The New Age of Celtland

Prologue: The New Age of Celtland

Hello, everyone! Biggoron, here. Quest 64 was one of my favorite videogames for the Nintendo 64, and I've noticed that it's also one of the smallest sections of fanfiction. Therefore, I've decided to write a Quest 64 fic, myself. It's an idea that I got long ago, but never put into writing. If anyone is actually reading this… you have my sincere thanks… 'cause I'm not sure if people even read the Quest 64 section, at all…

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Quest 64. It's a great videogame that I own a copy of, but not the rights to. However, certain spells I do own myself, as well as most of the characters within this fic. Most of the landmarks I don't own, but some I do.


The continent where there's magic abound, where people learn the ways of the elements through knowledge, and channeling the power of their own spirits into magic. This continent, separate from the rest of the world, is actually the very source of all magic, which radiates from four special gems: The Earth Orb, The Wind Jade, The Water Jewel, and the Fire Ruby. These priceless gems of untold power also play another role. They are the keys to the Eletale Book. Since the beginning of time, there has been a book called the Eletale Book. It is the most powerful of all spell books. Many have sought this mighty book, but the book only judges the one who opens it. Most who have opened the book have died on the spot. Other times, entire civilizations would be wiped out, and the feared day of grief came upon the land. Once, the world began to decay because of it, but its destruction was stopped by a powerful wizard whose name remains unknown to this day.

Although most, ignorant of the book's judgmental nature, and believing that they were worthy of opening it, searched for the book to use its apocalyptic spells to its own ends, there were those who knew of the peril that this book could cause, and attempted to destroy it. They quickly learned that such was not possible. Instead, they decided to seal it away in the Melrode monastery, a giant cathedral at the northernmost point of Celtland. There it remained undisturbed for many years…

…Until its theft five hundred years ago. Though many still are oblivious of the events that occurred. A young mage named Brian traveled the land, at first searching for his father who was caught up in the war. Eventually, his quest led him to collecting the four gems, and finding the Eletale book. Although he could've looked into it, he chose not to, and to reseal it in the monastery. He also used the gems to enter the ethereal prison of Mammon, a dark demon of great power, who was sealed there long ago by Epona, who couldn't slay him, but sealed him, instead. Mammon was on the verge of breaking out and sending his wrath back upon the world. Brian, using his vast knowledge of the elements, slayed the mighty demon, and seemingly vanished after that. The Eletale book still rests inside the Melrode Monastery.

Two and a half centuries passed, and magic began to undergo changes. It began with the study of the water element, and it's Ice spells: Ice Knife, and Ice walls. Soon, mages were able to use a whole bunch more of Ice spells, so it became its own separate element. Lightning was discovered soon after, and then light. Most recently discovered was darkness, although lots of people mistake it for Evil. In addition, four new gems appeared in addition to the old ones: the Ice diamond, the Lightning gem, the Light topaz, and the Dark onyx. So it was now official, there were eight elements.

…Two and a half more centuries passed, bringing us to the present…

Now, in the present, there are eight elements: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Light, and Darkness. Brannoch and Greenoch have been completely rebuilt, into a bustling city even bigger than Limelin, and Limelin, in turn, built a huge bridge to connect itself to Brannoch, so that people wouldn't have to go through the Baragoon tunnel, the desert, and the Boil hole to reach it. Magic itself has become stronger, as new spells are constantly appearing within each mage. In the event that danger should again befall Celtland, Dondoran has built a huge mage's guild in the area where a big sandy pit used to be, so that young mages could hone their skills in magic. This made Dondoran a popular place.

As of late, all seems well across the land, in everywhere, except for Melrode… the Eletale book has simply disappeared. Not stolen, but disappeared. This has caused panic, but the elder sages have chosen to not spread it around, for it could cause mass panic. Still… can't stop one traveler from spreading breaking news, now, can you?

End of Prologue

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