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Mistakes can happen, and they do, quite often. But what I did can hardly be counted as a mistake. And it messed up everything.

I never knew keeping a promise could be so hard. And it wasn't…until that day. The day I endangered the people I loved. My family.

And I'm not just talking about birthparents. Oh no, I am talking about the family of my angel, the family with faces made for the red carpet, or for modelling. The family I used to call my own. And they wanted me to…until I broke the only promise that ever mattered. To Edward Cullen, that promise was possibly the only thing he had ever asked of me. And I denied him of it.

The truth of the matter haunts me in my dreams. Even now I can't believe I was so stupid. So naïve. He never would have warned me if it didn't matter. But I didn't listen.

Curiosity killed the cat. But that fate would have been better than my own. The cat's family never got involved.

But me…I stepped into something much too deep. Like stepping in a puddle, and finding that it reaches your waist. And you curse under your breath. Yet I can't slide out of this puddle and dry myself off. The puddle I stepped into, is something I was never meant to be a part of. An age-old feud, between vampires, and the being they loathe.

This battle wasn't meant for humans. We only see these creatures in sleep, or in horror movies. And we fear, we wake up and crawl into our parent's bed, the safety of an adult comforting us until we can sleep again, sleep free of horrors. And in horror movies, we hide behind a pillow until the resolution is clear. And then we breathe a sigh of relief, and laugh at how scared we were to begin with.

Except, in this battle, we can't run, and we can't hide. Our parent's bed will not protect us, nor the shield of slumber. And we cannot cower behind a cushion until all is well. Because this is reality. Nightmares come alive.

I pity and envy those unaware. Unaware of the dangers they face when they step outside. And unaware that there are creatures of the dark out there. Not all are good.

Yes, there are many humans who do not know. And telling them would only cause a panic. But I know…and I wish I didn't. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

They can't keep this fight a secret for long. But they can prolong public knowledge. And until then, I will know. And I will try to keep my loved ones safe.

But, if I am attacked, fighting is pointless. Nothing can save me.

Not against the inhuman.

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