The New Age of Celtland

Chapter V

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-The next day-

The sun shone through the window as Avayna opened up her eyes. 'Ah… it's good to not have to wake up at a certain time… I don't have to rush off to the Guild… giving me a nice long leisurely shower.' She thought, getting up, and going to the bathroom, which was very clean. She was the only one who lived in her small class, and being a water mage… she was able to keep things very, very clean in here. She turned on the refreshing hot water, took off her clothes, and stepped into the shower. 'Ah… feels so good… anyway… what am I doing today? Nothing planned, I think… today IS, after all, Saturday. Well, that settles it; I'm going to see Erus, today… after all, it's pretty lonely here in Dondoran, without family. Perhaps Erus is the one for me? He seems to have taken a liking to me, which is probably unusual for one such as him, and I… well, I liked him in the first place. He really not such a bad guy once you get to know him... he's actually kinda nice. Perhaps today, I'll talk to him about his family, and where he's come from, and maybe we can train more with magic, or just hang out and watch TV… Hm… so many opportunities.' She thought while in the shower. Over the course of these thoughts, about a half an hour passed. Avayna then turned off the water, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried herself off. She then put on her clothes… a simple blue shirt with a pair of casual pants. Being the weekend, she didn't have to have her mage attire on, and could obviously wear what she wanted. Then, after making the remaining preparations for the day, she decided to take the next hour off, and watched TV from the comfort of her couch. 'It's nine right now… one more hour, and I'm going to visit Erus.' She thought, beginning to flip through the channels to see if something good was on, in a relaxed state while doing so.


"Alright, Alvar, here's the plan. We're taking Erus down this weekend. If not today, then tomorrow. Here's how we'll do it…" Jaldrik began.

"Hey, who said you could lead this, commoner? I am nobility! I am Alvar! Alvar knows full well that danger is less dangerous than he!" Alvar exclaimed.

Jaldrik shot Alvar a blank look. "Look, don't start talking in third person and quoting lines from Julius Caesar, replacing them with your name, or I swear I'll kill you." He stated.

"Shall Alvar send a lie? Has Alvar in conquest stretched his arm so far, to be afraid to tell graybeards the truth? Jaldrik, go tell them Alvar will not come." Alvar exclaimed.

"Bolt…" Alvar sighed, shooting the same lightning spell that he shot at Staff.

"THE IDES OF MARCH HAVE COME!!" Alvar exclaimed, narrowly dodging the horizontal bolt of lightning.

"Thunder." Jaldrik sighed again, casting the follow up spell. This time, a thunderbolt similar to bolt, only coming from above Alvar, instead of from Jaldrik's palm, came down and zapped Alvar, who then shook his head after shaking off the attack.

"Ow… what happened?" Alvar asked. Jaldrik simply smacked his forehead. "No really… I don't know what just happened just now." Alvar quickly said.

"What was the last thing you remembered?" Jaldrik asked.

Alvar thought for a minute. "Um… I think I just had said: 'Hey, who said you could lead this, commoner? I am nobility!' … Then, all went black, and I woke up here." He stated.

"Uh-huh… so genius, what's your plan? Bum rush him into the library like you did last time?" Jaldrik asked.

"Uh… well, there's two of us now, and one of him." Alvar stated.

"Still won't work. This is Erus we're talking about… you know… the mage who's stronger than the sages who have been using magic obsessively for their entire lives?" Jaldrik asked.

"Good point. Perhaps we should train all day, getting ourselves ready, and our adrenaline pumped up. Then, we wait in front of the guild for Erus to come out… he'll be tired from reading all day, and we'll be in our prime… there's no way it'll fail." Alvar suggested.

"Ah… now that's using your head." Jaldrik replied.

-Around the same time as all of this, at the beach outside of Dondoran-

Rikaea breathed in heavily, and pointed her rod out to sea. 'I know it's my day off… but I still need to grow stronger… at least until I can get my spells up to speed…' She thought, casting a fireball spell.

Meanwhile, from a distance, Cilia watched. 'Hm… 13 inches. At least you've passed the one-foot mark. Just five more inches, and you can say you're up to par… Keep trying hard, sis… and one day, you'll be able to unlock the powers you get when you're angry anytime… and perhaps even become stronger than me.' She then walked back into Dondoran before her sister would take notice.

-In the library-

Erus sat down in his usual spot in the corner of the great library. It was his day off, so he wore slightly more casual clothes. However, he always kept his staff with him. His staff was like a dear old friend to him… one that has accompanied him throughout the rigors of time, and has been with him through most of his life.

He then sat down, and opened up the book he had been reading the day before. He began to read, continuing from where he left off, but his mind suddenly went astray. '…Hm. That Avayna… she's a very nice person… and extremely beautiful as well. Not to mention smart… perhaps I was wrong about people… with those such as Staff and Maris, as well… maybe people aren't as bad as I think.' Erus thought. He then began to think of people like Alvar. '…Then again…' Erus' thought continued. He just decided to shrug it off, and get back into reading his book.

-Meanwhile… during the same time as the previous four scenes-

Staff and Maris were holding hands, strolling through the streets of Dondoran.

"It's so nice now that it's the weekend. Now we get lots of free time to spend with each other…" Maris stated, smiling.

Staff smiled back at her. "Of course… but we had our fun for last night… now all we need is to find Erus, or Avayna, or someone to hang around with." He sighed.

Maris thought for a minute. "Well, I know that Avayna is probably at home right now, relaxing for a bit… she'll probably begin taking a stroll around town, soon… and we know that Erus will be at the library.

Staff sighed. "I really need to show Erus what it's like to have a life."

Maris sighed. "Well, he gets along very well with you… and only you, it seems. You both have little to no memory of your pasts at all… and nobody can seem to pry Erus out of the library, except for you."

Staff nodded. "Wait… then how come there was a big earthquake outside of town, yesterday? It wasn't natural, and Erus was the only one powerful enough to be able to make such a quake."

Maris shrugged. "I don't know… is there anyone else who can get Erus out of the library besides you?"

-Back to Avayna's house-

Avayna turned off the TV, using the remote. She then slipped her socks and shoes onto her bare feet, grabbed her trusty cobalt staff, and left her house, locking the door behind her. She then walked down the road to the guild, which was, for the most part, completely empty. However, access to the library was still allowed on weekends. 'Well, Erus… here I come… I hope you're there and waiting.' She thought.

-Inside the library-

Erus sat there, deep into the book he was reading, when Avayna came into the room. "Hey, Erus." Avayna greeted.

"Avayna." Erus replied, closing his book.

"How's it going?" Avayna asked.

Erus sighed. "Bored as hell… I'm trying to find out something I don't know in this library."

"Well, that settles it!" Avayna exclaimed.

"What settles what?" Erus asked.

"You're coming with me." Avayna said, grabbing Erus by the hand, and pretty much dragging him out of the library.

-Near the doors of the guild of magic-

"Alright… so all we have to do, is wait for them to come…" Jaldrik said.

"Indeed… but won't that be awhile…? Considering its only 10:15?" Alvar asked.

"…Well, we could always go for a bathroom break here and-

"…What the hell are you doing here?" Erus asked Alvar blankly after he opened the front door of the guild to come out.

"E-Erus!" Jaldrik and Alvar exclaimed.

Following Erus, Avayna cave from the guild. "Jaldrik… what are you doing here?" She asked.

"A-Avayna!" Jaldrik exclaimed.

"You know what? You're really annoying me…" Avayna stated, irritated.

Erus sighed to himself, and put on a small smirk. "Shall I do the honors, Avayna?" He stated, whipping out his legendary staff, which began to glow. The ground beneath Jaldrik and Alvar began to shake a little.

Avayna shook her head. "Thanks, Erus… but I want this one." She said, whipping out her cobalt staff.

Erus put his staff away. "Alright, then." He stated, watching for what was going to happen next.

"Water Pillar!" Avayna exclaimed, as a huge third-level pillar of water came up from the ground, and engulfed Jaldrik. Avayna then turned to Alvar. "And why are you here, huh? To challenge Erus for a rematch?" She asked, amused.

"Well, I- uh…" Alvar stuttered.

"Water bomb!" Avayna exclaimed, causing the twelve-foot long drop of water to fall down from the sky, land of Alvar like a brick, and splash everywhere, further engulfing Jaldrik, as well.

"Grr… I didn't want to have to do this… but I guess I'll have to take her forcibly!" Jaldrik exclaimed, coughing up water that had almost suffocated him. "Chain Lightning!" He exclaimed.

Erus glared at Jaldrik, as he was watching him intently the whole time. He knew the movements that he was doing, and that he was about to cast a thunder spell upon Avayna… that would hurt her a lot because she is a water Elementalist. Fortunately, he knew ahead of time. "Avalanche." He stated. Before Jaldrik could cast the spell, he was brutally crushed by tons of massive boulders, each the size of a fourth stage rock spell. Erus then looked at Alvar. "Take your friend, and leave."

"I-um…" Alvar stuttered.

"Now." Erus stated, with an angry glare. Alvar quickly rummaged through the boulders, and eventually found Jaldrik's limp body.

"He needs medical attention… most of his bones are crushed, and he's pretty much dying." Alvar stated, then looking at Avayna.

"What? Oh fine… but let him know that if he follows me again, he'll get no such luxury." Avayna sighed, pointing her staff at Jaldrik. The staff began to glow a soft teal color, and you could hear bones snapping back into place. The wounds then began to close. It took a full three minutes of continuous healing in order to bring him to this state. "…He'll be fine. But he'll be out for the rest of today, and tomorrow."

Alvar grabbed the limp body, and nodded. "Thank you." He said, running off.

Avayna then looked back at Erus. "You sure ripped him a new one, there." She said, impressed. Erus nodded.

"I did not intend to kill him… if I did, I would've used the fifth stage, and not the fourth." Erus sighed.

'Damn… what made him so powerful?' Avayna thought. "Hm… want to go out for lunch? It'll be noon soon. My treat." She then said to Erus, with a smile.

"I'll be glad to." Erus said, walking with her to the Dondoran food court.

-Five minutes after they left, in the library-

"Odd. Erus isn't here." Maris stated.

"Hm… I wonder where he could be? He's usually here…" Staff said.

"… What should we do, then?" Maris asked.

"Get food. I'm hungry." Staff stated, with a chuckle.

-Meanwhile, in the food court-

Erus and Avayna had gotten their food, and sat across from each other, at a table separate from the rest of them, upon Erus' suggesting. For the first few minutes, they started eating… and it was Avayna who broke the silence.

"So… where did you learn all those really powerful spells?" Avayna asked.

Erus shrugged. "I don't even know."

"What do you mean?" Avayna asked.

"I have no memory of my past… where I came from, if I have family… the earliest I remember is when I first got my staff… I also remembered my name, some of my spells, and my age… but not much otherwise." Erus explained.

"Strange… so you have no family?" Avayna asked.

Erus nodded. "None that I know of, at least… and what about you?" He then asked Avayna.

"Well… About three years ago, I lived in Larapool, the water capital of Celtland. I had a younger sister... a mother… and a father." Avayna began. Erus, listening intently, noticed that her expression became saddened. "My father… was… a drunk… and an alcoholic… and a powerful thunder mage, who hated just about everything, and everyone, and didn't know why we were still living in Larapool. My mom, however, was a water mage, like me… a kind caring person, who I got most of my looks from… she loved Larapool, and didn't ever want to leave. My father… was very abusive to us… my mom… my sister… and me." Avayna explained, her eyes beginning to grow teary. "He… my father… wanted my little sis to be… a thunder mage, like him… and no matter how much… we'd… tried to tell him… that you cannot choose what element lies within you… and that the staff chooses the person… he wouldn't listen. When he heard that… my sister… was a water mage, like us… he went into a fit of rage… and… he…" Erus could notice that she was really crying now. "… Beat her to death." Avayna finished.


"…I asked my mom… why… she still stood by my father… and… she just smiled sadly at me. She told me, she has no choice… as the family is dependent on the money he makes to live and that we'd die out of hunger, otherwise… but my mom said… that I still had hope… that… she could… send me to Dondoran… and the guild of… magic… where I'd… be given proper funding… enough… to lead my own life… and she did… here I am now… I wanted to get enough money… to come back to her… and get her away… from that monster… so she could live her life… but… a month after coming to Dondoran… I received a letter… saying that once my… dad… figured out I had been sent off… to Dondoran… he… he… killed my mom… and he still… lives… today…" Avayna finished, now with her face buried in her hands.

Erus got up, and hugged Avayna tightly. Avayna's eyes widened. 'H-he's…'

"It's okay." Erus said, comforting her. Avayna then got more relaxed, and returned the tight embrace, which went on for a couple of minutes.

"Erus…" Avayna then said, breaking the silence.

"Yes?" Erus asked.

"I… Can you stay with me… at my house… tonight?" Avayna asked.


"I… just… need someone to be at my side…" Avayna stated, obviously shaken up by the recollection of events.

"Alright." Erus replied. 'She's really had it rough… her past is probably something she's never told anyone before… something that she's tried to bury… but for some reason, she opened up to me… and the recollection of the events must have shaken her up… it's the very least I could do for her to stay with her.' He then thought.

"Thank you, Erus…" Avayna sighed.

"Well, well… what have we here?" Staff asked, walking onto the scene with Maris.

Avayna quickly let go of Erus, and blushed Deeply. "I…"

Erus just gave Staff a slightly irritated look.

"Hello, Erus. You know what I just realized? Your name backwards is Sure!" Staff exclaimed.

Erus just gave Staff a blank expression, and then shook his head, with a bit of a smirk on his face. 'That's Staff for you… as charmingly psychotic as ever…' He thought to himself.

"So… what have you two been up to?" Maris asked.

"I… we… uh… nothing…" Avayna said, fumbling around for an answer.

"Ah, well, never mind. It looks like the two of you haven't gotten too far into your lunches. Mind if we join you?" Maris asked.

"Sure." Avayna said.

"Ha! That's Erus' name backwards!!" Staff then exclaimed, as he and Maris sat down. Erus just grumbled a bit, but shook it off. The four then began to talk to each other (More in Staff's case, and less in Erus') and eat.

-Around that time, at the beach outside of Dondoran-

"This is getting boring…" Rikaea stated, walking away.

"Oh, is it?" Celia asked, suddenly appearing from nowhere.

"What the hell!?! Are you some sort of ninja, now?" Rikaea asked, startled.

"Um… no." Celia answered. "But why do you quit now? You're been trying so hard to catch up to everyone over the past week, and you're working on it, aren't you? Your fireball measures 14 inches now, and-

"…So now, you're a psychic yardstick ninja stalker?" Rikaea asked.

"… Anyways, your fireball measures 14 inches now, and you have learned the second stage of it, as well. Not only that, but you can use Fire arrow even when you're not angry, and the first stage of Hot Steam, as well." Celia stated. "…Do you intend to give up, now?"

"No…" Rikaea replied.

"Good… then perhaps something a little less boring… try training on all the were hares, Hellhounds, and Man Eaters around here..." Cilia stated, noticing that six hellhounds had approached them. "Hellhounds. Observe…" She stated. "Icicle!" It was then that an icicle shot out of the ground, and pierced through one of the hellhounds, killing it.

Rikaea nodded. "Fire arrow!" She stated, using the first level of the spell. Being fire types, the Hellhounds didn't take that much damage… but it was able to kill one of them, and damaged another.

The remaining Hellhounds advanced. One of them breathed out a fireball at Cilia, who would be hurt by the attack, being an ice type. Rikaea jumped in the way of the fireball, colliding with her, but doing little to no damage. The three remaining ones breathed out their own fireballs.

"Ice wall!" Cilia exclaimed, as the wall of cold rose up between her sister and the hellhounds. The fireballs bounced harmlessly of the spell, which continued on to kill two of the hellhounds.

Rikaea ran forward, until she was practically in between the two hellhounds. "Hot steam!" She exclaimed, as tremendously hot steam rose up on all sides of her, frying the remaining hellhounds, without any regard to their resistance to fire.

"Nice Job. You're getting the hang of it." Cilia complimented.

"Thanks." Rikaea replied.

-Meanwhile, at the castle-

"Your majesty King Scottfort XXXVIII-squared-to-the-pie-th-power-direct-descendant-of-the-original-king-Scottfort-who-gave-the-Earth-Orb-to-the-legendary-mage-five-hundred-years-ago-who-then-went-on-to-the-Conor-Fortress-which-is-really-a-forest-I-don't-know-why-they-call-it-a-fortress-but-whatever-on-his-way-to-the-boat-that-takes-him-unwillingly-to-the-Carmagh-region-so-that-he-can-get-lost-in-cull-hazard-being-killed-off-by-wyverns-on-his-way-to-Normoon-get-the-wind-jade-so-he-must-then-venture-into-the-Windward-forest-and-fight-Zelse-for-it-who-was-really-a-petophile-waiting-for-Brian-who-ended-up-killing-him-and-getting-the-wind-jade-when-he-continued-back-to-Larapool-and-met-some-random-person-who-opened-up-the-way-to-an-annoyingly-long-ice-dungeon-which-froze-up-whenever-you-were-to-use-rock-shower-on-the-last-part-of-it-pissing-me-off-but-that's-not-the-point-and-finding-the-magical-sage-Epona-who-sent-him-off-to-a-boat-in-the-middle-of-the-Loch-and-to-an-island-which-you-could-not-get-off-of-by-any-means-and-the-only-way-of-escape-was-blocked-off-by-the-random-lady-you-were-supposed-to-get-the-water-jewel-for-so-Brian-had-to-go-fight-Nepty-who-was-a-half-fish-I-dunno-and-then-he-

The King, at this point, was banging his head on the wall. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?" He yelled, silencing the squire once more.

"Huh? Oh. The head sage of the guild sends you a message.

"Yes?" The King asked.

"…It is that time of year." The squire stated.

"Oh." The King sighed. "So much animosity is going to take place…"


Rikaea sighed. She was very, very tired for training for 8 hours straight. Cilia, however, nodded in approvement. "Good. Now, just show me one last fireball to see how much progress you've made." Cilia stated.

Rikaea nodded. "Fireball!" She exclaimed, shooting out a larger fireball.

"Hm… 19 inches. You've passed the average. Excellent progress." Cilia stated in approvement.

-Later at Night-

Erus was at Avayna's house. "Well, make yourself at home." Avayna said. Erus nodded, and put his bags down by the couch, along with his staff. This house was fairly small, but very comfortable. "By the way… where do you usually sleep at night?" Avayna asked.

"I… don't sleep. I usually spend my nights in the library." Erus stated.

"Oh… well, feel free to spend your nights here, from now on." Avayna replied.

"I'd appreciate that. Thanks." Erus said.

"Alright… it's gotten late… I'm going to change and go to bed, now… goodnight, Erus." Avayna said, with a smile.

Erus then smiled back at her. Not a slight smile, not an unnoticeable smile, but an actual smile… probably the first real one he ever made. "Good night, Avayna." He said. Avayna blushed a little, and walked off to her room.

Avayna then changed into her nightclothes, and lay down on her bed. 'Erus… he's… such a nice person… he even hugged me, and smiled at me today… two things that he's probably never done… I can't say that I like him anymore… I love him…' She thought, slipping off her slippers, and turning the light off for the night. 'I just hope he thinks the same of me…' Avayna said, before falling asleep.

-Meanwhile, in the other room-

Erus was reading one of the books he had with him, but his mind was elsewhere. 'I… can't believe this, but I'm actually getting attached to this girl… Avayna… though it's going to make my job a lot harder… still…' Erus thought, reaching into his robes. He pulled out a large glowing orb the size of one's skull. It lit up the room in a golden light, and made a soft humming noise. Erus stared into it, mesmerized by the unlimited power you could just see seething through it.'… But I swear upon this, the very Earth Orb, itself, that if Avayna does not have the honors of killing her father… then I will… and I'll show no mercy…' He thought, putting the orb away. 'After all… I haven't even drawn from its powers, yet.'

End of Chapter

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