well being. Vanessa was curled up in her bed with her back to them, shivering and not responding to anything they were saying to her.

"Hey Vanessa, are you alright?" asked one of her roommates as they reached out to touch her shoulder.

Vanessa suddenly froze to her roommate's touch and then swatted her hand away with a surprising force; almost enough to nearly break her wrist. The roommate screamed at the sudden force and backed away as another girl spoke up: "Vanessa? What's wrong with you?" Vanessa didn't say anything and curled back up in her former position, a look on her face seeing pale and fearful.

"I'll go get Brandon," said another roommate and she rushed out to get him. As she was gone, the other girls tried to get Vanessa up to see if they could either treat her ailment or if she needed to go to the hospital. All was well for about five seconds after she had gotten to her feet, but then she began to go berserk. This caused one of the girls, who was a bit bulkier than the others, to get a good hold on Vanessa so she won't hurt herself while the other girls tried to talk some sense in the hysteric trainer. To this dismay, however, it had failed to work as Vanessa thrashed around and growled like a cornered animal.

"What is wrong with her?" asked a roommate, but gasped as Vanessa managed to wriggle one of her hands from the suppression roommate's grip.

"Someone get her hand down now!" the roommate who was holding her yelled, causing a girl to grab the wrist of the freed hand. This, however, proved to be a big mistake as Vanessa dug her long fingernails into the girl's arm. As this happened, Brandon and a small troupe of men entered the room to see the horror before their eyes. The girl who got clawed screamed and recoiled back to hold her arm, causing Brandon to leer at Vanessa in an angry manner.

"Vanessa, what has gotten into you?!" exclaimed Brandon, "Answer me now!!" Vanessa let out a growl toward him, causing to repeat himself: "Vanessa! Answer me now!!!"

Vanessa stared back at him with angry, insane, and bloodthirsty yellow eyes as a grey-yellow aura began to shroud her form. "You will pay dearly for insulting me, human," she spoke, only in a dark ancient tone that made Brandon and the others wince to the pressure of her unknown anger.

"What?" asked Brandon. He suddenly saw Vanessa, or someone else who was controlling Vanessa at the moment, throw the girl that was holding her back onto the floor and quickly seized Brandon by the throat; holding him tightly enough to make him uncomfortable but not in a choking manner.

"Do not question me!" Vanessa yelled as Brandon reached to suddenly tap something against his belt. A surge of white light separated the two as Vanessa was suddenly thrown against the wall. She began to snarl when she saw Brandon had released Regice before him as he rubbed his neck being free from Vanessa's grip. Vanessa began to back off, not wanting to be turned into ice by Regice's threatening pose to attack. "This act will not go unpunished," she sneered, "I promise you, you will feel the brunt of my blade for your insolence!"

"What is it that you want Vanessa," spoke Brandon, "or whoever you are…"

"I want my revenge for the millennia of humiliation I have suffered," Vanessa spoke, "I would not expect a lowly human such as you to understand such matters."

"Millennia?" asked Brandon, "But, that can only be…" He stopped himself as his eyes grew wider at Vanessa's words at realizing this possibility. He looked up to see Vanessa having fled from the room and as he caught sight of her, he saw her vanish on a warp panel to another spot in the Pyramid. Still in shock, Brandon could only mouth out: "She is a Chosen…"

"Ch-Chosen sir?" asked the roommate who almost had her wrist broken.

"The reference of humiliation over a millennia," pondered Brandon, "Those yellow eyes, that voice…I'm afraid she is the Guardian of Lightning…Heliodor." Brandon then shook his head as he got himself together. "Tell the guards working the security booth to find which floor she's on! I want it cleared of all personnel immediately! We can't have anymore injuries or worse." As he recalled back Regice and left the room to let the girls tend to their roommate who got clawed, Brandon left to seek out Vanessa as well as various guards who began filling the halls of the Pyramid. Most of them wore battle masks of fierce looking Pokemon while carrying large staffs for battle. "Don't engage her in combat unless she attacks first," spoke Brandon to a few men who were running nearest to him, "spread the word. She's not her usual sweet self right now, and she will fight back!"

"Yes sir!" the men spoke and they broke apart to look for Vanessa, now currently in the state as Heliodor. After a few moments of searching, they soon skidded to a halt when they find her staring at the ancient painting of Zapdos and Rayquaza battling out in the sky. They looked on confusion as Heliodor savagely attacked the picture of Rayquaza, carving deep scars into the rock as she held a blood thirsty look in her yellow eyes. After seeing this, the men held out their staffs in defense and one yelled out: "Halt!!!" Heliodor turned to give then an annoyed, resentful look and then leapt at them; knocking a few down onto the ground hard. As the remaining guards, who hadn't been attacked, prepared to go on the offense, Heliodor slipped back into the darkness of the Pyramid's dimly lighted halls once more. Silence filled the hall as the men began to recover, their heavy breathing being the only noises they heard, but then, one of the guards let out a horrifying scream. This caused the others to turn to see a blur of yellow light and shimmering, large talons to appear before the heavy noises of tearing armor and screams echoed through out the Pyramid's hallways. Seeing she was able to knock out a few of the men, Heliodor managed to warp to another panel and to find herself at the very top of the Pyramid where she saw Brandon awaiting for her in the cold night air. She wiped a corner of her mouth as she looked on at Brandon unamused.

"Heliodor," spoke Brandon as he saw what appeared to be talon-like claws having begun to slowly overcome her hands and feet, "So it is really you."

"Yes, I have returned to take my place as the rightful ruler of the skies," Heliodor spoke, "What of it, human?"

"I see," Brandon spoke, "you want to fight Emerald. In a battle predicted a long time ago."

"You were taught well human," Heliodor spoke, "but it will not save you from my divine punishment."

"As is predicted as well," Brandon spoke with narrowing eyes, "your lust for power is as strong as Zapdos was all those eons ago." Heliodor gave off a strangely amused laugh.

"Foolish human," Heliodor grinned darkly, "I am Zapdos."

Brandon looked on in a bit of shock. "But…it is said that Zapdos had a masculine form with golden hair and pitch black eyes…how can you-?" He was cut off when he saw Heliodor before him and grabbing him by the front of his shirt.

"You insult me and now you question?!" Heliodor sneered in disgust, "For such insolence, I will beat you to within an inch of your life! If you do not swear your undying loyalty to me after, I will k-" Heliodor's eyes suddenly rolled back in her head and she began to fall over in a faint. Brandon quickly caught her before she fell to the ground, seeing the sickly aura die away and her hands and feet to appear looking normal again. Her eyes fluttered opened, showing calming blue and milky-white eyes to open up and stare at Brandon in a weak manner. "Sir, what happened?"

"We need to talk, Vanessa," spoke Brandon with a soft sigh. Vanessa's eyes widened to Brandon's words.

"S-Sir?" she asked a bit nervously.

Brandon gently wrapped his coat around Vanessa's body due to how chilly the night air was becoming. Vanessa began shaking, not by the cold, but by the dread of knowing what had happened to her and after their talk at the top of the Pyramid, Vanessa seemed very anxious to leave. "I can't stay here sir," she complied, "Not when she's this intent on trying to severely hurt or even killing anyone who tries to confront her. I'd be too much of a danger to everyone."

"Vanessa," said Brandon, after giving off a quick thought, "there is a way you can help purge her anger."

"How?" asked Vanessa, "I've tried to reason with her in the past, but she only grows more angry."

"I know," said Brandon with a nod, "So there is a way that you can help to purge that anger."

"Tell me please!" exclaimed Vanessa, "Every time she takes over, someone almost gets killed! I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive myself if-" Vanessa stopped when Brandon gently placed his index finger to her lips.

"Vanessa," Brandon spoke in a reassuring voice, "First of all, calm down. Second, here is how you can purge her anger. In the region of Orre, there is a village called Agate, where they have a sacred forest that holds an ancient landmark called the Relic Stone. It is there that one's heart is opened up and the darkness that had been inside of them is said to vanish." Vanessa calmly listened to Brandon's words, memorizing every little detail that she could contain. She then saw Brandon pull something out of his pocket and handed it to her, being a very old looking map that unfolded to show a desert like region with a huge mountain to the north and forest area just north west of the desert and ocean line along the west coast. "Here is a map that holds the region of Orre in it," he continued, "If you get lost, it will help you. The quickest way to Agate is to take the next boat to Olivine City in Johto and make a transfer onto a ship bound to Gateon Port in Orre. From there, you will find a road that will lead you straight to Agate Village and to the Relic Stone." Vanessa nodded again and then gave him a hug, which caught the old explorer completely off guard.

"Thank you sir," Vanessa spoke in her hug, "You have given me hope." Brandon only smiled and gently patted her head.

"You are most welcome Vanessa," Brandon spoke, "You have earned my respect in many ways." Vanessa soon broke away from him with a smile on her face.

"I'm not for sure if I'll be ever to return here, but if all goes well…I'll let you know how it went, zaxi?" said Vanessa as her last Sevii word translated to 'Okay?'

"Of course," said Brandon with a nod, "Just take care of yourself Vanessa."

Vanessa nodded and after handing back his jacket, Vanessa prepared to leave as Brandon began radioing orders to stand down as Vanessa made her way out of the Pyramid's facilities.


Fatigue began to overcome the green dragon as he grew tired of flying through out the night. Feeling his slow, yet steady wing beats, Beka knew that she had to find land before Flygon crashed into the ocean below. She gazed all around her and suddenly spotted an isolated island up ahead that glowed in the moonlight.

"Land," she spoke with a tired smile and ushered Flygon to it, "Come on Flygon! I see a place where we can stay at for tonight!"

"Fly!" cheered out Flygon, happy on getting a well deserved break, and sped toward the island in a fast pace. Beka held on as the dragon narrowed closer to the island, laughing a bit at his eagerness to reach the island. They soon landed on the shoreline of the island in which Flygon landed with a light thud on the sands and allowed his trainer to slide off of his back. Beka then reached out to pet her dragon's head.

"Thank you so much for the ride," said Beka and held out his Pokeball, "take a rest my friend."

After vanishing back into his Pokeball in a red beam of light, Beka began to observe her surroundings: beach and ocean before her and a massive thick lining of forest behind her. Deciding it would be best to seek shelter within the forest, Beka began her trek into the massive and tropical forest. She trekked cautiously as she heard sounds of various nocturnal Pokemon as well as their glowing eyes observing the strange being that had entered into their domain. Beka was surprised that the Pokemon were not going to attack her as she traveled further into the heart of the forest and she was hoping they wouldn't. Beka soon came upon a massive clearing that showed a wondrous sight of a massive waterfall to her far right along some cliffs that seemed to protect the clearing, lush beautiful grass that look silky and smooth to the gentle breeze that began blowing in softly from the sea, and a perfect view of the starry filled night sky. As she stood there in amazement, Beka noticed a few of the forest dwelling Pokemon coming out to see her and watched her with their observing eyes. As she looked at them, she suddenly noticed another feature before her sight; looking like a mound that was covering in a thick moss and surrounded by a small pool of water. Curiosity sparkled in Beka's hazel eyes as she approached the mound, wondering what it was and what it was doing here on an island with no other sights of there being any form of human life.

"What could this be?" asked Beka to herself as she reached to touch the moss covered pedestal. Suddenly, when her touch made contact with the ancient pedestal, a jolt tingled up her arm that startled her and made her jump back. As she jumped back, a small drop was heard beside her and she looked down to see that it was the Soul Dew that she had received from Wally back in Verdenturf Town all those months ago had fallen from her bag. She gingerly took the Soul Dew up into her hand and gazed at it, seeing something was different about it. It seemed to be glowing from deep within its crystal holdings as a tiny speak of light seemed to pulse like a heart beat and grow a bit bigger as the beatings continued. Just then, a powerful surge of wind kicked up around Beka as she held her place so that she would not be over taken by the wind's force. Just as it had come in, the wind suddenly died away in an instant, causing Beka to look around in curiosity in what had happened. However, as she turned to look forward, she was greeting by a pair of glowing blue lights that pierced down into her hazel eyes…



And so, Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn II has come to an end. Sorry if it turned out to be sort of a cliff hanger, but I felt this was a suitable ending to this fic. As one door close, another must open and so I will treat you all to another sneak peek review of what is to come in the third installment of the Emerald Series (a bit of a warning, this story will be giving a T rating due to violence):

Emerald: The Legend of Hoenn III

It has been four months since the events of the Battle Frontier have occurred, and Beka Goldheart has been training to build up her and her Pokemon's strength against Team Sky. However, they too have been building up strength since the unearthing of a forbidden burial ground has given them the potential to conjure up a dark entity from the past that is to rival that of the Dark Rayquaza. Fate leads our heroine once again on an epic journey, this time into the region of Orre, to begin uncovering the truth behind the Legendaries and their Chosen Ones, but not without facing opposition. There is more to worry about than just Team Sky as organizations deep within Orre territory, Team Rocket, and even a crazed Chosen are out to capture Beka in their own plans of domination of the world. Can Beka, with the help of her friends, both old and new, a mysterious Guardian of the Chosen Ones, and her Pokemon help to stop the threats of these teams from becoming a reality or will history repeat itself as the Battle of Legends begins to unfold?

I would also like to take the time to thank those who have read and reviewed my story, I hope you all enjoyed it and I will try even harder to make an even better sequel to this series; since I have felt a bit overcome in this story installment. I would also like to thank those who have submitted their OCs into this fic and to answer any questions concerning this issue: I will not be accepting anymore OCs for the Emerald series story (there are a few exceptions though but they are my personal decisions). In closing, I hope you will all enjoy my next update when I get around to writing and posting it in the near future and until then, thank you and until we meet again.

Katie Legends