Girl's Cabin Number 2

Chapter 1

Tenten POV

Stupid mother, stupid camp, stupid gay summer. If we were still in school, I'd have something to do at least. But no, I just had to sit on my ass and relax for my first two weeks of vacation and have mother dearest complain about me being lazy. I'm so not lazy, Shikamaru is, but that's beside the point. All that matters is, I'm here at a lame-ass goody-goody leadership camp. I don't know anyone and if I do, it's probably one of those nerds at school who have 1000 community service hours. Why do I have to be here? WHY?

Normal POV

Tenten's mother kicked her daughter and her suitcase out of the Escalade and drove away with out even saying goodbye. Tenten sat there looking at the people around her and recognizing no faces. At least they didn't look too nerdy. In fact, the girls looked rather slutty and Tenten found herself checking out a few guys. Then her eyes fell upon a familiar face.

"I know you!" She yelled as she jogged up to a guy with dark hair tied up so he resembled a pineapple.

"Thank God! I thought I'd be all alone here," she sighed in relief.

"Your mom force you into this troublesome camp?" He asked.

"I'm afraid so," she groaned.

"That makes two of us."


Yes! I love camp! I love Guys! Everyone knows this is the absolute best camp to meet guys. It's great cause parents think it's some camp for cutesy virgin volunteer honor students, they're so oblivious. Ooo, I already see a few hotties! That one with the ponytail would look so sexy if he let his hair down, but he's already being bugged by that whore with the buns on her head. Anyway, there are way hotter guys than him, like that sexy guy with the black hair and eyes. I have to hook up with him.

Normal POV

"Are you sure you have everything Ino darling? Your blow dryer? Straightener? Full bottles of shampoo and conditioner?"

"Yes mother."

"Oh I'm gonna miss you so much sweetie! If you need anything, call me and I'll make sure Thomas gets it to you right away."

"I won't need anything mommy."

"Alright, I'll see you in two weeks!"

Ino's mother squished her daughter's face in between her massive fake boobs, kissed her goodbye and cat walked all the back to her Range Rover. Ino dropped her luggage by the front of the main building for it to be taken to her cabin. She went inside and noticed Mickey Mouse chatting away with Spongebob's house and scowled at the girl's directness and decided to subtly bump into a certain black hair, obsidian eyed Incubus.

Sakura POV

My parents are so fucking gullible, excuse my language, not. They seriously think I'm here to get 50 community service hours and to learn leadership shit. Ooo, say that 5 times fast: leadership shit, leadership ship, leadership shipt, leadershit shit, ok I give up. This is basically a place too hook up for 2 weeks, I can't believe no one's ratted it out before. Anyway, last year, I made out with this cute kid out by the pond at two in the morning. I wonder if he's here again this year.

Normal POV

"I'm so excited to learn the life saving skills, like CPR!"

"I bet you are sugar muffin. I have to go now, make sure you call me. I love you."

"I love you too Daddy! See you in 2 weeks!"

Sakura kissed and hugged her father and ran in side the main building. First thing she did was a scan of all the people: skanks and sexy boys, perfection. She spotted a familiar face that was glued on hers a year ago. He definitely wasn't cute anymore, he was fine! So fine, that a certain blonde slut couldn't keep her paws off of him.

Hinata POV

This is my first time going to a stay over camp. I'm nervous about meeting new people the most. Father insisted that I come here to learn leadership skills though. I'm glad I won't be alone here, I have my cousin Neji to look after me. He doesn't say much, but at least I know him. That scantly clad girl with the pink hair goes my school.

Normal POV

"Don't let her get hurt."

"Yes Hiashi-sama."

"She can't get sick."

"Yes Hiashi-sama."

"And do not let any boys touch her!"

"Yes Hiashi-sama."

"Very good, I'll be going."

Hinata's father finished lecturing her cousin and left.

"Neji nii-san, you d-don't h-have to-"


Neji walked away, leaving Hinata alone and looking nervously about. She saw a pink haired girl from school who was extremely popular and held the title of being the first to be fingered during a class. Hinata wasn't involved with people like that, but she was the only person she recognized and headed towards her direction.

"Hey! I don't know you! I'm Naruto, now you know me, just like everyone else!" Hinata looked up to see a cute blonde boy with big blue eyes.

"Ah, um, my n-name is H-Hinata," she stuttered.

"Alrighty Hinata-chan, tell me about yourself and don't be shy!"

Maybe camp won't be as bad as she thought.

Neko: Aikyo, what the hell is this?

Aikyo: Well you know how I blew up my computer, I wrote this on paper while I was waiting for it to be repaired.

Neko: But this isn't on your list of projects in your profile.

Aikyo: So? I needed a break!

Neko: You should be working on those projects. Your fans are eagerly waiting for you to update "Different Changes", "Holidays" and "Forever."

Aikyo: Stop making me feel guilty!