Girls Cabin Number 2

Chapter 26: The Challenge

"So Hinata, where were you last night during man hunt?" Ino pried the next morning after breakfast. She was pretty sure of the answer judging by what Shikamaru had told her the night before, but wanted to confirm it.

Hinata in return turned neon pink. After she and Naruto had done the deed, they ran out when Shikamaru came bursting in drunk. Naruto walked her to her cabin and kissed her goodnight before she entered to find that nobody was there. Exhausted from earlier events, she fell asleep easily, undisturbed when the other girls returned from playing man hunt.

"Yeah, you and Naruto kinda just disappeared during the party," Sakura hinted with mischief in her voice. This caught the attention of Tenten, Temari, and Anko as well.

"Don't tell me you-" Temari started to say.

"Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Hinata squealed from all the pressure and buried her face in her hands.

"Omigod! No way!" Anko cried, joining in the circle.

"Oh leave her alone you guys," Tenten sighed, feeling bad for Hinata.

"No way! C'mon Hinata, give us some details!" Ino begged, leaning in closer to the navy haired girl.

"Yeah! How big is Naruto? How long did he last?" Sakura pried leaning in on Hinata's other side, making her feel incredibly claustrophobic.

"Uuuhn," Hinata whined from inside her hand barrier.

"Hmmm, I guess that just leaves Tenten who still needs to cash in that V-card," Temari sniggered.

The brunette turned beet red and started poking her fingers together, much like the Hyuuga girl we all know and love. "Actually, I kinda lied during the chair game," she stated meekly.

"What? Who?" Sakura pretty much yelled.

"Hehehe," Anko started laughing in a malicious manner from the other side of the circle before Tenten could answer.

"What is it Anko?" Temari asked.

The counselor had an evil glint in her eyes. "I've been waiting for an all non-virgin cabin for 4 years and finally I can do it!" She said sheepishly.

"Do what?" The other five girls responded curiously.

"Hehehe," Anko giggle again. "Well, it pretty much goes like this. You fuck a guy, but not just any guy, a guy that you choose out of a hat. If you don't do it, you're going to Jiraiya. If you do it, then you get to use the counselors bath with hot water for the rest of camp and immunity from ever having to go to Jiraiya."

The girls sat in a moment of silence. There was really only one choice, to just do it. But what if they got somebody absolutely terrible? How would Hinata explain to Naruto? Could she even do it? And what if Sakura didn't get Sasuke? How would she pursue him and her challenge guy? Ino was excited mostly, maybe this would open up some opportunities. Tenten was on the fence. They choices of guys weren't that bad, minus a few, so chance was on her side to get somebody decent.

"I'm in," Ino said first.

"I might as well do it too. I'd be stupid not to," Tenten agreed.

Sakura bit her lip. "I'll do it too," she said a little hesitantly.

Everyone then looked at Hinata, who looked ready to burst. "I-I don't know. I've come a long way since I got here b-but, what about Naruto?" The navy haired girl wondered aloud.

"He doesn't have to know," Temari smirked. The thought of going behind Naruto's back made Hinata squirm.

"Really Hinata, you having nothing to lose, and a lot to gain," Ino encouraged.

The white eyed girl took in a deep breath and shut her eyes tightly. "I'll do it," she said in a tiny squeaky voice.

"Alright!" Anko cheered. "Temari, do you want to be in on this too?"

"Hell yeah," the blonde responded with much excitement in her eyes.

"Great, just give me a moment to write down the names of all the guys in our group and put them in a hat," Anko said.

"Aww man, only in our group? Damn," Ino pouted, hoping she'd get a picking from the whole camp.

"Hmm, so that means, Kakashi, Dosu, Itachi, Kabuto, Neji, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Gaara, and Zaku right?" Tenten thought out loud.

"Not bad, not bad at all," Temari commented, trying to picture herself seducing each one.

"Gawd, I hope I don't get Lee. Please let me get Sasuke," Sakura begged to no one in particular.

Hinata simply curled up into a ball and buried her face in her knees and occasionally let out a squeal whenever she thought of having to do it with anyone but Naruto. What if she chose Neji? She started to panic slightly as she heard the shredding of paper.

"I'll take any of them on," Ino said determinedly. If it was a guy, she loved to tease him no matter who he was or what he looked like. This would be all fun and games for her.

"Not Itachi. Not Itachi. Not Itachi," Tenten kept repeating over and over again.

"Geez girl, what's you beef with that guy? He's kinda fucking gorgeous if you haven't noticed," Ino pointed out. Seriously, the older Uchiha definitely topped her list of guys she wanted to choose.

" It's just- He's just a freak! He's the last person I want to choose." The brunette nearly yelled.

"Then just who do you want to choose then?" The blonde prodded.

"Sasuke would definitely be better and um, I guess Kiba seems like he would be good in bed. Oh and Kakashi is pretty hot, just wish he'd lose the bandana," Tenten said nervously.

"Oh really?" Ino sighed, not really believing her. It was so obvious she was after the Hyuuga boy, and definitely held a slight attraction to Itachi.

"Alrighty girls, I got all 12 names here in a hat just waiting for you. Who's gonna brave it up first?" Anko announced as she placed an adorable pinstripe fedora in the middle of the circle with little pieces of paper in it.

"CIT first!" Temari cried out as she leaned towards the middle and stuck her hand in the hat. She swirled around the paper first before she chose one. She uncrumpled her piece and read aloud, "Shikamaru." She smirked, for a kid, he had a strong sex appeal to him. The older girl giggled and shook in excitement. The other blonde in the room however, felt slightly annoyed and scowled.

"I can't wait now! Me next!" Ino claimed as she extended her slender arm towards the hat and drew out a name. She hastily unfolded the paper and immediately paled as she read the name that was on it. Seriously out of all the people-

"Well who is it Ino?" Sakura questioned trying to look at her paper.

The blonde girl just burst out laughing, sparking curiosity in the other girls.

"Oh my god, this is going to be too funny," she choked out between fits of laughter and wiping tears from her eyes.

"Just tell us already!" Anko yelled, growing impatient.

"Lee!" Ino replied and then promptly fell back holding her stomach laughing. Sakura couldn't help but laugh as well out of relief.

"That makes me feel so much better. I'll go now," Sakura said after she calmed down from laughing at/with Ino. She crawled forward and plucked a random piece of paper from the hat. As she unrolled the paper and read the name that was on it, all laughing thoughts left her head and were suddenly replaced with fear.

"Gaara," the pink haired girl winced as she said the name.

"Haha! My baby bro's got it coming!" Temari hollered as she began laughing like Ino was.

"He's your brother?" Sakura said in shock. The handsome, yet totally scary redhead was the wild pretty girl's brother?

"Yup, I'll even help you out if you need it," the CIT responded with a wink after her laughing was over.

"Great," Sakura mumbled as she slumped her posture.

Everyone's attention turned to Hinata, who suddenly uncurled out of her ball form and in a zombie-like manner, inched towards the hat and chose a name. She fell back in her original spot and unfolded the paper. There was no expression on her face when and after she read the name.

"Ehhh," she whined as her face finally contorted to worry and disappointment.

"Who? Who?" The others seemed to hoot like owls.

"Kabuto," she answered flatly, then proceeded to take her ball form again.

"Poor girl, I guess that leaves me for last. Here goes nothing," Tenten said as she reached in a grabbed a balled up piece. She uncrumpled it slowly and closed her eyes. She hesitated to open her eyes and when she did, she immediately regretted it. The bun haired girl threw herself into hysterical laughter, to the point where she couldn't breathe.

"You got Itachi didn't you?" Ino smirked.

Tenten tried to responded yes, but the laughing wouldn't stop.

This was going to be on hell of a challenge.

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